Lili Reinhart Claps Back at Trolls With Topless Selfie!

Courageous Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart have lashed out at their body-shamers in the past.

Now, for her 22nd birthday, Lili is showing off her body with a topless photo.

Sometimes, the best way to drown out the haters is to remind them how amazing you are. Take a look:

Cole Sprouse posted the photo that you’re about to see to wish a happy birthday to his co-star and girlfriend, Lili Reinhart.

Lili turned 22 years old on Thursday, September 13.

“Both the birthday and the gift,” Cole writes.

“My little muse,” the 26-year-old actor calls her. “Happy birthday my love.”

In the photo, Lili is gazing into the mirror while topless.

The photo was shared to Instagram, where of course women’s nipples are infamously singled out for restriction.

For the longest time, Cole and Lili were simply rumored to be in a relationship.

Gradually, however, they made things official.

The two of them play love interests Betty Cooper and Jughead on The CW’s hit drama, Riverdale.

And, just last month, Lili gave Cole a shoutout over his birthday.

Cole’s birthday was August 4, and Lili posted this photo of him with a tribute of her own.

“It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you,” Lili wrote.

Lili’s sweet post continued: “I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure.”

Finally, she signed off: “Happy birthday, my love.”

That is so precious! We love that their birthdays are so close.

Riverdale is a hit for good reason.

The teen demogrpahic can watch it at more or less face value, for the relationships — Betty and Jughead, known by shippers as Bughead, being they keystone of fan interest.

Adults — or anyone over 25, basically — can enjoy the show for its surreal artistry and for its almost satirical nature.

From Cheryl Blossom’s magnificent wardrobe to the peculiarities of Riverdale‘s setting, older fans enjoy the show in the way that they once enjoyed Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars.

It doesn’t hurt that all of the main characters’ parents are played by some of the biggest stars of the ’90s. (Anyone else feel old?)

The popularity of Riverdale led to the greenlighting of a related property.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premieres on Netflix next month, and we already know that there will be a second season.

It will be nothing like the Melissa Joan Hart adaptation, and viewers can instead expect satanism and cannibalism, just like in the comics on which the series will be based.

We hope that the stars from both shows — shows which are linked in the comics — will work together on crossovers, even if it’s just cameos.

Betty and Veronica play a key role early on in Sabrina’s comics — we wonder if Lili Reinhart will make an appearance.


Tess Holliday Claps Back After Piers Morgan Body-Shames Her Cosmo Cover

Piers Morgan can be such a mixed bag. It’s nice ot see him berate that vulture Samantha Grant. It’s gross to see him ask Caitlin Jenner creepy questions about her body.

This time, he’s making gross comments about another woman’s body — plus size model and trailblazer Tess Holliday.

Tess graced the cover of Cosmopolitan, and Piers was apparently unable to resist commenting on her body and accusing her of being some sort of public health hazard.

Before Piers decided to insert his opinion into the narrative, Tess was delighted with her cover.

“Phew,” Tess writes on Instagram. “I’m literally a COSMO GIRL!!”

“Can’t believe I’m saying that!” she continues. “Thank you @CosmopolitanUK for this incredible opportunity “

Tess discusses the impact that body positivity can have, writing: “If I saw a body like mine on this magazine when I was a young girl, it would have changed my life “

Tess advises her fans: “Issue hits stands 8/31!”

Unfortunately, Piers Morgan is one of those dudes who worries about other people loving themselves on their terms instead of on his.

“As Britain battles an ever-worsening obesity crisis,” Piers laments. “This is the new cover of Cosmo.”

“Apparently,” Piers continues. “We’re supposed to view it as a ‘huge step forward for body positivity.’”

“What a load of old baloney,” Piers declares.

This cover,” Piers continues. “Is just as dangerous & misguided as celebrating size zero models.”

Tess took to Twitter and hit back.

“To everyone saying I’m a burden to the British health care system,” Tess begins.

“I’m american,” Texx explains. “So you don’t have to worry about my fat ass.”

She is such a delight and doesn’t hesitate to use humor when speaking truth to power. Good for her.

(Naturally, we shouldn’t conflate body size with health, and no one should be seen as a “burden” because of their health)

Tess says that the people who are uncomfortable with the size of her body, which literally does not impact them at all, should have more important things on their minds.

“Worry about what horrible people you are,” Tess suggests to her detractors.

