Jenelle Evans SLAMS Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars: Stop Being So Dramatic!

Jenelle Evans does this thing, you’ve probably noticed it, where she’s completely incapable of having just the tiniest little sliver of self-awareness.

She just. Can’t. Do it.

If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about here, let’s just go over a quick example: remember all those cease and desist letters she sent out a few months ago?

She sent them to almost every single Teen Mom 2 cast member, demanding that they stop mentioning her on social media.

Hilariously, one of the reasons why she wanted them to stop talking about her was because it could potentially damage her chances of getting jobs in the future, like everything else she’s ever done wouldn’t do the trick there.

But anyway, she sat up on her high horse while all those letters were delivered, all the while knowing that she does the same ding dang thing the rest of them do.

She posts stories about the other moms on her social media accounts, and she’s definitely trashed them there, too.

She leaked Kailyn Lowry’s big pregnancy news last year, and she even once leaked Kailyn’s phone number.

But she’s the victim in all of this for some reason, right?

It was absolutely ridiculous, but hey, that’s Jenelle.

And now she’s being ridiculous all over again.

OK, so Kailyn Lowry has that podcast, right? She brought Leah Messer on a recent episode, so of course they got into some Teen Mom talk.

The subject of the last reunion show came up, specifically the filming of that New Year’s Eve party before the reunion — the one where David Eason pulled out a knife and attacked some balloons.

Leah said that she was “terrified” during the incident, and that she didn’t think it was acceptable for him to go off like that because even though it was a party, it was also part of their job.

“We were there for work!” she said. “I mean, you can have a few drinks socially, but it’s not that appropriate.”

She and Kailyn both agreed that they didn’t want their children to be around David in the future.

All of that makes perfect sense — believe it or not, it actually isn’t a great look to have a few drinks at a company party and then stab some decorations when things don’t go your way.

Or for any reason, really.

But, as always, Jenelle is unable to understand the simplest of things, and so she lashed out at both Leah and Kailyn on Twitter.

She began by directing a tweet at Leah, writing “Last time I recalled… the kids weren’t at the New Years party we were ‘working at.’ Stop being so dramatic.”

“My name or my husbands should never come of if your mouth, but for a podcast and ratings?! Of course. #Fake.”

How rich is it that Jenelle Evans is telling another human being to “stop being so dramatic”?

About as rich as it is that she’s saying that Leah is being dramatic because she didn’t appreciate a man twice her size brandishing a knife at a work event.

Also, why should Jenelle or David’s name never “come of if” Leah’s mouth? Because we’re pretty sure Leah’s name has definitely “come of if” Jenelle’s.

One of her followers told her not to even support Kailyn’s podcast by listening to it, but Jenelle clarified that she just saw Leah’s quotes on a gossip site, because “lmfao hell no that would make my ears bleed.”

Another person suggested that she learn how to get along with Leah, and she responded with “Yeah, tell her that. Whatever kail tells her to do she does it lol.”

When someone then pointed out that Kailyn and Leah are actually friends — something that must be a novel concept for Jenelle — she said “Kail uses anyone she can to gain whatever she can… remember that.”

But what about Chelsea?!

“I honestly think Chelsea doesn’t trust any of us, lmao I think we’ve both came to those terms actually,” she wrote.

Except Chelsea is definitely friends with both Kailyn and Leah, but sure, Jenelle.

As for the last remaining Teen Mom 2 girl, Briana DeJesus, she chimed in with “Still talking about the New Year’s Eve party?” with three crying emojis.

Which is kind of odd, because this all just happened a few months ago, and if we were ever at a work event where someone’s husband stabbed a bunch of balloons in a fit of rage, we’d literally never stop talking about it.

But apparently that kind of drama is normal for both Jenelle and Briana, because Jenelle replied with “Omg yes, it never ends with anyone. When I comment back in the bad one, just like we talked about lol.”

We’re pretty sure she meant to write “I’m the bad one” instead of “in the bad one,” so it’s obvious she doesn’t realize that it’s weird that she thinks it’s weird for this to still be a topic of conversation.

