Rob Kardashian Lusting After Blac Chyna: I Want You Back, Boo!

When Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna broke up, it was quite clear that this wasn’t a case of two soulmates who tragically drifted apart, but rather the dissolution of a mismatched coupling that never should have happened in the first place.

When Rob posted nude photos of Chyna in an appalling act of revenge, it confirmed to all the world what her fans had long suspected:

Blac dodged a bullet by kicking Rob to the curb.

But we think it’s safe to say Rob’s feelings about the split are considerably more complicated.

In fact, according to a new report from Hollywood Life, Rob found himself pining for his ex while watching her work the rec carpet at the 2018 BET Awards over the weekend.

“Rob thought Chyna looked beautiful and sexy at the BET awards,” a source claims.

“After seeing her look so good, he had to fight the desire to text her and hit her up for a booty call.”

Yeah, Rob, don’t do that.

That’s one of the worst ideas yet in a life full of terrible ideas.

We’re sure when you’re sitting at home in your favorite Cheeto dust-encrusted sweatpants while ex is living her best life at a star-studded event, there’s a powerful temptation to dig your phone out from under that pile of chalupa wrappers and hit her with a “u up?” text.

But it’s a bad idea for so, so many reasons.

“Rob found himself fantasizing about all the good times they had and her passion in the bedroom. He has felt lonely lately and despite their crazy times together he kinda misses her,” says the insder.

“However Rob knows his mother and sisters would disown him if he ever started messing with Chyna again so he resisted the urge to call her.”

Yes, that’s one of the many reasons that Rob should have as little contact as possible with Blac.

(We’d say the two of them should cut ties completely, but the fact that they have a child together makes that impossible.)

For one thing, there have been reports that Chyna is pregnant again, this time by rapper YBN Almighty Jay.

Even if Blac and YBN aren’t dating, it’s probably not a good idea for Chyna to give her abusive ex another chance while she’s expecting.

Which brings us to the main reason Rob should stay away from Chyna — he’s shown himself to be an abusive prick.

The man has earned the Flamin’ Hot hell that is his existence, and Chester Cheetah should remain his only companion.


Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay: It’s Over!!!!!

Good/frightening news, men around the world:

Blac Chyna is backon the market!

Just a few weeks after rumors spread around the Internet that the reality star and YBN Almighty Jay were expecting a baby, the rapper himself has confirmed a tragic piece of news…

… this relationship is over.

The random, previously-unheard-of teenage rapper made this development known via his Instagram Stories on Monday, writing very simply:

@blacchyna and I are no longer together.

We can’t say we’re especially shocked by this outcome, although we are surprised that the couple apparently split without any tension or public, knock-down, drag-out ugly fights.

Chyna appeared to be rocking a baby bump at her son King Cairo’s graduation last week, following chatter in late April that she was actually pregnant with her third child.

(Chyna is the mother of a son with ex-boyfriend Tyga and the mother of a daughter with ex-fiance Rob Kardashian.)

over with chyna

This is not to say that Chyna can’t be pregnant AND the relationship can’t be over.

Both those things could most certainly still be true.

The stars, who confirmed their romance in March, reportedly met on Christian Mingle.

They were first spotted together in February at Pinz Bowling Alley in Los Angeles, raising many eyebrows due to YBN Almighty Jay’s age; the dude is only 18 years old.

He said in a podcast this spring that he “don’t wear condoms” because he’s a giant moron in the wake of the aforementioned pregnancy rumors, adding that he’d be happy to start a family with Chyna.

“I would not want to fck a bitch I did not want to get pregnant,” he explained at the time. “If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that sh-t like ‘ohh daddy love you,’ I love that ass.”

We really have no idea why Chyna wouldn’t want to be with this guy forever.

Chyna, has yet to comment on the breakup, although she shared a video of herself lying on a purple couch on Instagram shortly after Jay shared the news yesterday.

Chyna also spoke out regarding her other past relationships on Sunday, June 17. Yes, on Father’s Day.

The former Rob & Chyna star accused both her exes, Kardashian and Tyga, of NOT paying child support, writing on her Instagram Story the following:

“WOW Tyga and Rob…….no child support BOSS B—H 201…..”

