Duggar Family: LYING About Counting On Coming Back?!

We’re only a few days into 2018, but it’s already been a hectic year for the Duggar family.

Things got off to a promising start with the announcement that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child.

It wasn’t long, however, before the Duggars were facing down yet another scandal, this one having to do with their beloved TLC reality show, Counting On.

For the past several months, reports that Counting On would be canceled by the network have been circulating non-stop on social media.

Some insiders have blamed declining ratings.

Others have insisted that the show was canceled because of Derick Dillard and his transphobic tweets.

Whatever the reason, there was a time when it seemed apparent that the Duggars would not be returning TLC.

The time when a new season should have been announced came and went without any official word from the family or the network.

Just as fans were beginning to give up hope, however, Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar were spotted filming at a beauty salon near their hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas.

Sure enough, shortly thereafter, the Duggars official fan blog–operated by two close family friends–announced that Counting On will be returning to television on February 26.

Fans rejoiced, but it now looks as though their celebrations may have been premature.

Thus far, the blog post from the Duggars’ friends is the only “official” mention of the show’s return.

There’s been no advertising, no word from TLC, not even any social media posts from the Duggars themselves on the subject.

Needless to say, it’s a bit odd that with just weeks remaining until the premiere date, there hasn’t been so much as a teaser trailer from TLC.

And that’s not the only reason to belive fans may have been misled:

As several fan sites have pointed out, the camera crew filming Jana and Joy-Anna is the only production staff that’s been spotted in Tontitown.

With a population of less than 2,500, not much occurs in the town without the knowledge of its residents.

Locals say the whole county usually knows when the Duggars filming, but this time around, they’ve spotted just one relatively small procuction crew.

The odd situation has resulted in a number of fan theories:

Some believe that the Duggars are misleading fans, hence why an announcement was made with the family’s approval, but not by any of the actual family members, thus allowing them to back away from the statement if it proves inaccurate.

Others suspect the Duggars are transitioning toward a self-produced web series, which would explain the lack of promotional material and reduced production staff.

Still others think that TLC has simply cut production costs in response to lower ratings, which has resulted in a smaller production staff, a reduced number of episodes, and limited marketing.

Whatever the case, it seems that there have been some considerable changes in the relationship between the Duggars and the network that made them famous.

And we’re guessing that one way or another, those changes will be readily apparent come February 26.

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Derick Dillard Lashes Out at Fans: I QUIT Counting On & So Did My Wife!

The rapid unraveling of Derick Dillard continued yesterday, as Jill Duggar’s husband posted a series of irate tweets, in which he  explained that parting ways with TLC was his decision, not the network’s.

It was previously reported that Derick had been fired from Counting On due to his controversial comments toward transgender teen and fellow TLC reality star Jazz Jennings.

Now, Dillard says he was not fired, but in fact quit the show due to differences of opinion.

“Unbelievable what’s considered newsworthy these days, but then again this is how I heard I was ‘fired,’” Dillard wrote in response to a Fox News tweet about his firing.

“For the record, I was never fired. I just felt it was best for my family to cut ties months ago, as we are heading in a different direction.”

Derick went on to claim that he “never worked” for TLC, which seems to be his way of saying that he was never under contract with the network.

“Yes, I’m no longer doing [the show], but nowhere did they say that I was fired,” Derick wrote. “Big difference. You can’t be fired from somewhere you never worked.”

“That’s what’s so funny. I was fake fired from my fake job,” he added.

“PR must be their justification. See it is funny, you’re laughing too lol.”

Despite his claim that he left the network by choice and was never really employed there, Derick clearly feels some bitterness toward TLC.

It’s not the first time Dillard has claimed that he quit, but it is the first time that he revealed his wife, Jill, will no longer be appearing on Counting On.

When a fan asked Derick, “So you guys aren’t on the show anymore?” the 28-year-old former accountant quickly replied, “Correct.”

So it seems viewers may have seen the last of fan favorite Jill.

Naturally, the revelation that the Dillards will be stepping away from the spotlight has further fueled rumors that Derick was caught cheating on Jill, but it seems unlikely that we’ll ever receive any sort of confirmation on that.

The fact that she’ll no longer be appearing on television may help explain some recent changes in Jill’s appearance.

Jill’s been sporting a nose piercing, henna tattoos, and other non-Duggar-approved fashion statements.

Perhaps life away from the glare of the spotlight offers some advantages, after all.

