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Chris Hansen Got Cash for Bad Checks From N-Word Hurling Radio DJ


Well, this is random.

Turns out, when former “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen came up with the money needed to get charges against him dropped for writing bad checks, he got a huge assist from a guy he never met … with a troubling background.

Bob Romanik — radio DJ for the St. Louis area station 1190 KQQZ-AM, best known for calling Waka Flocka the n-word — tells TMZ … he reached out to Hansen when he heard about his financial troubles and offered to help him out.

Romanik says he thinks Chris is a good guy who’s done good work, so he gave him nearly $ 13,000 to square up with a mom-and-pop shop in Stamford, CT. We broke the story … the cash got Hansen out of a jam with prosecutors, who decided to drop his larceny case.

Romanik isn’t looking for Hansen to return him any favors either, but he does tell us if Chris starts another project busting predators and helping children … he’d like to invest in the noble cause.

What’s not noble … is Romanik’s history of dropping racial slurs on the air. As we told you, he went on a racist rant back in 2017 after Waka Flocka wiped his ass with a Trump jersey. Bob called the rapper a “greasy black n***** son of a bitch” — and he hasn’t stopped using the n-word since.

In fact, Romanik has responded to criticism for his racist comments by saying it’s his First Amendment right … and he’ll stop saying the n-word when rappers stop saying it.

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed called for the FCC to remove Romanik’s license last year for his hate speech, but as far as we know … he’s still on the air.

BTW — Bob’s station is billed as “Kool Killer Kountry” … with 3 Ks for initials. Seriously.

Chris Brown Back in the U.S. After Paris Rape Case Drama


Chris Brown‘s touched down in the USA, less than a week after being arrested overseas for allegedly raping a woman … something he strongly denies, and led him to file a defamation suit.

CB landed in a private jet with his crew at the Van Nuys airport outside L.A. Saturday afternoon. Everyone looked pretty chill after the long flight … and what was surely a turbulent week in Paris.

As we reported … Brown was arrested by French police Monday after a woman claimed she was raped by the singer in his hotel suite. CB was released on his own recognizance without bail hours later, though, and free to leave France … though he stuck around for work.

While the rape case hasn’t been dismissed, we’re told police had big problems with the accuser’s version of events … which factored into their decision to let Brown go.

Chris also has a problem with her accusations, and he’s taken action by filing a defamation suit and criminal case against her Thursday morning.

Chris Webber GSW Starters > East All-Star Starters … They’re Too Stacked!!


Could the Golden State Warriors starting 5 *actually* single-handedly beat the Eastern Conference All-Star starters?!?!

You better believe it … so says Chris Webber, who tells TMZ Sports the Dubs are just too damn good to lose that fantasy matchup.

The 2019 All-Star game starters were announced Thursday night … here’s the East: 

— Kyrie IrvingGiannis AntetokounmpoJoel EmbiidKawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker 

Here’s the Warriors starting lineup:

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Boogie Cousins, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green 

Webber does a great job breaking down why the Eastern Conference All-Stars would LOSE if they took the court against the Warriors … and he’s pretty damn confident about it.

Of course, Webber used to play for the Warriors — but there’s no bias here. Webber’s hittin’ us with truth bombs. 

As for the Western Conference All-Stars … here’s how that team looks: 

— LeBron, KD, Steph Curry, James Harden and Paul George.

That’s scary.

We also got C-Webb’s take on the Warriors ditching the White House for a meeting with Barack Obama … and he does a great job explaining this one too. 

Chris Brown Rape Accuser Claims … She Was Under ‘Psychological Pressure’ To Have Sex

Chris Brown‘s rape accuser is attempting to clarify key points of her claims, because her lawyer is saying she was under “great psychological pressure” during the alleged rape.

The alleged victim’s lawyer, Frank Serfati, told the Associated Press Thursday his client “was not pressured physically” into having sex with CB, and the lawyer insists “non-consensual sex” allegedly took place. 

According to the AP, Serfati claims Chris allegedly “cornered her in a room that was locked” … the lawyer also claims “there were forced sexual relations” and says his client “was only with men, older men, men who you imagine to be buff.”

We broke the story … Paris police had big problems with the accuser’s story because she told cops Chris raped her in his hotel suite and then she went into another room and was raped again. We’re told cops find her story almost impossible to believe because she never attempted to leave or alert anyone.

You’ll recall … Chris’ Parisian lawyer filed a defamation suit against the alleged victim Thursday morning. 

As we reported … Chris was feed by cops Tuesday, hours after he was arrested … and he’s been hanging around in Paris, where he’s working on a music video.

A rep for Chris had no comment.

