Maci Bookout Poses with Co-Stars, Shades Farrah Abraham

Maci Bookout is ready to move forward.

But not before she takes a quick look back.

Shortly after the first promo for Teen Mom OG Season 8 went viral, the long-time MTV personality spent a night out in New York City with her old and new co-stars.

As you can see below, Bookout clearly had an enjoyable time with Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, Cheyenne Floyd and Bristol Palin.

What about Farrah Abraham?

She is no longer a part of the case, due to her affiliation with amateur pornography, and Maci couldn't help but get a small shot in at her frenemy prior to moving on with these new ladies.

See what we mean right here and now…

1. Here They Are!

Teen moms in nyc
Here is a photo of the new quintet out and about; with ex-The Challenge participant Floyd now part of the crew, along Sarah Palin’s controversial daughter, Bristol Palin.

2. Fare Thee Well, Farrah?

2 over 1
Or not, Maci basically said in her caption to this photo, which reads: “awesome day working with these beauties #tmogfamily #twoisbetterthanone.”

3. Did You Catch It?

Mace and farrah
#twoisbetterthanone. We don’t see any way to interpret that hashtag aside from Maci saying that these TWO new additions far outweigh the ONE cast member who is now gone. And that would be Farrah.

4. This Wasn’t Maci’s First Dig at Farrah’s Expense

Farrah abraham for mtv
Appearing on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast in August, Maci was asked about Bristol joining Teen Mom OG. Simply put, “anyone is better than Farrah,” Bookout replied.

5. Farrah Claps Back

Farrah abraham in a sports bra
A little, at least. After learning that Maci would appear on the show Naked and Afraid, in the wake of Abraham getting fired for being naked on Web cams, Abraham said of Bookout: “The irony of this is hilarious. Hopefully she has fun on her pornographic show; [it] sounds tragic.”

6. What About Bristol and Cheyenne?

Maci bookout and bentley edwards
Maci doesn’t have anything negative to say about them, only about the way producers went about hiring these newbies and informing the other cast members.

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The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 20 Recap: Bethenny Frankel vs. Her Co-Stars!

It was Bethenny Frankel vs. her co-stars on The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 20, and it made for one of the most explosive reunions in franchise history. 

Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, and Carole Radziwill joined some sort of clique before the taping and vowed to take Bethenny down. 

It was bizarre, and Frankel struggled to get a word in edgeways. It got so bad that Andy Cohen had to jump in to shut the ladies up. 

“I wanna hear her f***ing answer and then you can respond!” Andy yelled at the ladies because he wanted to hear how Bethenny’s answer was going to pan out.

“‘Don’t say I’m f***ing fake with your fake t**s,” screamed Ramona who was tired of Bethenny looking down on her. 

“Ok,” said Bethenny in a somewhat subdued response as Sonja Morgan leaped to her defense.

“And what are Ramona’s? One hundred percent real?” Sonja quizzed. 

“I had them when I was 55, she did them when she was 30,” said Ramona in one of her silliest responses to date. 

“Ok, well they’re both fake,” Sonja confirmed. 

At one point, Andy revealed that former cast member, Jill Zarin emailed him to let him know that she was dating a man from Ramona’s past. 

“That’s true, we went on four dates,” Ramona insisted.

“I wasn’t even divorced yet; my foot was just in the pool of getting divorced. I wasn’t ready for a relationship.”

“Well that’s wild,” Andy revealed after not getting the response he expected.

The conversation then turned to Bethenny’s reunion with Jill following their huge falling out, and how it was filmed at Bobby’s funeral. 

Ramona said it was bizarre that Bethenny had the production crew up there. 

“We all went without really wanting to film it,” she continued. 

“I don’t wanna be filmed at Bobby’s funeral,” Dorinda barked. “Morbid. I want to be informed so I can avoid the cameras at a funeral.”

“Actually we were invited by Jill. We wanted to cover the funeral,” said Andy after he realized that the women were pinning everything on Bethenny. 

Ramona then claimed that Bethenny was on only “jumping out of the car to be on camera” with Jill. 

“Good. And I’m glad she did because I wanted to see that,” he said, snapping at Ramona. 

