Counting On Recap: Kendra, Joseph Duggar Welcome Baby Garrett!!

Back in June, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell welcomed the birth of their first child, a precious baby boy named Garrett David.

Now, almost four months later, Counting On has aired Kendra’s difficult delivery episode.

As difficult as it was for fans to see her in so much discomfort, it was even harder for Joe. It was hardest of all, of course, for Kendra herself.

Many Duggar fans were surprised when they learned that Kendra gave birth in a hospital. The Duggar family is big on home births for … complicated cultural reasons.

“Kendra would lay down and she would have a contraction,” Joe explained.

“So,” he continued. “The only comfortable position for her was standing on her feet.”

She was having enough discomfort and difficulty that they went to the hospital.

And that was a very smart move.

Kendra kept holding her breath instinctively while in pain, but 

Kendra’s labor would ultimately last 13 hours.

As her contractions grew closer and closer together, her water still had not broken.

Fortunately, she was in the hospital, so the doctor was able to help her with that.

“Don’t push,” Kendra’s mother coached her as her labor grew more intense. “Just breathe.”

Joe was riding an emotional high, but his actual feelings were very conflicted.

“It’s exciting because our baby’s almost here,” he admitted. “But also it’s a hard time because I have to see Kendra go through the hardest time of her life.”

When little Garrett David was born, however, Joseph was positively over the moon.

“He’s here, he’s here!” Joe kept repeating.

Kendra chimed in, cooing over her “sweet little guy.”

Fans have known about this precious baby for months, but seeing his birth on Counting On gave them a whole new perspective.

Part of the appeal of the Duggars is how viewers feel that they’ve been with the family every step of the way, even through births. That can really hook you.

That said, a number of viewers can’t help but wonder: what comes next?

Obiously, Joe and Kendra are busy being new parents to their baby and Kendra is probably still in the later stages of healing from childbirth.

But fans realize that, for most of their marriage, Kendra has been pregnant with their honeymoon baby. What is next for the couple?

A lot of married couples have a child early on in their marriage. After they give birth, they focus on parenting but still make time to enjoy their married state.

But Joe and Kendra are not most couples — they’re Duggars. Fans figure that it’s only a matter of time before baby #2 is on the way.

That said, considering how difficult Kendra’s childbirth was, will she be so eager to try again? And having seen and heard her pain, will Joe be in any hurry to return to a delivery room?

Probably not. But they may feel an obligation to, either from family and community pressure or from religious beliefs.

And if you spend enough time around a precious baby like Garrett, sometimes the pain of childbirth becomes a distant memory … and all that you can think about is how much you’d like to have another.


Counting On Recap: Jinger Duggar Learns She’s Having a Girl!

Counting On suffers from the same problem as so many reality shows nowadays, in that its stars are so famous and so popular on social media that it’s very easy to stay up to speed with what’s going on in their lives.

Some have argued that these circumstances render reality TV obsolete, but Counting On remains as popular as ever, and last night’s episode provided some potent reminders of why that is.

The installment served up major developments on different fronts, as the two most rebellious Duggar siblings each prepared for the next stage in their life.

Back in July, Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child, a girl named Felicity.

But at the time that Monday’s episode was filmed, the young couple was still clueless as to the baby’s sex.

“There was a lot of anticipation waiting to find out the gender,” Jinger told the cameras of prior to her doctor’s appointment.

“Who’s the baby going to look like? We were both so thrilled.”

Jeremy — clearly overwhelmed by seeing an image of his daughter for — struggled to put the profound moment into words.

“That’s incredible,” he said at one point.

“This was my first time ever being in an ultrasound, and the fact it’s my child was astonishing,” Vuolo later added.

“I was almost at a loss for words.”

Despite some initial misgivings, Jeremy and Jinger opted to find out the baby’s gender as early as possible, and lucky for us, the emotional moment was caught on camera.

“We opted not to be surprised so maybe we could have more time to reflect on the name, and maybe down the road we may choose to be surprised,” Vuolo said.

“When the technician told us what we were having, we were both overjoyed,” Jinger told the cameras.

