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Patricia Arquette David’s Wrestling Career Scares Me … But He Loves It!!!


Every time David Arquette launches off the top rope, his family cringes inside … ’cause the actor-turned-wrestler’s sister tells TMZ Sports his new career scares the hell outta her!!

We spoke with Golden Globe-winner Patricia Arquette about David’s new, more bloody career as a pro wrestler … and she says he’s got her full support … even if she’s too scared to watch him perform.

“It scares me a little bit. We’re all scared as a family,” Patricia says. “But also, I know this is David’s life and David is an eccentric, wonderful, incredible person and it’s his path.”

Patricia says she’s most worried about David getting hurt … and rightfully so. Have you SEEN what he does in the ring?!?

As we’ve previously reported, Arquette has been on a mission to get respect as a real deal wrestler — after participating in one of the worst storylines EVER back in the WCW days. 

Arquette won the WCW heavyweight title back in April 2000 as part of a promotion for his movie, “Ready 2 Rumble” … a stunt that’s been panned as the lowest moment in pro wrestling history. 

But, David has been laser-focused on redemption and even went to Mexico to train with luchadores to prove he can hang with the big boys. 

His comeback has been nothing short of impressive — he’s executed crazy aerial maneuvers, bulked up … and even sacrificed his body in a death match. 

The 47-year-old was hospitalized and got stitches — but returned to the ring a short time later. 

We just saw Arquette a few weeks ago and he made it clear he ain’t slowing down any time soon.

’13 Reasons Why’ Author Sues You Tried To Ruin My Career W/ False Claims Of Sexual Harassment


The author of “13 Reasons Why” claims he was expelled from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators over false allegations of sexual harassment … this according to a new lawsuit.

In the suit, obtained by TMZ, book author Jay Asher claims he was kicked out of SCBWI after 7 anonymous women alleged he was using his status to prey upon other female members of the organization and intimidated them into silence, an allegation he says was completely false.  

In the docs, Jay claims he was expelled from the society after the allegations of sexual harassment came out, and says the organization never adequately investigated the allegations against him. In the docs, Jay says he believes his accusers were resentful of his success.

Jay is going after SCBWI for damages, and says he thinks the false allegations could hurt his ability to make money as an author of young adult novels. 

We reached out to SCBWI for comment … so far, no word back.

Terrell Davis CBD Would Have Extended My Career


Terrell Davis tells TMZ Sports if CBD was around when he was playing for the Denver Broncos … his Hall of Fame career would have lasted a lot longer than it did.

TD famously broke into the league as an immediate superstar in 1995 … rushing for more than 6,000 yards in his first 4 seasons.

But, a knee injury ultimately sapped him of his prime years … forcing him to play in just 17 games in his final three seasons and retire at just 29 years old.

Now … Davis tells us if CBD was around back then — he’s confident his career would have been saved.

“I believe so, because any time you can help your body heal — you can take out the swelling, the inflammation and you can do it in a way that’s natural — I feel like absolutely it would have assisted in that.”

Davis says he knows this because he’s a regular user of the drug … and, in fact, he is coming out with his own CBD product called Defy that is set to launch this spring.

Davis says the product has helped him immensely — even in retirement — saying, “the effects that it has on my body is incredible.”

Kyler Murray Will Have Great NFL Career … Says Saquon Barkley


Should the Giants draft Kyler Murray to replace Eli Manning??

Saquon Barkley ain’t so sure about all that — “that’s above my pay grade,” he says — but the Giants superstar DOES think Kyler’s got a huge NFL career ahead of him regardless.

“I got to personally play with him in The Opening in high school — I played 7-on-7 with him. So, I know what he’s about and I know how talented he is.”

Kyler’s made headlines the last few days while still pondering whether or not he wants to play in the NFL or in the MLB (where he was the Oakland As’ first-round pick last summer).

But, Barkley clearly thinks the dude’s got a future with the shield — saying he’s just as talented as other first-round prospects like Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock.

“I think there’s a lot of talented quarterbacks in the class and all those guys have a great future.”

We also spoke with Barkley about Antonio Brown … and he says it’s a no-brainer the Giants should go after him at all costs.

“I think that’s an easy answer — anybody would want to play with him.”

Sooo … Kyler, Saquon, Odell and A.B. in NYC in 2019?!?!

Crazier things have happened …

Jack Swagger Dead Serious About MMA Career … I’m No CM Punk!!


Jack Swagger and CM Punk are former WWE World Heavyweight Champions turned MMA fighters … but that’s where the similarities end, ’cause Swagger tells TMZ Sports when he fights, he ain’t losing.

Big facts … Swagger — real name Jake Hager — was a pro wrestling superstar. But, he was also a stud on the wrestling mats in college — earning All-American honors at Oklahoma in ’06.

That’s precisely why 6’7″, 265 lb Swagger says when he steps into the cage to fight J.W. Kiser at Bellator 214 on January 26 … he’ll look NOTHING like Punk — who got destroyed in both of his UFC fights.

“I’m different for so many reasons,” Swagger told us … “I’ve been wrestling since I was 5 years old, bro.”

“I have over 150 Division 1 college wrestling matches, and I’m gonna rely on that as my amateur MMA and boxing career to help when the anxiety kicks in.”

Punk — who lasted less than 3 minutes before Mickey Gall almost choked the life outta him — had no prior combat experience before signing with the UFC at 36-years-old … no real wrestling, boxing or jiu-jitsu experience to lean on. 

“I think the biggest thing that you’re gonna see is the difference between me and him is that I am prepared. I am 100% prepared to take this fight, to go into that Octagon, go in that cage and inflict my will on anybody.”

Jalen Rose Melo’s NBA Career Is Over, Unless …


It’s gonna take a minor TRAGEDY to get Carmelo Anthony back in the NBA — so says Jalen Rose who thinks Melo’s pro hoops career is over unless a team loses a player to injury. 

34-year-old Anthony hasn’t played in the league since parting ways with Houston earlier this season — but there have rumblings he’ll team up with LeBron James on the Lakers before the All-Star break next month. 

Rose ain’t holding his breath … unless an NBA team loses a player to injury and they could plug Melo in to fill the role. Still, Jalen explains why it’s complicated. 

“He can still contribute. It’s just … finding the right opportunity is tough because unless there’s a major injury, a contender team probably wouldn’t add him. And then, a lottery team is probably looking to ‘Stop tryin’ for Zion,’ so they’re tanking in a lot of ways.”

“Maybe an injury happens and he gets back in the league.”

Rose says Melo is a surefire NBA Hall of Famer — and he really doesn’t want to see his career end after a less-than-memorable 10-game stint in Houston. 

“He deserves better.”

Marquette King Gunning For Music Career … I Could Be Bigger Than Chris Brown!!!


Marquette King says his music career is about to take off … tellin’ TMZ Sports if he hadn’t been an amazing punter — he’d already be bigger than Chris Brown!!

The former Raiders and Broncos punter began making beats back in high school … but says tinkering with music on long flights during his NFL career made him a master musician.

So much so … Marquette says he feels like if he had picked music over punting a long time ago — he’d already be a superstar in the entertainment world.

“If I woulda started my music before I started my punting career, I woulda been Chris Brown. Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, they wouldn’t even want to see me, dawg!”

King says his music style is more house or EDM — “something you’ll hear in Vegas” — but he tells us his vocals are “legendary” too.

Marquette is still lookin’ to get back into punting in 2019 — the guy says he still LOVES the art of it — but he tells us all about how he wouldn’t mind kickin’ it with Calvin Harris in the studio in the meantime!!!