Logan Paul Hijacked Brand Name and Cost Maverick Apparel $4 Million, Claims Clothing Co.

Logan Paul hijacked the name of a wholesome, reputable clothing company, and now his repulsive antics are costing the original brand millions … at least according to the company. Maverick Apparel fired off a scathing letter to the YouTube star…


Blac Chyna: A Protective Order Against Rob Shouldn’t Cost Me My Job!

The Kardashians and Blac Chyna, through the precious and innocent Dream Kardashian, will always be linked. Right now, they’re also linked through a couple of major legal battles.

You know how the Kardashians are saying that it’s Blac Chyna’s own fault that her reality career didn’t take off, because her restraining order made it impossible to film scenes with Rob?

Well, Blac Chyna thinks that the argument is hogwash (not her word) and sends a horrible message to survivors of abuse.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian both accuse each other of drug-fueled violence, which is honestly pretty horrifying on its own.

(Domestic violence should never happen, folks)

Blac Chyna claims that she was only violent in self-defense, while Rob claims that she went on a destructive rampage that caused about $ 100,000 in damages to the house he was renting from his sister Kylie.

These very serious accusations aren’t just a huge factor in why the infamous couple broke up.

They’re also a huge factor in Blac Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashian family.

See, Chyna is suing the family, claiming that they blacklisted her with E! and killed her potential reality career, starting with the show that she had with Rob.

She’s reportedly seeking a 7-figure amount in compensation for what she could have made in wages and also what she could have made in endorsements.

Apparently, however, the Kardashians aren’t worried about Blac Chyna’s lawsuit … because they claim that it’s Chyna’s own fault that her show got canceled.

Those domestic violence accusations we mentioned?

They included a restraining order against Rob Kardashian. He couldn’t go near her because, well, Chyna was afraid of what he might do.

The Kardashian argument seems to be that the show’s cancellation wasn’t part of some conspiracy, but simply because two stars can’t film a show (not easily, anyway) if one has a restraining order against the other.

At the very least, they can’t film scenes together like that.

TMZ reported that the Kardashian team was making that argument, and is now reporting exactly what Chyna thinks of it.

Apparently … she’s not a fan.

In fact, Blac Chyna reportedly believes that this sends a message that women who suffer domestic violence like she did shouldn’t get a protective order, or it might later be used against them.

While her circumstances — filming a reality series with her baby daddy who became her alleged abuser — are pretty unusual, there are plenty of women who work with their partners.

Should our world be one in which women who get protective orders against their abusers have to fear professional consequences?

What if a woman gets a restraining order from her husband and, say, the office job where they both work fires her in order to resolve the problem of their cubicles being too close?

At least, that’s what we think that Chyna is getting at.

Of course, TMZ notes that there’s arguably one hiccup with Blac Chyna’s argument.

She dropped her order of protection after she won big time in her custody fight.

So … it might appear that, by example, she’s promoting the use of restraining orders as a bargaining chip.

But maybe she dropped it as a sign of good faith, in the hopes that Rob is no longer a threat to her.

And to make custody trade-offs a little easier between the two.

Not everything has to be a calculated ploy, right?

Not even when we’re talking about Blac Chyna’s legal struggle with the Kardashians.



Justin Bieber: How Did His Balls Cost a Woman Her Job?

Look, Justin Bieber’s genitals were, for a long time, a subject for speculation. 

Then the world saw what Bieber looks like nude. And then the world saw his naked body again, in greater detail. You’d think that the saga of Bieber’s junk would have been over by now.

But no. The overpowering allure of the Biebs’ genitals has gotten a nurse fired from her job. And now there’s a ballsuit. Lawsuit, sorry.

Okay, so, first of all, Justin Bieber was plagued by rumors for years.

Penis rumors.

Though maybe “plagued” isn’t the right word, because these rumors all suggested that Justin Bieber was well-endowed.

Generally speaking, regardless of the truth, people with penises don’t get super bent out of shape if word gets out that their penises are large and in charge.

And Justin’s not exactly a modest dude, either.

So, last year, the world saw blurry photos of Justin hanging out in the nude outside.

If these were leaked photos from a jilted ex or from his phone or whatever, we’d be condemning it. He was hanging out nude outside, though, so it’s less creepy. (Still a little creepy)

If you’d forgotten about those, whichever little beast hacked Selena Gomez’s Instagram account was sure to remind you.

Not much later, Justin and his then-girlfriend were hanging out outside in Hawaii and Justin was, again, naked. This time, the photographer got way closer, and no details were spared.

(Some even speculated that, given Justin’s nudity but his lady companion’s clothed state, that the photoshoot may have been prearranged)

So you’d think that all mysteries related to Justin Bieber’s genitals would be resolved, then.

Apparently, not so much.

Last May — can you guys believe that it’s September already? — Justin Bieber was in some sort of soccer-related incident and experienced some testicular pain, and not the fleeting time.

Reportedly, he actually had some testicular swelling.

You know that thing where you plug your symptoms into WebMD because you have a mild headache and it says that you have cancer so bad that you’re also having a stroke?

Justin did that, and apparently came to the conclusion that he had testicular torsion.

That’s a serious condition that’s agonizing and usually requires surgery, so he made an emergency visit to the hospital.

(Totally the right thing to do there)

If you’re worried about the Biebs and his balls, know that he’s okay — it turned out to be a false alarm and he’s just fine.

However, a hospital employee ended up getting fired.

A hospital staffer named Kelly Lombardo was fired afterwards.

The hospital claims that Kelly heard a rumor that Justin Bieber had checked in because he had some sort of STI.

That’s a very natural rumor when someone hears about an attractive young star with a bad reputation went to the hospital for something related to genital discomfort.

Hearing a rumor, though, isn’t a firable offense.

But the hospital claims that Kelly Lombardo then looked through Justin Bieber’s medical records without permission, and referred to her as being “an immoral employee.”

That doesn’t make for a  great reference letter.

Now, TMZ reports that Kelly Lombardo is suing the hospital for wrongful termination.

Kelly Lombardo replies that she never looked into Justin’s medical records, but simply heard the rumor without letting her curiosity get the better of her.

TMZ heard from New York employment attorney David H. Rosenberg, who said: “My client never accessed Mr. Bieber’s medical file and yet she was fired for doing so.”

We’re not sure if the hospital believes that Lombardo was merely being nosy or if she hoped to sell the information and collect a payday, but we’re sure that that will come up if this lawsuit makes it to trial.

We have to wonder what Justin Bieber thinks of all of this.