“Why is my life your everyday topic for your show?” she then asked. “Maybe I should be the one with a show then…”

Because if she had her own podcast and talked about the other moms, then that would be cool, right?

Oh, Jenelle ….


Kailyn Lowry vs. Briana DeJesus: Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars Forced to Pick Sides?!

Now that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are broken up, you might think that the feud between Briana and Kailyn Lowry would come to a close. 

But this beef started before Briana hooked up with Javi, and now it looks like it’ll continue now that the relationship is through.

Kailyn and Briana

Briana slammed Javi and Kailyn in an epic social media tirade last week.

It seems her tantrum was spurred by Javi’s appearance on Kailyn’s podcast, so it’s appropriate that Kail is reportedly planning on firing back on the next episode of Coffee Convos.

“Briana’s twitter meltdown was 100 percent directed at Kail,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“Javi is expected to come back on the podcast in the next couple of weeks, as well as Leah [Messer] and [Teen Mom 3 star] McKenzie [McKee],” the insider adds.

“They could not believe what was coming out of Briana’s mouth and are definitely going to defend Kail!”

Yes, it seems Briana messed with the bull and will soon receive the horns.

She may have deleted the tweets in which she instructed Kailyn to “suck my d-ck,” but it seems the damage had already been done.

Kailyn has been on Teen Mom 2 much longer than Briana, and it seems the stars from the entire franchise our choosing her side.

Sure, Briana might have Jenelle Evans in her corner, due mainly to the fact that Jenelle and Kailyn have been feuding for years, but is that really an advantage?

Look if you’re in a rough spot, and having Jenelle on your side is your biggest consolation, you may want to consider giving up

We’re just saying.

Apparently, what outraged Kailyn the most was the fact that Briana called her out for reaching out privately in hopes of keeping their feud off social media.

“Do not ever call my phone at 7am talking about we need to leave social media alone when it comes to our issues, yet you are the first one to use my name to gain listeners,” DeJesus tweeted.

“I’ll say suck my d-ck whenever I want to and to whoever I want.”

She may regret that remark, as Lowry is reportedly prepared to go nuclear:

“Briana started this battle and she is going to get what’s coming to her,” says the source.

“Kail’s fans are very upset over this and so is her friends. No one is going to let Briana get away with what she said,”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the rocky road that led Kail and Bri to this point.


Farrah Abraham SLAMS Co-Stars: Bunch of Lazy, Closeted Potheads!

Farrah Abraham has never been one to shy away from conflict.

In fact, she often creates conflicts where none had previously existed, seemingly for no other reason than to alleviate her own boredom.

Farrah has clashed with her co-stars on Teen Mom: OG more times than we can count, but it's possible she's never gone on such a direct, savage attack as the one she launched last night.

We're still a bit in shock over Farrah's latest comments, a feeling that we're sure is shared by the targets of her smear campaign…

1. Farrah On the Attack

Farrah abraham in greece
There was nothing subtle about Farrah’s latest comments. The woman clearly hates everyone she works with, and she wants the world to know it.

2. Globetrotter

Farrah abraham up close personal
Last night’s episode of Teen Mom: OG featured Farrah returning from a trip overseas to try and make amends with her mother. Apparently, Farrah feels that her busy travel schedule makes her a superior person to her co-stars.

3. No One Is Exempt

Abraham farrah a photo
For no apparent reason, Farrah went off on the entire cast after the episode, tweeting, “I’m just happy amber stays In bed, Maci sits on the couch, Catelynn smokes weed in her car, Tyler’s gays still doesn’t admit it, I travel the world & know how to run businesses #teenmom @mtv all I can say is #WOW”

4. Breaking It Down…

Farrah abraham models lingerie with a horse
So what prompted Farrah to make the comment? And why did she feel the need to include every single one of her cast mates? Join us as we dissect one of the most vitriolic Teen Mom tweets of all time…

5. "Amber Just Stays In Bed…"

Amber portwood and her dog
Clearly, Farrah feels that Amber is lazy. While it’s true that Portwood isn’t involved in as many business ventures as Ms. Abraham, she certainly doesn’t seem to be lacking in the ambition department.

