Caryn Chandler Dines with the Roloffs, Gets ALL the Hate

As evidenced by the photo below, Caryn Chandler was recently welcomed at a meal that involved Matt Roloff and a few of his loved ones.

Sadly, however, this doesn’t mean Chandler was welcome on Instagram after her boyfriend shared said picture.

Matt, we’re sure, did not mean to cause any kind of uproar with this simple and sweet photo.

“A wonderful Summer evening out to dinner with this fun group. Keep an eye on my IGTV for detailed videos,” he wrote as a rather basic caption.

In the snapshot, we see Caryn, Matt, Zach Roloff, Tori Roloff, their son Jackson… and even that family’s new puppy, Murph!

Someone unfamilar with the history behind Chandler and Matt’s relationship would wonder why this photo would prompt any sort of backlash whatsoever.

Those who have chronicled the lives of these Little People, Big World stars may have some idea, however.

Chandler worked as a manager on Roloff Farms for many years prior to striking up a romance with Matt.

She did so after he divorced Amy Roloff, but still: just because there was no infidelity does not mean there was no awkwardness or tension.

Caryn knew Amy very well when she started dating her ex-husband.

And this is not just The Hollywood Gossip conjuring up such tension or awkwardness, this is Amy herself, at times, admitting that being around Chandler too much isn’t healthy for her.

So that all serves as some background for why a handful of Instagram users reacted to the first photo posted above with such vitriol.

“way to rub your romance in amy’s face,” said joey897 in the Comments section.

“whats the point of this image?” asked amber6969, echoing this same sentiment. “cant you respect your ex-wife a little more?”

It’s worth mentioning that Amy Roloff is dating Chris Marek. She seems very happy and content and not remotely bitter over Matt being with Caryn.

Does she want to work with Chandler or see her everyday, as is often the case on the farm? No, that’s only natural.

But she has never begrudged Matt this relationship.

We’d have to imagine she would frown upon anyone giving Matt or Caryn any sort of grief online.

And she wouldn’t be alone in taking this stance, either.

“Why can’t we all just enjoy the picture?” wonders jescooby91080,adding:

“He’s out enjoying dinner with his son, his family and his girlfriend and their new puppy! I don’t think he meant to put the picture here for everyone to argue and take sides and bash each other.”

We agree.

Elsewhere, Matt has confirmed that he’s moving part-time to Arizona… with Chandler.

And that an engagement may soon be on the way.

“I feel very committed to Caryn,” Matt recently said, adding by way of major tease:

“Caryn and I are going on this adventure together, we are on this great track. So the idea of us having a vacation home that we share together, it’s interesting.

“I think we are going to take our relationship to the next level.”

If so, sadly, Matt and Caryn should probably prepare to hear it from the haters upon announcing plans to wed.


Matt Roloff: I’m Ready to Take Caryn Chandler Romance to the “Next Level!”

On this past Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff made headlines for something he is NOT going to do.

After giving it much consideration and speaking to his loved ones about the possibility, Roloff decided not to run for political office.

But the veteran TLC personality also revealed something else about himself on this same installment, something that it sounds like he WILL be doing in the near future.

And that something is this:

Marrying Caryn Chandler!

This is mere speculation on our part at the moment, although there have been rumors flying around for weeks that Roloff is engaged to Chandler, who formerly worked as his family’s farm manager.

Lost in the aforementioned political talk from the latest episode of this reality series, however, is something the Roloff patriarch said about his girlfriend of over a year.

“Caryn and I are looking to invest in property [in Arizona],” Matt said on air, confirming our report that he’ll be moving down south for at least part of the year.

This is the first time Roloff has acknowledged that Chandler is a key aspect of that plan, however.

And he wasn’t done talking about the couple’s clearly very serious future.

“Amy and I have a lot of assets in the farm, so it’s really important that I start investing some of my personal money off the farm and really just having my own path that’s separate from Amy,” Matt continued, adding:

“I feel very committed to Caryn.

“Caryn and I are going on this adventure together, we are on this great track. So the idea of us having a vacation home that we share together, it’s interesting.

“I think we are going to take our relationship to the next level.”

There it is. The next level.

This may mean an engagement. This may simply mean co-habitating with each other.

But, either way, it’s the latest sign that Chandler will be in Matt’s life for a long, long time going forward.

This has caused some tension between Matt and Amy, naturally, because they were married for 26 years and have four kids together.

They also co-own the farm we cited above and Amy was pretty close to Chandler before she started to date her ex-husband.

Amy, meanwhile, is involved with Chris Marek. This relationship is also pretty serious.

However, unlike Matt with Caryn, Amy said on a recent episode that she will not really consider Marek when pondering her next step in life.

“Chris is an important person in my life, but I have no set agenda – or time limit – on how we move forward,” she said.

Amy went on to admit that she has also considered a move off the farm, regardless of whether she ends up with Marek for good or not:

“I mean, look how much stuff I still have to figure out in my life.