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Jana & Joy-Anna Duggar Drop Clue That Counting On Is NOT Canceled!

For several weeks now, we’ve been hearing reports that the Duggar family’s reality show, Counting On, had been canceled amidst declining ratings and growing controversy.

The rumor was the result of little more than silence from both the Duggars and TLC with regard to a renewal of the long-running series, but that was enough to send some fans into a state of premature mourning.

After all, if the show had been canceled, it wouldn’t come as too much of a shock.

Criticism of the Duggars has grown louder in recent months thanks to transphobic comments made by Derick Dillard during a series of bizarre social media tirades.

But the family has survived countless scandals in the past, and it looks as though the Duggars will successfully weather this latest storm, as well.

According to a new post from the ever-popular Duggar news Facebook page Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, Joy-Anna and Jana Duggar were recently spotted filming scenes at an Arkansas beauty salon.

The page even posted photo evidence to prove that the girls are currently filming:

Pickles and Hairspray also shared an extensive list of things that we can expect to see on the show this season, along with a few things we most certainly will not see.

That list includes, of course, Josh Duggar and Derick Dillard (the former is still in exile, the latter has either been fired by TLC or quit the show of his own volition, depending on whom you believe).

Apparently, we also won’t see any of the Duggar girls wearing pants, even though several of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters have been favoring a more modern sartorial style in recent months.

The page sardonically informs fans that they also won’t be seeing, “The real religious views of the Duggars even though they consider the show their Christian ministry.”

Burn. Needless to say, Pickles isn’t exactly Jim Bob’s favorite Facebook page.

But hey, Duggar fans are likely just ecstatic that they’ll soon be treated to another season of fundamentalist hijinks.

There’s been no official word regarding a premiere date as of yet, but TLC sources have indicated that the show will return in spring of 2018.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for what should be a gloriously Derick-less season.


Derick Dillard: I Wasn’t Fired from Counting On, I QUIT!

Derick Dillard sure does love being the worst, right?

He’s always been … well, he’s never been that great, but for the past few months, he’s really been trying to be just awful.

For some reason, back in August he decided to publicly attack Jazz Jennings, a teenage girl who also has a show on the TLC network.

He did this because Jazz is transgender, and he felt (and still feels, we’re sure) that he had the ability and the right to announce to the world that being transgender is not a real thing.

“What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality,” he tweeted. “‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

Or maybe Jazz knows herself better than Derick knows her, could that be possible?

When he started getting some backlash for his dumb remark, he doubled down on his ignorance, writing “I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issues with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

Except Jazz isn’t a “him,” she’s a “her,” and if he really wanted to take issue with “words and definitions,” perhaps he shouldn’t have called a sweet girl he doesn’t even know “a non-reality.”

A few days after that, Derick seemed to reference the situation yet again, tweeting “It seems the truth is relative these days. So glad my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! His word is always perfect! #Hebrews13.”


Since then, he’s been retweeting transphobic quotes, he’s been supporting a boycott of Target because of their policy of letting transgender people use the correct bathrooms.

And last month, he went after Jazz AGAIN, tweeting “I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions to be made by a child.”

“It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.”

His obsession with Jazz is so bizarre, and given that she is a child, it’s extra inappropriate.

And considering the fact that she’s a child who also happens to technically be a co-worker of his?

It’s no wonder TLC kicked him to the curb.

Shortly after that last tirade against Jazz, TLC tweeted from their official account that “We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months. The network has no plans to feature him in the future.”

“We want to reiterate that Derick’s personal statements do not reflect the views of the network. TLC is proud to share the story of Jazz Jennings and her family and will continue to do so.”

So that seems pretty clear, right? TLC obviously didn’t appreciate Derick’s words, and so the Dillards are gone from our televisions.

And not a moment too soon!

A few days after that, Derick addressed the issue, again on Twitter. He wrote “Thank you to all those who have supported us and given us so many words of encouragement recently. God bless you all!”

But this weekend, he’s been sharing bit of a different view.

For some reason, he decided to tweet a link to a story that was published last month — one about his firing.

“Unbelievable what’s considered newsworthy these days, but then again, this is how I first heard that I was ‘fired,'” he wrote.

“For the record, I was never fired. I just felt it best for my family to cut ties months ago, as we are heading in a different direction.”

Oh, OK. Sure.

Someone replied, mocking him for thinking that people would actually believe that he quit the show that surely paid him a nice salary for doing next to nothing.

