Blac Chyna: Fans Think She’s Really Pregnant, For Real

Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob Kardashian may have been one huge dumpster fire, but she did get a baby out of it. Sweet little Dream is growing up before our eyes.

She’s moved on, but she’s been dogged by reports that she’s pregnant with 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay’s baby.

And now, fans think that she’s trying and failing ot hide a baby bump. Is this really happening?

The pregnancy rumors about Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay were so intense that it appeared that the two briefly broke up before reconciling.

That would be understandable. What 18-year-old is prepared to be a father, or would imagine that his 30-year-old girlfriend would get pregnant so easily?

But it has now been a little over a month since those reports of pregnancy came out.

Many had assumed that they were false.

But some fans — and The Shade Room — noted that, in her recent outings, Blac Chyna may be sporting a baby bump.

They also note that her appearances out in public are now less frequent than they once were. Curious, from the camera-friendly Chyna.

A recent example is that Chyna showed up to her son, King Cairo’s, graduation from kindergarten.

While she was said to be sporting balloons, eyewitnesses were more focused on her abdomen.

Perhaps she had just eaten and was not wearing spanx before slipping on a very tight dress.

But … it sure sounds like she may have been sporting the beginnings of a baby bump.

That said, some have pointed out that, if she were really pregnant, that she would have taken more steps to hide that. That could be true.

And if she’s put on, like, three pounds, that might explain why she’s been a little less visible for eagle-eyed photographers in recent weeks.

Now, another sizable counter-argument is that Chyna has been posting photos to Instagram recently.

The photo where she stands in the sunlight is one of her most recent pics.

The one in which she’s curled up with a stuffed bear is almost as fresh.

In neither of them do we see any signs of a baby bump.

But … we don’t actually know that she took these pictures all that recently. She could easily have taken any number of photos in various outfits back in April or early May and been posting those photos as “new” pics ever since.

Chyna is a professional model; we’re sure that she could pull off a marathon of photoshoots and then stretch them out over months.

Some fans believe that she may be doing this — and, after Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy for months in 2017, many are on the lookout for any celebrity trying to pull the wool over their eyes in the same way.

Besides, in that photo where Chyna is curled up with the bear? That would be a perfect pose to conceal a baby bump.

Why would Chyna hide a potential pregnancy?

Perhaps it’s a publicity stunt that she has worked up.

Many people believe that she leaked her own sex tape, even though it shows her being awful at oral sex, as a ploy for added attention.

Viewed through that lens, many fans could easily see her waiting until the perfect moment to reveal that she’s expecting a baby with her hunky teenage lover.

But … it may very well be that Chyna is not pregnant at all and has not been since she gave birth to Dream.

If so, are these fans engaging in accidental body-shaming by pointing out what they believe to be a baby bump?

Chyna is one of those very complicated public figures. One never truly knows what she is thinking.

Because of that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Some fans believe that she is not pregnant, but is taking the baby bump rumors and running with them — deliberately making them look more likely — as part of some scheme for her brand.

Because Chyna is so inscrutible, many find it easy to believe that everything that she does is a scheme.

But we would remind people that some things, with bad optics and worse business ramifications, were probably not planned. Like her Six Flags throwdown.

Chyna’s a human, and sometimes, humans get pregnant. Or get a bit of a belly. We probably don’t know which is which with Chyna untils he’s ready to clear things up.

All that we do know is that, based upon her track record, if Chyna really is pregnant, she’s likely to produce a very cute baby.


Blac Chyna Drops Major Kardashians Bombshell: They Threatened to Do WHAT?!?

According to Blac Chyna, the Kardashian family really had it out for her last year.

To the extemt that they were willing to shoot themselves in the foot just to make sure she was decapated completely.

Allow us to explain…

As detailed back in October, Chyna is suing the world’s most famous reality show family, alleging that Kris Jenner and company conspired in the past to ruin her career.

(Go ahead and take a few moments to laugh out loud over the concept of Chyna having a “career.” We’ll wait…)

In legal documents filed by Blac’s lawyer, the mother of two says that Kris and her daughters used their “power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season” of Rob & Chyna.

It is true, of course, that there was no second season of Rob & Chyna.

But it’s also true that the series garnered VERY low ratings, and that was before Chyna and her baby daddy had one explosive argument after another prior to breaking up over a year ago.

So… did the Kardashian really plot to destroy Chyna’s reputation and make it hard for her to earn money, as she claims?

Or did a cable network abide by the demands of its biggest stars and shut down Rob & Chyna because it feared repercussions from Kris if it failed to do so?

The latter, Chyna and her legal team claim.

In new court papers, Chyna actually says that Kim Kardashian and her loved ones issued the ultimate threat to E! executives:

Cancel Rob & Chyna… or we’ll stop filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

TMZ has all the details.

This celebrity gossip website writes that scenes for Season 2 of Rob & Chyna had already been filmed when E! pulled the plug.

And why did this happen?

Chyna claims the axe fell in January of 2017 after a “key meeting” took place between E! higher-ups and the Kardashian clan.

During this meeting, Kim, Kris and everyone said they would yank the network’s highest-rated program off the air if E! didn’t say goodbye to Chyna.