“It was a beautiful moment,” Sonja said, but it was not enough to appease the other women. 

“I didn’t really think it was a genuine thing. It just didn’t feel natural, someone had just died — you don’t use someone’s death to do this,” Ramona said after calling Bethenny “opportunistic.”

“Well that’s not how Jill feels,” Sonja responded.

“You know what the most important thing is? Jill was happy,” said Bethenny.

“It’s not about Ramona. Jill was so happy, so you should be so happy for her.”

Bethenny did not want to have lunch with Jill just yet, and Dorinda had the most perfect response:

“I guess no cameras.”

“That makes sense,” said Carol while grinning from ear-to-ear. 

“Whether you guys like me or hate me is irrelevant, I am very grateful, and the people are grateful, thank you for donating,” Bethenny said of the people who helped her relief efforts in Puerto Rico. 

“You create animosity with all of us,” Ramona yelled at her. “You just don’t support us. You don’t like to engage us or compliment us. And it’s really, really upsetting to us.”

“You’re very negative. You’re the mean girl, the bully.”

“You have only been nasty to me for years,” Bethenny barked back. 

Bethenny then opted to get personal and dragged Ramona’s business ideas, and why they did not make the show. 

“Oh my God, I can’t take her lies anymore! I may walk off for her lies! Oh my God,” Ramona screamed. 

“I put myself through college, unlike Bethenny who had a rich father who put her through college, had her own car… I’m self-made, OK,” said Ramona of her past. 

“I’m not terrible to you! Take a mirror; you’re such a bitch to me!” Ramona said after Bethenny claimed she was terrible to her. 

“You don’t have friends. You’ve lost her now,” Ramona said while pointing at Carole. 

Bethenny then took it upon herself to drag Carole:

“Can I just talk to her directly, woman-to-woman, is it possible, Carole? This isn’t very heated; we’re OK right now. We will call you when we need you.”

“Such a bitch,” Carole said to Andy. 

While Luann de Lesseps was not at the reunion, she was still being dragged through the mud.

“When a white person puts on an afro, and then you start bronzing the skin…” Andy said, adding: “Diana Ross didn’t even wear an afro.”

The conversation then turned to the excessive drinking shown on-screen for Dorinda throughout the season. 

“Of everyone here, the whole season I’ve been the one who has called attention to your drinking in a constructive way,” said Bethenny of the claims that she was the one causing all the drama. 

“It’s not constructive to call someone a drunk on television, Bethenny,” Carole interjected.

“It’s not constructive calling someone a narcissist multiple times on television, but that didn’t stop you from calling me one,” Bethenny yelled in response. 

“Do you think that you have a relationship with alcohol that is sometimes unhealthy?” asked Andy to Dorinda. 

To the surprise of everyone, Dorinda confirmed that she thought she had a problem, but said she can’t really handle alcohol. 

“It’s just denial,” Bethenny said. 

“I actually think I was suffering from a depression,” Dorinda said.

“I really didn’t know my place anymore, I had total empty nest syndrome, I was sort of down, and I was heavy — mentally, physically.”

Dorinda then said that she had to make some changes, and tried to implement them. 

“But it didn’t give, after that you were drinking in the morning,” said Bethenny. 

“I’ve spoken to you in the morning where you sound drunk and out of your mind,” said Dorinda. 

“‘I’m sure,” Bethenny responded. 

Yeah, that was one of the craziest episodes yet, but what will the second part bring? 

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Bethenny Frankel: My Co-Stars Can’t Afford Their Lavish Lifestyles!

There’s more to Bethenny Frankel than a reality star who knows how to show off her melons while shading her frenemies.

She is also a businesswoman.

But in a new interview, Bethenny is saying that many of her co-stars don’t have an ounce of her business sense — and cannot afford their lifestyles.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online or even just follow the ladies on social media, you know the kind of opulent lifestyles that many of them lead.

But in a recent interview with Money, Bethenny says that her co-stars are spending recklessly and could end up poor if something goes wrong.

“They can’t afford the lives they’re living,” Bethenny announces in reference to her fellow Real Housewives.

Bethenny goes on to declare: “and if the music stops, they’re going to get in some trouble.”

