Tori Roloff: I’ll Have Baby #2 on One Condition!

We may have overlooked something in our latest recap of Little People, Big World.

As has been the case over the past few weeks on this TLC favorite, most of the installment centered on the rising tension between Matt and Amy Roloff, which appears to even be placing the future of the family farm at risk.

But what about the future of Tori and Zach Roloff?

Is the couple really getting set to welcome a second child into their adorable fold?

Granted, these Roloffs have only been parents for just over a year, having said an excited hello to son Jackson Kyle last May.

But there’s been constant chatter for weeks now that Tori is pregnant again… although the evidence behind these claims has been flimsy at best.

On this past Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World, Tori and Zach actually addressed the possiiblity of expanding their family.

No, it doesn’t sound as though Tori is expecting at this exact moment — but her husband sort of wishes she were.

“It’s a ton of work taking care of a child, but it’s very rewarding,” Zach said at one point to the camera, adding:

“Being a dad’s been great. Jackson’s the cutest little thing. I would love to have, like, a little pack. I definitely want to have more kids.”

It’s safe to assume this will happen eventually, and maybe it will even happen fairly soon.

But Tori has one demand before she’s willing to consider a brother or sister for her firstborn:

She wants to get a dog first.

This isn’t a common demand by a parent already dealing with a one-year old, but dogs are also totally awesome, so we can see where Tori is coming from.

Zach, however, countered that that if a dog entered the picture, then the hierarchy in the house was going to push him even further down. So he wasn’t really having it.

The reality star basically shot down the idea, prompting Tori to hilariously tell her husband that “the shop is closed.”

(We don’t need to translate this for our readers, do we? Just think about it, okay…)

Zach subsequently made us laugh at well, telling Tori that shutting her legs to him in bed will be her “loss.” LOL. We really do adore these two and their dynamic.

“We fully disagree on the dog situation and what child we want next,” Tori said to conclude this segment on the episode.

Oh well.

For now, we’re certainly content with photos of Jackson and with updates on Jackson, such as how he’s taking swim lessons and bouncing back well from injury.

And if/when Tori and Zach do announce that a sibling is on the way for him?

We’ll be the first website to send our congratulations!


Khloe Kardashian May Take Tristan Thompson Back… on THIS Condition

Tristan Thompson may still have a chance with Khloe Kardashian.

But the professional baller will need to decide:

Is it worth remaining with his baby mama if it means he won’t be able to rail any side pieces on the… ummm… side?

According to Hollywood Life, Kardashian has not yet decided to dump Thompson for certain.

She is supposedly still weighing her offers and would consider giving her dishonest boyfriend another chance — under one pretty major condition.

Khloe “has put her foot down and demanded that if they were to survive as a couple, Tristan needs to delete his Instagram,” a source tells the aforementioned website, adding that the platform makes it impossible for Kardashian to trust Thompson.

This report follows a previous article that explained how Thompson liked to slide into the Direct Messages of women in whom he held a sexual interest.

It therefore stands to reason that Khloe would object to Thompson having free use of his account.

“Khloe feels that with the broken trust they have, it is hard for them as a couple to rebuild things when so many random women have easy access to Tristan online,” Hollywood Life also writes.

“So Khloe has begged Tristan to take a social media break while they figure things out.”

Here’s the thing, though:

If you need your partner to get off social media in order to be confident he won’t get off with other women… that’s likely a sign your relationship is broken.

The problem isn’t Instagram, Keeks. It’s Thompson himself.

Deep down inside, Khloe probably knows this.

But she gave birth to her first child less than two weeks ago.

It may seem like we’ve known forever that Thompson is a dirtball, but, in actuality, news of his widespread cheating only went viral this month.

That’s a lot for one woman to process in a short period of time.

“Medically, [Kardashian] could leave Cleveland now – it’s her choice to stay,” a source also tells People Magazine, adding of True’ mother:

“She isn’t ready to give up on her relationship with Tristan. She’s still very torn. She doesn’t want to make a decision right now.”

Khloe is trying to focus on her newborn and what was supposed to be the “happiest time in her life,” as this People insider describes the situation, but:

“She is still extremely disappointed with Tristan and isn’t sure she can trust him again.”

As some form of revenge, Khloe could dump Thompson during the ongoing NBA playoffs.

That’s what Rob Kardashian wants his sister to do.

But a different Hollywood Life story claims this won’t happen.

“Khloe is going to wait to make her decision on keeping Tristan around or not until after the NBA Playoffs,” a totally real source says, explaining why:

“She has quite a lot of respect for LeBron James and she doesn’t want to make any announcements that may altar the team’s chemistry during the playoffs.”

That is officially the funniest thing we’ve ever read.


Jessa Duggar Reveals Son’s Health Condition, Gets Criticized For Negligence

Jessa Duggar just can’t seem to catch a break lately.

It seems that ever since Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from Counting On, the scrutiny of Jessa and her family has only intensified.

On social media, Jessa has remained as famous as ever amongst obsessive Duggar fans.

Unfortunately, these days, her interactions with her followers tend to be strangely hostile.