“Think again,” Derick responded. “I only left my accounting job because I was offered a missions job with SOS. And yes, we were commissioned missionaries, endorsed by our church.”

“Please be careful where you get your information. There’s a lot of garbage out there, that has no fiber of truth.”

Is he trying to say that TLC didn’t pay him for appearing on Counting On? That he’s been living as a humble missionary all these years, just getting by with his church’s endorsement?

Not even a word of thanks towards all those poor fans who have donated money to him?

We’d ask this guy to get it together, but let’s be real, there’s really no hope left for that, is there?


Counting On Renewed By TLC?! New Clue Revealed!

Rumors are swirling, saying that Counting On has been canceled, with even the Duggars hinting that TLC is ghosting them and refusing to give the family any direct answers.

Derick Dillard’s anti-trans attacks against Jazz Jennings got so bad that he’s been fired, but did he drag the rest of his extended family down with him?

Maybe … or maybe not. One report suggests that Duggar fans who want a seventh season might have great news on the horizon.

When 19 Kids and Counting became too controversial to stay on the air, the Duggars — for the most part — moved over to Counting On, a companion series about the young, adult daughters of the Duggar family and their marriages, lives, and children.

But Counting On has, well, never really gotten the sort of ratings that 19 Kids and Counting once enjoyed.

Maybe the novelty of a fundamentalist fertility cult existing on society’s fringes and condemning their children to share their values and their extreme lifestyle had worn off.

Or maybe, just maybe, Josh Duggar molesting five young girls, including four of his own sisters left a lot of viewers too disgusted to continue watching.

Josh might not have shown up on camera, but you can’t talk about the Duggars without talking about Jim Bob and Michelle, and they’re the ones who hid Josh’s evil crimes from the world.

So, has TLC finally decided to pull the plug or give the series the axe or whichever analogy you prefer?

Maybe … and maybe not.

So, John Rotan is Counting On‘s director of photography.

(Yes, reality shows have directors — there’s more to it than just a couple of cameras and some very creative editors)

The Christian Post reports that Rotan was at Thanksgiving with the Duggars, and you wouldn’t think that he’d be there for the food.

(Because what would you call the parts of a turkey in that kind of company? Refer to “turkey breast” in that crowd and Jim Bob might get mad and Josh might excuse himself to the bathroom)

It’s said that John Rotan even captured some footage for the series, which really spikes people’s hopes for Season 7.

(Or Season 2, as some people consider it to be a separate series with its shorter title)

However, that doesn’t mean that diehard Duggar viewers are out of the woods.

First of all, we cannot even describe the number of internet “hoops” that we jumped through to try to find a source for the news that John Rotan visited the Duggars and filmed with them.

What we found wasn’t an interview, but instead a statement that John Rotan reportedly said on social media:

“Yeah…those Duggar Thanksgiving dinners! #foodbaby #kiddingnotkidding.”

That quote was cited by Blasting News, who said that the comment “gave the feeling” that Rotan was perhaps there to film the Duggars.

In the long game of telephone that is the internet, that comment has transformed into confirmation that the Duggars filmed for a seventh season

Let’s not put the cart before the horse, folks.

The fact of the matter is that we just don’t know. The Duggars may have invited their cinematography director as a courtesy. There is no guarantee that he filmed anything at all.

Besides, filming does not always guarantee a new season. Not when TLC might be canceling them over more than just ratings.

They fired Derick Dillard for his repeated, angry attacks against Jazz Jennings and the transgender community.

Jazz, in particular, is a teenage girl and a fellow TLC star. if you’re gonna pick a fight with a minority group online, maybe don’t target a high school student when you’re a grown-ass adult.

And definitely don’t insult someone else who stars on your network. Executives don’t like to hear that.

As we said, Derick’s been fired, but since the “Dillard family” continues to attack the very existence of the transgender community in a very public manner … we can’t help but wonder if TLC is ready to say goodbye to the Duggars.


Counting On Cancelled?! Duggars Hint TLC is Avoiding Their Questions

Is the Duggar family being ghosted by TLC?

Fans are wondering if Counting On has been cancelled after there’s been zero official word of the series being renewed for a seventh season.

It turns out that viewers aren’t the only ones in the dark — the Duggars don’t seem to have any idea, either.

Season six of Counting On ended in October.

We’ve had no word of renewal. We’ve also had no word of cancellation. 