In explanation, Bethenny says: “You can’t put yourself in a position where, if the shit hit the fan, you couldn’t pay all of your bills at one time.”

Bethenny says that, unlike some of her short-sighted co-stars, she is prepared for a worst-case scenario.

“If the world came to an end,” Bethenny says, referring to an economic crisis. “I would be able to pay for everything.”

“I might not be left with much,” she admits.

“But,” Bethenny says. “I can afford what I have.”

Good for her!

This doesn’t come from nowhere.

Bethenny was only paid $ 7,250 for the first season of The Real Housewives of New York City, but she made sure that her contract did not require her to give Bravo a share of her profits from her business.

As a result, the Skinnygirl mogul raked in millions that Bravo could not touch.

This stipulation became known as the “Bethenny clause.”

“Everybody else just had to try to play catch-up,” Bethenny says. “After they saw what I did.”

What Bethenny is talking about when she discusses the finances of her co-stars is sustainable spending and keeping a reserve of liquid assets.

For simplicity’s sake, if your paycheck is a million dollars a year and you spend a million dollars a year, that means that if you suddenly lose that job, you have nothing but the property that you own.

It’s good to have cash on hand in case something goes wrong.

We say cash because, as Bethenny suggests, sometimes “the music stops” — meaning an economic downturn.

Bethenny is saying that, if RHONY ended and all of her investments and businesses went to hell, she’d still be able to cover her current bills and continue living.

But she is suggesting that some of her co-stars would s–t out of luck.

Now, a very fair objection is that not everyone is worth millions and, therefore, not everyone is able to set aside a rainy day fund as Bethenny has.

But please notice that she is not suggesting that a minimum wage worker who takes home $ 250 a week is somehow inadequate for not having savings.

Bethenny is talking about other wealthy socialites and reality stars — women with real financial options.

Of course, what they do with their money is their business, but if Bethenny’s assessment is accurate, they may want to curtail their lavish spending.

Bethenny knows what she’s talking about.


Chelsea Houska Flaunts Baby Bump, Shades Co-Stars

There was a time when the shows that comprise the Teen Mom franchise were almost entirely on the struggles of young women dealing the after-effects of unplanned pregnancies (as one might expect from the title).

These days, however, producers have realized that the real ratings are in feuds and interpersonal drama among the cast than in the day-to-day struggles of Middle American — and there’s one longtime star who’s fed up with it.

Yes, Chelsea Houska is out to make Teen Mom great again, and she’s doing so by refusing to participate in the drama and instead focusing on what built the franchise in the first place — making babies.

Chelsea is currently pregnant with her third child, and she’s been flaunting her burgeoning baby bump on social media.

As you can see, she has a taste for humorous graphic tees.

The one above is pretty innocuous, merely Chelsea making a semi-self-deprecating joke at the 25-week mark of her pregnancy.

But it seems Chelsea recently sent a message with a much more scathing t-shirt slogan just last week.

As you may have heard, Chelsea ditched taping on the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion show well ahead of schedule.

The reason, of course, was that her castmates were being their usual ridiculous selves, fighting, sniping at each other, and generally just making life more difficult on themselves and one another.

So Chelsea participated on Saturday but refused to return to the set on Sunday.

But before she left she sent a powerful message.

Sources on set say Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer, wore shirts reading “Drama Is For Nerds.”

They also handed out the custom tees to their castmates as a not-so-subtle sign that it’s time to grow up and leave the drama in the past.

And that’s not the first time that Chelsea has expressed her displeasure with the show’s current direction.

During a recent episode, fans on Twitter complained that Chelsea doesn’t appear on the show nearly as often as her more short-tempered co-stars.

Surprisingly, Chelsea responded that she’s unhappy about the situation, as well.

“I’m almost positive that I’m barely in the next one too lol didn’t you know teen mom 2 isn’t actually even about being a mom anymore?!” she tweeted.

One fan tweeted, “What is happening to the show, it’s all about drama now. I miss it being about the moms story and kids.”

Chelsea, who usually isn’t critical of the show or its producers, stunned fans by tweeting simply, “Same!”

So Mrs. Houska-DeBoer’s feelings are now quite clear — but it remains to be seen if producers will take action.


