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Shaun White Apologizes for “Insensitive” Halloween Costume

Shaun White can pull off a Double McTwist 1260 better than maybe anyone who has ever lived.

But the world famous snowboarder still needs help in the Halloween costume department.

On Monday evening, the athlete expressed regret and issued a mea culpa after dressing up this week as Simple Jack, Ben Stiller’s disabled character in the 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist shared his outfit (below) on Instagram prior to making his statementm drawing a harsh rebuke from The Special Olympics in the process.

“We are truly disappointed that Shaun White, an acclaimed Olympian, would choose this costume which is so offensive and causes so much pain,” one of the organization’s cofounders, Soeren Palumbo, said.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, he added:

“Disability is not a joke nor should it be a punchline.

“We hope that Shaun White and others learn that this just continues stigma, stereotypes and discrimination.”

The image has since been deleted and White has now said the following in response to the backlash:

I owe everyone in the Special Olympics community an apology for my poor choice of Halloween costume the other night.

It was a last minute decision. It was the wrong one.

The Special Olympics were right to call me out on it. They do great work supporting so many athletes and I am sorry for being insensitive.

Lesson learned.

white apology

Upon its release, once the depiction of Still’s controversial character was viewed by the public, Tropic Thunder was widely criticized and even boycotted by disability advocacy groups.

The movie repeatedly and excessively used the R-word to describe Stiller’s character.

In a statement to The New York Times in 2008, a spokesperson for DreamWorks Pictures said the film “satirizes Hollywood and its excesses and makes its point by featuring inappropriate and over-the-top characters in ridiculous situations.”

The company added that it did not intend to “disparage or harm the image of individuals with disabilities.”

This is a photo of Stiller in the role:

as jack

In this case, however, it looks like White’s scandal will be short-lived.

He acknowledged the mistake he made in dressing as Simple Jack and the Special Olympics then replied in appreciation.

“Thank you @shaunwhite for listening to our community.

“You always have an invitation to shred with our athletes at #XGames Aspen!” the organization wrote on Twitter.

Do you think White should have apologized in the first place?


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Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume: Harmless or Horrible?

For the second time in just a few years, controversy has erupted over the selling of a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume.

Back in 2015, shortly after the ex-reality star fully revealed herself to be transgender, folks were given the option of going out in the dress Caitlyn wore to make this groundbreaking announcement.

At the time, the costume came with a sash that read “Call Me Caitlyn.”

A debate quickly ensued over whether this was a harmless bit of fun…

… or if the costume was using Jenner’s lifestyle as a source of mockery.

For whatever it was worth back then, Caitlyn said she did NOT find the costume to be offensive.

Now, however, she may need to issue a new statement in regard to a new Halloween get-up.

A new Caitlyn Jenner costume has hit the market, this one taking potential customers back to the days during which Jenner was known as “Bruce” and was considered, literally, as the greatest athlete in the world.

Bruce Jenner was the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics.

As you can see above and below, this costume comes replete with a decathlete’s jersey (with Bruce’s number 935); a gold medal; and a pair of teeny tiny shorts.

It also comes with a wig.

Because Jenner identifies as a woman now… get it? HILARIOUS!

Really, jusy so very witty, isn’t it?

eBay originally sold the outfit for $ 44.95 prior to removing the item from its collection.

But it remains available on Amazon and on the website for Costume Agent, which is the company responsible for this idea.

A rep tells TMZ that the organization has no plans to remove the costume from its inventory; not as long as it continues to sell well.

Caitlyn Jenner wig

“It’s a costume. It’s funny,” says this rep.

However, someone from the charity Stonewall – which fights for the rights of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the United Kingdom – says differently.

“This is a reminder of how much is left to do to combat the abuse trans people face every day,” explains this rep, adding:

“This costume reduces a marginalised group to the butt of a joke. It should be taken off the shelves.”

This seems like a reasonable point of view in our opinion.

Then again, it also seems reasonable to let someone buy the costume and then mock the heck out of them on Halloween.

For being insensitive? Yes.

But also for being boring and unoriginal.

Who purchase a Caitlyn Jenner transgender costume and thinks it’s remotely creative in the year 2018?!?

charity in the United Kingdom named after the Stonewall Inn of Stonewall riots fame in New York City’s Greenwich Villag