More often than not the negativity takes the form of critical comments about Jessa’s parenting.

In recent months, Jessa has been slammed by fans for everything from failing to properly homeschool her children to putting them in harm’s way by living to close to a highway.

Needless to say, followers have devoted a shocking amount ot time to combing through her social media posts in search of something to get angry about.

Sometimes, however, the outrage stems not from a minor background detail in a photo on Jessa’s Instagram, but from comments she’s made on her family’s popular reality show.

And it seems a minor revelation Jess made on this week’s episode has the Duggar faithful all whipped up into a frenzy. 

“When Henry was about three months old, he had what appeared to be ‘cradle cap,'” Jessa told the camera.

“But I tried a lot of different washes, lotions, creams, and things like that, and then I started to figure it out that this was actually eczema and probably an allergy.”

She added that the problem is persistent, and that she and husband Ben Seewald are often forced to take action in order to stop Henry from making things worse:

“Henry has some pretty bad flare-ups on his head and in his neck creases and so we have to keep socks on his hands to keep him from scratching it,” Jessa added.

Apparently, a sizable percentage of the Counting On audience is made up of medical professionals, and many of them feel that Jessa is to blame for her son’s condition:

“I just saw the episode of Henry and his eczema allergy. I saw you eating eggs, and eggs can also be a huge flare up,” wrote one viewer on Mrs. Seewald’s Instagram page.

“My son has eczema too, we found out it’s a wheat, egg, and soy allergy,” wrote another.

“Cut gluten, dairy, and sugar,” advised a third, cautioning that scents and lotions Jessa is using might also be making the problem worse.

We’re sure most of these folks intended to be helpful, but the tone often comes off as a but smug and scolding – especially since Jessa already addressed these possible causes in Monday’s episode:

“I’m trying to address what’s irritating his stomach and trying to eliminate things from my diet to see what’s up,” she said on the show.

“I’ve cut out all inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, corn, nuts. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.”

So there you have it, folks – Jessa seems to have access to the same medical information as the rest of us.

But we’re sure that won’t keep you from offering unsolicited advice.

Watch Counting On online to find more reasons to get on Jessa’s case!


Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Hiding Samuel Dillard’s Genetic Condition?

Samuel Dillard — known as SamSam by his parents — is the infant son of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Since his birth, fans have spotted hints that baby Samuel has some sort of health problem.

New photos shared by the Duggar family have even more fans worried that Samuel has a health issue. And puzzled that the Duggars are keeping it quiet.

The Duggar family is not one to stay quiet about their ever-expanding brood.

Any time that a Duggar baby is born, there are photos left and right.

Sometimes, a mother will sit down and do a photoshoot with a magazine within days of giving birth. Reproduction is a huge part of the Duggar brand, folks.

So the relative lack of photos and proclamations of joy in the weeks that followed SamSam’s birth were … suspicious to a number of fans. Fans were curious for other reasons, too, which we’ll get to in a moment.

First, look at these recent photos:

He’s so cute!

As usual, many Duggar defenders think that asking questions about one of the children qualifies as “hate.”

But fans who have been curious about Samuel for a while point out that he appears to lack a prominent bridge to his nose.

That can be an indicator for certain genetic disorders.

If Samuel was born with visible indications of a disorder at birth, that might have explained the relative radio silence that the family went into about their new addition to the Duggar family in those few weeks after he was born.

You might look at adorable photos of Samuel and say “well, he’s cute; his nose doesn’t mean that he has a condition or disorder.”

And you might be right.

But, as fans of the Duggars are quick to point out, there’s more than a social media absence after his birth to make fans wonder.

After Samuel’s birth, Jill started posting some cryptic messages on social media.

They were, of course, Christian in origin. 

On Instagram, Jill wrote:

“It’s easy to praise God when things are going great, but do we continue to count our blessings when things aren’t going like we planned?”

That’s not the usual sentiment that a happy mother expresses after her child’s birth.

Some, however, note that there may have been some complication with Jill.

Some suspected that she’d required an emergency hysterectomy after Samuel’s birth. If true, that would certainly qualify as crushing news for a member of a fertility cult.

Others wonder if she may have been suffering from post-partum depression. The human body can be cruel, folks.

For what it’s worth, Samuel also seems to spend a lot of time on the floor. Even for a baby. And, often, without a blanket, which infuriates a lot of followers who hate the idea of a baby wallowing on the carpet for hours.

But that might just be yet another Jill Duggar parenting fail.

Are these latest photos further evidence that Samuel has a genetic disorder? We sure don’t know.

We do know that the Duggars are just about the last family we’d want a potentially disabled child to be born into. (Or any child, for that matter)

And we have to wonder why Jill and Derick haven’t either cleared up this rumor … or confirmed it. Some fans can’t help but wonder if the couple is ashamed of their son.

We should point out that perhaps the strongest argument for Samuel not having a genetic disorder is that his parents haven’t spoken about it.

With all of the money that Derick and Jill asked for to help with their “totally legit” missionary work, you’d think that they’d milk their fans for donations if they have a child with any sort of specual needs.