That’s harsh — but considering that Piers just accused her of being the next Typhoid Mary and he was far from the worst person to comment, it’s fair.

She says that they have demonstrated that they’re horrible “by whining about how me being on the cover of a glossy magazine impacts your small minded life.”

It’s difficult to understand why so many people feel like they have the right to tell other people what to do with their own bodies.

Tess’ body does not impact the rest of us. It just doesn’t. 

But a photo of her on the cover of a magazine could have a very real and powerful effect on little girls (or others, but girls especially) who are struggling to love themselves.

When people like Piers say that body positive images of Tess and women like her will somehow make the “obesity epidemic” worse, it is clear what they really mean.

They mean that people who have learned to love themselves won’t go on dangerous starvation diets that ultimately don’t work in a desperate attempt to get their bodies looking how Piers wants them to.

If you think that one body type is more attractive than another, that’s fine — we all have preferences. But women are allowed to just exist without you wanting to bang them.


Ariana Grande Claps Back at Bullies: Pete Davidson Does NOT Have Butthole Eyes!

News that Ariana Grande is engaged to Pete Davidson was greeted with shock and confusion by many of the singer’s fans, and not only because Pete popped the question just a few weeks into the relationship.

Part of the surprise stems from the fact that Ariana and Pete are products of two very dissimilar cultures.

The worlds of comedy and pop music are quite different, to say the very least.

Whereas Ariana has spent her adult life surrounded by adoring fans and yes men (some of whom have been known to literally “carry her like a baby“), Pete hails from a world in which clever putdowns are considered the highest form of praise.

Previously, both Ari and Pete pretty much stayed in their lanes and dated people within their career fields.

Now that they’ve branched out, they’ll both need to make some adjustments — and it seems like the process hasn’t exact;y been painless thus far.

If your the type of young man who spends a lot of time plotting creative revenge porn plots against your ex-girlfriends or defending Tom Brady’s right to make out with his son

If you’re not familiar, the fact that Vanderpump Rules star and cartoonish embodiment pf dudebro douchiness Jax Taylor is weirdly obsessed with Barstool should tell you all you need to know.

Anyway, the “Sports” part of the name is pretty much a loose suggestion, and the bro-bloggers of Barstool comment on a wide range of topic.

While the site’s signature brand of trash-talk is mostly harmless — and occasionally pretty amusing — it’s attracted some pretty bitter enemies over the years — most recently, Ariana Grande and her entire fan base.

Barstool staffer Chaps recently published an article entitled “Does Pete Davidson Have Butthole Eyes?”

You can guess where his musings went from there.

Chaps certainly isn’t the first to observe that Davidson’s deep sockets lend him the bedraggled appearance of an extra on Breaking Bad.

But he might be the first to make such a vivid comparison.

Less than thrilled with the allegation that her fiancee is rocking a pair of anuses where his peepers should be, Ariana immediately shot back at Bartsool.

“Y’all do kno this man has an auto immune disease …… right ? ….. like you do understand what you’re doing when u do this right ? jus wanna make sure,” 

Grande is referring to the fact that Davidson suffers from Crohn’s disease.

But while her choice to stick up for Pete may be admirable (though it would be more admirable if he stuck up for himself, tbh), Ariana’s knowledge of her dude’s condition is a bit lacking.

Several medical experts have spoken out about her claim (this is 2018, folks!) and each has confirmed that there’s no reason Crohn’s should affect the appearance of Pete’s eye sockets.

So Ariana might want to read up on Davidson’s ailments.

And more importantly, she might want to learn how to take a joke.

Pete is an NYC-based comic.

It’s a world that requires a thick skin and next-level ability to laugh at one’s self.

Ari doesn’t necessarily need to be in on the joke, but she certainly needs to let her Pete fight his own battles, lest she do damage to the reputation he’s worked so hard to build.


Paola Mayfield Claps Back at Mom-Shamers Over Exercising While Pregnant!

90 Day Fiance stars Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield are expecting their first child! This is exciting news, and Pao has been showing off her baby bump left and right.

But as much as fans may enjoy seeing her flaunt her baby bump in a barely-there bikini, others have been mom-shaming her for continuing to work out while pregnant.

Now, Paola is clapping back at her trolls.

Concern-trolling is when people use alleged “concerns” that they have about someone else as an excuse to harass them.