Possible reasons for the series being renewed is that the show has a very devoted fanbase.

Not all of them are fans of the Duggars themselves, but they’re captivated by the fundamentalist lifestyle that the family lives and the drama within the massive family and its strict rules.

There’s also almost a guarantee of drama to come.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth got married earlier this year, but not quite so quickly that fans haven’t noticed Joy-Anna’s conspicuously huge baby bump.

Many believe that the Forsyth wedding was a shotgun wedding, and that Joy-Anna broke her family’s medieval courtship rules and that the family rushed her to the altar and is lying to the world to save face.

This would not be the first time. Remember, this is the same family that hid from the world that Josh Duggar had molested 5 young girls, including four of his own sisters.

So, yeah, covering up a “scandalous” premarital pregnancy wouldn’t exactly be a stretch.

With all of that drama and more to come, would TLC really cancel the Duggars?


Counting On has never done as well with ratings as 19 Kids and Counting did.

Some former viewers may have lost interest in the Duggars, or simply been frightened off by their fringe lifestyle and the reality that 19 different children had to grow up that way, and never had a chance at a normal life.

But we think that what really hurt ratings and continues to haunt the family is, again, the Josh Duggar sex abuse scandal.

And it’s not like Josh is the only source of controversy within the family.

Recently, Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after engaging in repeated bigoted messages about trans teen Jazz Jennings, a fellow TLC star who has her own show on the network.

In general, it’s bad form to criticize a show on your own network or a star on it unless they’ve done something atrocious. That kind of badmouthing doesn’t help anybody’s ratings and will upset higher ups at the network.

In Derick Dillard’s case, though, he was insulting Jazz Jennings, misgendering her at every opportunity and bashing her existence as a young trans woman and the show itself.

TLC had enough, and fired him for it. But with the husband of one of the main stars of Counting On now banned from the series, how do they go on?

If you think that the Duggars know … think again.

This week, on the Duggar family blog, the Duggars shared their total lack of news about the fate of their series:

Counting On has been off the air for six weeks now, and we know you all are eager to hear whether the Duggars will be returning for a new season.”


“We have been in contact with TLC, but at this time, there are no announcements to share.”

In contact but not told anything? We’ll discuss what that means.

“As soon as there is news to give, we will post it here.”

We’re sure that they will.

“In the meantime, we’re curious to hear what you like most about the show and what other TV programs you watch, if any?”

The Duggars, famously, eschew mainstream television. We don’t think that your recs of Stranger Things or The Good Place or whatever are what they’re looking for.

They say that they’ve “been in contact” with TLC, but still know nothing.

Which sounds like, at the very least, whichever producers they’re talking to don’t know the fate of the series.

Maybe TLC is trying to figure out if they can court a new sponsor or two or figure out a new timeslot for the show that will mesh well with their other programming.

Or maybe TLC is just biding their time until the right time — when they have big news to share, or during a holiday when everyone’s distracted — to announce that Counting On will not be getting a seventh season.

We don’t know. It’s odd to hear that the Duggars are as in the dark as the rest of us.


Counting On: Have the Duggars Been Canceled by TLC?!

Of all of the reality star families on television, few — if any — are more controversial than the Duggars.

They’re so controversial, in fact, that 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled years ago. Most of the Duggar clan can still be seen on Counting On.

But since the last season ended, there’s been no official word of renewal. Has TLC finally canceled Counting On?

The Duggars were always going to be controversial. When you exist on the political and religious fringes of society and view normal American culture as some sort of contaminant, people are going to raise their eyebrows.

When you have 19 children, whom you endeavor to keep isolated from most of society as you groom them to share your worldview, people are going to talk.

When you believe that women are effectively the property of their fathers until they are traded off to their husbands, when you don’t allow the wearing of pants by girls in your household, people are going to be alarmed.

But all of that is what made 19 Kids and Counting such a talked about series. The supervised “courtships” and side-hugs, Michelle Duggar’s hair, and the very concept of having 19 children made the Duggars an entertaining family for some.

Others watched, with concern and fascination, realizing that there are other families in the US whose children are forced to grow up this way — barely even knowing that their experiences are so extreme.

None of that is what got 19 Kids and Counting canceled, however.

Back in 2015, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled by TLC.


Because Josh Duggar had molested five little girls, including his own sisters. One of those sisters was only five years old.

And Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle had covered it up.