Jenelle Evans Gun Incident: Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars React!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, then by now, you've likely heard about the infamous Jenelle Evans road rage incident.

In case you somehow missed it, here's a brief rundown:

Basically, Jenelle is even more nuts than we thought, and she chased a guy down and threatened to shoot him on his own lawn all because he cut her off in traffic.

Oh, did we mention her son was in the passenger seat the whole time?

Like we said, it was bad. Very bad.

And naturally, Jenelle's esteemed colleagues over at MTV have had a lot to say on the subject:

1. A New Low

Jenelle evans attends 2017 vmas
Family, friends, and fans are used to erratic and even violent behavior from Jenelle. But endangering multiple lives – including that of her 8-year-old son, Jace – is a new low for Evans, and her latest controversy is sure to carry some serious consequences.

2. The End of an Era?

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
There’s even been talk of Jenelle getting fired from Teen Mom 2. The decision has been escalated from TM2 producers to MTV execs, who are currently in discussions about Jenelle’s future with the network.

3. The Fallout Continues

Jenelle nathan and kaiser
It also looks as though Jenelle might lose custody of her youngest son, Kaiser, as a result of her latest brush with the law. She’s already lost custody of Jace, who is currently being raised by Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

4. Uncharacteristically Quiet

Jenelle evans twitter self portrait
Thus far, Jenelle has kept mum on the issue, possibly at the advice of her legal counsel. But her co-stars have been quick to offer their two cents on the situation.

5. Calling For Her Head

Jenelle evans cracked out
Not surprisingly, many are calling for Jenelle to be fired as a result of the incident, including her longtime co-star Jeremy Calvert.

6. Jeremy Sounds Off

Leah messer jeremy calvert photo
Calvert – the former husband of Leah Messer – is an outspoken opponent of gun control legislation, but even he feels that left-leaning TM2 producers should put their money where their mouth is and can Jenelle for brandishing a weapon.

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Jenelle Evans SLAMS Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars: Stop Being So Dramatic!

Jenelle Evans does this thing, you’ve probably noticed it, where she’s completely incapable of having just the tiniest little sliver of self-awareness.

She just. Can’t. Do it.

If you’re not quite sure what we’re talking about here, let’s just go over a quick example: remember all those cease and desist letters she sent out a few months ago?

She sent them to almost every single Teen Mom 2 cast member, demanding that they stop mentioning her on social media.

Hilariously, one of the reasons why she wanted them to stop talking about her was because it could potentially damage her chances of getting jobs in the future, like everything else she’s ever done wouldn’t do the trick there.

But anyway, she sat up on her high horse while all those letters were delivered, all the while knowing that she does the same ding dang thing the rest of them do.

She posts stories about the other moms on her social media accounts, and she’s definitely trashed them there, too.

She leaked Kailyn Lowry’s big pregnancy news last year, and she even once leaked Kailyn’s phone number.

But she’s the victim in all of this for some reason, right?

It was absolutely ridiculous, but hey, that’s Jenelle.

And now she’s being ridiculous all over again.

OK, so Kailyn Lowry has that podcast, right? She brought Leah Messer on a recent episode, so of course they got into some Teen Mom talk.

The subject of the last reunion show came up, specifically the filming of that New Year’s Eve party before the reunion — the one where David Eason pulled out a knife and attacked some balloons.

Leah said that she was “terrified” during the incident, and that she didn’t think it was acceptable for him to go off like that because even though it was a party, it was also part of their job.

“We were there for work!” she said. “I mean, you can have a few drinks socially, but it’s not that appropriate.”

She and Kailyn both agreed that they didn’t want their children to be around David in the future.

All of that makes perfect sense — believe it or not, it actually isn’t a great look to have a few drinks at a company party and then stab some decorations when things don’t go your way.

Or for any reason, really.

But, as always, Jenelle is unable to understand the simplest of things, and so she lashed out at both Leah and Kailyn on Twitter.

She began by directing a tweet at Leah, writing “Last time I recalled… the kids weren’t at the New Years party we were ‘working at.’ Stop being so dramatic.”

“My name or my husbands should never come of if your mouth, but for a podcast and ratings?! Of course. #Fake.”

