Javi Marroquin: I Will NEVER Cheat on Lauren Comeau!

When Teen Mom 2 fans first learned that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are back together, the news was met with a fair amount of confusion.

Lauren and Javi dated during the summer of 2017, but it seemed that their mutual decision to part ways would be final.

After all, between the difficulties of long-distance dating and the challenges presented by Javi's fame, Marroquin and Comeau had a lot standing in their way.

But the heart wants what it wants, and Javi and Lauren have officially decided to give their relationship another shot.

As expected, there have been some bumps along the way, but it seems the couple is committed to sticking by each other's side through all the ups and downs:

1. Javi and Lauren: Together Again

Javi and lauren instagram official
Javi and Lauren announced their reconciliation by posting this photo on Instagram. Lauren captioned the pic, “Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.”

2. Second Time’s the Charm

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau
Javi and Lauren dated briefly in the summer of 2017, but they decided to call it quits due to a number of factors that were beyond their control.

3. Distance and Other Problems

Javi marroquin with lauren comeau
Lauren is a Maine native who currently resides in South Carolina. Javi is still based out of Delaware. In addition to the challenges presented by distance, Lauren was reportedly less than thrilled with the pressures of dating a well-known reality star.

4. A Reuluctant Separation

Lauren comeau selfie
So Javi and Lauren went their separate ways, but in hindsight, perhaps we should’ve seen this reconciliation coming. After all, the problems they faced are pretty minor compared to the issues that usually drive Teen Mom couples apart.

5. Javiana

For example, Javi’s relationship with Briana DeJesus was pretty much a trainwreck from the start. But sometimes in life, we have to experience what we don’t want firsthand so that we can fully appreciate what we do want.

6. A New Javi

Javier marroquin
Javi seemed to return to Lauren with a new appreciation of what he was really looking for in a relationship. But road bumps are inevitable, and the couple hit what could have been a big one this week…

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Javi Marroquin: Here’s Why I Chose Lauren Comeau Over Kailyn Lowry

Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 fans were stunned by news that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are back together.

There were several reasons that the announcement was met with such shock, not the least of which was that Lauren and Javi dated very briefly last summer and then seemed to fall out of contact with one another completely.

But perhaps the biggest reason fans felt so blindsided was the fact that just days before Javi and Lauren made their reconciliation official, it was widely rumored that Marroquin hoped to get back together with Kailyn Lowry.

Granted, such rumors are often baseless, but now we have confirmation from Javi himself that he was working toward rebuilding his relationship with Kail in the weeks before he got back with Lauren.

So what made him chose one ex over another?

Well, according to Javi, Kail was just unable to give him what he needed.

“I need love affection,” Javi told Radar Online in a blunt new interview.

“Kail isn’t like that. I think we both knew it just wouldn’t work. I would get frustrated because I need more of a sure thing, and she just couldn’t give me that at the time.”

We’re not sure how a woman who lives in a different state and whom you already dated for a few months and broke up with is “more of a sure thing” than the mother of your child, but we digress.

To his credit, Javi admits that he could have been more sensitive with regard to how news of his new relationship was shared with Kailyn.

“She was blindsided, which is my fault,” he tells Radar.

“I kind of continued to do my own thing and didn’t wait for her to show me assurance. I definitely could have done things differently,” he concedes.

We’re assuming “continued to do my own thing” is code for “I banged another woman behind her back,” but we’ll allow partial credit for at least of sort of admitting to extreme shadiness.

“I definitely could have done things differently,” he added.

Yes, and from the sound of the situation, he could still be doing things differently.

Earlier today, we learned that Marroquin took his son on a vacation with Comeau without asking permission from Kailyn first.

Not cool, Javi.

Asked for a final thought on his relationship with Comeau, Javi remarked:

“I’m staying private with her. We’re taking in the moment.”

Again, we have to take issue.

What Javi should’ve said was “I’m trying to stay private with her and doing a horrendously bad job of it.”

We hate to nit-pick, but we had to point that one out.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Javi’s questionable decision-making.


Javi Marroquin: Did He Cheat on Kailyn Lowry With Lauren Comeau?!

Lately, it seems that not a day goes by without some new update about Javi Marroquin's love life.

We recently learned that Javi is back together with Lauren Comeau, whom he briefly dated last year.

The news comes on the heels of reports of Javi reconciling with Kailyn Lowry.

Many took Marroquin's relationship Comeau as a sign that he was never actually working to win back Kailyn.

Now, however, it seems there may be some truth to both reports.

