Cardi B Orders Cardi-Beatdown on Pair of Chicks She Thinks Banged Offset!

On Wednesday, while Cardi B fans were mesmerized by her borderline X-rated hot-and-heavy PDA video with Offset, she is also accused of having committed a crime. 

Specifically, she is accused of having sent her minions to attack a pair of strip club bartenders.

Why? She allegedly got it into her head that her husband Offset slept with these women – months ago.

TMZ reports that Cardi B allegedly ordered an attack on a pair of strip club employees at Angels Strip Club.

Though initial reports said that it had been a pair of strippers who were attacked, it has since been clarified that Jade and Baddie G are not strippers themselves.

They are bartenders at a strip club.

They say that on Wednesday, August 29, they say that they were face-to-face with Cardi at the club at which they both work.

According to their allegations, Cardi had several members of her posse attack them, throwing bottles and chairs.

That’s a serious allegation, but they say it was a serious attack, inflicting very real injuries upon both of them.

This is apparently not even the first time.

Jade says that on August 15, she got a heads up warning that the rapper had put a bullseye on her back.

She says that later that evening, she was attacked by five associates of Cardi’s who apparently grabbed her hair, punched her, and hit her with an ashtray.

This apparently goes back months. Back in June, Cardi reportedly confronted Jade and her sister Baddie G at a hotel in Atlanta.

Cardi is said to have accused Jade of having slept with Offset.

When Jade denied it, she said that the 25-year-old (real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) threatened her with physical harm.

If the accusations are true, Cardi made good on that promise.

TMZ wants it absolutely clear that no one has accused Cardi of personally attacking either woman. She is accused of having her goons attack them.

Allegedly, Cardi personally told the sisters:

“I’m blood I’ll f–k you bitches up!”

Yeah. Jade and Baddie G have contacted attorney Joe Tacopina, who says that he is considering a lawsuit against Cardi over these alleged attacks.

The sisters are also planning to contact police to file a criminal complaint about the attack, and may have done so by the time that you read this.

That is an awful lot of trouble for Cardi to potentially get into just a matter of weeks after becoming a first-time mom to Kulture.

It’s also not the only legal issue facing the new family. As you may recall, Offset was arrested for gun possession in July.

That was a violation of his parole, which could potentially mean that he could wind up behind bars if his attorneys are unable to get him out of it.

Now, Cardi could be looking at charges of her own for allegedly ordering at least one assault on another human being.

At the same time, the August 15 attack sounds very hard to prove unless someone confesses and gives over evidence.

The attack on August 29, on the other hand, sounds like it happened indoors. We have to wonder if it was caught on security cameras.

Obviously, no one should be ordering attacks on anyone because this is real life and not some sort of nightmarish mob movie.

But we have to say that it sounds especially strange that Cardi is allegedly targeting a pair of bartenders whom she does not seem to actually know.

If you think that someone may have had sex with your husband, you should be mad at your husband, right? Not at some random woman who might not even know that he’s married.

There have been other accusations that Offset is a cheater. He’s 26 and now has four kids, for whatever that’s worth.

If Cardi is going to allegedly order attacks on every woman rumored to have hooked up with Offset, she’s going to be very busy.

Maybe she should find a new husband instead of an axe to grind. More importantly, we hope that she won’t commit any crimes.

We don’t want to have to wonder about who will raise Kulture. We just don’t.


Leah Messer to Jeremy Calvert: Your New Chick’s Not as Good as Me!

Of all the ladies in the Teen Mom franchise, perhaps no one is more adept at side-stepping drama than Leah Messer.

While the other moms gnash their teeth and air their dirty laundry on Twitter, Leah mostly keeps her head down and focuses on herself and her three daughters.

But as she's reminded us lately, Ms. Messer is not one to shy away from conflict when it presents itself.

Last week, Leah clapped back at David Eason when he made a bizarrely inappropriate comment about her daughter's appearance.

And now, Leah's response to news that Jeremy Calvert is dating Desi Kibler has left many fans with the impression that she's developed a taste for throwing shade …

1. A New Leah?

Leah messer selfie
Ms. Messer has made a point of avoiding unnecessary conflict throughout her years on Teen Mom 2. But now it seems Leah – possibly emboldened by her friendship with shade queen Kailyn Lowry – has turned over a new leaf.

2. Jeremy’s New Boo

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3. Dredging Up the Past

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4. Mixed Messages?

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Leah has maintained that she has no interest in getting back together with Jeremy, but some fans believe she’s wavered in that conviction quite a few times over the years.

5. Friends With Benefits?

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Sources tell Radar Online that as recently as February, Leah spoke openly about the fact that she and Calvert still hook up. “She says that they are just having fun and she’s got it all under control,” one insider claims.

6. But Is It REALLY Under Control?

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