Jenelle Evans: Meh, I Don’t Care If I Traumatize My Son

Jenelle Evans’ life has basically been one long rock bottom, but the Carolina Hurricane hit a new low back in May, when she was involved in a road rage incident that nearly became tragic.

With her 9-year-old son riding shotgun, Jenelle angrily followed another driver to his home, where she brandished a weapon and threatened him with violence.

In a preview for the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Jenelle opens up about the incident in a conversation with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

And her comments have left some fans enraged.

Jenelle’s segment on the special had already been a source of controversy, as MTV sent Dr. Drew to Evans’ home, as she refused to travel to New York for taping.

Jenelle’s refusal to travel was the result of her anger over her husband, David Eason, being fired from the show.

Many fans saw the move as MTV kowtowing to Jenelle and caving her to bratty demands.

The first transcripts from her interview with Pinksy have left those same critics even more upset.

“Ever since then I’ve been having PTSD, I’ve been having nightmares,” Jenelle told Pinsky when asked about the road rage altercation.

“When the incident happened, I didn’t even leave my house for the first, like, two weeks.”

Asked if she was concerned about traumatizing her son by engaging in a high-speed chase and pointing a gun at a stranger, Jenelle revealed that she never considered the possibility that her behavior might cause her son harm.

“I didn’t think about it at the time. All I thought about was that he almost hurt my son. He almost knocked my son out,” she said.

“And that’s what pissed me off.”

Yes, Jenelle was so angry that someone almost hurt her son that she proceeded to put the boy in mortal danger.

It’s the sort of ignorant behavior that’s left Evans tied up with Farrah Abraham as the most hated Teen Mom in the history of the franchise.

We’re sure Jenelle will have more to say about the incident when the full reunion special airs this Monday.

But we doubt any of it will convince her critics that she deserves even a shred of sympathy.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to get caught up in time for next week’s reunion.


Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith Doesn’t Care About Our Son!

It sure has been an eventful summer for Jenelle Evans, huh?

Between all the weird gun stuff, her battle with MTV over her contract, and several custody issues, it's a miracle she's found the time to enjoy the season (in her pool that still doesn't have a fence)!

Oh, and speaking of those custody issues … you know how Nathan Griffith, the father of her second child, Kaiser, recently filed for full custody?

Yeah, Jenelle has a few things to say about that.


1. So Much Rage

Jenelle evans in glasses
Jenelle has been fighting with SO MANY PEOPLE lately, right? And yeah, she’s never exactly been a cool, calm, and collected person, but it’s just been too much these past few months.

2. All This Over David?

David jenelle eason
She’s been raging about how MTV fired David Eason and how they refuse to film him, because apparently she can’t do her job without him by her side, literally, at all times.

3. Uhhh …

Jenelle evans and david eason on july 4
You know how a lot of people go to work without their spouses? And sometimes they even go on business trips alone, or if they do bring their significant others, they just pay for all their expenses out of their own pockets? Yeah, that kind of life simply isn’t for our Jenelle.

4. What a Tragedy

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
MTV fired David over his nasty homophobic tweets, and as we saw on the season finale of Teen Mom 2, they refuse to film when he’s present. Jenelle has thrown many fits about this, but MTV isn’t budging.

5. Contracts Though

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
But the thing is that Jenelle is still under contract, so she can throw as many fits as she wants, but she’s still obligated to film the show.


Jenelle evans eye roll
What’s this got to do with Nathan? Not much, honestly, but it’s been a big part of Jenelle’s life lately, and we really have to set the stage for the latest custody battle, you know.

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Melania Trump Wears “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” Jacket … WTF?!?!

Are we living, not in the real world, but in a heavy-handed political cartoon? Because it’s looking that way.

Melania Trump went to visit one of the children internment facilities that her husband’s administration has been using to hold immigrant parents separately from their parents.

But some people feel that she really didn’t care. They think that because she wore a jacket stating, in massive letters, that she really didn’t care.

When Melania Trump landed in McAllen, Texas, she was not wearing this olive green bomber jacket.

She then went to visit one of the facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border where multiple immigrant children have been held by the Trump Administration’s child-separation policy.

When the First Lady then boarded her plane at Andrews Air Force Base, she was wearing this jacket.

On the back, in massive bold white lettering that no camera could possibly miss, was a clear message:

“I really don’t care. Do U?”

I Really Don't Care, Do U? jacket

(Here’s a clearer look at the jacket’s words — it’s not an uncommon sight on Instagram models)

This is … positively surreal.

See, while an Instagram model might show off a sassy jacket for whatever reason, the context of the First Lady’s visit is not.

She was visiting an internment camp that holds children that her husband’s policy has separated from their parents as they are all detained.

While some of the detained unlawfully crossed the border (a federal misdemeanor, not unlike using the American flag in advertising) and others arrived to seek asylum, which is legal, the humanitarian issue was that children were being kept in cages.

Yes, cages. While ICE contacted news outlets to inform them that they objected to the characterization of the fenced-in enclosures that held innocent children as “cages,” even ICE admitted that it was not inaccurate.

While within the facility, Melania asked “How can I help to reunite these children with their families as quickly as possible?”