Yes, it appears that right around the time he started seeing Lauren again, Javi may have been hooking up with his ex-wife on the down-low…

1. Happier Times

Javi marroquin and kailyn lowry picture
Javi and Kailyn were married for nearly three years. While their divorce was certainly an ugly one, the couple has made efforts to form an amicable co-parenting relationship in the two years since they separated.

2. Linked By Lincoln

Kailyn javi photo
Javi and Kail have succeeded where so many other Teen Mom parents have failed in that they’ve consistently put their child’s needs above their own. But they’re only human, and sometimes, they allow their mixed feelings for one another to interfere.

3. A Tricky Situation

Javi and kailyn lowry
Things between Javi and Kail seem to get particularly rocky whenever one of them enters a new relationship. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the other party is constantly confronted with tabloid reports of the new romance.

4. Javi and Lauren

Javi and lauren instagram official
These days, Javi is back together with Lauren Comeau, a South Carolina resident whom he met through mutual friends last year.

5. Round Two

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau
Javi and Lauren brefly dated in the summer of 2017. The relationship was apparently strained by both the distance between them (Javi still lives in Delaware) and the fact that Lauren felt uncomfortable with Javi’s fame.

6. A Shocking Turn

Kailyn lowry crying
Fans were stunned by news that Javi and Lauren were back together, but it seems no one was more shocked than Kailyn, who apparently believed that she and Marroquin were on the verge of reconciliation.

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Javi Marroquin Slams Briana DeJesus, Confirms Lauren Comeau Relationship!

It can be hard to keep up with Javi Marroquin's turbulent love life.

For example, after months of rumors about Javi getting back together with Kailyn Lowry, the Teen Mom 2 baby daddy threw fans a serious curveball last week:

It seems Javi is back with Lauren Comeau, an ex he broke up with back in the summer of 2017.

No one saw it coming – except, apparently, for Javi, who's already talking about Lauren like she's the one.

He's also tearing apart the haters who dare to doubt his sincerity, a list that seems to include his most infamous ex:

1. The Happy Couple

Javi marroquin with lauren comeau
Javi and Lauren are officially back together. The couple connected online and then met at the wedding of mutual friends last year.

2. A Long-Distance Affair

Lauren comeau pic
A native of Maine, Lauren currently resides in South Carolina. Javi, of course, is based in Delaware. The distance was one of the causes of the couple’s first split, but it seems there were several other factors, as well.

3. The Harsh Glare of the Spotlight

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau
Apparently, Lauren isn’t completely thrilled with the secondhand fame that comes with dating a famous reality star.

4. No Fan of Fame

“I’m learning not everyone wants the attention,” Marroquin said when he and Lauren broke up last year. “Dating someone on a TV show is tough. I think Lauren had a hard time adjusting to that and I had a hard time understanding that.”

5. A Lesson In Empathy

Javi marroquin at froco
“It was a lot for her and we couldn’t fix it,” he went on. “I learned for my next relationship that I have to put myself in the other person’s shoes.”

6. Briana Drama

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
That “next relationship” came quickly, as Javi confirmed he was dating Briana DeJesus just one month after breaking up with Lauren. But that romance turned out to be one of Javi’s most tumultuous yet…

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Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau: Officially Back Together!

When the world first learned that Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau were dating, Teen Mom 2 fans had their doubts about the relationship's potential for longevity.

Javi and Lauren live in separate states and they seemed to be living very different lifestyles, so it was no great surprise when Marroquin and Comeau broke up after just a few months together.

Shortly thereafter, Javi began dating Briana DeJesus, thus seemingly driving a nail into the coffin of his short-lived romance with Lauren.

But that relationship ended just as quickly, and now it looks as though Javi and Lauren are officially back together!

We all know it's all very confusing, so join us as we attempt to untangle the complex web that is Javi's love life:

1. Javi & Lauren

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau
Javi first revealed that he and Lauren were in a relationship back in July of 2017. At the time, Javi told Radar Online that he met Lauren at the wedding of mutual friends.

2. Hopeful Javi

In that same interview, Javi gushed about Lauren and spoke optimistically about their future together. He admitted that the relationship was “fairly new,” but noted that it “doesn’t feel that way.”

3. Long-Distance Lauren

Lauren comeau pic
In her own interview that same week, Lauren confessed that living in different states made things difficult (She resides in South Carolina; Javi, in Delaware.), but seemed certain that both she and Javi were up to the challenge.

4. Making It Work

Lauren comeau image
“Distance isn’t ever easy,” Lauren told Radar. “But we have a lot planned and busy schedules in between so I think we’ll handle it well.”

