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Kansas City Royals Prospect Surprises Parents for Xmas I’m Paying Off Your Entire Debt!!!

Grab your tissues … this tear-jerker’s brought to you by Kansas City Royals prospect Brady Singer who surprised his parents with a VERY expensive gift that’ll earn him an award for Son of the Year.

Singer posted this video on Christmas Day … which begins with Singer’s mom opening a red envelope. She starts reading Singer’s heartfelt letter … and if it doesn’t give you all the feels, nothing else will. Singer’s mom reads out loud: “I just wanna thank you everything you’ve done to help me reach my dreams … Both of you constantly took off of work and spent every dime you made just to put a smile on my face.”


Singer was selected by the Kansas City Royals with the 18th overall pick earlier this summer. He’s a right-handed pitcher with huge potential … which explains why the Royals paid him $ 4.25 million to sign with them instead of returning to Florida for a shot at repeating as national champs.

Another sign the Royals wanted Singer badly? They paid him well above the slot value of an 18th overall pick. Yeah, he’s that good. And he’s a byproduct of his parents’ hard work and sacrifices … which is why Singer wanted to SHOCK them with an incredible gesture.

You’ve done good, Singer. Now sit back and relax, mom and dad.

Marshawn Lynch to Oakland City Council ‘Best Not Lose the A’s’

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Marshawn Lynch threw on his best hoodie and sandals and hit up the Oakland City Council meeting on Wednesday … and made the following statement to city officials: 

“We’re losing the Warriors. We’re losing the Raiders. Best not lose the A’s. Appreciate it.”

Marshawn is an Oakland guy, born and raised — and is clearly upset with the mass exodus of the major sports teams in the area. 

The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas and the Golden State Warriors — who play in Oracle Arena in Oakland — are moving to the Chase Center in San Francisco next season. 

The Oakland A’s currently play at the Oakland Coliseum but are hoping to build a new 34,000 seat waterfront stadium in the area where they could play in 2023. 

Enter Marshawn who didn’t have much to say — but made his point crystal clear. 

Oakland A’s president Dave Kaval was grateful for Beast Mode’s support — tweeting out, “Thank you Marshawn! Let’s do this!!”

Kaval has previously commented on the stadium situation — saying, “We’ve been there 50 years … We have a great sense of the importance of that development on the future of East Oakland.”

“We’re doing everything we can, and we’ve had great partners on the city side and on the civic side to get this done. I think everyone realizes it’s just a really great project for the Bay Area, for the East Bay and obviously for Oakland.”