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Kendall Jenner Faces MORE Backlash Over New Commercial!

It's not tacitly supporting smoking or that stupid nightmare of a Pepsi commercial, but yet another Kendall Jenner advertisement is getting backlash.

Yes. Again.

We have the video for you below so that you can decide for yourself whether this warrants outrage.

Kendall jenner wears a lot of red

Kendall Jenner has appeared in a short advertisement for Adidas.

That sounds innocuous enough, right?

But so did Pepsi.

Adidas is a brand that caters to athletes but, obviously, plenty of people wear Adidas.

The short, dramatic ad shared by Adidas' Twitter account looks fine on the surface.

And then you look and see the backlash.

(The angry comments absolutely refer to the Pepsi debacle)

Kendall jenner topless freedom panty ad

These tweets were direct responses to the Adidas tweet, but even so they did not mince words.

"This is so pandering to a market you'll never have! So not 'original' back to Nike with Serena, Nadal and other real athletes. Pepsi got it."

We don't think that Adidas is replacing Serena or whatever.\

Companies can make lots of ads with lots of different people. They're not "cheating" on Serena Williams.

But it seems that, to some of Adidas' more passionate fans, the brand represents something that Kendall cannot achieve.

"To me, adidas means: athlete, fitness, committed to hard work; impressions not personified by k jenner. you're just another brand. yawn."

Well … they have a sense of brand loyalty. We'll give them that.

(Also: Adidas is also a brand, folks)

People seemed genuinely angry, even:

"Kendall Jenner???? Really?!??? There is NOTHING original about having this ridiculous image front your brand…come on adidas!! Do better!!"

The most needless dramatic one was this one:

"#adidasOriginalsxAW literally just threw out everything adidas i owned after the @KendallJenner ad. Will never buy again"

Some people misuse the word "literally," but … it's entirely possible that this Twitter user was being literal.

Kendall jenners pantless mirror selfie

Of course, this is yet again a case of Kendall Jenner doing her job.

She is a model. Her job is to model.

The only reason that she seems to get the backlash rather than the companies that hire her is because she's famous on her own, and so also seems like a target for people's ire.

Now, we're not saying that Kendall Jenner is blameless.

She could refuse to take jobs — though that's not really great for your career.

And Kendall and Kylie's terrible and disrespectful shirts were a different story, because that's a direct part of their brand instead of a gig for someone else.

But Kendall didn't come up with this Adidas ad any more than she came up with that Pepsi commercial.

She's a model, doing her job.

Kendall jenner in underwear only

Personally, I found the tone of this particular batch of backlash to be a little disturbing.

There's a strong suggestion in those tweets that says that Kendall shouldn't do an Adidas commercial because she isn't an athlete.

First of all, anybody can wear "athletic" brands, folks.

You don't need to do yoga to wear yoga pants.

Those tweeters were acting like Kendall was doing cultural appropriation (again).

That does NOT apply to workout clothes, folks.

Kendall doesn't have to spend her whole career selling perfume and sexy underwear (though she can if she likes).

If models who aren't athletes can't sell athletic gear, what next?

Will they make models who sell clothes actually wear clothes in the posters?

We hope not.

Kendall jenner faces more backlash over adidas ad

Hodor: Game of Thrones Favorite Resurrected For KFC Commercial

So, what are you doing for National Fried Chicken Day?

Did you take the day off to spend some quality time with a bucket of Extra Crispy?

Will you be honoring the fallen hen heroes who gave their lives in the name of deliciousness by watching some Foghorn Leghorn cartoons?

We kid, of course, but believe it or not, July 6 actually has been declared National Fried Chicken Day.

We're generally opposed to this "every day is some sort of dumb holiday" trend, but as lovers of what Tom Haverford calls "fry-fry chicky-chick," we're actually okay with the idea of National Fried Chicken Day.

So we don't know why KFC had to go and ruin the whole thing by forcing us to flashback to the death of one of TV's most beloved character!

If you watch Game of Thrones online, then the words "hold the door" likely conjure memories of a scene that will forever live in infamy.

We're talking, of course, about the death of Hodor.

(Our apologies if the demise comes as news to you, but we're pretty sure with shows as popular as GoT, the statute of limitations on spoilers is like a week.)

Anyway, we didn't think any good could come from the demise of our favorite gentle giant, but then Hodor actor Kristian Nairn teamed up with the UK branch of KFC to deliver what is unexpectedly a pretty damn funny commercial.

Check out below … just don't say we didn't warn you if you end up all triggered and whatnot:

Hodor game of thrones favorite resurrected for kfc commercial