Sources say Rob was angry over being called out in such a manner, believing Chyna is just trying to extort him for even more money.

These two have actually been rather mature when it comes to little Dream, with Chyna not keeping the young girl away from her dad, despite some of Rob’s past actions.

We have no idea where this feud will go in the future, but let’s hope the child isn’t used as any sort of pawn between the former lovers.


Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian Is a Deadbeat Dad!

As you’re no doubt aware, Americans celebrated Father’s Day over the weekend, but while most dads were pretending to love their new Spongebob neckties and dreaming of charcoal barbecued feasts, Rob Kardashian was …

… Well, come to think of it, we don’t really know where Rob was, and neither does his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

Not only did Rob apparently not make spend any time with his daughter, Dream Kardashian, on Sunday, it seems he also hasn’t been paying child support.

Awesomely, Chyna took the occasion of Father’s Day as an opportunity to call out both of her baby daddies as stingy deadbeats:

“WOW Tyga and Rob…….no child support BOSS B—H 201…..” she wrote on Instagram.

She later clarified that she decided to go public with the allegations against Rob and Tyga only because fans are forever prying into her personal life anyway.

“Just cause y’all in my business,” she wrote.

As though she needed a reason to shame two dudes with garages full of sports cars who aren’t keeping up on their freakin’ child support.

Not surprisingly, Rob is playing dumb and acting like he’s shocked — shocked! — that Blac has a problem with his parenting.

“Rob doesn’t know why Chyna disrespected him on Father’s Day,” a source tells In Touch exclusively.

“Rob thinks she’s wrong and out of line and feels he’s the best father to both Dream and King.

He’s not happy with Chyna because she’s continuously trying to extort him and his family for her financial gain. He thinks he could be father of the year if he went to court and got full custody of Dream, but because he’s not vindictive he won’t do that to Chyna.

Despite it all, Rob has a lot of love from his family on Father’s Day and vows that Dream will grow up knowing her daddy loves her.”

We’d like to set Rob’s mind at ease on that score:

Bruh, you ain’t winning father of the year under any circumstances.

Just the fact that you posted nude photos of Chyna without her permission takes you out of the running.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess that, like, the vast majority of dads have never launched revenge porn campaigns against their kids’ mothers.

Sadly, it seems Blac hasn’t learned her lesson about not making babies with loser-ass dudes.

Currently, Chyna is rumored to be pregnant by 18-year-old rapper YBN.

Blac has been mum on the subject, but YBN had this to say:

“I don’t wear condoms. I would not want to f–k a b—h I did not want to get pregnant. If Chyna got pregnant, I would keep that s–t.”

Classy stuff.

Okay, so Rob’s definitely not the father of the year, but at least he won’t be coming in dead last.

That’s something, right?


Blac Chyna: Fans Think She’s Really Pregnant, For Real

Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob Kardashian may have been one huge dumpster fire, but she did get a baby out of it. Sweet little Dream is growing up before our eyes.

She’s moved on, but she’s been dogged by reports that she’s pregnant with 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay’s baby.

And now, fans think that she’s trying and failing ot hide a baby bump. Is this really happening?

The pregnancy rumors about Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay were so intense that it appeared that the two briefly broke up before reconciling.

That would be understandable. What 18-year-old is prepared to be a father, or would imagine that his 30-year-old girlfriend would get pregnant so easily?

But it has now been a little over a month since those reports of pregnancy came out.

Many had assumed that they were false.

But some fans — and The Shade Room — noted that, in her recent outings, Blac Chyna may be sporting a baby bump.

They also note that her appearances out in public are now less frequent than they once were. Curious, from the camera-friendly Chyna.

A recent example is that Chyna showed up to her son, King Cairo’s, graduation from kindergarten.

While she was said to be sporting balloons, eyewitnesses were more focused on her abdomen.

Perhaps she had just eaten and was not wearing spanx before slipping on a very tight dress.

But … it sure sounds like she may have been sporting the beginnings of a baby bump.

That said, some have pointed out that, if she were really pregnant, that she would have taken more steps to hide that. That could be true.

And if she’s put on, like, three pounds, that might explain why she’s been a little less visible for eagle-eyed photographers in recent weeks.

Now, another sizable counter-argument is that Chyna has been posting photos to Instagram recently.

