Danai Gurira Celebrates 40th Birthday with ‘Black Panther’ Cast Before Opening Weekend

A good chunk of the cast of “Black Panther” got together to ring in one of their co-stars’ 40th birthday … but they probably had more reason to celebrate than just that. Danai Gurira — who plays Okoye in the upcoming film — turns the big 4-0…


Danai Gurira Celebrates 40th Birthday with ‘Black Panther’ Cast Before Opening Weekend

A good chunk of the cast of “Black Panther” got together to ring in one of their co-stars’ 40th birthday … but they probably had more reason to celebrate than just that. Danai Gurira — who plays Okoye in the upcoming film — turns the big 4-0…


Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant – Meet the Controversial Cast!

Over the years, many critics have blasted MTV for the creation of the Teen Mom franchise.

These individuals have questioned whether it was a great idea to make celebrities out of young women who were expecting babies, thereby glorifying a development that may be the most challenging one a person can face.

It’s now clear that the cable network has considered these objections, weighed them carefully…

new teen mom

… and then totally and completely ignored such chatter for the sake of ratings.

On Monday night, MTV debuted the first teaser for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, a redundantly named spinoff of Teen Mom; which, itself, was a spinoff of 16 and Pregnant.

(Remember the days when MTV actually aired music videos? Neither do we.)

According to the official network announcement, the series will track the lives of five expecting women and “show the highs and lows of their pregnancy journeys — and the unbelievable changes they endure after the babies are born.

“From excitement to fear, this group of girls will take viewers inside their emotional lives.”

Because this is exactly what vulnerable teenager who are about to become parents really need: to share their emotional lives with millions of strangers.

mom, baby

MTV goes on to write that “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 women have shown us through the years… [that] worlds are about to change forever and [when] it’s time to “mom up.”

Yes, mom up.

MTV just turned parenthood into a catchphrase.

We’re shocking it didn’t include a hashtag along with it.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant will premiere on Monday, March 12 at 10/9c, following a new installment of Teen Mom OG.

Check out the preview below:

As for the young women at the center of the upcoming reality show?

Prepare to meet them below…

Ashley, 20: Described as a typical party girl in Las Vegas, she and her boyfriend, Bariki (Bar) recently found out they were having a baby.

Their own mothers are “constantly at odds,” MTV teases, which not only causes issues within their relationship, “but palpable friction between Bar and Ashley’s mom.”

Brianna, 17: She and her transgender boyfriend Danae have always had an up-and-down relationship. During one split, Brianna slept with an old friend and got pregnant.

However, now Danae is back in the picture and has vowed to raise the baby as his own… yet Brianna’s mom questions Danae’s ability to support her child.

Jade, 20: From an unstable relationship with her parents to her boyfriend Sean, Jade has always taken care of others, the network writes.

Now that she’s expecting her first baby, she’s aware that she’ll need her parents support more than ever and she’s worried that she won’t be able to rely on them.

Kayla, 18: Described as “the girl next door,” Kayla apparently had a rude awakening when she discovered she was expecting.

Kayla was raised by a single mother and therefore understands the sacrifices and struggles such a life requires.

While her own pregnancy wasn’t planned, Kayla was excited to have a baby with her long-time boyfriend, Stephan.

But now she’s struggling with the choice to stay in the relationship for the sake of her baby or raise the little one on her own.

Lexi, 17: From a small town, she’s the head cheerleader and she’s part of a supportive and loving family.

She also got pregnant by her boyfriend of four years, Kyler. 

As a result, she feels isolated from her friends and has become the subject of her small, conservative town’s gossip mill.

MTV asks: Will she be able to recover her reputation, or will she forever be known as the good girl gone bad?

Will you be tuning in for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant?


Glee Cast: Where Are They Now?

Few shows in television history have the history of Glee.

It premiered in 2009 to giant ratings and critical acclaim, combining music, comedy and important social messages like no series ever before.

By the end of its run in 2015, however, the program had practically become a parody of itself, limping to the finish line with a shortened season and zero critical acclaim.

The cast, meanwhile, was mostly full of previously unknown actors and actress, some of whom followed up their time at William McKinley High School with success on the big or small screen…

.. and some of which met a tragic end.

Scroll around below for an update on the lives and careers of various Glee cast members:

1. The Original Cast

The original cast
To the average television viewer in 2009, most of these were fresh, unknown faces back when Glee first hit the air. But almost every cast member would soon explode into a small screen sensation…

2. Lea Michele, Then…

Lea michele then
Probably the main star when Glee premiered, the former Broadway actress stole our hearts as Rachel Berry.

3. Lea Michele, Now…

Lea michele now
She remained on Fox as part of the Scream Queens cast and then appeared for the short run of ABC’s The Mayor, a solid sitcom that was canceled too soon.

4. Matthew Morrison, Then…

Matthew morrison then
He played the man in charge, the honorable and musical Mr. Schuester, who instilled valuable life lessons in all his charges.

5. Matthew Morrison, Now…

Matthew morrison now
Following a strong run as Alicia’s nemesis on The Good Wife, he joined Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Paul Stadler in 2017.

6. Jane Lynch, Then…

Jane lynch then
Probably the breakout star of Season 1, Lynch played the sarcastic and cruel cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Struggling to Find New Cast, Facing Cancellation (Report)

Are you a female resident of the Garden State whose taste for drama is matched only by her love of sequins and spray tans?

Then contact Andy Cohen ASAP, because you might have a future flipping tables on one of reality TV’s trashiest series!

Yes, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is looking for new cast members.

It’s exciting news for Jersey residents, as along with the E Street Band and Chris Christie’s gravy supplier, the show is one of the state’s most reliable sources of steady employment.

With Siggy Flicker departing the series and ratings at an all-time low, cast members and producers are reportedly desperate to pull RHONJ “out of the gutter.”

And in this case, that’s not just a euphemism for moving out of New Jersey.

“Network execs told the ladies that they had to get the show ‘out of the gutter’ or else it was going to be canceled,” a production source tells Radar Online.

Insiders say the show is finding trouble finding affluent women who are willing to blow up their personal lives on national television for 15 minutes of fame.

Go figure!

“The women were told to find a way to make the show better and to help find a new lady to join the show that wouldn’t be so divisive. Bravo wants fun and this season was not fun,” says the insider.

Wait … there was a fun season of RHONJ?!

Would that be the one where Teresa Giudice went to prison, or the one where her husband went to prison?

We kid. In its early days, the show really did have a sense of fun and frivolity.

Of course, it’s hard to hold onto that when you have cast members serving hard time.

Anyway, the effort to land a new Jersey Housewife has reportedly gone in some bizarre directions.

According to one report, Melissa Gorga attempted to convince Chrissy Teigen to join the cast.

It didn’t pan out for the obvious reasons that Teigen is 1. not from New Jersey, 2. not a housewife, and 3. far too famous to ever seriously consider such a move.

But we can’t blame Gorga for trying something desperate, as sources say if the show doesn’t land a new lady soon, it won’t be returning for another season.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to get caught up in time for what could be the show’s final episodes.