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Floyd Mayweather Flaunts 41 Expensive Watches … ‘This One Cost $18 Mil’

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Floyd Mayweather has one helluva watch collection — 41 time pieces in total — including a crown jewel, the $ 18 million “One and Only.”

Seems Floyd was just bored on Wednesday and felt like stuntin’ on all of us normies — so he broke out the briefcases with his super expensive man jewelry … and showed it all off. 

“When I go on pay-cation for 30 days,” Floyd said … “I take 30 watches with me.”

“But, you know what, if we add 10 more days, I take 10 more watches,” he explained while opening a 2nd case. 

And, then the big daddy … 

“But then, I say ‘f*ck it. If I wanna bring out the one and only, then I’ll take out the watch that costs $ 18 million.”

The watch is technically called “The Billionaire Watch” — made by Jacob & Co. back in 2015, it features 239 emerald-cut baguette diamond stones, each weighing up to 3 carats.

Floyd says he bought the watch last summer from a Japanese jeweler named Tadashi Fukushima — and claimed he’d never buy any jewelry from anyone else ever again. 

But if he sees the right watch somewhere else … 

Floyd has made a ton of money during his pro boxing career — $ 300 mil to fight Pacquiao, $ 300 mil to fight McGregor … and $ 9 mil to fight Tenshin Nasukawa. 

So yeah, he should be able to afford a few watches. 

Dana White Moving UFC 232 To L.A. Cost $6 Million!

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Dana White says the decision to move UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles cost roughly $ 6 million. 

White says he did NOT want to cancel the fight and worked to find a venue where it could happen when problems arose in Nevada. 

White says once they found out The Forum in L.A. was available, they booked it and the rest is history. 

Alexander Gustafsson just went off on Jon Jones to his face — saying the guy is a “terrible” cheater who’s spewing “bullsh*t” about his positive PED test. 

The two exchanged shots at the UFC 232 press conference — Gustafsson says he’s convinced Jones is a cheater, but didn’t want to back out of the Dec. 29 fight because he wants to beat the guy’s ass. 

“I’m here to fight,” Gustafsson said … “He will eat it Saturday night.”

UFC 232 was supposed to go down in Las Vegas — but was moved to L.A. after Jones tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Jones has insisted he only had trace amounts of the PED in his system — remnants of the last time he tested positive. He’s adamant the Turinabol in his system is not new.

The UFC — along with the California State Athletic Commission and other officials — believe Jones, which is why the fight was greenlit in CA.

During the event, Jones doubled down on his claim that he’s not a cheater and will eventually be vindicated by tested organizations. 

Jones says it’s “hilarious” that people think PEDs are the reason for his success. 

Paris Hilton Banksy Spoofed My Debut Album … And It’s Gonna Cost Ya $2K


Leave it to Banksy to take Paris Hilton‘s first album and turn it into a work of art so coveted, it’s fetching more than $ 2,000 on the auction block!!!

The street artist totally reimagined Paris’ self-titled 2006 album, complete with spoofed song titles and a topless Hilton on the cover, plus tons of not-so-subtle digs at Paris inside the CD booklet.

According to RR Auction, Banksy re-interpreted about 500 copies of “Paris” immediately after the album dropped, and placed his work in 48 record stores across the United Kingdom. Bids for the rare copy have already surpassed its $ 2k estimate!

With Bansky spoofing album art and track titles, he enlisted DJ Danger Mouse to remix the tunes … and, we gotta say, it still bumps.

Check out the gallery … we’re guessing Paris’ exposed breast on the cover will draw your eye, but the real fun is inside the booklet. Banksy depicts Paris in tons of different poses, next to captions mixing funny insults with social commentary. 

Here’s the original “Paris” cover from ’06, and as you can see, Banksy’s version is way more risque.  

The auction officially closes January 9 … good luck!!!