“So until I solidify certain other things that are going on in my life, I don’t want Chris to get involved.”

Interesting contrast between Roloffs here, huh?

We’ll continue to keep a close eye on both their romances and to keep readers up to date on where everything stands.


Amy Roloff on Caryn Chandler: She Isn’t “Healthy” for Me

On the latest episode of Little People, Big World, the Roloffs brought in Pirates of the Caribbean actor Martin Klebba to help with the problem of small crowds during the all-important pumpkin season.

But the big screen star could not help Amy Roloff with a very different problem the reality star was facing.

Faced with the issue of making sure the family farm succeeding during this vital few weeks of the year, Amy was forced to work closely with her ex-husband’s personal assistant…

… who also happens to be her ex-husband’s serious girlfriend.

Yes, this installment of the TLC series featured Amy and Caryn Chandler’s banding together for the sake of their loved ones.

“You know, this pumpkin season has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through,” Amy admitted to the camera, adding:

“Caryn has been part of pumpkin season and managing it for a long time and does a great job. But knowing the relationship between Matt and Caryn, and to know that they’re dating…

“You know, to work beside Caryn, it’s not healthy for me.”

Caryn has been dating Matt Roloff for over a year now.

She knew Amy very well when this romance started, as a result of her long-time job as a manager on the farm.

Recent reports have detailed how Amy was blindsided when the two got togther, while this season of Little People, Big World has focused extensively on the tension that has resulted from this relationship.

“Amy doesn’t have a good sense of what it takes to run the farm. Amy can be very, very insecure. I try to be as patient and easy as possible,” Matt said about his ex last week, for example.

He added:

“When it comes to Amy and I, it’s just one day at a time. One day it feels like it’s working and another day it feels like it’s not working.”

Meanwhile, Chandler has tried to be as respectful of Amy as possible.

“There’s always gonna be some crossover and awkwardness with Amy,” she said on Tuesday evening about working side-by-side with her boss/foe/frenemy.

“I hope that over time, our relationship can get better.”

Jeremy Roloff and Amy’s other kids are well aware of the unusual circumstances surrounding their parents.

Watching him mom interact with Caryn on this week’s episode, Jeremy said:

“I feel for her. It’s just a bummer that we’re still dealing with this.”

Matt, however, doesn’t feel much sympathy for his wife of 26-plus years.

“Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season,” he said simply last night. “She’s been doing this for 10 years.”

But will she be doing it down the line?

Roloff recently confirmed that he’s moving to Arizona, placing the future of Little People, Big World in jeopardy.

“It’s kind of unexpected the way that life changes,” he said last night, adding:

“Amy and I grew apart, and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be divorced at this stage of my life…

“So I think that we realized that a person I really care about is right under my nose and then it’s very different.”

To see what was going on with Zach, Tori, Jeremy and Audrey on this week’s installment, click below and watch Little People, Big World online now!


Matt Roloff Breaks Silence on Caryn Chandler Break-Up Rumors

Matt Roloff is very sorry, ladies.

He has some news to break that you may find to be unfortunate.

And that is this: The Little People, Big World star is not single and, therefore, is not ready to mingle.

Fans across the Internet have been wondering about Roloff’s relationship status for several days now, ever since he news broke that Caryn Chandler is no longer employed by Roloff Farms.

For those unaware, Caryn is Matt’s girlfriend.

She has been for about a year now and she met Matt because she managed his property and his business for many years before that.

(This is also why there’s constant tension between Caryn and Amy Roloff; the two were friends prior to her divorce from Matt and Caryn’s subsequent romance with him.)

HOWEVER, multiple outlets reported last week that Chander is no longer employed by Matt, leading to one of two possibilities:

  1. She has been fired because she and Matt have broken up and it would be too weird if they kept working together.
  2. They are engaged, or about to be engaged, and felt a need to wholly separate their work from their personal lives.

So that’s the background at work here.

It should help readers understand Matt’s response to a comment on Facebook yesterday.

“Where’s Caryn? Did you guys break up?” a follower asked in response to a photo of Matt on vacation in Mexico, seemingly by himself.

“We did not break up,” Roloff said in response to the speculation.

So… there you go, we guess?

We can return to the opposite kind of speculation now? The kind that involves wondering whether or not Matt and Caryn are engaged?

We’re happy to wonder about that more exciting possibility instead, but we can’t help thinking that Matt’s reply was lacking in… something, right?

He didn’t make some joke about these break-up rumors nor did he say anything nice about Chandler and their relationship.

He just gave the most straightforward answer possible, which still makes us think something is off here. Perhaps the pair are just on a break?

Maybe Caryn just needs space?

We’re not judging at all. We’re just curious.

On a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Caryn admitted that she would be willing to leave the farm the moment her boyfriend’s ex-wife told her to do so.

She meant this out of respect for Amy, not out of any kind of bitterness.

She very much understands how awkward everything is here.

“I don’t want to invade anyone’s space, and the moment Amy doesn’t want me coming around anymore, I won’t,” Chandler told the cameras.