How rich is it that Jenelle Evans is telling another human being to “stop being so dramatic”?

About as rich as it is that she’s saying that Leah is being dramatic because she didn’t appreciate a man twice her size brandishing a knife at a work event.

Also, why should Jenelle or David’s name never “come of if” Leah’s mouth? Because we’re pretty sure Leah’s name has definitely “come of if” Jenelle’s.

One of her followers told her not to even support Kailyn’s podcast by listening to it, but Jenelle clarified that she just saw Leah’s quotes on a gossip site, because “lmfao hell no that would make my ears bleed.”

Another person suggested that she learn how to get along with Leah, and she responded with “Yeah, tell her that. Whatever kail tells her to do she does it lol.”

When someone then pointed out that Kailyn and Leah are actually friends — something that must be a novel concept for Jenelle — she said “Kail uses anyone she can to gain whatever she can… remember that.”

But what about Chelsea?!

“I honestly think Chelsea doesn’t trust any of us, lmao I think we’ve both came to those terms actually,” she wrote.

Except Chelsea is definitely friends with both Kailyn and Leah, but sure, Jenelle.

As for the last remaining Teen Mom 2 girl, Briana DeJesus, she chimed in with “Still talking about the New Year’s Eve party?” with three crying emojis.

Which is kind of odd, because this all just happened a few months ago, and if we were ever at a work event where someone’s husband stabbed a bunch of balloons in a fit of rage, we’d literally never stop talking about it.

But apparently that kind of drama is normal for both Jenelle and Briana, because Jenelle replied with “Omg yes, it never ends with anyone. When I comment back in the bad one, just like we talked about lol.”

We’re pretty sure she meant to write “I’m the bad one” instead of “in the bad one,” so it’s obvious she doesn’t realize that it’s weird that she thinks it’s weird for this to still be a topic of conversation.

“Why is my life your everyday topic for your show?” she then asked. “Maybe I should be the one with a show then…”

Because if she had her own podcast and talked about the other moms, then that would be cool, right?

Oh, Jenelle ….


Kailyn Lowry vs. Briana DeJesus: Teen Mom 2 Co-Stars Forced to Pick Sides?!

Now that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are broken up, you might think that the feud between Briana and Kailyn Lowry would come to a close. 

But this beef started before Briana hooked up with Javi, and now it looks like it’ll continue now that the relationship is through.

Kailyn and Briana

Briana slammed Javi and Kailyn in an epic social media tirade last week.

It seems her tantrum was spurred by Javi’s appearance on Kailyn’s podcast, so it’s appropriate that Kail is reportedly planning on firing back on the next episode of Coffee Convos.

“Briana’s twitter meltdown was 100 percent directed at Kail,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“Javi is expected to come back on the podcast in the next couple of weeks, as well as Leah [Messer] and [Teen Mom 3 star] McKenzie [McKee],” the insider adds.

“They could not believe what was coming out of Briana’s mouth and are definitely going to defend Kail!”

Yes, it seems Briana messed with the bull and will soon receive the horns.

She may have deleted the tweets in which she instructed Kailyn to “suck my d-ck,” but it seems the damage had already been done.

Kailyn has been on Teen Mom 2 much longer than Briana, and it seems the stars from the entire franchise our choosing her side.

Sure, Briana might have Jenelle Evans in her corner, due mainly to the fact that Jenelle and Kailyn have been feuding for years, but is that really an advantage?

Look if you’re in a rough spot, and having Jenelle on your side is your biggest consolation, you may want to consider giving up

We’re just saying.

Apparently, what outraged Kailyn the most was the fact that Briana called her out for reaching out privately in hopes of keeping their feud off social media.

“Do not ever call my phone at 7am talking about we need to leave social media alone when it comes to our issues, yet you are the first one to use my name to gain listeners,” DeJesus tweeted.

“I’ll say suck my d-ck whenever I want to and to whoever I want.”

She may regret that remark, as Lowry is reportedly prepared to go nuclear:

“Briana started this battle and she is going to get what’s coming to her,” says the source.

“Kail’s fans are very upset over this and so is her friends. No one is going to let Briana get away with what she said,”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the rocky road that led Kail and Bri to this point.