Jinger Duggar: Hinting at Pregnancy With Christmas Decorations?!

It should come as no surprise that the Duggars love Christmas.

After all, the holiday combines several of their favorite thing–religious pageantry, displays of wealth disguised as acts of generosity, and of course, unabashedly gaudy home decor.

Now, many fans believe Jinger has found a way to combine Christmas with her family’s very favorite thing:

We’re talking, of course, about procreation.

It’s been over a year since Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo in front of a couple thousand of their closest friends. 

Generally, Duggar weddings are followed soon after by pregnancy announcements, but that hasn’t been the case with the Vuolos.

Some fans are basically going through the five stages of grief over the fact that Jinger and Jeremy seem to be holding off on starting a family, but they’re having a hard time making it to “acceptance.”

So they continue to look for subtle hints of a pregnancy in everything Jinger does, even though subtlety has never been her family’s strong suit.

Some of these people have become so desperate that they’ve started looking for clues in Jinger’s holiday decorations.

“Couldn’t wait…went ahead and pulled out the Christmas decor a bit early this year!” Jinger captioned the above photo.

Possibly missing the fact that the message on the wreath references a Bible quote, several fans began spreading the word that this is Jinger’s way of revealing that she’s with child.

“I’m reading her wreath, [and] I thought she was pregnant,” wrote one follower.

“Too early for Christmas decorations.”

Others were a bit more reasonable:

“Highly doubt this is a pregnancy announcement. Christmas is about celebrating Jesus being born,” commented another fan.

“Hence the reason it says ‘for unto us a child is born.’ It’s a verse. Talking about Jesus being born. Way to assume guys!”

All that scrutiny, and no one had anything to say about the unnecessary apostrophe on “the Vuolo’s.” Sigh.

Anyway, it seems the most logical explanation is that Jinger’s wreath is referring to the birth of Jesus, but as is so often the case in life, the most logical explanation is also the most boring.

So let’s all continue to read way too much into the Vuolos’ holiday decor!

We can’t wait to dissect Jinger and Jeremy’s Christmas tree for signs that they’re having twins!

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Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special Set to Air!

More Alaskan Bush People is on the way! 

Alaskan Bush People‘s grim hiatus exists for a very good reason, but fans of the series and of the Brown family are about to get a reprieve. But we’re not talking about Season 8 filming. Not just yet.

The Browns are coming back with an Alaskan Bush People Christmas special. But … will it involve Ami?

Christmas is a big deal for the Brown family.

Not just because they’re Christians and not just because Christmas in both its secular and religious forms is thoroughly ubiquitous in American culture.

And also not just because they’re reality stars whose producers know that a “feel good” Christmas episode is often a recipe for success.

We’ve talked a bit about the Brown family’s youngest member, Rain Brown. She’s on social media now, so we get to see her selfies along with more serious posts about how she’s not sure if her mom’s going to make it.

Well, Rain’s birth name isn’t “Rain” or “Rainy.”

Her full name is, and we are not making this up: Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop “Rainy” Brown.

Now, she’s named that because of the time of year in which she was born — Rain’s 15th birthday is in just 10 days, folks! — but she’s not named Thanksgiving Brown or Solstice Brown or Dies Natalis Solis Invicti Brown.

So, yeah, it’s a pretty special time of year.

This year will be an even bigger deal, because Alaskan Bush People will be filming, not in Alaska, but in Colorado.

We told you that the Browns were called out as fake by fans over their move to Colorado.

Those fans felt like they’d been played for fools by the Brown family’s survivalist antics on-screen but real life comfort. For them, the final straw was the family moving to another state altogether.

And, of course, we know that the Brown family is now living large in a Beverly Hills mansion. That’s kind of the opposite of “roughing it.”

(But it’s not actually surprising — Ami Brown’s chemotherapy can’t happen in the wilderness, and they’ve been making money for seven seasons of a reality series)

TV Insider reports that this year’s “Bushmas” special features nearly the entire Brown family, and that is has already filmed.

This is exciting news! … Mostly.

(Honestly, “Bushmas” as a name is a mistake … it sounds less like a wholesome family special and more like particularly festive pubic hair)

There’s been no formal announcement of a new season, and we probably won’t know about that until Ami Brown’s battle with terminal lung cancer is resolved.

But the “Bushmas” special will air on December 15th.

The Brown’s have done Christmas episodes before, but this will be a standalone special.

It will be in Colorado.

And … will it involve Ami?

Like we said, the report doesn’t guarantee that every Brown will be there. And Alaskan Bush People is famous for its recycled footage, so there’s bound to be some of that.