So, suddenly, Counting On became the vehicle for the Duggars to espouse their worldview — without Josh, of course. And, initially, without Jim Bob and Michelle.

But Counting On hasn’t exactly been scandal-free, either. We don’t just mean the “scandals” for the Duggar family, like Duggar daughters wearing pants or Joy-Anna Duggar’s very probably shotgun wedding or Jill Duggar’s nose piercing.

We mean actual scandals.

Like the one that got Derick Dillard fired from Counting On. Derick and Jill had been slammed multiple times for shadily begging fans for money to help with their already controversial “mission trips.”

But what got Derick Dillard fired by TLC was his ongoing, one-sided feud with fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

Jazz is a teenage star of her own series, I Am Jazz. What stuck in Derick Dillard’s craw was that Jazz is trans, and Derick believes that “transgender is a myth.”

Which is an odd thing to say about a teenage girl who literally exists. It’s also the kind of statement that leads to real-world violence against trans women.

Derick continued to attack Jazz over social media and to misgender her at every opportunity, until finally TLC had enough.

The question remains: will Derick Dillard’s firing lead to the cancellation of the entire series?

The Josh Duggar scandal hasn’t actually gone away, except (apparently) in the minds of the Duggars.

Counting On has had six seasons. But we don’t know if there will be a seventh.

Inquisitr reports that TLC posted that Counting On had been renewed … only to immediately delete the post.

That’s a clue … but of renewal for season seven, or of cancellation?

It may be that TLC intended to release the renewal announcement, and accidentally posted it early. That happens sometimes when you’re scheduling a post for a future date.

It may also be the case that TLC had scheduled a renewal post a while back … and then forgotten to cancel it when they changed their minds.

The Duggars have posted on their own family blog that they don’t yet know if they’re getting renewed.

Which means that no one outside of TLC knows.

The fact that TLC hasn’t openly declared whether the Duggars are getting the axe or a renewal is probably a sign that TLC may still be weighing their options.

They’ve already looked at ratings, so there must be other factors that they’re considering. Perhaps things of which the public isn’t even aware.

Our guess is that higher-ups are either still mulling it over … or they’ve decided to cancel Counting On and are waiting for the right time to drop the news.

Perhaps back-to-back with another announcement? Or perhaps over the holidays?

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out, but things are looking grim for fans of the Duggars.


Duggar Courtship Rules Reveal Dark Side of Counting On Clan

If you're a fan of their popular TLC reality series, then you're almost certainly aware of the Duggars' courtship rules.

But while you may be familiar with the family's infamous code of conduct, you might not be aware of where the bizarrely stringent regulations came from, or why they're so strictly enforced.

So join us as we explore one of the strangest and least-understood aspects of life inside the Duggar compound.

And don't forget, you can always watch Counting On online at TV Fanatic to stay up to date on reality TV's largest and most controversial family.


1. A Quiverfull of Duggars

Duggars in 2014
The Duggars belong to the controversial Quiverfull movement, which holds that procreation is the primary purpose of life on earth, and it’s the sacred duty of all women to birth as many children as physically possible.

2. The Supreme Leader

Bill gothard
The Quiverfull movement and its affiliated Institute for Basic Life Principles have been described as “cults” by former members. The leader of these cults–and the man most responsible for the courtship guidelines followed by the Duggars–is a man named Bill Gothard.

3. A Fallen Minister

A fallen minister
Gothard resigned from his post in disgrace following dozens of sexual assault and harassment allegations from former male and female employees. Though he seldom appears in public these days, it’s been rumored that Gothard still exercises a tremendous amount of control over the organizations he founded.

4. Josh’s Downfall

Anna and josh duggar photograph
Gothard, of course, isn’t the only sexual predator with close ties to the Duggar clan. In May of 2015, the world was shocked by news that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

5. A Culture of Abuse

Joy anna duggar austin forsth and family
The back-to-back scandals brought a new level of scrutiny to the Duggars “courtship” rules, which had previously been viewed as more humurous than harmful.

6. A Systemic Problem

The duggar family picture
Some fans didn’t like what they saw on closer inspection, and many realized that Josh and Gothard were symptoms of a much deeper issue…

View Slideshow

Jill Duggar: FIRED From Counting On Alongside Derick Dillard?!

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’ve probably already heard the news that Derick Dillard has been fired by TLC for his relentless harassment of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen also employed by the network.

Sources have claimed that the Duggars are “outraged” over Derick’s termination, but not for the reasons one might think.

