Blac Chyna Buy My New Skin Lightening Cream!!!


Blac Chyna is cashing in on a beauty product — a controversial one — she says she’s been using for skin care … TMZ has learned.

BC is partnering with Whitenicious by Dencia to roll out something called “Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream.” It goes for $ 250 per jar, and the jar is studded with Swarovski crystals … so ya know it’s fancy.

The cream is being marketed to men and women of all skin types. Blac Chyna’s reps tell TMZ … BC’s been using Whitenicious dark spot corrector for a few years to deal with her hyperpigmentation.  

We’re told Chyna felt this was a good deal for her because a lot of women of color suffer from skin issues. True enough, however, skin lightening products have also come under fire from critics who think they feed into a European beauty standard … aka “the lighter the better.”

Think baseball great Sammy Sosa.

As we reported, BC is currently getting $ 0 in child support from Rob Kardashian — still, she ain’t hurting for money, and she’s now added an additional revenue stream.

Blac Chyna Drops First Single, Raps About Her P-ssy

Blac Chyna tried to warn us, people.

She actually gave us a heads-up on multiple occasions.

But nobody could take seriously someone who willingly had sex with Rob Kardashian, so here we are now, slack-jawked and aghast over Chyna releasing her very first single.

The track dropped on Monday, November 5 and it features Chyna rapping alongside such industry heavyweights as Yo Gotti and Jeremih.

It also features Chyna rapping about her most private of body parts.

“F-k you thought/Thinking you ‘bout to hop out the whip then hop up in this p-ssy /Talk that talk/ But when it’s time to pop a band you hop up and you shook,” the model says at one point, adding:

"These broke n-ggas don’t deserve p-ssy.”

It's unclear whether she is referencing Kardashian here or not.

Late last year, however, an insider said the following to Us Weekly of Chyna's plans:

“She’s in the studio hard at work, recording every day. Big name artists, producers and song writers."

And Chyna herself said something similar in a chat with the magazine XXL, making it clear that she was taking this whole music thing very seriously.

"When I do drop my music, I just don’t want it to be like, ‘Okay, Chyna’s taking this for granted, she’s not serious about this,”’ she said. “I want people to know that I am serious about this and I want to show my progression and my growth and what not."

Progression and growth are not typically words associated with Blac Chyna.

But Chyna asked in this same interview for folks to keep an "open eye, an open heart and an open ear."

That's fair, we guess.

As long as Chyna isn't getting back together with Kardashian, we're fine with pretty much anything she wants to do.

Also, dare we say it, but… this song isn't terrible!

Take a listen for yourself and see what you think!

Blac chyna drops first single raps about her p ssy

Blac Chyna: Her Mom BEGS Rob Kardashian to Let Her See Dream

Blac Chyna may be difficult to understand, but if you're familiar with Blac Chyna's mom, everything about her starts to make sense.

Just a few days ago, Chyna's mom took to Instagram to issue a desperate plea for Rob Kardashian to let her FaceTime with sweet baby Dream.

When he didn't oblige, she issued an angry threat to the entire Kardashian family. We have both videos here for you to watch.

Tokyo toni

Tokyo Toni, whose real name is Shaman Jones-Hunter, is Blac Chyna's mother.

She and her daughter are clearly estranged. So much so that she has not seen her grandbaby, Dream.

"Hey, Rob," Tokyo says in an Instagram video, taking on the tone of leaving a voicemail. "This is me, Tokyo."

"Unfortunately," she continues. "Things still haven't changed since we last spoke."

"As far as Chyna is concerned," she laments. "Things still haven't gotten better since you told social media about it."

Rob with his dream

"Is it any way possible," Tokyo asks. "That you could let me see Dream?"

Tokyo suggests that she could do this "through FaceTime or send me a video to my DM or anything."

"I don't even know how the baby sounds," Tokyo confesses.

"It's absolutely ludicrous," she says of the situation.

"But," she explains. "This is the only way I can get through to you."

Tokyo elaborates that she does not have any recent phone numbers.

Tokyo toni on her grind photo

That last-ditch effort to plead with Rob, who is not even on Instagram, to hook her up with a Dream video was not successful.

A few days later, she returned with another Instagram video, striking a much less congenial tone.

"This message," Tokyo shares. "Is for Chyna, Rob, Kris, Kim, and the rest of them weirdos in California."

So much for the last video's olive branch, huh?

"All you b–ches, all of y'all b–ches, can kiss my whole ass," Tokyo announces.

Dream kardashian on the swing

"I'm not gonna miss a motherf–king wink of f–king sleep," Tokyo informs them.

"I put my hand out there," Tokyo says. "I put my ass out there on the line to contact you sons of b–ches."

"And you all know," she accuses. "That I've been trying to see Dream and King."

"But guess what, b–ch?" Tokyo asks. "I give up!"

That's a hell of a twist for this very angry video to take.

Blac chyna lipgloss be poppin

If her earlier video had the vibe of a voicemail, this follow-up has the feel of an aspiring Batman villain who's just taken their first hostages.

"But I'mma tell you this," Tokyo warns. "None of y'all's secrets are motherf–king safe with me, b–ch."

"Yeah," Tokyo continues. "I talked to Rob for a whole motherf–king year, bitch."

"But you could find it to make a phone call to me, Kris?" Tokyo asks.

It is clear that her intention is for Kris to toss and turn at night, unable to sleep, wondering what her useless idiot of a son blabbed to Chyna's mom.