But Ami Brown was photographed in Colorado recently. Billy Brown ignited a firestorm of controversy by prominently displaying his preferred brand of cigarettes in his pocket while his wife dies of lung cancer.

That sort of overshadowed questions of why Ami was there.

Now it seems likely that Ami was there.

We just hope that this “Bushmas” and the actual Christmas that follows won’t be her last.

The real mystery is whether or not Bam Bam or Noah, who have both reportedly been spotted in Colorado recently, made the cut or not.


Grindr Sued, Employee Says H.R. Supervisor Drugged, Raped Him at Christmas Party

A former Grindr employee is suing the gay dating service, claiming the Human Resources supervisor slipped him a drug at the company’s 2016 XMAS party and anally raped him. The plaintiff, who is listed as John Doe, claims Daniel Cabanero is the one…


Kardashian Christmas Photo Released… But Where’s Kylie?!?

First, let’s start with this:

That’s not a typo in the headline.

The Kardashians and Jenners really are posing below for a Christmas-themed photograph. See for yourself:

The image was shared on social media by Kris Jenner last night and, yes, it does also include former Olympic Silver Medal ice skater Nancy Kerrigan.

For some reason.

“Oh no big deal…just Ice Skating with @nancyakerrigan in Calabasas in 95 degree heat for our Christmas Special!!!! #nancykerrigan,” wrote Kris as a caption to the unexpected snapshot.

In the festive photo, you can see the following famous members of this family:

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Kourtney’s son, Reign Disick
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kim’s daughter, North West

Notice who we did not mention?

Notice who is missing in photographic action?

Kylie Jenner.

Is she trying to hide her baby bump? Is she ashamed of this pregnancy, as some folks on the Internet have speculated?

No, an insider claims to People Magazine.

“They taped a Christmas special at Kris’ house. Kylie was there, but didn’t ice skate. She kept in the background, but seemed great,” this source explains.

As for why the family is doing Christmas stuff now?!?

Basically because they’re admitting that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a bunch of scripted nonsense.

“We just started filming our KUWTK Christmas Special! Can’t wait for you guys to see this & see what our holiday prep is like!” wrote Kim on Twitter.

This is how TV works, of course. Episodes don’t air until several weeks after they are filmed.

But it should give fans of the series some pause to realize that the “celebration” you’ll see on the small screen in December really took place in October.

kim tweets

The Kardashians often release a Christmas card that goes viral every year, but it’s unclear whether that will happen in 2017.

For one thing, both Kylie AND Khloe will be rocking impressive baby bumps, as each is due to give birth early next year.

Kim may also be a tad busy planning for her next baby: a surrogate will welcome Kim and Kanye’s third child in January.

In other words: by this time in 2018, there will be THREE new members of this family. How insane is that?

How many E! spinoffs will this increase in relatives lead to?

How much money will Kris Jenner manage to rake in as a result? We shudder to think.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9/8c on E!.

It’s really a pretty dumb show, if you ever take the time to watch it. Just sayin.


Big Brother Recap: Who Did Christmas Abbott Evict?

It was the second eviction episode of the week, and it was, of course, the best one. 

The reason? We got to catch up with the jury house, and it proved that Raven Walton was the deluded chick we already thought she was. 

When we picked up with the jury house, Mark and Elena seemed closer than ever, while Paul questioned whether he could “bust out” because he was sick of it. 

Enter Matt, who was left on the block with Raven a few weeks back and decided to throw his game to her because of the multitude of crap she’s been through in her life. 

He may go down as the dumbest person to ever walk the halls of the Big Brother house, but his girlfriend will go down as the most deluded person to play the game. 

Jason followed Matt in the door, and he was livid with Alex. He watched the eviction video back and trashed his former ride-or-die, noting that she played him. 

Then, Raven appeared and revealed Alex knew nothing and that she, herself, was in an alliance with Paul and that they were the most powerful people in the game. 

Everyone laughed at her because the whole house had a deal with Paul, so the very notion that she had any power was too much to handle for the players. 

When Alex entered the house, Jason asked Alex if Raven had any power and that set off one of the biggest fights of the entire series. 

Raven kept trying to say she was one of few with power, and the rest of the players essentially laughed at her. Yes, Raven is going to find herself in some hot water when she gets out. 

Back in the main house, Paul nominated Josh and Kevin for eviction. Kevin asked Paul if he was safe and Paul continued to play him. 

When it came to the veto, Paul secured another win and kept the nominations the same. That meant Christmas was the one to decide who would make it to final three with her and Paul. 

Christmas decided to keep her word and sent Kevin out of the game, meaning she, Paul and Josh had made it all the way to the end. 

