Tristan Thompson: The REAL Reason He’s Been Benched by the Cavs!

FACTTristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian will multiple women.

FACT: Tristan Thompson did not play any meaningful minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first two playoff games since news of this scandal broke.

RUMOR: Fact number-two is a direct result of fact number-one.

You’ve likely read this rumor all over the Internet, haven’t you?

Multiple celebrity gossip websites out there are trying to allege that Cleveland Head Coach Tyronn Lue has determined that either:

1. Thompson has become so much of a distraction, due to his off-the-court behavior, that he would negatively effect the team on the court.

2. Thompson does not deserve to see any playing time as punishment for stepping out on at least two occasions on his baby mama.

But are either of these statements true?

Would LeBron James actually risk a shot at his fourth NBA title because a teammate slept with a few Instagram models?

The truth is that Thompson only averaged 20.2 minutes per game this season, about seven-and-a-half minutes fewer per game than his career average.

He lost his spot in the starting lineup before the opening game even tipped off, as Coach Lue decided to start Kevin Love at center in order to optimize the offensive spacing on the court.

Thompson never seemed to recover from the slight.

He averaged a career-low 5.8 points per game in 2017-2018 and essentially tied for a career low by only averaging 6.6 rebounds per game.

Moreover, Cleveland made-over its roster almost entirely at the February trade deadline, acquiring four new players, including Larry Nance Jr.

Nance is a younger and more athletic version of Thompson, playing basically the same position, but doing so with more energy and with a higher shot-blocking rate.

In other words:

Thompson saw his minutes decline throughout the season, and then saw them take a precipitous drop once Nance Jr. joined the team.

The power forward only played 15 combined minutes in the third-to-last and second-to-last games of the season, prior to racking up nearly 30 minutes in the final regular season contest…

… only to end the game with plus/minus of -24. Against the awful New York Knicks, no less!

Thompson is simply an anachronistic basketball player.

Yes, he signed a five-year, $ 82 million contract as recently as 2015, but the league since then has emphasized three-point shooting and spacing on offense.

Thompson plays for a team that employs arguably the best driver and best passer in basketball.

Someone who cannot shoot from outside three feet simply clogs the lane for James, who is at his most unstoppable when his squad spreads the floor and gives him many options to whom he can pass.

The game has mostly passed Thompson by.

This may explain why he didn’t care about partying all night in early April with some random side piece, allegedly taking her back to his hotel room very early in the morning to have unprotected sex.

If he’s not gonna see any action between the lines that week, why not stay awake for awhile and see some action between the sheets, right?

With the Cavs playing the Pacers, who start Myles Turner at center, we doubt we’ll see much of Thompson at all this series.

Turner shot over 35% from three-point range this season and would drag Thompson away from the basket, mitigating Tristan’s one supposed skill: rebounding.

And if Thompson isn’t camped out under the basket boxing out opposing players, there’s really no point in having him on the court.

In closing, Tristan Thompson may be riding two to five side pieces these days, but that’s not why he’s riding the pine for Cleveland.

He simply isn’t very good at modern NBA basketball


Tristan Thompson, Cavs Suffer Humiliating Playoff Upset

If Tristan Thompson was hoping to find solace from his personal life in his professional life, well…

… he’ll need to hope that things turn around quickly for he and his basketball team.

On Sunday afternoon, in front of a sold out arena in Cleveland and millions of people watching across the country, Thompson’s Cavs were thumped by the Indiana Pacers in Game One of their Eastern Conference playoff matchup.

The final score was 98-80, as LeBron James suffered his first-ever career loss in a first round opener.

As Thompson himself?

Did he at least acquit himself well on the court, following a week in which he made news off of it for multiple alleged affairs behind the back (and pregnant belly) of Khloe Kardashian?

Not at all.

Thompson only played the final two minutes of the game, after the outcome was very much decided… and he did not score a single point.

Afterwards, no one on the team blamed Thompson or his wandering penis for serving as a distraction in the days leading up to the big game.

James said he’s been down three games to one in the NBA Finals and gone on to win the title, so he isn’t concerned here about the big picture.

But it’s hard not to wonder what the team talked about in the locker room and whether or not Thompson’s unethical actions played any role at all in the team underperforming to such a significant level.

To be clear, though:

Tristan wasn’t benched for cheating on Kardashian, considering he continually lost minutes to Larry Nance Jr. and Jeff Green as the season ticked down.

He simply can’t spread the floor for Cleveland in the same way he spread the legs of numerous women over the past few months while Khloe sat at home waiting to birth his daughter.

It’s just not a great time to be Tristan Thompson right now.

News of Thompson’s infidelity went viral late last week, just a day before Khloe welcomed a baby girl into the world.

Sources have confirmed that Thompson was in the room for the delivery, but Kardashian is expected to fly back to Los Angeles once she feels up for it and raise the baby far away from her father.

This is what sister Kim is reportedly encouraging her sibling to do.

Could anyone blame Khloe for listening and agreeing to this advice?

Thus far, however, neither Khloe nor Tristan has actually commented on this scandal.

No matter what you think of Thompson’s behavior, it is important to remember that a small human being is now in the picture.

Even if Khloe no longer wants to romance Tristan, she’ll need to work something out with him for the sake of her child.

In the meantime, the Cavs take on the Pacers in Game 2 this Wednesday night.

Will things finally turn around at all for the flailing power forward?


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