“We just could not believe it.”

Just a few months later Felicity Nicole Vuolo entered the world at 8lbs. and 3oz. 

And so far, fans have continued to share in every moment of her young life.

Of course, Jinger and Jeremy weren’t the only ones gearing up for a life-changing moment on last night’s show.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got married in June, and on Monday’s Counting On, fans got a peek at the preparations as Lauren attempted to find the perfect dress for the occasion.

The Duggars and their fundamentalist community are typically very big on gender roles, but Lauren broke with tradition by bringing her dad along on her dress-shopping excursion.

“Before Josiah came into the picture, my dad was my very best friend,” Lauren told the cameras.

“He was someone I always would talk to about anything if anything was wrong, and I really value my dad’s opinion.”

Of course, there are downsides to shopping with the guy who’s footing the bill:

“I really wanted him to be part of it. My dad will probably be more concerned about the price, just knowing my dad,” Lauren said.

“He’s very frugal. I don’t necessarily like to pick the expensive things. I don’t tend, to but that happens.”

Clearly, Lauren’s not as conservative as the Duggars — so it’s a good thing that she found happiness with the most non-traditional of the Counting On clan.


Jill Duggar Comes Clean: Here’s How I’ve Been Making Money Since Quitting Counting On!

Back in 2017, Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after launching a bigoted tirade against a fellow TLC star on social media.

Shortly thereafter, his wife, Jill Duggar, quit the show, thus leaving the Dillard clan with no apparent source of income.

These days, Derick is planning to attend law school, but fans are understandably curious about how he and Jill plan to support their two sons while he begins the very lengthy process of becoming an attorney.

Now, it looks as though we may have our answer.

Jump into the gallery below to learn the surprising secret behind Jill's financial comeback.

1. The Breadwinner

Jill duggar nose pierced
In many respects, Jill is as traditional as her fundamentalist parents. But in one important way, she’s very much a woman of the 21st century.

2. One Ugly Rant

Derick dillard jill duggar
Last year, Derick was fired from Counting On after he launched an appalling tirade against fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

3. The Victim

Jazz jennings on instagram
Jazz is a transgender teen, and she became the surprise target of Derick’s wrath for reasons that remain a mystery.

4. The Subservient Wife

Jill duggar pregnancy
Jill quit the show shortly after Derick was fired, seemingly as a show of support for her husband.

5. A Tight Spot

Jill m duggar and derick dillard
The move left Jill and Derick without any visible means of support, and for months fans were baffled as to how the family was getting by.

6. Duggar Finances

Jill duggar hiding a bump
Sure, Jill’s parents are well-off, but they also have a LOT of kids to support. So how has Jill been supporting herself and her family this year?

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Counting On: Josiah Duggar Proposes to Lauren Swanson!

In real time, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson have been married for a couple of months. Lauren posted a tribute to Josiah on social media very recently.

On Monday night’s episode of Counting On, however, fans got to see not only their proposal, but the excitement that led up to it.

Josiah could not stop gushing about Lauren. But how did she feel about how it all went down?

On Counting On, Josiah admitted that their courtship was brief. Many fans thought that it was shockingly brief, and wonder if his speedy engagement was the result of breaking Jim Bob’s courtship rules.

“Lauren and I have been courting for a couple months and the courtship is going really well,” Josiah said on Monday night’s episode.

He reflected: “It seems like every day, I’m learning something new about Lauren.”

That can continue to be true for years into a relationship — but, of course, for the Duggars, a relationship lasting that long means marriage and children.

Josiah spoke directly to Lauren, saying: “I’m never going to figure you out. There’s always something to learn about you.”

Lauren was equally happy to gush about Josiah.

“We’ve just become best friends,” Lauren said. “It’s very special.”

“I can be a more serious person,” Lauren admitted. “So Josiah complements me–“

Josiah chimed in: “By livening it up a little bit.”

Nobody does fun and carefree like a Duggar child, right?

Lauren isn’t the only one who’s a big fan of Josiah — it sounds like he’s a real hit with the Swanson family.