Kevin had a classy exit and noted that they were all still welcome at his home for Thanksgiving, so at least there were no hard feelings. 

What did you think of the developments?

Sound off below!


Big Brother Recap: A Christmas Miracle?

Double eviction night is always a fun night in Big Brother, and it’s especially fun when the houseguests have no idea about it happening. 

Paul has been strategizing ahead for weeks now, but nothing could prepare him when Julie dropped the news that two houseguests would be leaving the house. 

When the episode got underway, Josh was still concerned about Paul and what he was really up to. 

He got in the hot tub with Jason and started to have a moment. He could not hold back the tears. 

The reason?

Jason was next to him and was none the wiser about the plan to get him out. Jason questioned Josh, but he could not give anything away. 

His face said it all, and it’s surprising Jason did not realize what was about to happen. Yes, the houseguests this year are dumb. 

“Don’t tell nobody I had a moment,” says Josh to a shocked Jason. 

As expected, the houseguests created a tie and Christmas broke it in a tearful speech, sending Jason out of the game. 

It was legit the biggest blindside this season, and Jason stormed out the house without speaking to anyone. 

Did he really think Alex was one of the votes against him? That would be the ultimate betrayal. 

He was pissed, and he looked like he wanted to run back into the house and go crazy at the other houseguests. 

The goodbye messages proved Alex was in the clear, but then Paul denied the whole thing in his one, and it conflicted with everything else. 

Paul is trying his hand at some jury management this season. As you probably recall, the jury favored Nicole’s gameplay last summer. 

“You would’ve done the same to me? If I was on the block, I was getting evicted?” Paul yelled at Josh right after. 

Paul was trying to get Alex on his side, and it made Josh and Christmas look bad. Hopefully, this further detaches Josh from Team Paul. 

Alex was apparently out for blood and swung into victory at the next HOH competition. Obviously, Christmas was the one who took Jason out. 

So, what was her big move, exactly? Um, a dud, that’s what. She went with nominating Raven and Kevin. 

She should have gone with Christmas and Josh because, well, that would have been fun to watch. 

At the veto competition, Alex snagged an early lead, but Josh ultimately eked out a victory. And he kept the nominations the same. 

Raven was evicted and started crying while being rude to the other houseguests for getting rid of her. 

Um, what? All she has done all season is whine and get jiggy with Matt. She should have been evicted months ago. 

Instead, she cartwheeled out of the house and tried to say to Julie that she played a great game. 

She has got to be the most deluded person to ever appear on reality TV. 


Julie then revealed that Celebrity Big Brother is officially coming in the winter. 

Yes, really! 

What do you think about all of this? 

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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Is Christmas Abbott Targeting For Eviction?

Ever since Christmas Abbott wound up with some power on Big Brother, she was very open in her confessionals about making a big move. 

At this stage of the game, a big move would involve taking Paul Abrahamian out, or even Alex Ow.

Both have been working together on the down-low manipulating others to get their targets out to steam roll all the way to the end. 

Strategically, their alliance has worked wonders for their respective games, but it has made things rather cumbersome for viewers. 

With the most recent episode of the hit CBS series, Christmas seemed to be on the fence about taking Mark Jansen out and questioned whether it would be a good idea to split up one of the couples. 

That, of course, would leave Mark in the house and that is not something Paul wants to happen. Paul has the rest of the season planned out in his head. 

With Mark’s pitch to remain the target and take out the others to help Christmas and her squad get to the end, it would have been a solid way to turn the tables. 

But working with Mark is not a risk anyone wants to take in case he seeks some revenge for the house getting his closest ally out. 

Christmas was adamant that Mark was going out if he did not win the POV. Jason was on her list of targets if Mark pulled himself off. 

Unfortunately for Mark, Jason eked out a victory and won the veto, and Mark was named the replacement nominee at yesterday’s veto meeting. 

While Mark is the target for the week, there was some interesting cam talk from Paul yesterday on the feeds. He confirmed he was working with Christmas and Josh to the end and liked his chances of winning with those two at Final 3. 

While this seems like the most plausible course of action to him, it’s clear he has little trust in Matthew and Raven. All Matthew has done all season is eat bowls of cereal, while Raven has changed her accent every day. 

There is no way either of them getting to the end will result in them winning. A hard and fast rule in the Big Brother house is that floaters do not win. 

When Mark is evicted on Thursday, the predictability factor should grind to a halt because the majority alliance needs to start picking one another off. 

We’ve waited weeks, but we are reaching the home stretch of the season, and nobody is safe. But if anyone else wants to win, they should get rid of Paul. 

He will definitely win if he makes it all the way to the finale. 

What do you think of the events?

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