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R. Kelly Chicago Studio Hit With 66 Violations … Facing Heavy Fines!!!

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12:20 PM PT — According to R. Kelly’s attorney Melvin L. Sims III … despite the violations, the judge sided with the singer and rejected the City of Chicago’s motion to shut the building down completely.

Kelly’s legal team argued the problems with the studio did not mount to an “Emergency” situation, so instead, repairs were ordered along with the removal of personal items. Sims says the studio is still open for business as a studio during normal working hours.

R. Kelly is in serious trouble with Chicago officials because the city is going after him for a laundry list of building violations at his studio … and it could end up costing the singer a ton of cash!!! 

The Chicago studio, heavily featured in “Surviving R. Kelly” was slammed with 66 building code violations, most notably for using the place as a residence and not obtaining permits to build a sauna, steam room and a bar … this according to legal docs. 

In the docs, each violation comes with a fine ranging between $ 500 to $ 1,000 for each day the violation goes unaddressed … and with 66 violations, R. Kelly could be looking at a fine between $ 33k to $ 66k per day!

The court has already ordered R. Kelly to remove all personal items from the premises and he can only use the space as a recording studio from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

As you know … R. Kelly’s studio was swarmed last week by Chicago cops and the Cook County Building and Zoning Department — and they ended up filing a complaint against R. Kelly.

Sources close to R. Kelly deny he’s ever lived in the studio and R. Kelly believes the space is exactly as it was when he first started renting it 3-4 years ago.

Originally Published — 11:46 AM PT

R. Kelly Cops Swarm at Chicago Studio … But Not What You Think

Breaking News

Police are at R. Kelly‘s recording studio in Chicago, and while it has nothing to do with the allegations put forth in “Surviving R. Kelly” … it is related to potential illegal activity.

The issue appears to be Kelly’s studio being used as a residence. Law enforcement sources tell us Chicago PD showed up there Wednesday afternoon with the Cook County Building and Zoning Dept. We’re told the B & Z is there because the building is only zoned for industrial use, so if anyone is living there … that’s a no-no.

We’re told police typically accompany the Building Dept. on such matters … and officers did NOT go just because it’s Kelly’s place. BTW, the singer reportedly owes a ton of back rent — $ 166k — and is facing eviction before the month’s end.

Obviously, the sight of police swarming Kelly’s crib immediately made people think an arrest was going down.

No dice. Yet.

R. Kelly Chicago Prosecutors Ask Victims ‘Please Come Forward’


Cook County prosecutors want any victims of R Kelly to call them … now.

State Attorney Kim Foxx just urged any victims — “Please Come Forward.”

Foxx, who herself is sexual assault survivor, says she wants families of victims to contact the officer, adding she’s “sickened” by what she saw on the Lifetime docuseries, “Surviving R Kelly.”

Foxx says her office has already been contacted by 2 families where alleged victims had contact with R Kelly over the last few years.

The State Attorney’s Office has not launched a formal investigation, but Foxx definitely sounds like she will if victims come forward.

She wants anyone with information to contact her office at (773) 674-6492.