Only her husband, or Congress, can make that happen right now.

(Yes, she signed a homemade flag while she was there. Sure)

So … it is positively surreal that she would wear this jacket — which she notably donned while leaving, where cameras were sure to catch her, as she is always photographed while bording planes — after this visit.

The First Lady has been using her clothing choices to speak in photos for years, dating back to the pink bow following Trump’s “grab ‘em by the p–sy” controversy.

Is this a signal to the press and the world that she doesn’t care about the plight of thousands of innocent children who are frightened and caged?

Actually … we don’t think so.

Various analysts have spoken up.

Don’t get us wrong, everyone is bewildered. But many suspect that this wildly unsubtle message was not directed at the children or even at the news media.

It is believed that Melania intended this jacket — or perhaps the controversy that it created — as a message for her husband, Donald Trump.

There is nothing about this story that is not bizarre, but there is also nothing about the Trump family that is not strange and unsettling.

Is she trying to make Trump look (somehow) worse while maintaining plausible deniability over it?

We can only guess at her motives.

But Melania is known for being extremely deliberate with all of her fashion choices. It defies belief that this was an exception.

Particularly when that would mean that she just happened to grab this jacket to wear after spending time in Texas … on the Summer Solstice.

(We checked, and today it got into the eighties in McAllen, Texas … that is not jacket weather)

Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokesperson, was dismissive of questions.

“It’s a jacket,” she claimed, as if that should be the end of the conversation.

“There was no hidden message,” Grisham insists.

“After today’s important visit to Texas,” Grisham reportedly said. “I hope this isn’t what the media is going to choose to focus on.”

We’re not sure what about Melania’s photo-op to visit a building where her husband’s administration is warehousing children is supposed to be the focus of conversation.

But Melania threw whatever that was out the window when she told the world that she doesn’t really care about any of that.


Melania Trump Wears Tone-Deaf ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket During Border Trip

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Tori Roloff Rushes Son to Urgent Care, Shares Pics of Injured Jackson

Little person, big scare.

These four words sum up what transpired over the weekend for Tori Roloff and her husband Zach, as the reality stars were forced to rush their son to urgent care after he suffered a nasty fall.

The Little People, Big World couple kept fans abreast of what happened via social media, with Jackson apparently taking a tumble while trying to walk.

At 13 months old, this action hasn’t yet been perfected by the precious toddler.

“Learning to walk is hard business for a 1-year-old,” wrote Tori in one slide on her Instagram story late Sunday.

She confirmed in these posts that she rushed Jackson to see a doctor at a local urgent care as a result of his accident.

“We think he might have dislocated his arm. But we’re all good now, just sore,” Tori added in this update.

Following the frightening incident, Tori wrote a longer post about her firstborn on Instagram itself, including with it two photos of Jackson in a sling and/or a soft cast.

“Nothing slows this kid down,” she opened her lengthy caption, adding:

“The past 24 hours have been pretty stressful but this kid has shown us time and time again just how much of a trooper he truly is.”

Continued the TLC personality, whose son is learning to swim while he gets really good at walking:

“He hurt his arm yesterday afternoon playing and trying to walk like one year olds do. We thought maybe something called “nursemaids elbow” but after two times of a doctor trying to reduce it to no avail (which by the way is absolutely the worst thing to see your child in that much pain) it could possibly be a fracture but still not sure.”

Wow. And also: Yikes.

When a doctor tries to “reduce” an injury, as Tori mentions here, that means he or she forcefully attempts to pop it back into place.

This can be extremely painful for an adult, let alone an infant.

It sounds like the family is stull unsure of a diagnosis and that X-Rays may still be needed.

The poor kid.

Thankfully, Tori says her son has responded as well as he possible can to the injury:

“This poor thing is stuck in a splint until we can know for sure. He has not let it slow him down though and is back to his happy smiley self-thank goodness!

“Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for baby j! Little man is on the mend and will be back to conquering the world soon!”

Of this, we have no doubt.

Tori and Zach welcomed their first child into the world on May 10, 2017.

They’ve since been kind and generous enough to share a bazillion photos of Jackson on Instagram, alerting followers to his every literal and figurative step along the way.

This is the first real injury he’s had to go through and, while we know how hard it is to watch one’s son or daughter in pain, Tori seems to be aware that things could have been worse.

That said, Jackson was rather “wiped” on Sunday toward the end of this experience.

The TLC tandem celebrated Jackson’s first birthday just last month, posting many photos of the adorable s’mores-themed party on social media for fans smile over.

“It was exactly one year ago today at 8:00am that this perfect 9 lb 1 oz 20.5 inch long baby entered our lives and changed it for the better,” Tori captioned an Instagram photo at the time of her son lying on a blanket numbered for the first 12 months of his life.

She added:

“This year has brought nothing but joy to our family and it’s all because of this guy right here.

Taking this photo made me so emotional because it’s the last time I’ll set him down on this blanket to take his photo. The first of many things I have to let go of.

“My baby some how has turned into a little boy before our eyes and I have loved watching him grow.”

God bless you, Jackson.

Get better soon, buddy!