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Verne Troyer Left Behind Car, Cash & Memorabilia


Verne Troyer had a sizeable collection of celebrity memorabilia and just under $ 80,000 in cash when he died … TMZ has learned.

The final appraisal on Verne’s estate came in at $ 139,283.16 … according to docs, obtained by TMZ. His attorney submitted the estimated value this week to the probate in L.A. County.

The docs show Verne had $ 21,000 worth of autographed memorabilia. There’s no detail about the merchandise. He also had $ 78,283 in the bank.

We also know Verne was riding in style before he died in April 2018. The docs say he had a 2015 Audi S4 with only 3,490 miles on it — guess he wasn’t making a lot of road trips. The whip’s valued at $ 38k. He also had a couple thousand bucks in furniture and personal belongings.

TMZ broke the story … Verne died after spending a week in the hospital getting treatment for severe alcohol abuse.

Aretha Franklin Cash Stolen Before Her Death … Cops Investigating

Exclusive Details

Aretha Franklin‘s riches weren’t getting much R-E-S-P-E-C-T, allegedly, before she died last August — cops are on the hunt for someone who stole from her.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, police in Michigan are conducting an investigation into the theft of Aretha’s assets before she died.

Law enforcement sources tell us the criminal probe involves someone inappropriately using her funds. We’re told a report was filed last June, but it’s unclear exactly how much money’s gone missing.

As you know … Aretha’s finances have been under the microscope following her death. The IRS is hounding her estate, claiming she owes more than $ 6.3 mil in back taxes. And, she’s being dogged over legal bills.

We’re guessing this isn’t what Aretha had in mind when she famously sang, “I’m about to give you all of my money.” 

Tekashi 6ix9ine Bail Me Out, Judge … I Got Lotsa Cash and Credibility


Tekashi 6ix9ine has a plan to get out of jail … it involves a whole lot of money and convincing the judge he’ll be a good boy when he’s back on the streets.

The rapper’s lawyer, Lance Lazarro, tells TMZ … he’s putting a bail package together for the rapper in hopes of getting him sprung from the federal prison facility where he’s being held, so he can enjoy some freedom until his trial begins in September.

We’re told the plan is to ask the court to set 69’s bail at $ 1.5 million, and Lazarro will also make the case that Tekashi’s not a danger to the community … nor is he a flight risk.

6ix9ine’s lawyer says he wants to file the motion before his next scheduled court appearance in late January. If the judge rules in his favor and grants bail, the rapper can await trial from the comfort of his own home once he posts the $ 1.5 mil.

As we reported … prosecutors have pics and videos linking Tekashi and his crew to at least 3 armed robberies and/or shootings in Brooklyn earlier this year.

And, despite the mounting evidence in his racketeering case, Lazarro’s made it clear 69 has no interest in taking a plea deal if one is offered.

Add all this to the fact the judge has denied Tekashi’s bail when he was first arraigned, and it looks like a bit of a long shot … but you never know.

Kyrie Irving Gifts Wad of Cash to Homeless Man … Dude Freaks Out!!!


This video is amazing!!! 

Kyrie Irving hooked up a homeless fan with more than $ 240 IN CASH before playing the Rockets in Houston on Thursday — and the reaction is INCREDIBLE!!! 

The guy who shot the video, Thomas Moreno, tells us … the Boston Celtics superstar was walking to the team bus when he was approached by a man who was telling people he was destitute.

Kyrie stopped and chatted with the guy … and then, the big moment happened — Irving reaches into his pocket, pulls out the cash and hands it right to his new friend. 


The guy was so happy, he literally jumped for joy and started hugging random people! He also chased after Kyrie to thank him for the generous gift. 

We reached out to Kyrie and the Boston Celtics for comment — but so far, haven’t heard anything. 

But the video basically speaks for itself. 

Happy holidays!