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‘Last Chance U’ Star Malik Henry To Walk On At Nevada

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Malik Henry — the star of “Last Chance U” — is getting one more shot to play FBS football .. ’cause the QB is walking on at Nevada this season — his new head coach just announced.

Henry — a top high school recruit in 2016 who signed with Florida State — flamed out with the Noles … and transferred to Independence Community College in Kansas just months later.

Malik became a star at the school — mostly for the drama that surrounded him on Season 3 of Netflix’s uber-popular “Last Chance U” show.

He was often portrayed as the bad guy … feuding with coaches and teammates and even being described by coach Jason Brown at one point as, “f*cking borderline being kicked out any minute.”

Malik stuck with the school for two seasons … but it appears his time at the program and on the show has ended … ’cause Wolfpack coach Jay Norvell says Malik’s joining the squad.

“He spent some time at junior college and probably has one last shot to get his career corrected and we’re going to give that,” Norvell told Nevada Sports Net.

“He needs a coaching staff that will love him and teach him how to do things the right way and in a system he can grow and develop, and that’s something we feel like we have here at Nevada.”

Playing time for Malik ain’t gonna be easy … Nevada’s got a crowded and talented QB room — but Henry does have two seasons to play at his new school.

Chance the Rapper I Was Taken Out of Context Saying I Didn’t Believe Black Women Accusing R. Kelly

Chance the Rapper says he was taken out of context a while back when he said he didn’t believe R. Kelly‘s accusers because they were black women.

Chance did indeed make that comment on Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” but the full statement is a little different. He said, “We’re programmed to really be hypersensitive to black male oppression, but black women are exponentially [a] higher oppressed and violated group of people just in comparison to the whole world. Maybe I didn’t care because I didn’t value the accusers’ stories because they were black women.”

He went on … “Usually, n***** that get in trouble for s*** like this on their magnitude of celebrity, it’s light-skinned women or white women. That’s when it’s a big story. I’ve never really seen any pictures of R. Kelly’s accusers.”

Chance the Rapper now says making a song with R. Kelly was a mistake, adding, “I made a mistake and I’m happy that those women are getting voices now and I can grow to understand better what my positioning should be or should’ve been when that opportunity came.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer Always Wobbly to Deal with Trump … Still a ‘Chance’ to End Shutdown


Sen. Chuck Schumer says potentially ending the government shutdown is gonna take a firm commitment from President Trump … and not his usual jiggling on the issues.

We got the Senate Minority Leader Wednesday in D.C. as he was making his way to the White House, where Trump is set to meet with Dems (in the Situation Room, no less) to discuss ending the partial shutdown that’s been in effect for 12 days now. 

Schumer says he’s gonna try to strike a deal with the Prez — who wants his southern border wall funded — but makes note that Trump is like Jell-O on when it comes to sticking to one position.

Coincidentally, shortly after Schumer made that comparison … Trump was holding a cabinet meeting with his “Game of Thrones”-style poster — threatening sanctions — smack in the middle of the table. 

Still, Schumer sounds cautiously optimistic there’s a “chance” to end the shutdown.

Good luck, Chuck.

H.S. Wrestler Andrew Johnson Dreads Thrown Away In Dumpster … No Chance To Reattach


The brutal decision wrestler Andrew Johnson was forced to make didn’t have to end the way it did, because dreadlocks can be reattached … but not in his case, because we’ve learned all the hair that was cut off was thrown in a dumpster.

Fact is … dreadlocks can be reattached in a number of ways. It’s a process that typically takes a few months to complete, but it’s doable. Dreads can be fused together, even after some are cut off.  

We’re told almost immediately after the referee for Andrew’s wrestling match gave him the impossible ultimatum, the dreads were swept up — no questions asked — and thrown in the trash.

Sources connected to Johnson’s family tell TMZ, Andrew has done nothing with his hair since it was butchered at the meet. He’s gotten a bunch of offers from various hair care professionals, but so far he’s made no decisions.

As we reported, Andrew and his family have not decided whether to pursue legal action against the referee or the school. They’re waiting for the results of the investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Division on Civil Rights.

As you know … referee Alan Maloney stepped in right before Andrew was getting ready to compete for his New Jersey high school, and told the 16-year-old black wrestler to either chop off his dreads or forfeit the match. It all went down in a matter of minutes, leaving Andrew with little time to process what was happening.