TMZ Live Chris Brown Files Case Against Rape Accuser


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Chris Pratt, Kat & Jack Family Vibes for Dinner Outing

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger will be starting married life together soon, but they already look like they have the family thing down.

The newly engaged couple hit up the vegetarian restaurant A Votre Sante, Wednesday night in Brentwood, with Chris’s 6-year-old son, Jack — and they all seemed like they were trying to keep it on the DL.

Chris and Katherine wore all-black getups, and he kept his hat pulled down over his face. Kat and Jack went hoodies up, but the kid’s red jacket was hard to miss.

Outings together are nothing new for the trio — they all hit up Disneyland together last month just a few weeks before Chris proposed, and Katherine said yes.

Jack’s mom, Anna Faris, is very much down with the engagement news too … even offering to officiate their wedding. Clearly, they’re all about a modern fam. 

Chris Brown Files Defamation, Criminal Case … Against Rape Accuser


Chris Brown‘s Parisian lawyer has made good on his promise … he just filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who got his client arrested on rape allegations.

The lawyer, Raphael Chiche, filed the complaint Thursday … titled “false accusation, committed on January 18, 2019.” It appears this is more than a civil defamation case … according to the doc obtained by TMZ, the lawyer is citing a criminal statute relating to invasion of privacy. A violation of that law carries a maximum 1-year prison sentence. 

As we reported, Brown was freed by cops Tuesday, hours after he was arrested. Sources tell us the Paris police had issues with the accuser’s story — that she was raped and abused in 3 separate rooms by 3 people in Brown’s hotel suite, with around 20 people in the living room.

A source close to Chris tells TMZ, he acknowledges he’s had “issues in the past,” but feels he’s become “an easy target for anyone to cry wolf.”

Although Brown is free and still working in Paris on his music video, we’re told the investigation is ongoing.

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Nia Guzman’s Home Burglarized … While She Was Next Door!!!


Chris Brown and his baby mama are both having a difficult week, because a day after Breezy was arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Paris, Nia Guzman had her Los Angeles home burglarized … TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Chris’ baby mama tell TMZ … someone entered Nia’s apartment Tuesday night and stole a ton of designer bags and shoes belonging to Nia, her oldest daughter and the former couple’s daughter, Royalty

And, get this … we’re told Nia was visiting her mom in the apartment next door when the heist went down.

Our law enforcement sources confirmed the burglary … and we’re told LAPD is investigating, but there aren’t any suspects or leads yet.

It’s interesting … we’re told Nia believes someone’s been watching her routine, because they struck while she was at her mom’s place. We’re told Nia left the lights and TV on while she stepped out, but her door was unlocked. 

As for Chris … he’s been released from custody in France and plans to sue his alleged rape victim for defamation.

Chris Brown Cops Had Big Problems … With Rape Accuser’s Version of Events


Chris Brown is walking around Paris without fear of getting cuffed and hauled back to the police station, because cops found his rape accuser’s story almost impossible to believe … TMZ has learned.

One source directly connected to the case tells us, “The weakest part of the case is the alleged victim’s statement to police.”

We’re told she told cops that Chris raped her in his hotel suite dressing room for somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes. She says she then went into another room and was raped again, this time by one of Brown’s friends. And then, she said she was “abused” for a third time in another room. We’re told police believe the story doesn’t hold water because she never attempted to leave or alert anyone.

Right or wrong, we’re told that’s why cops made the decision to release Brown without any conditions, including surrendering his passport. A source close to Brown says police actually apologized to Brown when they let him go.

What’s especially interesting … Brown didn’t beeline it for the airport. He’s staying in Paris — at the same hotel — apparently without fear he’ll be arrested again. We’re told the investigation is still ongoing, although it seems authorities have made some fundamental decisions about the case.

Brown certainly acted like he was exonerated Wednesday, when he mingled in public, proclaiming his love for everyone.

One Brown source said, “An innocent man shouldn’t be worried about staying at a place where he didn’t commit a crime.”

Chris Hansen Catches Break in Bad Checks Case … Prosecutors Drop Charges


Chris Hansen is off the hook for allegedly bouncing checks — which got him arrested in Connecticut — because prosecutors dropped the charges … TMZ has learned. 

The former host of “To Catch a Predator” came up with the nearly $ 13,000 he owed to a mom-and-pop shop in Stamford, CT … according to the court. As a result, prosecutors decided to drop the whole matter. 

TMZ broke the story … Hansen was arrested and booked for larceny after allegedly bouncing 2 checks to the store owners. 

Hansen’s attorney, Philip Russell, tells TMZ … Chris was in court Wednesday for a hearing, but he didn’t have to plead to any charges after paying his debt in full.

As for when Hansen settled the tab, we’d assume he paid up after his arrest — but when we posed that question to the court clerk we got a “no comment.”