Farrah Abraham Brings Cleavage and Daughter to Court, Remains Ridiculous

Back in July, Farrah Abraham was arrested after she (allegedly) attacked a male employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The reality-star-turned-cam-girl spent the night in jail and was released the next morning, but her legal headaches are far from over.

After some deliberating, prosecutors decided to press charges against Farrah for the alleged attack, and if she’s found guilty, she could face jail time.

Despite the potential for serious consequences, Farrah has decided to reject a plea deal from the DA’s department and has opted instead to have her day in court.

Farrah was arraigned on Friday, and because she has a strict policy of being ridiculous in everything she does, she arrived at court in a cleavage-baring dress, with her 9-year-old daughter in tow.

Observe the absurdity for yourself:

As you can imagine, the internet had a field day with Farrah’s baffling attire and even more baffling decision to bring a child to court.

“Are you not embarrassed?” tweeted one TMOG fan.

“You dressed like a hooker to court. Your poor daughter. She should have been enjoying child-focused activities, not at court with you! 

Another Twitter user took a slightly more lighthearted approach, joking:

“Haha gotta let your kids know how ratchet you are- Farrah Abraham Brings Daughter Sophia to Court on Arraignment Day.”

As for Farrah’s own thoughts on the situation, she’s been surprisingly quiet about the decision to dress for the club and drag poor Sophia along.

But in true Farrah fashion, she’s been quite outspoken about the details of her case.

“I’m not guilty,” she told E! News as she was exiting the courthouse.

“I’m not accepting the offer because I’m not guilty. I’ve gone to a lot of counseling and therapy through the years, I’m very stable,” she added.

“I’m not accepting the DA’s offer since I’m not guilty.”

And of course, Farrah thinks the whole thing is the result of how jealous the whole world is of how famous and awesome she is:

“This is just another form to me of, again, no celeb face and there would be no case,” she said.

“I’m not guilty. l don’t need any criminal records. I’m not like the other Teen Moms. … I don’t think it’s funny when people are harassed. I’m not a victim, I’m a victor.”

And of course, Farrah took the opportunity to plug her upcoming boxing match.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Farrah is a boxer now.

She’ll soon be squaring off in the ring against Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, and she took time out to promote the match, both as she was entering the courthouse, and as she was leaving.

She even went so far as to say she’s more focused on her upcoming match than on her trial.

It’s like she’s just daring a judge to lock her up and throw away the key.


Demi Lovato Flaunts MASSIVE Cleavage on Instagram, Internet Rejoices

At some point in the past year or so, Demi Lovato became one of the hottest celebrities on the planet.

It’s not as if this development happened entirely out of nowhere–Demi was always attractive, but while no one was paying attention, she somehow attained previously unimaginable levels of smoke show-ness:

Maybe it happened when Demi got sober.

Maybe what we’re seeing is the positive benefits of removing Wilmer Valderrama from one’s life.

(Fact: Mila Kunis is the only member of the cast of That ’70’s Show that it’s okay to be attracted to.)

Whatever Demi’s doing, it’s working.

Demi Lovato swimsuit pics are nothing new, but it’s not hard to see why this is one of her most popular to date.

Despite going live less than 24 hours ago, Demi’s bathing suit selfie is already creeping up on 3.5 million likes.

Those are “break the internet” numbers.

As a general rule, anything that’s posted online that doesn’t involve kittens will attract haters and trolls.

So it’s possible that Demi has set some kind of record by posting such a popular pic without drawing any real criticism.

We suppose there might be some trash talk in the comments section somewhere, but it’s been buried by marriage proposals and declarations of undying love.

“I love you so deeply, I would die for you,” wrote one fan.


You get the idea.

Sadly, the image wasn’t accompanied by any info about how we might all be more like Demi.

“In [heart emoji] with this bathing suit…” Lovato captioned the pic.

That’s not gonna help us get rid of our post-holiday guts, Demi!

Fortunately, we know a little bit about how the 25-year-old singer stays in such incredible shape.

Demi’s battled eating disorders and addictions in the past, but these days she’s militantly devoted to maintaining her physical and mental health.

Demi was recently awarded a blue belt in  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and she’s reportedly dating a mixed-martial artist.

So yes, she looks incredible, but more importantly, she can kick ass.

We’re beginning to understand all those marriage proposals on her IG page.


Ariel Winter Rocks Cleavage, Bares Her Butt While Serving Glamor

If you were one of those who worried that Ariel Winter was done taking sexy photos, let us lay those fears to rest.

Ariel Winter made the cleavage-tastic cover of LaPalme, but that’s not the only photo that they snapped of her. The Modern Family actress’ glorious peach also made an appearance.

She’s gotten criticism for her sexy pics in the past, with haters claiming that they’re lewd, not artistic. We wonder if these tantalizing images will change their minds.

Ariel Winter’s cover photo alone is enough to knock you dead and then bring you right back to life.

That vibrant, powerful red, the intense contrast between her raven hair and fair skin as she serves up classic Hollywood glamour in its 2017 incarnation.