6. "Maci Stays on the Couch…"

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Farrah hit Maci Bookout with pretty much the exact same burn, and it’s just as nonsensical as it was with Amber. The woman is raising three kids! How lazy can she be?

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Jenelle Evans: Why Is She Taking Legal Action Against Her Co-Stars?

Take a moment and imagine having Jenelle Evans as a co-worker.

We'll pause here to allow you some time to finish writhing in agony and convulsing on the floor.

As you can imagine, sharing an employer with the Carolina Hurricane would present a number of challenges, including, but not limited to, random social media feuds and unexpected legal action.

It seems some of the ladies of Teen Mom 2 were reminded today of just how volatile Jenelle can be thanks to a surprise call from her attorneys, and fortunately for us, they're sharing their misery on Twitter.

Check out the gallery below for a rundown of the incident, and watch Teen Mom 2 online for more baffling hijinks from Ms. Evans.

1. Mystery Tantrum

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
Usually, when Jenelle is pissed off about something, she makes the cause of her consternation abundantly clear. This time, however, there’s a good deal of confusion about exactly what’s got Jenelle’s goat. And it seems she’d like to keep it that way…

2. Cease and Desist

Jenelle evans freakin out
Apparently, Jenelle’s lawyers sent cease and desist letters to several Teen Mom 2 regulars, including Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Chelsea’s dad, Randy.

3. Quiet Kail

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
As a result, Kailyn and company are forbidden from going into detail about Jenelle’s latest gripe. But that’s not stopping them from throwing a little shade on Twitter.

4. #ByeJenelle

Number byejenelle
“How does one get a cease & desist from someone they don’t care to talk about… & if i did, it’s my opinion,” Kailyn tweeted, adding the biting hashtags, “#hijenelle #byejenelle.”

5. A Savage Meme-ing

A savage meme ing
Chelsea Houska even busted out the Confused Girl meme to drive her point home.

6. Houska Burns

Randy houska and aubree
“I just got a cease and desist from Jenelle and David. So there’s that lolll. #idonteventalkaboutyou,” Chelsea tweeted. A pretty scathing reaction, but the best response might have come from Chelsea’s father, Randy…

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One Tree Hill Actors: We Stand with Our Co-Stars!

One Tree Hill is back in the news these days…

… for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier this week, all the women who starred on this former CW hit came out and penned an open letter that accused creator Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment.

It detailed how uncomfortable he made everyone feel on set via inappropriate touching and various comments and even in showing off nude pictures of the women with whom he was sleeping.

We recap this ugly story below, while also featuring the supporting statements made by James Lafferty and other male co-stars on the series:

1. The History Behind One Tree Hill

The history behind one tree hill
One Tree Hill ran for nine seasons and wrapped up in April of 2012. It’s one of the most beloved shows in CW history.

2. The Complaint:

Mark schwahn
In a letter signed by 17 actresses and former One Tree Hill co-workers, the women write of Schwahn: “Many of us were, to varying degrees, manipulated psychologically and emotionally. More than one of us is still in treatment for post-traumatic stress. Many of us were put in uncomfortable positions and had to swiftly learn to fight back, sometimes physically, because it was made clear to us that the supervisors in the room were not the protectors they were supposed to be.”

3. Moreover:

The letter also alleges that Schwahn spoke to women on set in ways that were “deeply upsetting, to traumatizing, to downright illegal,” and alleged that they were put in positions that made them feel “physically unsafe.”

4. It Was Signed By:

It was signed by
Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz, Danneel Harris, Michaela McManus, Kate Voegele, Daphne Zuniga, India de Beaufort, Bevin Prince, Jana Kramer, Shantel Van Santen, Allison Munn; along with “Brave Crew And All the rest of the Women We Worked With Who Are Finding Their Voices as We Speak.”