Blac goes on to allege a significant factor for her show’s cancelation was because the Kardashians “falsely claimed” she was being physically abusive toward Rob.

Rob and Chyna are on decent terms these days actually.

They co-parent daughter Dream and they haven’thad a public blow-up in months, which is remarkable for these two stars.

Did the Kardashians truly blackmail E! to guarantee the end of Chyna’s reality show career on that network?

We really don’t know. We mostly doubt it.

But Chyna may have more pressing concerns to worry about these days anyway.

Such as the entire Internet thinking she sucks at oral sex…


Blac Chyna Says Kardashians Threatened to Leave E! Unless ‘Rob & Chyna’ Was Canceled

Blac Chyna claims the Kardashian family got her show “Rob & Chyna” canceled by making secret threats to E! that they would yank “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and take it somewhere else … this according to new documents filed by Chyna. The…


Blac Chyna: Seducing Rob Kardashian Again With Nudes?

When the two of you have a massive breakup, wage epic court battles against each other, and each accuse the other of domestic violence … your split looks permanent.

Even in the face of recent pregnancy rumors about Blac Chyna, there’s a report that Rob Kardashian is seriously considering getting back with his baby mama.

It’s even said that she’s been sending him nudes to entice him. Oh no. …

InTouch Weekly reports that Chyna is chatting up Rob … and that, as always, she knows the fastest way to his heart.

“Chyna’s been sweet talking Rob and sending him nudes.”

Sweet talk is one thing.

Nudes are another. Especially when you’re a hot model and you have a feeling that Rob has been missing you, majorly.

“He’s falling for it big time and is preparing to drop major cash on her and Dream [Kardashian] for Mother’s Day.”

(We love, by the way, that InTouch clarified Dream’s last name. Lest we confuse her with one of the many other Dreams on whom Rob might spend money)

While the idea of a happy family on Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday, folks, in case time has gotten away from you) is heartwarming, the deeply toxic relationship between Rob and Chyna has a lot of people worried about this.

And you can already guess how Rob’s family feels.

“His family is worried.”

Among other things, we’re sure. (Try pissed)

“They think Chyna’s extremely manipulative and that Rob can’t see through it.”

Apparently they’ve expressed their concerns to Rob, but he is apparently shrugging it off.

“Rob doesn’t care.”

We’re certainly hoping that he doesn’t say that to Kris Jenner’s face.

“He sees Chyna as the mother to his daughter.”

Well, that is … factually accurate.

“And because of that, he’s always going to have a sweet spot for her.”

Oh dear.

Apparently the hypnotic powers of Blac Chyna’s naked body have made Rob reconsider how he views her.

“He feels like he’s been ungrateful and that he and his family have not been kind to Chyna.”

Well, a number of them were leery of her from the start.

“He realizes she’s the love of his life.”

Allegedly, he is thinking about how she helped him get out of the slump that had kept him off camera and his life in limbo for years.

Part of that was with sex. Part of that was with making sure that he ate healthy food.

“And that if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t have the confidence he now has.”

That may well be true.

But we have to remember that the bad blood between these two includes serious allegations of abuse.

Rob accuses Chyna of having gone on a rampage that destroyed parts of a house that he was at the time renting from his sister, Kylie.

In a deleted Snapchat post, Chyna wrote:

“Rob, [you] did all this. [You] beat me up and [tried to] act [like] it never [happened]!!!!!”

She swore tht it was true, and swore on her kids to show how serious she was.

“[You] put [your] hand on me, I swear on God !!!!! On my kids.”

She expressed an unwillingness to remain silent.

“But, I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian.”

We don’t know if this story is too. The idea of them getting back together sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But we can’t help but wonder if Rob being pissed about Chyna’s pregnancy rumors is what led to this.

After all, he was apparently concerned that it was true, so he may have reached out to her for assurances that she is not pregnant.

At the same time, he may have realized that he was jealous of her. Maybe one thing led to another and they started chatting again.

That’s pure speculation, of course.

We hope that Rob and Chyna make the best choices for themselves and, more importantly, for Dream and King.


Blac Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay: Breakup Caused by Pregnancy Rumors?

Early last week, rumors were circulating that Blac Chyna was pregnant with YBN Almighty Jay’s baby.

Now, however, some cryptic but not-too-subtle posts on social media by YBN Almighty Jay have fans asking if the two of them have broken up.

Did the pregnancy rumors lead these two to part ways?

Even fans were shocked by the recent pregnancy rumors.

At 18, YBN Almighty Jay is just too young to be a father. And Blac Chyna is still fighting her last baby daddy in court.

But the new rumor is just that these two have broken up. And this rumor doesn’t come out of nowhere.

The Shade Room writes:

“Oop! #YBNAlmightyJay was in #ZoeyDollaz IG live comments saying he’s a “free man” and he “cut her off.””

Take a look at this image that they shared.

YBN Almighty Jay hints at breakup

Sure enough, that appears to show YBN Almighty Jay writing:

“I cut her off bro.”

Then people see him write this:

“I’m a free man.”

Now, he doesn’t say Blac Chyna’s name, but most people, upon seeing those words, very naturally jumped to the conclusion that the two have split.