One of the most common forms of this is mom-shaming, when, under the guise of worrying about a child’s health (or, in this case, a baby who won’t be born for months), people attack a woman’s way of life.

So, what is Paola doing? Is she skydiving? Is she drinking? Joining a group of people who think that the Zika virus is a Deep State Illuminati conspiracy and offering her skin to every mosquito she sees?

No. Of course not.

Paola’s “crime,” in the eyes of these body-shamers, is exercising while pregnant.

After Paola shared a glimpse of her pregnant body, looking as fit as ever even with the baby bump, she also let fans see her workout out a little.

While working out, she had weights attached to her waist. She is, after all, a fitness model.

So-called “fans” piled on the outrage, claiming that her activities were dangerous.

Instead of firing back directly, Pao shared a screenshot of someone else speaking up in her defense.

Take a look:

Paola Mayfield pregnant workout defense on IG

“I have never read such ignorance in a paragraph,” the fan writes. “And I am so sorry for your heart.”

“I am a public health professional with a background in holistic health,” the person says. That’s a little vague, but it’s something.

“Exercising during pregnancy is totally recommended if the person was doing it before,” the comment says.

We have heard this time and time again from medical professionals and from pregnant moms who are getting mom-shamed for no good reason.

“The baby actually received more oxygen and nutrients because the mother is more physically active,” the commenter explains.

That did not stop hordes of mom-shamers from commenting, both before and after she shared that.

“Be careful on working out when you’re pregnant,” wrote one person whom literally nobody had asked.

“I just saw a video of you pick up weights around your waist,” another wrote even though it’s not their business.

“Please,” that comment continued. “Tell me that that was before you were p.g. I’m old school Hispanic and you should take it easy. Just my opinion.”

Just your opinion … that no one ever asked to hear.

Others had even more hateful things to say.

“You’re a hoe then who baby Is it Jorge baby?” one hater wrote, referring to 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava. “lol but I thought it was Russ baby i guess Russ ain’t the dad lol your married and pregnant but teasing men? That’s wrong.”

“Youre hot and all,” commented another. “But your need for attention is kinda sad. Oh well, nice ass!”

These people are … scum.

“She not a good role model,” declares another comment. “She’s teaching you to tease men when she’s pregnant and married that’s not good role model lol.”

She literally just made a video of herself. If that is “teasing,” that sounds like a problem with the viewer.

Someone else chimed in with an even wilder criticism.

“In touch agrees with Paola! Of course they do they also support with abortions!” one truly bonkers person wrote. “Let’s protect anything but the baby. That’s what’s really sad.”

That same awful person continued: “Your life Paola. Paola gets angry because people are worried about the baby . Her motto is I do what I want regardless of who I hurt as long as I get that$ $ $ $ .”

Pao did have plenty of fans who wrote pleasant things in her defense. Here’s a great example:

“Pao can do whatever she chooses it’s her body and it’s her baby,” a decent commenter wrote. “She’s a very beautiful lady and she’s loving the experience that her body is going thru. So let her enjoy it..”

Well said.


Jessa Duggar Claps Back at Mom-Shamers: I’ll Potty Train My Kids When I Want To!

If you follow any of the Duggar women on social media, you know that many of their followers enjoy pointing out their various flaws as parents.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why these people still follow the Duggars despite finding them so objectionable, but that’s the internet in 2018 for you.

Anyway, the target of choice these days seems to be Jessa Duggar.

Jessa is mom to two young boys — 2-year-old Spurgeon (feel free to pause and cringe at that name before reading any further), and 1-year-old Henry.

Like the other Duggar women, Jessa also homeschools her kids, which is one of the many reasons people enjoy closely scrutinizing her parenting.

Though the biggest reason still seems to be that the Duggars are basically a one-family cult, and there’s reason to believe some of their “strict” child-rearing practices cross the line into abusive territory.

But the mom-shamers of Instagram aren’t attacking Michelle Duggar for her “blanket training.”

No, they’re more focused on Jessa Duggar’s messy house and other perceived lapses in parenting prowess.

This time around, they’re focused on Jessa’s alleged failure to foster her kids’ development.

Specifically, they want to know why Spurgeon isn’t potty trained yet.

Jessa recently posted the above pic, along with a caption reading:

“I’ve never known another little boy who’s more in love with mowers, tractors and skid steers,”

“It makes his day if he gets to sit in the seat and ‘drive’ it.”