5. What the Men are Saying

What the men are saying
Here is the message of support written by former co-lead James Lafferty.

6. And Lee Norris

And lee norris
“Much love to our brother bear #LeeNorris, who has always been supportive. He’s one of the good ones too. #BurnItDownSis,” wrote Sophia Bush in response to this note.

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Jeremy Calvert BASHES Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars on Instagram!

Reality TV is a strange beast.

It turns regular folks into celebrities not because of their brains, abilities, or even their looks, but simply because of their willingness to allow viewers to access their private lives.

For some, that's the primary appeal of the genre, while for others, it's the chief drawback.

We think it's safe to say Leah Messer's ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, belongs squarely in the latter camp.

Check out Jeremy's latest rant against his co-stars in the gallery below and watch Teen Mom 2 online to decide for yourself if Calvert has a point.

1. Jeremy and Leah In Happier Times

Leah messer and jeremy calvert image
Jeremy is Leah’s second husband after Corey Simms. He’s also the father of her youngest daughter, Adalynn.

2. One Messy Breakup

Leah messer calvert family
Jeremy and Leah split in ugly fashion. While they’ve formed an amicable co-parenting relationship in the years since, it wasn’t an easy process.

3. Jeremy Doesn’t Want His MTV

Jeremy calvert on teen mom 2
Just about every one on Teen Mom 2 has complained about the way the show is edited. But perhaps no one has been as critical of the show itself as Jeremy Calvert.

4. The King of the Insta-rant

Jeremy calvert brooke wehr image
These days, Jeremy is dating Brooke Wehr and he seems to be pretty content, but he still takes to social media to vent his frustration now and then.

5. Tell Us What You REALLY Think!

Number calvertwehr
Calvert’s latest is a doozy. In the comments on his latest Instagram post the reality star went off on everyone from judgemental fans to his co-stars.

6. Not Exactly Subtle

Not exactly subtle
Jeremy posted this meme earlier in the week, and with that, he was off to the rant races.

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Farrah Abraham Slams Teen Mom Costars: STOP PROCREATING!

Oh, that Farrah Abraham, always getting into mischief!

Or, you know, always running her mouth and acting a fool while showing zero redeeming qualities. Same thing.

For a good long while now, Farrah hasn’t gotten along with any of her Teen Mom costars. Not a one.

She’s not friendly with any of the Teen Mom 2 girls — she’s even had several public spats with Kailyn Lowry.

And as for the rest of the ladies from Teen Mom OG? Well, let’s just say that she used to be friends with Amber Portwood, but last fall Amber tried to knock her teeth out.

So that’s seven other women that Farrah consistently has problems with. And she addressed them all in this wild new interview.

While speaking with Hollywood Life, she touched on the fact that nearly all of the other Teen Moms have gone on to have more children.

(Oddly enough, her biggest enemy, Amber, has been the only other mom to stop after their 16 & Pregnant baby.)

“I mean it’s definitely been my choice everyday to not have another child at this time,” Farrah said, “and I think that’s allowed me to really be sure that I have relationships with the right people.”

… Yeah, we don’t know if that’s true, but if Farrah’s ever made a good choice in her life, it’s to refrain from having more kids.

“I didn’t want to rush that or hurry into a marriage,” she explained. “I don’t need more children if it’s not right.”

“I know the environment that I need to feel happy and satisfied and if I don’t have that right now, I’m not going to rush it.”

It’s so strange to hear her actually being reasonable, isn’t it? We’re so used to the opposite being the case.

Don’t worry though, it didn’t take long for her to get awful.

About the other moms on the series having more children, she said “It’s what they welcome in their lives. Maybe they feel comfortable and they’re satisfied with where they are and then they want to do that.”

“I don’t feel like while I’m filming Teen Mom that I should procreate. Some people, that’s just what they believe in and they’ll just keep popping out kiddos.”

It’s weird, because it’s like Farrah doesn’t understand that people in their mid-20s can be settled down with families.

