Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Canceled by FOX! Stars, Celebrities React

It's cancelation season — the worst time of the year.

FOX, infamous for having canceled beloved shows in the past, is giving the axe to beloved comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Season 5 will be its last.

TV cancelations tend to have much more to do with ratings and budgets than they do with anything else, which means that high-quality shows can get the axe. This, folks, is why we as a society cannot have nice things.

A massive outpouring of support from fans and viewers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has dominated the Twitter conversation since the announcement on Thursday.

Members of the cast thanked fans for their years of support.

A number of celebrities spoke out, mourning the show and extolling its many virtues.

In fact, as you'll see, the outpouring was so intense that their may be good news on the horizon. …

1. First the bad news broke

B99 01 cancelation
If you saw “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” or “Brooklyn 99” or any variation of it trending, it was because, like other excellent and critically acclaimed series like The Expanse, it was canceled on what we might call the Thursday Afternoon Massacre.

2. The show’s creator spoke out

B99 02 dan goor
Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a highly beloved comedy series, and as sad as fans are to see it go, you know that the creators, writers, actors, and crew have to be even more heartbroken.

3. One of the beloved stars spoke out

B99 03 stephanie beatriz
Stephanie Beatriz is a sweet, gentle-natured person, but her character Rosa Diaz is a total badass who likes to keep her personal life private.

4. Joe Lo Truglio mourns with fans

B99 04 joe lo truglio
One of the lead actors, he plays Charles Boyle, who was something of a weak link during the first season but who grew to be beloved by fans over the following four seasons.

5. Melissa Fumero plays the leading lady

B99 05 melissa fumero
Playing opposite Andy Samberg’s character, she portrays Amy Santiago, a rules-oriented detective who is absolutely endearing in every episode.

6. Celebrities also spoke up about the cancelation

B99 06 lin manuel miranda
Remember, stars can be fans, too. Even highly revered Broadway stars.

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