But her out-of-this-world cleavage takes center stage and eats up all of your attention.

Way back in 2015, Ariel Winter underwent breast reduction surgery for multiple reasons.

She was tired of every report talking about her breasts. Mind you, this was happening to her as a minor, and grown-ass adults who should have known better were talking to and about her on the red carpet as if she were just a pair of disembodied melons.

Also, extra-large breasts are massively (pun not intended) inconvenient for the boob-haver, whether they’re shopping for bras or trying to lay on their stomachs or even just trying to move about like a normal person.

But as you can see, it looks like she not only achieved a perfect size balance for herself, she is looking positively perfect.

Don’t worry; the camera and the good folks at LaPalme did not forget about Ariel Winter’s other good side.

That image is enough to make anyone wish that they’d never quit practicing art and could turn that into a painting, you know?

Her leg and the entire right side of her butt are bare, but even Ariel Winter’s worst critic — her horrible, slut-shamng mother — would have a hard time trying to call this crass or shameful.

This is art. This is beauty. This is Ariel Winter.

She’s so perfectly framed by those vines that this would be a lovely picture even if we were only seeing a silhouette.

And we also get a close-up of Ariel Winter’s stunning makeup.

That intriguing wig is a major callback to classic Hollywood glamour, as is so much of the look that she’s rocking.

That goes well with her fair skin, facial features, and curvier figure.

Ariel Winter is a classic beauty.

And we have tos ay that, even though we’re not necessarily the biggest fans of bangs, those raven bangs that she’s sporting are so intriguing that it does not in any way detract from the photoshoot.

Oh, and speaking of classic Hollywood looks. …

Ariel Winter stuns and amazes, even when she’s in black and white.

Even in the background, her cleavage grabs your attention.

Everything’s working for her — her look, her pose, her lighting, her outfit.

That said, we don’t mind the poolside selfies. Or the twerking videos.


Ariel Winter Flaunts Tan Cleavage, Weekend Fun!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ariel Winter celebrated going back to work on the set of Modern Family by flashing some major underboob.

But she’s clearly still taking her weekends to herself, because Ariel and her boyfriend Levi Meaden were enjoying themselves on and by a lake this weekend.

And there are pictures. Ariel clearly got a tan . . . and so did her cleavage.

Over the weekend, Ariel Winter enjoyed herself on Lake Tahoe.

(Yes, please, go ahead and get all of the “Tahoe” jokes out of your system, please … we’ll wait)

(Done yet?)


So, Lake Tahoe is in California and while we’re sure that Ariel enjoyed her time there, it doesn’t look like she actually got into the water.

But in addition to having a good time and chilling out on the shore, Ariel spent some time on a boat.

As you can see in this photo:

She’s pretty clearly on a boat in this pic.

Though perhaps you were more focused on, um, the foreground.

Ariel Winter spends plenty of time poolside at home, but she usually looks a little fairer than this.

When you’re at home, of course, you’re more likely to apply sunscreen pretty constantly and less likely to stay out for as long.

(There are so many appealing things about being indoors, after all)

When you’re out on a lake, though, it’s pretty common to put on suncreen once or twice but maybe let a little too much time pass and get some sun.

Thus why Ariel’s cleavage is showing so much than, there.

She and Levi both spent some time lounging in the sun.

In most relationships with an age gap like these two have …

(Remember that Levi is, like, 30, and Ariel Winter is still 19)

… it’s the older partner who has to stand up for the younger one.

In this case, though, it’s Ariel — more famous, though they’re both actors — who stands up for Levi.

Just recently, she clapped back at a tabloid story about Levi.

She’s also hit back whenever Levi’s accused of deliberately living in her shadow, clarifying that he’s her boyfriend and not her kept man when people accused her of giving him an allowance.

(People love to trade rumors, folks)

Honestly, and at the risk of courting controversy, we think that it’s kind of precious how aggressively she defends him.

The couple’s only been together for 9 months, but they’ve faced more than their share of detractors.

It’s good that they get to relax together.

Ariel Winter also loves pool floats, which we already knew.

Remember when Ariel posed in a bikini on a giant pizza slice pool float?

Good times, right?

We have no idea if this huge swan float actually made it into those crystal blue waters of Lake Tahoe, but we can’t imagine that Ariel was content to just try it out on the beach.

Also … exactly how many changes of clothes did Ariel Winter bring with her on this trip?

She posted these pics in her Instagram story and she’s wearing a different outfit in every single snap.


McKayla Maroney Flaunts Gold Medal Cleavage on Instagram

McKayla Maroney won America’s admiration with her spectacular gymnastic skills at the 2012 Olympics, winning an team Gold and an individual Silver medal.

Her adorable reaction to being awarded a Silver medal went viral, and won hearts all over the world.

These days, she’s older and she’s not shy about showing off her amazing body, as these new photos make very clear.

We cannot emphasize enough how much McKayla’s famous and very distinctive reaction of disappointment has overshadowed everything else about her in terms of how the public views her.