Take Maci Bookout, for instance — she has a husband, a nice home, and she’s had two more children. That’s fine.

Likewise, Chelsea Houska found herself an amazing guy and they decided to have a baby together. These things do happen.

She might have a point when it comes to moms like Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans who keep having babies with different men, but even then, different strokes, you know?

Next up in the interview, Farrah took some time to focus on the other OG ladies, Maci, Catelynn and Amber.

“I don’t know where their jealousy stems from,” she said, mistaking their dislike for her for jealousy.

“I think it’s just their inner hatred towards themselves, but I don’t need to contribute or be friends.”

“It’s like high school,” she went on. “I don’t aspire to talk to people like that or have people like that around me.”

“Now, I’m just around super successful business oriented people are are always channeling to do something fresh and new everyday and inspire me to be better.”

“That’s all I want to be around,” she finished. “I love what I attract now and it’s much better than what I work around.”

OK, Farrah. Sure, honey. Whatever you say.


Erin Moran: Mourned and Remembered by Happy Days Costars

Yesterday, we heard the sad news that Erin Moran, an actress best known for her role on Happy Days, had passed away at the age of 56.

At this point in time, the cause of her death is unknown — officials have scheduled an autopsy to clear everything up.

Right now, we know that around 4:00 yesterday afternoon in Indiana, authorities received a call about an “unresponsive female.”

But when EMTs arrived to the location, the woman — Erin — was already dead.

It was a sad ending to what seemed to be a sad life.

She began her acting career when she was only five years old. She appeared in commercials and had small roles in various television shows until she landed the role of Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days.

Erin played Joanie for the full ten seasons that Happy Days ran, and she played her again for one season of the spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi.

She had a few other roles after the show ended, most recently in the film Not Another B Movie in 2010, but she never had the same level of fame or success since.

Several reports claim that she began struggling with addiction issues, and she also struggled with her finances, eventually ending up completely broke.

But no matter what happened in her life, no matter what caused her to end up the way she did, one fact remains:

She was clearly well loved and respected by her Happy Days family.

Ron Howard, who played Erin’s big brother Richie Cunningham, remembered her on Twitter, writing “Such sad sad news. RIP Erin. I’ll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens.”

Henry Winkler, The Fonz himself, tweeted “OH Erin… now you will finally have the peace you wanted so badly here on earth …Rest In It serenely now.. too soon.”

Don Most, who played Richie’s friend Ralph, made a statement to the Hollywood Reporter, saying “I am so incredibly sad to hear about Erin. She was a wonderful, sweet, caring, talented woman.”

“As I write this I can’t really comprehend this right now. A very painful loss. It gives me some comfort to know that she’s with Tom, Al, Pat and Garry. Rest In Peace, sweet Erin.”

He’s referring, of course, to Tom Bosley, Al Molinaro, and Pat Morita, all beloved actors from Happy Days, and Garry Marshall, the show’s creator.

Anson Williams, who played Richie’s other buddy, Potsie, released a statement of his own that read “Erin was a person who made everyone around her feel better.”

“She truly cared about others first, a true angel. I will miss her so much, but know that she is in God’s hands. RIP sweet angel.”

Her loss is clearly being felt deeply by those who knew her, and it’s such a testament to the kind of person she apparently was.

Our condolences to all of Erin’s friends and family.


Farrah Abraham: Bashed AGAIN by Teen Mom OG Costars!

Farrah Abraham is the absolute worst, as evidenced by every single thing she’s ever done since becoming pregnant at the tender age of 16.

She’s terrible — you know it, we know it, and her fellow Teen Mom stars certainly know it.

For years now, Farrah has had issues with Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Maci Bookout.

The feud reached a boiling point in 2015 when the show was revived: originally Farrah wasn’t going to be part of it, and when producers brought her back, Maci threatened to quit filming altogether.

Farrah, though she’d never say as much, seemed to be really offended by the idea that she was (and is) so horrible that Maci would leave the show, and since then, she’s been at odds with the other girls.