5. Teen Mom 2 Troubles

Lauren comeau picture
There were rumors that Kailyn Lowry didn’t approve of her ex’s new girlfriend. Some even went so far as to claim that Lauren refused to appear on Teen Mom 2 because she and Lowry didn’t get along. But despite the many hurdles they faced, both Javi and Lauren seemed committed to making their relationship work.

6. Too Much, Too Soon

Javi marroquin with lauren comeau
In the end, however, it seems their first attempt at a lasting romance simply faced too many challenges too early on. Just weeks after he went public with his new relationship, Javi deleted all the photos of Lauren off his Instagram page. Comeau and Marroquin went their separate ways, but it seems they’ve recently experienced a change of heart…

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Javi Marroquin Deletes Lauren Comeau Photos From Instagram: Did He Already Dump Her?

Javi Marroquin debuted his latest girlfriend earlier this month, but fans believe the Teen Mom 2 star may be already back on the market.

Considering that he promptly deleted pictures of Lauren Comeau from social media, that wouldn’t be the craziest conclusion to jump to …

The reality star deleted the photos of her just days before his ex-wife, Teen Mom 2 mainstay Kailyn Lowry, gives birth to her third child.

Coincidence? Probably, regarding the birth aspect.

Breakup? Typically that’s what you might expect; Lauren would not be the first ex to be scrubbed from social media following a split.

Javi’s track record would also support this, as he could not wait to flaunt his romances with Cassie Bucka and Madison Channing Walls.

Both of those romances were over almost as soon as they began, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to assume Lauren met a similar end.

Not the case, however! Javi explains the move thusly:

“Everything’s great, I’ll be seeing her tomorrow and spending the weekend with her … This one’s definitely a keeper I can tell.”

“We wanted to keep as much private as possible so I thought by deleting the pictures people would stop commenting,” he says.

A noble goal. But a futile one, because #Internet.

If Javi really wanted to keep this romance on the DL, he shouldn’t have shared it in the first place, but he likely realizes this now.

Deleting pictures always makes the eagle-eyed fans suspicious, after all, even if there’s really nothing to be suspicious about. 

“After the episode (the Teen Mom 2 season premiere) it got hot that I had a girlfriend,” he says, so “I think I made it worse.”

“‘Cause now everyone thinks we broke up.”

Again, though, they did not.

The U.S. Air Force member says that despite relationship challenges with her, “I do have a fun date planned for us so I’m excited.”

Javi revealed that the couple met in sort of an old-fashioned way, “at one of our best friend’s weddings. She was the maid of honor.”

No Tinder, no fans encouraging him to meet a fellow reality star on Twitter (how he ended up talking to Madison Walls earlier this year).

Moving on to new girls hasn’t been that hard for Javi, who filed for divorce from Kailyn Lowry last May after nearly four years of marriage.

(The possibility of Javi being deployed again soon likely won’t help things with Comeau, or anyone for that matter, if it lasts that long.)

As for Kailyn, she is just days away from welcoming her third child from her third different partner, the notoriously MIA Chris Lopez.

While C-Lo won’t be there for Baby Lo’s birth, Javi may be – since he’s a decent human being, despite his faults, and because of Lincoln.

Kailyn and Javi have “plans for all scenarios” for the birth, he said, including who will care for their son depending on when and where they are.

“I wish her luck,” he said.

As do we. Hard as it was to watch them break up and so publicly at that, they will always be a family of sorts and we wish them the best.


Lauren Comeau: Javi Marroquin’s Girlfriend Wants to Meet Kailyn Lowry!

It was just last week that we learned Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are dating, but it seems the couple is wasting no time with a “getting to know one another” phase.

Despite living in different states, Javi and Lauren are rushing headlong into a serious relationship, zipping past the usual milestones at breakneck speed.

Though they met in person for the first time just a few days ago (Javi and Lauren had been communicating online), both parties have spoken to the press about their relationship, and both seem to agree that things are getting serious in a hurry.

Comeau has spoken about the unique challenges of their relationship, admitting that she and Javi are facing obstacles that most couples will never have to think about.

In addition to the long-distance issue (Lauren lives in South Carolina, Javi in Delaware.), there are the problems presented by fame, and the fact that Javi’s ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry, has an obsessive fan base that’s several million strong.

It’s not a situation that most young women will ever find themselves entering, and we imagine it has to be more than a little intimidating for Lauren.

Comeau opened up about Kailyn and the possibility of meeting her in a recent interview with OK! magazine:

“I’ll meet her when the time is right and they both think I need to,” Lauren told the tabloid.

“I haven’t really put much thought into it,” she added.