It’s hard to imagine someone taking a selfie with her without them both doing the “not impressed” face.

Hell, when President Obama met McKayla Maroney, the two took a photo together where they were both making that facial expression.


The second place belt at the trivia night that I attend is just called the “Maroney.” It also has a large photo of McKayla Maroney, front and center.

She’s a household name in a way that very few Olympic athletes ever are.

She’s also just … all kinds of hot these days, as you can see here:


McKayla shared a series of three photos via her Instagram story.

(Instagram stories, if you’ll recall, are said to be basically just Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to destroy Snapchat since they refused to let him buy them)

You can see her knee emerging from the rips in her jeans (she has those rips on both sides).

In case you’re wondering what that red stuff is around her hair, that’s a filter that’s giving her a crown of hearts.

Understandably, that might not be what people first notice about this image.

Clearly McKayla isn’t feeling shy about baring her cleavage.

And there’s no reason for her to be, because she’s a shockingly gorgeous young woman.

There have been some McKayla Maroney boob job rumors over the years, but … those just look like natural breasts to us, folks.

Some people might be wondering why they didn’t notice how hot McKayla Maroney was back in 2012, when every camera was on her.

The answer is because she was sixteen, you guys.


She turns twenty-two later this year (December 9th, almost one month after Taylor Swift’s new album comes out).

Her youth has come up before, if you’ll recall.

It’s not that 16 is an unusual age to be an Olympic gymnast — it’s basically standard, right?

But some awful person hacked McKayla Maroney’s nudes.

That’s terrible enough on its own.

(No one deserves to have their intimate photos stolen, and no one is “asking for it” by having those photos in their possession or by having taken them in the first place)

It wasn’t until later that we learned that McKayla Maroney was underage in those pics, which makes a bad situation worse.

But we’re glad that McKayla hasn’t been so scarred by the experience of having her nude photos leak that she wants to retreat from being a public figure.

Or even just shy away from taking alluring photos.

Not for our sake (though the world enjoys her pictures), but for hers.

She deserves to get to live her life, unobstructed by unwelcome opinions or fear at being hacked again.

And if she wants to post thirst traps, she’s welcome to do so.


Ariel Winter: Back in Daisy Dukes, Now With More Cleavage!

Remember how, last week, Ariel Winter went with her boyfriend and his family to some sort of Canadian rodeo event. There was drinking (but that’s legal there) and there were good times, and Ariel got to show a lot of skin.

That’s where those photos of Ariel Winter in daisy dukes came from. If you were wondering. Also the photo of her appearing to be drinking Jack Daniels.

But Ariel wasn’t done showing off what a good time she was having, and shared another snap in a different outfit … but she’s still sporting daisy dukes.

So, Ariel Winter went up to Canada recently to visit Levi Meaden’s family.

They were celebrating the birthday of his mother, Chris.

Ariel seemed totally enamored with his family.

Most things in Canada are pretty similar to things in the US, but a little better.

(They don’t have the US’ portion-sizes, which is sadly a dealbreaker)

They have single-payer healthcare, like most of the developed world.

They have a lower drinking age, though alcohol is still restricted to adults.

They apparently have their own rodeos, which we’ll assume are just more polite versions of what you’d get in the Wild West.

And they have better weather — though it clearly still gets warm enough in July to pose wearing very little clothing out in public.

To some moms, seeing their son’s girlfriend dressed like that would be a nightmare.

But you know, Chris is showing a fair bit of leg herself.

(Good for her!)

And the costume fits the occasion.

Besides, it Ariel’s body and she can show as much or as little of it as she likes.

And maybe Levi’s family knows and accepts that.

We don’t know what they might think of some other things.

Like, for example, Ariel Winter’s comment about getting crabs.

Or maybe the extent of her PDA with Levi, which included Levi Meaden slapping Ariel Winter’s butt.

But this outfit, we guess, received at least a tacit endorsement.

But, by all accounts, Ariel had a great time up north.

She may have even been taking advantage of the drinking age in Calgary, which is 18.

(She’s 19, of course)

We’re not technically sure if she was actually drinking or just wanted to strongly suggest that she was, but whatever.

America’s drinking laws are pretty widely recognized as being too strict.

Plenty of states still limit liquor sales severely, and then there’s that drinking age of 21.

You’d think that an adult old enough to date a guy a decade her senior would be deemed old enough to choose which liquids she drinks, but clearly that’s not the case in the US.

Still, it looked like it was a good trip from the photos that we saw.

And now we’re wondering if she’s holding onto some more “Stampede” pics and planning to space them out.

Every time that Ariel Winter shares a photo, she’s making another bold statement.

Part of that is body positivity, and part of that is about owning how much or how little of her body she’s going to show.

No matter what Ariel Winter’s horrible nightmare of a mother says about it.

And that’s how we get so many delightful pics.

Thanks, internet!

Of course, when she shares photos in her rodeo outfits, a lot of people comment “reverse cowgirl.”

You can’t win them all, we guess.