Kylie Jenner Says She No Longer Uses Snapchat, Company Loses $1.3 Billion in 24 Hours

Kylie Jenner’s recent hiatus from social media until she announced that she’d welcomed her baby girl had some wondering: Has she lost any social media clout during her absence?

The answer is no.

With one tweet, Kylie Jenner may have just delivered the killing blow to Snapchat. And it’s already cost them $ 1.3 billion.

Kylie Jenner spent months without pumping out new content on social media.

Part of that was because her body was busy constructing a tiny life form. That takes a lot of time and it also takes a lot out of you.

(We do think that precious baby Stormi Webster was worth it, and we imagine that Kylie agrees)

But mostly, she chose to spend her pregnancy in seclusion because she didn’t want to stress about social media — not about her output or over how others might reply to her.

That is totally her choice. She’s since apologized to fans for not sharing that part of her life with them, and made up for it by sharing a baby video of her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter.

Also, she’s back on social media.

So, did Kylie’s influence ebb while she was playing the role of a build-a-baby workshop?

It did not.

But it seems that her love of Snapchat, of which she was once more or less considered the reigning queen, sure has waned.

On Wednesday, the makeup mogul tweeted an innocuous question that’s been asked by countless others for the past few weeks.

We wonder if, at the time, she knew the devastating effect that it would wreak.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat tweet

“Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.”

Not only has Instagram introduced its own Stories feature, complete with more options than Snapchat offers, but Snapchat’s most recent update has infuriated long-time users and caused them to put down the app.

Clearly, Kylie is among them.

She followed that by tweeting:

“Still love you tho snap … my first love.”

That profession of love, however, did not save the app’s stock.

On Thursday, the market value of Snapchat dropped by 7.2 percent.

That’s by 1.3 billion dollars.

Though there were other factors — such as a recent influx of strongly negative reviews from users after the app’s recent update.

Market analysts have Twitter too, folks. They could see Kylie’s tweet and they could see the sentiment mirrored in replies by her 24.5 million followers.

Outrage over an update is nothing new — countless apps and video games see backlash from furious users after “helpful” updates alter or destroy their ability to continue to use the things that they love.

But when the Queen of Snapchat herself doesn’t find the app usable anymore? That’s beyond a warning sign.

It’s no wonder that investors decided to jump ship.

No one could be happier at this news than Mark Zuckerberg.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Facebook founder and billionaire offered to buy Snapchat for a cool $ 2 billion.

Snapchat declined. Internet denizens note that Instagram then came out with a Stories feature that many users find preferable to Snapchat’s, effectively making Snapchat (in some people’s opinions) redundant unless you’re just sending nudes.

That may still have played a role in Snapchat’s apparent downfall, but Zuckerberg surely couldn’t have predicted that Kylie would so mournfully tank Snapchat’s brand with a single tweet.

The question is: did Kylie have any idea that she might be effectively euthanizing Snapchat?

And did Snapchat realize how much their brand hinged upon one barely-20-year-old?


Audrey Roloff Plays with Daughter, Shills for Mattress Company

Audrey Roloff has once again opened up about her breastfeeding challenges.

But this time with a controversial twist.

To the credit of this Little People, Big World star, Roloff has never shied away from the pain she often faces while providing her daughter with sustenance.

She suffers from a condition called Mastisis.

Shortly after welcoming Ember Jean into the world, Audrey told her followers that this problem resulted in more physical pain for her than she even experienced during childbirth.

Yikes, right?

We feel terrible for Audrey and we salute her for being so honest about such difficulty.

However, we’ve often found fault with Roloff for using her daughter as a prop.

A debate continues to rage online over whether or not it’s appropriate for the TLC star to gush over child-rearing in one breath … and then encourage fans to purchase some product for which she’s shilling in the next breath.

And that’s exactly what Audrey just did on Instagram.

“I don’t know about you mamas, but nursing while laying down in bed was a game changer for me,” Roloff wrote on Tuesday night as a caption to the above images.

She continued:

“I’m so thankful that I learned how to do it early on in my breastfeeding journey. It allowed me to still have precious bonding moments with Ember while I nursed her round the clock to increase my supply, and endured reoccurring mastitis.

“It offered a little comfort and connection to my painful beginnings.”

We’re very glad to hear this.

And we’re guessing other relatively new mothers out there are as well, as it’s advice they can maybe utilize in their own lives.

But then Audrey’s message sort of took a turn.

“We spent so much time in bed together that it made me wonder about all the toxic materials in our matteress,” she wrote, explaining as follows:

“I did some research and learned about all the harmful effects of off-gassing from mattresses (especially the memory foam kind).”

Did she really, though?

Or is she just getting paid to say this?

The latter seems most likely, considering what Roloff wrote next:

“I really wanted to invest in a mattress made from natural and organic materials, but I didn’t want to sacrifice comfort…

“After doing some thorough comparisons, I finally decided to try to @avocadomattress and we absolutely love it.”

Now, look: There’s nothing wrong with promoting a product on social media.

For stars all across the Internet and all across various industries, this has become a perfectly common and profitable way to make money.

It’s just that… well… Audrey Roloff seems to pride herself on being real, honest and open.

Just consider the way she presents this mattress problem to her fans, right?

She’s acting as if she stumbled upon Avocado Mattress organically – when, in fact, this is clearly a paid promotion.

Concludes Roloff in this instance, regarding her new mattress:

“It’s 100% organic and eco-friendly + made in the US. I was worried it wouldn’t be as soft and cozy as our old mattress but we got the plush topper and it’s a dream.”

At the very end of her post, Audrey writes that this is, indeed, an “#ad.”

What do you think of this quasi Roloff controversy?

Are we making a big deal out of nothing at all?

Or is Audrey being sort of hypocritical by gushing about God while simultaneously encouraging her followers to purchase some kind of product?

It’s an interesting debate, isn’t it?


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