Predictably fans freaked at the sight of Lil Spurge in a diaper.

Spurgeon will be 3 years old in a manner of weeks, and it seems many of Jessa’s followers feel that’s much too old to still be rocking Huggies.

When one follower remarked that the Spurge  “should be out of diapers by now,” Jessa actually took time to respond:

“My philosophy is that if they aren’t able to do the whole thing from pulling their pants down and getting themselves on the toilet, to pulling their pants back up, and washing their hands, then they aren’t ready,” Jessa said.

“Otherwise it feels like it’s actually the parent who’s potty training and doing all the work. 

“Lol! I’ve been around kids, and I’m aware of the signs of readiness. My two-year-old is getting close, but not quite there, so we’re not rushing it.”

Yeah, she’s still a Duggar, so she responded in the fake-polite fashion her family is known for.

But hey, a clap back is a clap back.

So let that be a lesson to the rest of you mom-shamers:

There’s a very small chance that Jessa might politely disagree with your observation!


Kim Kardashian Claps Back at Mom-Shamers Over North West’s Straightened Hair

As many photos as Kim has uploaded to social media, Kardashian-West family photos are shockingly rare. And there might be more to that than privacy concerns.

Kim posted an adorable photo of her daughter and husband, but mom-shames came out of the woodwork to blast Kim over it.

Why? Because they think that Kim is ruining North’s hair. And some think she’s doing it on purpose … due to racism.

The photo shows North West, adorable and tiny, giving her father, Kanye, a kiss on his cheek.

Kanye is smiling, clearly overwhelmed with love for his daughter.

“I can still feel the love,” Kim Kardashian captioned this sweet pic.

But a number of people, both on Instagram and on Twitter, were hung up on one little detail in this image.

North West’s hair is straightened.

Kim Kardashian claps back at hair tweet

After Kim tweeted the photo, someone decided to offer her some unsolicited advice.

“Don’t straighten her hair too much it’ll ruin her curls,” a total stranger implored Kim. “I did that to my hair and ruined it but I’m finally getting my natural curly hair back.”

Amazingly, rather than ignore that absolutely unsolicited instruction on how to manage her daughter’s hair, Kim replied.

“She is allowed twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party!” Kim answered. “This pic was taken back in June on her bday.”

So that explains it. And we all saw North with her hair straghtened when she and Penelope celebrated their birthdays.

Unfortunately, that person’s unsolicited advice was one of the nicer bits of mom-shaming feedback that Kim received.

Within the Instagram comments, someone had the audacity to suggest that Kim had forced North to straighten her hair … because Kim longed to have a white daughter.

Fortunately, Kim didn’t have to deliver the verbal smackdown that this person so richly deserved. She has so many other followers to do this.

“So you think just bc she straightened her daughter’s hair that means she wanted a white kid?” someone replied to that comment. “Maybe north just want to try something different and ask her mom.”

As Kim said, North is only allowed to do this twice a year in order to protect the integrity of her hair.

Back in June, when Kim shared photos of North’s party, there was similar discourse.

Troll openly accused Kim of straightening North West’s hair to make her look white.

For context, we should remember that black people’s hair has been policed — sometimes literally — within the United States for centuries, and that continues to this day.

Hairstyles featuring black hair in its natural curls are sometimes labeled as “eccentric” and “unprofessional” by society and by employers.

(Unless, of course, they’re being appropriated by a beautiful white celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Zac Efron, in which case they’re daring and trendy)

So many black women wear wigs, extensions, or use straighteners in order to conform to beauty standards that originate in white supremacy. So, yes, hair matters.

But Kim is not forcing North to keep her hair straight. It’s a special treat that happens only twice a year.

North loves her long, curly hair, and gets excited when she sees other girls with similar hair because she knows that it’s special.

If Kim had wanted a white daughter, she could have had a baby with, well, any of tens of millions of white dudes who would have been down to try until that happened.

Kim is in love with Kanye (despite his, um, issues), and she does her best to tackles the special challenges involved with having biracial children.

It would be nice if trolls on social media could be a little less vile. But … we won’t hold our breath.


Tyler Baltierra Claps Back at Haters: My Mental Health Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Parent!

Earlier this week, Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra shared a poem about his heartbreaking suicide attempt. It must have taken a lot of courage for him to share such an intimate piece of self-expression.

