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Tyga Actually Comments on Kylie Jenner Paternity: Is He Stormi’s Dad?!?

Tyga has finally addressed the elephant in the room.

By which we mean… the baby in the crib.

Indeed, following several weeks of speculation and innuendo, the rapper has come out and answered the most pressing question in Hollywood:

Did he actually knock up Kylie Jenner?

Is he truly the biological father of Stormi Webster?

This possibility has been on the minds of celebrity gossip followers almost since various outlets confirmed Kylie was pregnant last year.

They just couldn’t believe that a rebound such as Travis Scott would be the one to impregnate Jenner, not after all she went through in dating Tyga for about two years.

Morever, there was talk that Tyga himself was pushing for a paternity test because he believed that his sperm was responsible for fertilizing Kylie’s egg.

So… is that the case?

Is Tyga aware of these rumors and is there any truth to them?

The artist finally addressed the chatter on Twitter this week, writing:

“I’ve never said anything about someone else’s child or family insinuating my involvement; and will never do so.

“Please, Stop spreading false stories and attacking people’s families.

“I have nothing to do with any of that.”

tweet by tyga


Well… darn.

Tyga concluded his pointed, and really pretty mature, statement by adding:

“People should be able to live in peace.”

We guess Stormi really does belong to Scott, huh?

We guess we need to accept that Tyga and Kylie are almost definitely over, which is not to say they couldn’t reconcile even if they aren’t the parents of a baby.

After all, other recent rumors allege that Tyga is desperate to get back together with his ex-girlfriend.

There have been multiple reports of him drunk dialing Kylie from the road, attempting to convince the 20-year old reality star that they are meant to be.

“He’s still blowing up her phone. He usually calls after his show when he’s had a few and his guard is down,” an insider told Hollywood Life in February, adding that Tyga “cries” during these chats and is very “lonely.”

Which is possible.

This could be the case even if he’s not the father of little Stormi.

But we have some very bad news for Tyga if this is claim is accurate:

More recent reports have stated that Jenner is shocked and thrilled that Scott is taking on such an active role in Stormi’s life.

She didn’t expect him to be so hands-on and, as a result, she wants her hands on Travis forever.

As in: Kylie supposedly wants to marry Scott. And as soon as possible, some say.

Is this allegation accurate? It’s really hard to say when it comes to Kylie and her love life.

But it does sound as though we can finally put one piece of gossip to rest:

No, Tyga did NOT bed Jenner a year ago and have unprotected sex with the rarely-clothed Instagram star. Or maybe he did! Just, no baby came from it.



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