Along those lines, as documented below, Matt has been considering a major change in his life.

Read all about it here:


Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler: Is It Over?!?


Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have either broken up…

… or the couple is about to get engaged.

Confused? Allow us to explain why one of these contrasting possibilities seems very likely at the moment:

According to Radar Online, Chandler has been let go from her position as the manager at Roloff Farms.

She no longer holds this important job, which she took on over a decade ago and which is the way she met her eventually boyfriend, Matt Roloff.

(It’s also why tension has been pretty high between Caryn and Amy Roloff for awhile now; it’s always been awkward when an acquaintance starts dating your ex-husband.)

On a recent episode of Little People, Big World, Matt went into detail over just how integral Caryn is to the business he’s co-owned for years and years now.

“Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season, she’s run it for 10 years,” he said on air, adding:

“She tries to get Amy as involved as she can. There was awkwardness a little bit, but we’re all kind of finding our way.”

Roloff went on to say at this time:

“I enjoy her immensely. Whether we’re working or whether we’re relaxing, we have a great time together.”

That’s been evident for over a year, since the two started dating, which is why this development has taken us by surprise.

It could mean that Matt and Caryn have broken up.

If this is the case, it would obviously make sense for Chandler to stop working at the farm, considering there would be tension going forward between her and Amy AND her and Matt.

But what if this means the opposite?

What if Matt and Caryn are engaged, as some rumors have suggested, and they’ve decided to fully separate their personal lives from their professional lives in response?

We reported last week that Matt Roloff had seemingly purchased a home away from the farm.

After telling TLC viewers this season that things had to change because it was just too strange to live within 1,000 feet of Amy, Matt hinted on social media that he’s made the decision to get a new place.

This, in our opinion, would point to Matt and Caryn taking another step in their romance; be it an engagement or just a living-together situation.

Here’s one final thing to consider, however:

Radar Online also says Matt does not follow Chandler on Instagram.

Did he ever, though?

We can’t say at this time.

We do know, though, that Matt is a prolific poster on this platform, so it does make us go back and wonder if the relationship is over.

It may sound crazy, but in this day and age, not following one’s significant other on social media is a pretty big deal…and often a telling one.

We’ll talk to our Little People, Big World sources and see what we can dig up on the status of Matt and Caryn.

Stay tuned, folks. There’s clearly some kind of news to break here…


Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler: Are They Engaged?

Little People, Big World is back! The show returned with its new season on Tuesday night.

Tori and Zach were just learning to be parents to their sweet newborn baby Jackson. Audrey was way big pregnant with Ember Jean. And Matt and Amy … seemed to be on each other’s last nerves.

But Matt posted a teaser on social media that has fans wondering if there’s some unexpected good news on the horizon. Are he and Caryn Chandler engaged?

If you watch Little People, Big World online, you know that tensions have never been higher between Matt Roloff and his ex wife, Amy Roloff.

Their marriage ended a couple of years ago, but they both still live on Roloff Farms — just a stone’s throw from each other.

It’s awkward as hell. Especially now that each of them have moved on.

Amy is with Chris Marek, despite the outrage of fans who seem convinced that the relationship is toxic … despite all evidence to the contrary.

And Matt Roloff has moved on and is dating his former employee, Caryn Chandler.

Matt Roloff posted this goofy, up-close photo, captioning it:

“Oh my goodness… wait until you hear… better watch new episodes this Tuesday.”

On the surface, that’s just a super vague teaser for the return of Little People, Big World.

But a number of fans have a particular theory about which news he is teasing.

One commented: “You are getting married! Right Matt!”

Another wrote: “Married your [girlfriend] I hope.”

Of course, not everyone jumping on that bandwagon was in a congratulatory mood.

“Matt is getting married,” one hater wroter before throwing some shade. “He can’t stand to be single.”

Some of the comments were just plain weird.

“Omg! Is your girlfriend pregnant? By the look on your face, that’s my guess.”

But they shouldn’t overshadow the kind, celebratory comments.

“So happy for you that you are finally with a lady that treats you with kindness and respect.”

The warm wishes continue:

“Wish you and Caryn much luck and love.”

A lot of very kind people are jumping to conclusions, but we don’t really see any indicators that he and Caryn are engaged just yet.

And even if they are engaged, we would be surprised to only just now learn of it this season on Little People, Big World.

Usually, that sort of thing leaks in a report — if it isn’t announced with glee on social media.

Still, it would be nice to see some levity 

When Matt condemned “unfair” editing of his family by new producers, it sounded like what reality stars often say.

But the season premiere did have an awful lot of tension.

Of course, considering that Matt Roloff banned Amy from a family gathering, maybe some of that negativity has less to do with editing and more to do with rising tensions between Matt and Amy.

And those tensions are likely to rise if Matt and Caryn do finally become engaged.

Amy and Caryn do not seem to get along.

But let’s all hope, for the sake of the Roloff family and for the sake of viewers who love the charming atmosphere of Roloff Farms, that cooler heads prevail.