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Sen. Chuck Schumer Bring Nancy Pelosi A Tasty Reward … For Standing Up To Trump


Sen. Chuck Schumer has beef with Nancy Pelosi … the good kind. 

We got the Senate Minority Leader at Reagan Airport Friday, hours after President Trump announced a temporary end to the government shutdown, and asked if Nancy deserves a steak for standing up to the Prez. 

Schumer didn’t hesitate … and ya gotta hear what cut of meat Chuck says Nancy should be chowing down on tonight! 

Word on the street is Nancy is the most effective, if not the only person in Washington, who can go toe-to-toe with Trump … and ya gotta believe it, after she refused to cave into the Prez’s demands for wall funding. 

Forget cake … let Nancy eat steak! 

North West Screw Chuck E. Cheese … I’m Dining at Craig’s!!!

North West is not your average kid … she put on her Sunday best for a Friday night out at one of the glitziest restaurants in all of L.A.!

North joined Aunt Kourtney Kardashian and Grandma Kris Jenner in WeHo for a meal at Craig’s. Check out what looks like a $ 1,000 Fendi tracksuit and $ 400 Fendi slides.  

Corey Gamble, who’s becoming a longtime BF of Kris, was also on hand but no sign of Kim or Kanye.

The night out was a little much for North, who was half asleep as she left on Corey’s shoulders. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer Always Wobbly to Deal with Trump … Still a ‘Chance’ to End Shutdown


Sen. Chuck Schumer says potentially ending the government shutdown is gonna take a firm commitment from President Trump … and not his usual jiggling on the issues.

We got the Senate Minority Leader Wednesday in D.C. as he was making his way to the White House, where Trump is set to meet with Dems (in the Situation Room, no less) to discuss ending the partial shutdown that’s been in effect for 12 days now. 

Schumer says he’s gonna try to strike a deal with the Prez — who wants his southern border wall funded — but makes note that Trump is like Jell-O on when it comes to sticking to one position.

Coincidentally, shortly after Schumer made that comparison … Trump was holding a cabinet meeting with his “Game of Thrones”-style poster — threatening sanctions — smack in the middle of the table. 

Still, Schumer sounds cautiously optimistic there’s a “chance” to end the shutdown.

Good luck, Chuck.

Chuck Liddell Calls for Peace In Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White War


MMA legend Chuck Liddell — the man in the middle of the Dana White vs. Oscar De La Hoya feud — tells TMZ Sports he does NOT want the two to settle their beef with their fists. 

Didn’t expect that, did ya?!

As we previously reported, White BLASTED De La Hoya for putting Liddell back in the cage last month to fight Tito Ortiz … claiming it was irresponsible and Oscar had no regard for Chuck’s health or well-being. 

Oscar fired back with some trash talk of his own — and ultimately challenged Dana to a fist fight. It’s getting real nasty.

So, when we saw Chuck out at Craig’s in West Hollywood on Saturday night … we asked how he felt about the situation … since he’s tight with both Oscar and Dana. 

“I don’t think they should fight,” Chuck told us … “What are you gonna expect? Oscar keeps attacking Dana. Dana’s gonna defend himself.”

As for Dana and Oscar … guessing they won’t actually come to blows — but they ain’t catching a beer together any time soon either.