And it certainly didn’t help anything when she and Amber got into a physical fight at the Teen Mom reunion show last year.

So now we’re in this pattern where someone says something harsh but true about Farrah, then Farrah responds by either pretending she’s above it all, or by getting even dirtier.

And that’s how we have this brand new interview with Amber, Catelynn, and Maci — all about you-know-who.

When the ladies were asked about Farrah, Catelynn brilliantly responded with “Farrah who? Farrah Fawcett?”

“She’s dead. Rest in peace. She was beautiful. Farrah Fawcett is dead. I love Amber and Maci, but poor Farrah Fawcett. Rest in peace.”

Oh, the shade of it all!

Amber kept it real, as always, saying “Me, Maci and Catelynn have always been good. Farrah, she’s just Farrah.”

“It’s kind of like a non-issue, non-thing anymore.”

Maci agreed, adding “It’s kind of one of those things like out of sight, out of mind.”

But Maci — sweet, kind Maci — also said “I want the best for her and I think she does bring something to the show.”

(Hint: it’s ratings. Everyone loves a good trainwreck, and there’s no trainwreck quite like Farrah.)

“Not everyone is going to relate to me or Catelynn,” she continued. “The more different stories that can come together, the more relatable we’re going to be to everyone.”

“I just don’t really have a relationship with her.”

Fair enough, right?

Not for Farrah.

After hearing about this interview, Farrah made a new statement, explaining “I live my life separately and I think that’s the best way.”

“Like I’ve said, I think we all need to create our own positive, healthy, happy environment in which they don’t fit in. So again, I want no part of their rounds and rounds of immaturity.”

If she sounds testy, that’s because she gave a similar statement earlier this week after Amber and Catelynn theorized that she “needs help, like severe counseling.”

After that interview, Farrah said “I will not be including myself in discussions about what they say or have that circle of never-ending immaturity and unprofessionalism.”

“It’s unfortunate that I have other cast members who are hateful towards women, and I just don’t want to belong or associate with that.”

Oh, Farrah. Simple, ignorant, unbelievably terrible Farrah.


Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom Co-Stars: I’m Just Better Than Them!

Back in October we learned Farrah Abraham is a Donald Trump supporter, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as the two of them have a good deal in common:

They’re both reality stars; they both radiate with an unhealthy glow that brings to mind a radioactive Cheeto; and, of course, they’re both horrendous people.

One of the less obvious similarities between Farrah and Donald is the fact that both have been accused of sucking up all the media oxygen in the room and getting a disproportionate amount of TV time precisely because they’re so terrible.

Farrah addressed this phenomenon in an interview published today.

“I get better treatment because I’m a hardworking business mogul and amazing mother who holds herself with respect and keeps production accountable and always goes above and beyond what is asked,” Abraham told Us Weekly.

“And I stay above the trash they have on the show. Sadly, the girls are not taken seriously because of how they conduct themselves, and they’re to blame, not me.”

Whoa. Farrah claiming that people like her because of her ability to “stay above the trash” is the height of #SelfDelusionGoals.

Farrah’s about as far above the trash as Oscar the Grouch.

Without the trash, she would have no base of operations from which to spew her hateful …. well, trash-talk.

The eminently classy Ms. Abraham went on to proclaim that – without a hint of irony – that the other moms are simply too unprofessional and immature:

“Maci, Catelynn and Amber conduct themselves unprofessionally, disrespectfully and immaturely,” said Farrah, who once attacked a producer on the set of the show that made her famous. 

And naturally, she couldn’t conclude an interview without referencing her recent fight for  throwing some shade at her rivals of the month and 

“Since 16 and Pregnant, Amber has tried to fight me, and Maci and Catelynn have been jealous,” Farrah Said.

We’re pretty sure she threw Maci in there just because she’s the only castmember Farrah hasn’t directly beefed with this week.

Pay close attention, kids!

Farrah is offering up a master class in maturity and professionalism here.