Unfortunately, some people had the nerve to use this opportunity to suggest that he and Catelynn shouldn’t be allowed to be parents because of their mental health.

Tyler took to Twitter to clap back against this very dangerous line of thinking.

One Twitter user, an Instagram model whose claim to fame is having been on Bad Girls Club, decided to ask a not-so-innocent question about Tyler and Catelynn.

“Sad that him and his wife are struggling with depression and bi polar disorder,” Danielle says.

Unfortunately, she did not stop there.

Tyler and Catelynn have her sympathies, “but is that really a healthy environment for a child to grow up in?” she asks.

She also does that thing that some people do when they have a decent following on social media and would rather be able to say that they are “starting a conversation” than voicing an opinion.

“[I don’t know,] thoughts people?” she asks, as if her entire tweet were just an innocuous question about Catelynn’s hairstyle.

XXDanielle vs Tyler Baltierra

Tyler saw this and, very understandably, felt the need to speak out.

“So everyone who has a mental health issue shouldn’t be allowed to have children?” he tweeted.

You can really feel his righteous indignation.

Tyler continued, describing parenting as getting to “experience the most beautiful thing this life can give you.”

Not everyone will necessarily agree that parenting, with its many ups and downs, qualifies for that lofty superlative … but we’ll let it slide for the moment.

“It’s the same,” Tyler continues. “As telling someone who has diabetes or any manageable condition, that they shouldn’t have kids.”

Sadly, people have probably made arguments along those lines, too. No, wait, people have definitely made arguments along those lines. And it’s horrifying.

Tyler makes his feelings clear, writing: “I highly disagree with that!”

Tyler was not the only one who strenuously objects to the notion that people being treated for their mental health are disqualified from being parents.

One Twitter user replied to the original tweet: “Wow really?? I have anxiety and manic depression as well! I’ve raised two healthy sons to adulthood! Shame on you for that statement! I’ve had this since age 20! I’m 44 now!”


“This is the problem with most people,” another person tweeted. “If they have never experienced it they can’t understand. I’m raising 3 children while I suffer from anxiety. I’m a GREAT mom and they are very well taken care of! I am on medication and I take care of myself so I can take care of them!”

Many mental illnesses are totally treatable. If you argue that someone’s depression makes them a bad parent, you sound like a sleezy divorce lawyer.

Another tweets: “Were you not just begging twitter to pay your rent a few months ago? Worry about yourself & not the mental health of others.. btw Tyler is a WONDERFUL dad.”

Wow. Somebody brought some reciepts to the roast.

Another wrote, more simply: “Just because they struggle doesn’t mean [they’re] bad parents.”

Others simply couldn’t believe this woman’s audacity to ask the question.

“Why in 2018 is mental health still being stigmatised?!” another tweeter asks. “Why should people feel ashamed for having an illness that is out with their control?! This needs to STOP!”

Another decided that Danielle needed a little more roasting.

This person tweeted: “At least their kids can look back and see that their parents had positive impact in life and on tv. What are your kids gna see when they google your name? Bad girls clubs clips bahaha now thats sad.”

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw shade.

Others, however, defended the question … sort of.

“I don’t think it’s a bad question,” another fan tweeted. “You have to truly understand that some are completely unaware of how it feels to live with a mental illness. Educate those whom do not understand.”

That’s a good point, honestly — sometimes, people have to ask questions to learn. Even if those questions have horrifying implications.

Speaking of horrifying thoughts, however, some people went above and beyond when agreeing with Danielle’s question.

One person tweeted: “Selective breeding, we do it with animals, why not humans…only way to stabilize society and weed out illness.”

Let’s just hope that this person is, like, 12 and still coming to grasp with right and wrong. Because, and I hate Nazi comparisons, but … that is one scary tweet.

Obviously, if someone is a bad parent, either abusive or neglectful or otherwise unable to give their child love and support, the child needs a better home where they can be safe and healthy.

But mental illness — in addition to being treatable — does not disqualify someone from being an amazing parent. It’s just a thing that they have to deal with.

In fact, that personal struggle can make them more empathetic to a child’s potential struggles.

In the mean time, the world has no shortage of truly awful parents who don’t have any mental illness. Being a terrible person is a character trait, not an ailment.

Good for Tyler for sticking up for himself, his wife, and for every other parent with mental health struggles.