The photo where she stands in the sunlight is one of her most recent pics.

The one in which she’s curled up with a stuffed bear is almost as fresh.

In neither of them do we see any signs of a baby bump.

But … we don’t actually know that she took these pictures all that recently. She could easily have taken any number of photos in various outfits back in April or early May and been posting those photos as “new” pics ever since.

Chyna is a professional model; we’re sure that she could pull off a marathon of photoshoots and then stretch them out over months.

Some fans believe that she may be doing this — and, after Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy for months in 2017, many are on the lookout for any celebrity trying to pull the wool over their eyes in the same way.

Besides, in that photo where Chyna is curled up with the bear? That would be a perfect pose to conceal a baby bump.

Why would Chyna hide a potential pregnancy?

Perhaps it’s a publicity stunt that she has worked up.

Many people believe that she leaked her own sex tape, even though it shows her being awful at oral sex, as a ploy for added attention.

Viewed through that lens, many fans could easily see her waiting until the perfect moment to reveal that she’s expecting a baby with her hunky teenage lover.

But … it may very well be that Chyna is not pregnant at all and has not been since she gave birth to Dream.

If so, are these fans engaging in accidental body-shaming by pointing out what they believe to be a baby bump?

Chyna is one of those very complicated public figures. One never truly knows what she is thinking.

Because of that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Some fans believe that she is not pregnant, but is taking the baby bump rumors and running with them — deliberately making them look more likely — as part of some scheme for her brand.

Because Chyna is so inscrutible, many find it easy to believe that everything that she does is a scheme.

But we would remind people that some things, with bad optics and worse business ramifications, were probably not planned. Like her Six Flags throwdown.

Chyna’s a human, and sometimes, humans get pregnant. Or get a bit of a belly. We probably don’t know which is which with Chyna untils he’s ready to clear things up.

All that we do know is that, based upon her track record, if Chyna really is pregnant, she’s likely to produce a very cute baby.


Blac Chyna Drops Major Kardashians Bombshell: They Threatened to Do WHAT?!?

According to Blac Chyna, the Kardashian family really had it out for her last year.

To the extemt that they were willing to shoot themselves in the foot just to make sure she was decapated completely.

Allow us to explain…

As detailed back in October, Chyna is suing the world’s most famous reality show family, alleging that Kris Jenner and company conspired in the past to ruin her career.

(Go ahead and take a few moments to laugh out loud over the concept of Chyna having a “career.” We’ll wait…)

In legal documents filed by Blac’s lawyer, the mother of two says that Kris and her daughters used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season” of Rob & Chyna.

It is true, of course, that there was no second season of Rob & Chyna.

But it’s also true that the series garnered VERY low ratings, and that was before Chyna and her baby daddy had one explosive argument after another prior to breaking up over a year ago.

So… did the Kardashian really plot to destroy Chyna’s reputation and make it hard for her to earn money, as she claims?

Or did a cable network abide by the demands of its biggest stars and shut down Rob & Chyna because it feared repercussions from Kris if it failed to do so?

The latter, Chyna and her legal team claim.

In new court papers, Chyna actually says that Kim Kardashian and her loved ones issued the ultimate threat to E! executives:

Cancel Rob & Chyna… or we’ll stop filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

TMZ has all the details.

This celebrity gossip website writes that scenes for Season 2 of Rob & Chyna had already been filmed when E! pulled the plug.

And why did this happen?

Chyna claims the axe fell in January of 2017 after a “key meeting” took place between E! higher-ups and the Kardashian clan.

During this meeting, Kim, Kris and everyone said they would yank the network’s highest-rated program off the air if E! didn’t say goodbye to Chyna.

Blac goes on to allege a significant factor for her show’s cancelation was because the Kardashians “falsely claimed” she was being physically abusive toward Rob.

Rob and Chyna are on decent terms these days actually.

They co-parent daughter Dream and they haven’thad a public blow-up in months, which is remarkable for these two stars.

Did the Kardashians truly blackmail E! to guarantee the end of Chyna’s reality show career on that network?

We really don’t know. We mostly doubt it.

But Chyna may have more pressing concerns to worry about these days anyway.

Such as the entire Internet thinking she sucks at oral sex…