“I’m just trying to enjoy the excitement and newness [of our relationship].”

Lauren made sure to clarify that she has no intention of stepping on Lowry’s toes or attempting to take her place as a mother figure to Kailyn and Javi’s son, Lincoln.

“I 100 percent respect [Kail] as Lincoln’s mom, so when the time comes, I think it’ll go over just fine.”

Lowry might feel differently.

She has yet to publicly address Javi’s new relationship in direct fashion, but some fans believe she’s already made her feelings known.

The day Javi announced that he’d found love with Lauren, Kail tweeted:

“Today is not a good day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.”

Could’ve been unrelated – could’ve been subtle shade.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Kailyn and Javi’s troubled relationship.


Lauren Comeau: Javi Marroquin’s Girlfriend Opens Up Relationship Challenges

Just yesterday, we learned that Javi Marroquin is dating Lauren Comeau, a Maine native and South Carolina resident whom he reportedly met through a mutual friend.

It seems as though the relationship is in its early days, but it also seems that both parties are very, very into it.

Javi gushed about Lauren in a recent interview with Radar Online, and now she’s following suit.

Lauren spoke to the site today, and while she appears to be just as giddy as Javi, she’s also not in denial about the unique difficulties of their relationship.

Comeau seems to have no plans of leaving South Carolina, and with a young son and a cushy reality TV gig, we doubt Javi will be moving relocating outside of Delaware any time soon.

That means that in addition to the challenges of Javi being a reality star with an even more famous ex, Marroquin and Comeau are dealing with the difficulties presented by a long term relationship.

“Distance isn’t ever easy,” Comeau told Radar.

“But we have a lot planned and busy schedules in between so I think we’ll handle it well.”

Comeau also opened up about the unusual way in which she and Javi met.

It seems a mutual friend introduced them online and they communicated for several weeks before meeting in person at a recent wedding.

“We connected through a mutual friend in Delaware and finally got to meet at a recent wedding,” she said.

“We clicked instantly, and just really enjoyed each other’s company. I’m excited to see what happens.”

Javi seemed equally optimistic in his own interview:

“This one feels right,” he told Radar.

He recently posted a photo of himself with Comeau, along with the following caption:

“Sometimes I wish I can go back in life, not to change sh-t just to feel a couple things twice.”

Both parties say they’d like to “take things slow,” but we think their actions are speaking louder than their words.

Gushing to media outlets about your new relationship doesn’t smack of “taking it slow” to us.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Javi’s relationship with his ex, Kailyn Lowry.


Javi Marroquin & Lauren Comeau: Dating!

Sometime in the next few weeks, Kailyn Lowry will welcome her third child.

Lowry has been relatively tight-lipped about her due date, but she’s hinted that she’s expecting to deliver sometime in July.

We don’t know who will be by Kailyn’s side in the delivery room, we know who definitively won’t be on hand …

Yes, after initially establishing a surprisingly amicable co-parenting relationship, Kailyn and her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, are no longer on the greatest of terms.

And they both wasted little time in moving on to new relationships.

Obviously, Kailyn got pregnant by Chris Lopez just a few months after finalizing her divorce from Javi.

And Javi … well, Javi entered full serial monogamist mode.

First, Marroquin entered new relationships with Nancy Gisell and Cassie Bucka, but both ended quickly.

Shortly thereafter, he dated Madison Channing Walls.

From the start, the relationship seemed doomed … and it turned out it was.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Javi is dating Lauren Comeau.

The reality star opened up about his new relationship in an interview with the site.

“She’s my girlfriend,” Javi says.

“We met at one of our best friend’s weddings. She was the maid of honor.”

Javi adds that things are getting serious rather quickly.

He tells Radar that while the relationshiop is “fairly new” it “doesn’t feel that way.”

There’s been no reaction from Kailyn yet, but we’re guessing this isn’t news she relishes hearing as she enters the final stage of a a pregnancy that’s seen more than its share of complications.

Not that Javi is under any obligation to keep such news to himself.

We suppose that’s simply one of the prices of that level of reality fame.

When the public takes such an interest in your personal life that it cares about who your exes date after you break up, you’re bound to get updates, whether you want them or not.

And in this case, the update with Javi is that he appears to be eager to settle down with Lauren.

“This one feels right,” he tells Radar.

“We decided we’d give it a try officially at the wedding this past weekend.”

Marroquin adds:

“I don’t want to make the same mistakes with prior girls I met. But soon.”

If confirming the relationship to media outlets is Javi’s way of taking it slow, we’d hate to see what it looks like when he rushes in.