Did breakup rumors end their relationship?

It’s possible.

But it is also looking like YBN Almighty Jay may have been talking about someone else entirely.

Just a couple of hours after The Shade Room posted that screencap, YBN Almighty Jay responded to what must have been an outpouring of questions from fans and friends.

His response was indirect, and was just a photo of him and Chyna snuggling on a couch. (That photo up top, folks)

His caption was simple: three emojis.

The first of a red heart. The second of a lock. The third of a key.

It seems self-evident that he is saying that Chyna still has his heart on lock.

Some may suggest that he started to break up with her but that he’s staying with her for the baby.

But a source tells HollywoodLife that Blac Chyna isn’t pregnant. Not with YBN Almighty Jay’s baby or anyone else’s.

“Blac is not pregnant but she loves letting people think she is.”

Classic Chyna.

“She lives for this kind of attention.”

That … certainly matches her brand.

“She knows it’s driving Ro​b crazy, so she’s going to keep this rumor going for as long as she can.”

It is reported that Rob Kardashian is furious over the pregnancy rumors. And so is Tyga, apparently.

Then the source continues and begins to share some TMI about the couple.

“Plus, the rumors are a huge turn on for her and her boyfriend.”

Honestly? That’s not something that we ever needed to know.

“He loves fantasizing about getting her pregnant, so any chance she gets to play into it she’ll take.”

That’s an odd fetish at any age, but mind-boggling at 18.

But that’s their business.

So is everything about their sex life, for that matter.


Rob Kardashian and Tyga: PISSED at Blac Chyna Over New Pregnancy!

Sources are insisting that Blac Chyna is pregnant again, this time by her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay. But without confirmation, fans remain bewildered.

You know who else isn’t sure what to believe? Chyna’s confirmed baby daddies, Rob Kardashian and Tyga.

But while Rob and Tyga don’t know if Chyna’s really expecting, they’re both reportedly very concerned about their own children.

HollywoodLife reports that Rob and Tyga are concerned over Chyna’s pregnancy rumors. If true, this story could impact them, too.

“Rob and Tyga are both freaking out over Blac Chyna’s latest pregnancy rumors.”

Rob and Chyna, of course, have one-year-old Dream Kardashian. Tyga and Chyna have five-year-old King Cairo Stevenson.

Apparently, their bond over being Chyna’s current baby daddies is leading to them leaning on each other during these uncertain times.

“Rob has reached out to Tyga asking him what he knows about Blac’s new boyfriend.”

Obviously, any parent wants to make sure that any adult around their child is good and trustworthy. (And yes, YBN Almighty Jay does count as an adult)

“And if he thinks she really could be pregnant with his child.”

Even celebrities sometimes don’t know what to make of rumors, at times.

It sounds like Rob is angry at even the idea of Chyna being pregnant again so soon.

“Rob is furious and doesn’t want to believe it could be possible.”

And he’s looking for answers from anyone.

“So he has been texting on Tyga about what he might know about the awkward situation.”

But it doesn’t sound like Tyga knows, either.

“Neither of the guys have much trust in Blac.”

At this point, even a direct answer might not be enough to satisfy them.

“So no matter what she tells them, they are not sure what to think.”

According to this insider, Tyga has a theory.

“Tyga thinks Chyna may have setup her new guy and planned to get pregnant with his baby since they first started dating.”

Tyga has been dealing with Chyna for longer, and is apparently unwilling to put this past her.

“Even though he is angry about it too, Tyga is not surprised at all about the rumors and believes it could be true.”

Both have understandable parental concerns for Dream and King.

“Neither Rob nor Tyga like the idea of a much younger rapper, that Blac barely knows, having a child with Blac and in the same house with King and Dream.”

Obviously, Rob and Tyga have every right to be concerned about anything that might impact their children … they’re not the only ones who might be feeling concerned.

Blac Chyna is a hot model, but the potential benefits for YBN Almighty Jay dating her are obvious.

His visibility is on the rise thanks to this relationship — and especially thanks to this relationship rumor.

If it’s fake, this is great for his career. But if it’s real … this might be the worst news that he’s ever gotten.

Unlike Rob, he’s not loaded. His net worth is currently unknown, but was just in the six figures not too long ago.

That’s a lot of money for an 18-year-old to have, but not a lot of money at Chyna’s level, you know?

Speaking of his age, though, we’re talking about someone who’s barely old enough to be in college. That is not a good age to become a parent.

Unless YBN Almighty Jay knows that this rumor is false … he has to be worried, right?

For the sake of everyone involved, one hopes that Chyna is not pregnant. She already has two young children with two different baby daddies.

If Chyna’s pregnant again with a teenager’s baby, people will stop seeing her as a clever, calculating seductress who “trapped” Rob …

… And they’ll start seeing her as a walking disaster. Like one of the Teen Mom stars who never got her life together even after a decade of fame.

If you have to be seen as something negative, be viewed as an evil mastermind and not as a walking, talking trainwreck.

That said … there’s a line between concern for someone’s kids and mom-shaming someone for having a hot boyfriend.

Let’s all be sure to not cross it.