Kim Kardashian Shares Precious Photo of True Thompson with Chicago West!!

Happy birthday, Khloe Kardashian!

To honor her little sister’s birthday, Kim shared a family photo of her, Khloe, and their respective babies, Chicago West and True Thompson!

These two little cousins are absolutely darling and melting hearts everywhere. Take a look!

It’s Khloe’s birthday today!! She is now 34.

Big sister Kim took to Instagram to honor Khloe on her special day.

“Happy Birthday to one of my favorite souls on this planet! @khloekardashian,” Kim writes.

Kim then appears to allude to Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, but only indirectly.

“This year,” Kim writes. “You have shown strength like none other.”

Though Kim doesn’t care for Tristan, she writes to her sister: “I admire you for always following your heart.”

“I love seeing you as a mom and can’t wait for the years ahead,” Kim says.

Finally, Kim writes: “Let’s celebrate you today! I love you to infinity!”

That is so sweet.

But this photo is sweeter.

Kim shared this photo with her message.

In it, we see Kim (wearing her problematic braids again — she’s really doubling down on that, huh?) sitting beside the birthday girl, Khloe.

But it’s not the sisters who steal the show — it’s the cousins.

Seated in Khloe’s lap is precious baby True, who is just a couple of weeks past being two months old.

And on the other thigh is Chicago West, who is more than a week past being 5 months old.

They’re too cute for words!!

Both girls are adorable, but Chi looks noticeably older and more engaged.

For the sake of fairness, take a look at Chicago when she was about two months old.

As you can see, she’s grown a lot since then — that was more than half of her life ago!

(We know that it’s trite to say, but babies really grow up so unbelievably quickly)

Photos of Chicago are few and far between, as Kim Kardashian makes pics of her kids scarce — artificially inflating their value like the diamond industry does with little carbon prisms.

Fans have gotten to see many more photos of True, including a precious video that Tristan Thompson shared on Snapchat.

(That’s right, Snapchat — the next time that someone wonders who still uses Snapchat, just say “cheaters”)

A lot of Khloe’s fans and frankly a lot of Tristan’s fans consider his recent content to be a transparent ploy to soften his image and rebrand himself from a no-good cheater to a loving father.

But … these super adorable photos are very much appreciated.

True is not at fault for her father’s bad behavior. She is incredibly lovable.

Seeing her with her cousin, Chicago, is a real gift from Kim to all of us.

Khloe should have birthdays more often.

There’s a lot of disagreement over how many photos of celebrity babies and children are appropriate to share with the world.

Some parents believe that only some baby pics are okay. Some don’t see a problem wtih a constant stream of pictures of their precious bundles of joy.

And some don’t share any photos of their children and don’t think that any parent should — it’s that child’s face and it’s for them to decide when they get shown to the world.

As we mentioned, Kim limits how many photos of her kids go out into the world so that she doesn’t overexpose them and hurt their brands.

Khloe seems to be unable to resist showing off True. She’s a new mom, so we get it.

We don’t know what the right choice is with celebrity children, but we can’t see the harm in showing off a cute baby photo every now and then.


Kim Kardashian Shares New Family Photo (Hi, Chicago!)

Easter marks the first (and only) time that Jesus Christ came back from the dead.

It’s a worthwhile reason to celebrate, for sure.

But Kim Kardashian also used the occasion this week to share a different kind of first (and, to date, only) of her own…

… her first family photo!

Her first family photo, we should say, when there are five members of her immediate family.

As you can see above, Kim is posing formally with husband Kanye West and her three kids:

Four-year old North West, two-year old Saint West and brand new baby Chicago West.

The latter of that trio, of course, was welcomed into this world just a couple months ago by Kim and Kanye via a surrogate, who the couple used due to Kardashian’s ongoing health problems.

She really struggled with her first two pregnancies and was advised by doctors not to get knocked up a third time.

“I don’t think you really understand how hard it is to take a good family pic,” Kim wrote as a caption to the image, adding:

“This was all we got before all three kids started crying. I think I cried too.”

If you look closely, you can tell that Kim is grabbing a hold of Saint’s shirt in the back, likely because he kept trying to run away.

Pretty funny stuff, actually.

It’s the most relatable Kim has ever been, practically, as we can all related to issues with getting young kids to stand still for a photo, can’t we?

No one is saying a bad word about this cute picture, which is a far cry from the backlash Kardashian faced after sharing a different Easter-themed image on social media.

On Sunday itself, the former sex tape star posted a snapshot of a cross with diamonds in the background.

Many haters dragged her hard for seemingly flaunting her wealth via such an image — which even we, as consistent Kim critics, must admit was a bit of a stretch.

Added Kim in regard to this family gathering:

“One hand holding the baby and the other hand grabbing the back of Saints shirt because he kept running away lol.”

We love it.

Because we can totally relate to it.

All of the Kardashians and Jenners gathered last Sunday for a celebration at one of their houses.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott brought along baby Stormi Webster for the outing, according to E! News, which featured little baby bunnies, tiny chicks, lambs and MANY of treats for the attendees to enjoy.

Kourtney Kardashian’s kids – Mason Disick, Penelope Disick and Reign Disick – also participated in an Easter egg hunt alongside their cousins.

What fun!


DuShon Monique Brown Dies; Chicago Fire Star Was 49

Tragic news today out of the world of television:

DuShon Monique Brown, a veteran actress who had been a series regular on Chicago Fire since the inception of the NBC drama, has died of an apparent heart attack.

She was 49 years old.

Production sources tell TMZ that Brown admitted herself to an Illinois hospital a few days ago after suffering chest pains; she was reportedly tested at the time and then released.

But things then took a drastic and deadly turn on Friday.

The actress suffered some kind of cardiac episode and was found dead inside her home in Chicago.

The NBC star was a native of The Windy City who had portrayed Connie, the assistant to Chef Boden, since the very first episode of Chicago Fire.

She also appeared on Prison Break from 2005 through 2007.

Television fans may also recognize Brown from stints on Empire and Shameless.

Said Chicago Fire producer Dick Wolf upon learning of Brown’s stunning and untimely passing:

“The Chicago Fire family is devastated to lose one of its own. Our thought and prayers are with DuShon’s family and we will all miss her.”

Along with her acting career, Brown had a background in social work and a Masters in Counseling. She once worked as a counselor at a local high school.

According to her IMDB page, she was also an accomplished violinist who played with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

This same page lists a few other facts about the late star.

To wit:

– Her nickname was “shoo-shoo.”

– She attended the same high school as Michelle Obama.

– Her mom is a retired social worker and her dad is a retired math teacher.

– She inspired to perform after seeing the film version of The WIZ at age seven.

Most importantly, and sadly, she leaves behind a daughter named Zoe, who actually appeared with her mother in a 2007 Super Bowl commercial for Frito Lay.

It’s unknown at this time just how Chicago Fire will wrote Brown’s character out of the series.

It’s also matters very little at the moment.

Our thoughts go out to the actress’ friends, family members and loved ones.

May DuShon Monique Brown rest in peace.