While Jim Bob and company reportedly agree with Derick’s transphobic stance, they’re said to be incensed that the father of two brought another scandal down on their heads by expressing his views so publicly and persistently.

Yes, it seems Derick’s famous in-laws are concerned not with his bullying of a teenage girl, but with the ways that it might affect their ailing media empire.

Currently, the family is facing a familiar problem:

How to continue creating the impression that their reality show is an unfiltered slice-of-life, while at the same time avoiding any mention of the latest relative to bring disgrace to the family name?

It’s the same position the Duggars found themselves in following the revelation that Josh Duggar molested five young girls.

Except this time, they’re facing the additional challenge of continuing to incorporate Jill Duggar, while at the same time editing the show in such a way as to make viewers forget about the father of her children.

The situation has led some fans to wonder if Jill will be axed from the show alongside Derick.

Our prediction? Probably not.

Yes, it will be difficult to come up with Jill storylines that don’t make the absence of Derick all the more glaring, but the Counting On crew has proven in the past that they’re up to the task of working around significant challenges.

The Duggars certainly aren’t lacking in on-air “talent,” but Jill is one of a handful of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children that the show can’t do without.

There’s a reason the show was originally titled Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

The sisters and their children served as representatives of the family’s future at a time when producers very much wanted viewers to forget the past.

Audiences watched Jill and Jessa grow up and for many, seeing them start families of their own was no doubt an intensely gratifying experience.

So the show will go on without Derick–but without Jill, many fans would no doubt begin to feel that the Duggar clan has been whittled down by scandal to the point that it’s no longer recognizable.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Counting On: Canceled By TLC … Thanks to Derick Dillard?!

Counting On aired its most recent season finale last month, but the TLC series’ future – and the Duggar family’s – is very much up in the air.

Rumors of Counting On being canceled by TLC were fueled by the network deleting a post announcing the show’s renewal for Season 7.

Never a good sign … but is there anything to it?

Fans surely recall that in 2015, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled on the heels of the Josh Duggar molestation and adultery scandals.

Despite that fall from grace, the network repackaged it as Jill and Jessa Duggar: Counting On, not featuring Josh, less than one year later.

The controversial spinoff, later shortened to just Counting On, has chugged along ever since, despite being on thin ice ratings-wise.

Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, ridding the series of Josh Duggar hasn’t made the viewing experience as vanilla as executives might like.

That’s because a new “villain” of sorts has stepped in to take his polarizing place, and one that no one would’ve expected a few years back:

Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard.

Forget about what you see on the air; Derick’s controversial posts and comments on social media may be tearing the Duggars apart.

Things have gotten so bad in recent months that Dillard’s absence from the family’s Facebook page can’t be an accident or coincidence.

The crazy part is how deliberate he is; Duggar family members are all under a microscope, but he goes out of his way to stir the pot online.

Derick sparked controversy online by bashing TLC star Jazz Jennings as an “oxymoron” and saying that being “transgender” is a myth.

While he defends this as freedom of speech instead of bigotry, he doesn’t exactly pass up a chance to publicly share his divisive views.

The question is whether he – and more significantly, his giant family of in-laws – will pay a heavy price for this recurring behavior pattern.

Reports of Derick Dillard cheating on Jill Duggar are likely untrue, but the fact that he’s become a magnet for gossip speaks volumes.

Slowly but surely, he may be sinking this ship.

Counting On began with a smaller audience than 19 Kids, and what remained of the viewership then began to steadily decline further.

The Duggars have managed to stay afloat for two years under those circumstances, but how much more heat can the family endure?

Gossip about the Duggars’ imminent demise isn’t new, in large part because a growing chorus of critics would love to see that day come.

Given the dark cloud that will always linger over the reality series, how long with TLC conclude that it’s worth keeping this on the air?

With Derick emerging as a figure that Duggar detractors hate with a passion, they’re hardly shoring up the support they need at this stage. 

If we had to venture guess?

We’d say TLC hasn’t made up its mind one way or another, and is having a lot of internal discussions about the direction they’re going in.

Perhaps the powers that be are waiting to see if any better show ideas come along before rolling the dice on another year of Duggar.

Or they are fully prepared to bring Counting On back but are taking an offseason break from hyping it up in light of recent controversies.

It’s also possible that the show returns with Derick getting the Josh Duggar treatment … sun glare and kids in front of face included.