"I'mma put all you b–ches out there, now," Tokyo promises.

Tokyo toni glam photo

Blac Chyna's mom is a real piece of work, huh?

As the kids say, we been knew.

From her transphobic rant against Caitlyn Jenner to angrily announcing to Chyna that she was a "statutory rape baby," Tokyo says whatever she likes.

It really makes you understand why Chyna is the sort of person who might try to throw a stroller at a stranger at an amusement park.

It also makes you understand why she might not allow her children, Dream and King, anywhere near their maternal grandmother.

Blac chyna her mom begs rob kardashian to let her see dream

Kim Kardashian: Blac Chyna Is STILL Trying to Destroy Me!

It’s been over a year since Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian broke up, but the parents of Dream Kardashian remain tied to one another for reasons both sensible and completely bonkers.

In the former column is the fact that Rob and Blac share a child together.

In the latter is the sad truth that they’re both more interesting — and thus, more profitable — in the context of their fractured relationship.

And so, Rob posts revenge porn and allegations that his ex is refusing to allow him to see his daughter.

For her part, Chyna continues to capitalize on her connection to Rob and his famous family, albeit in much subtler ways.

The latest on Blac is that she’s planning to join the cast of the popular reality series Love & Hip Hop.

And which iteration of the show will she be signing onto? Well, all of them, it seems.

“Chyna didn’t sign on to be a part of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, or Atlanta, or New York,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“She is going to show up on all the shows – like how we saw K Michelle or Safaree [Samuels].”

The deal should mean big money for little Chyna — and big headaches for Kim Kardashian.

Yes, it seems Kim is not thrilled about the idea of Chyna spending so much time in front of a camera.

“Kim is afraid Chyna might embarrass herself, Rob, and everyone in the family, which really makes her nervous,” says the insider.

“Kim knows Rob likes his privacy, and so Kim would hate for him to be put in an uncomfortable situation.”

And apparently, Kim has even gone so far as to play the old “think of the children” card:

“Kim doesn’t think it’s healthy for Dream to be raised in an environment like that,” says the source.

Here’s the thing:

There’s a very good chance that Kim does not want Chyna to relaunch her career as a reality star.

But that has nothing to do with her concerns for Rob or Dream.

Chyna simply knows where the bodies are buried, and Kim lives in constant fear of her secrets being spilled:

“There’s no love lost between Chyna and the Kardashian women, and they’re pretty certain that Chyna is going to use their name to score some publicity,” says the source.

“Let’s face it — her going on a foul-mouthed rampage against them would make some headlines around the world.”

Yeah, that sounds pretty bad, but — is Kim aware that we live in 2018?

Blac doesn’t need a reality show in order to trash her, just a phone and an Instagram account — and we’re pretty sure she has both those things.


Blac Chyna: Yup, I’d Get Back Together with Rob Kardashian!

Blac Chyna has been through a lot with Rob Kardashian.

They have a child together. They were engaged for a brief period of time. They starred on a reality TV show together. He posted revenge porn-type photos of her on the Internet.

You know, the usual ups and downs of most couples.

kard and blac

By this point, if you’re reading this website, we’re guessing you’re quite familiar with the sordid history between the Instagram model and the sock mogul.

But did you know that Chyna would be down with repeating it?

Or somehow thinking it might change for some reason?

In other words: She wants to get back together with her one-time fiance and baby daddy!

At the very very least, she’s open to this possibility.

Asked in an interview with DailyMailTV if she would reconcile romantically with Rob, Chyna didn’t rule it out.

“Maybe, but we’ll see,” the 30-year old replied simply and surprisingly.

It’s clear these two have a strong connection, but it’s also clear that connection has led to a handful of extremely uglu arguments and confrontations.

This tension culminated in July of 2017 after Rob released several lewd photos of his ex and nearly got arrested for doing so without her permission.

In Chya’s defense, however, she never threatened to keep Rob from their daughter, Dream, during the fallout from this scandal

As understandably mad as she was at Rob, she never used their child as a pawn. This actually sort of says a lot about her.

The stars dated on and off from January to December 2016 and much of their relationship was documented on their E! docuseries, Rob & Chyna.

Nearly every episode centered on some giant fight between the couple, but Chyna says now that she doesn’t regret anything about the program.

“I wouldn’t change nothing with Rob & Chyna at all ‘cause that was our reality,” she told DailyMailTV, adding:

“The good, the bad and whatever else. I feel like a lot of people misconstrue the whole situation. There’s no way I could have a beautiful baby girl as super-smart as Dream.

“You can look into her face and just tell she was made with love. She’s, like, perfect.”

Make fun of Chyna all you want (Lord knows that we have), but that is an exceptionally grounded and mature way to look at things.

The former stripper, of course, is also the mother of five-year-old son King with ex Tyga, whom she dated from 2011 to 2014.

She says that being a parent has changed her for the better:

“Before, it was all about me. I was kind of, like, really selfish.

“But now I have these two little ones, so I have to be more cautious, more aware and more attentive of these little people I created. It’s so different.”

In closing, Chyna said she doesn’t want to “jinx” anything, but that another starring reality show turn may be in the works.

Probably not opposite Rob, however.

That said, the former lovers have found a way to parent in peace and to not tear each other into pieces online or in person.

“Chyna and Rob are coparenting a lot better than anyone thought they would,” a source told Us Weekly in May. “They’re getting along. Everything is fine.”

Who ever would have thought that was possible?!?