“I think Josiah is a great match for Lauren,” Lauren’s mom announced.

Mama Swanson continued to heap praise on him, saying: “He’s so thoughtful and kind.”

Clearly, he’s the sort of man she’d like for a son-in-law.

Lauren’s mom concluded: “I just think he’s wonderful.”

Again, the relative brevity of their courtship came up.

“I’ve only been courting Lauren for just a couple months,” Josiah acknowledged.

Well, fans know it and they know it, too. Most people who get engaged after a short time have prior dating experience.

Josiah and Lauren, in contrast, aren’t allowed to actually date. But Josiah did remind fans that they at least know each other.

“We’ve been really good friends over the years,” Josiah said. “But this is definitely the time and she’s definitely the one.”

Lauren revealed that she already felt so attached to him: “If I’m away from Josiah for a day, it feels like forever.”

Josiah got some help from Lauren’s family when it came to picking out a spot for his proposal.

“She’s grown up riding horses in this field and just spending a lot of time out there,” Josiah shared with viewers.

“And,” Josiah added. “Its actually where Mr. and Mrs. Swason got engaged.”

Sounding both nervous and excited, he said: “I just want to make sure it’s special for her.”

That is a very healthy concern.

After he got down on one knee and proposed beside rolls of hay, Lauren admitted that she had been surprised.

“I did not see this coming,” Lauren claimed. “I was very surprised.”

But she said yes and they were courting, so it sounds like she was at least open to the possibility that this would happen.

“I’m still in shock,” Lauren said. “It doesn’t seem real.”

It is real, and the two of them are married. The only question that remains is how long until Lauren Swanson is pregnant?


Counting On Canceled: Is This the Duggars’ Final Season on TV!?

All good things must come to an end, as the old saying goes. In other news, all reality TV shows eventually run their course.

Whether you love, hate or love to hate them, it’s been over a decade on TLC for the Duggars, a mightily impressive streak.

One that may be about to a conclusion.

As has been the case for the last 3-4 years, TLC is not making any public assurances regarding the future of Counting On.

Ever since 19 Kids & Counting was canceled and rebranded as Counting On, the Duggar family has been on very thin ice.

Just the same, the reality TV empire survived, thanks in large part to a pivot away from the parents to their oldest childen.

That, though, has left Jim Bob Duggar with a problem on multiple fronts, as both his kids and his employers may be done.

Yes, according to multiple reports, the Counting On stars are tired of TV and demanding time off from their handler (Jim Bob).

Soon, if TLC executives don’t pull the plug on the show for them, the young adults may put an end to the practice altogether.

Jill, Jessa, Joy-Anna and company are reportedly eager “to carry on with their lives,” and those who are still single agree.

One of the biggest reasons the kids don’t want the cameras following their every move is so they can court in peace.

Granted, Duggar courtship rules require chaperones at all times anyway, but younger siblings are different than TV crews.

At least one of them figured this out.

“John David kept his relationship quiet and hidden so he could enjoy time without press,” an insider explained last week.

Seen above with fiancee Abby Burnett, John David had been a sparse presence on Counting On for the last few years.

Clearly that was a calculated move.

To be clear, cancelation rumors have been swirling for years as Counting On declines in ratings and increases in controversy.

So far, a loyal fan base and an emerging group of younger stars and in-laws has kept the Duggars afloat. But for how long?

The network already had to fire Josh Duggar, and relegate Jim Bob and Michelle to very minor roles, after his sex scandals.

Facing even more pressure from advertisers, the network then also had to dispatch Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard.

How many more hits can it take?

These days, Counting On mainly focuses on the marriages of Jinger and Jeremy, Joy-Anna and Austin, and Joe and Kendra.

All three young couples are striking out on their own, and have taken up the bulk of the screen time so far this summer.

It also features Josiah and John David, both of whom are are currently in relationships, and Jana Duggar, who is famously single.

(Unless you believe those rumors swirling around the 28-year-old “Cinderella” Duggar and BFF Laura DeMasie, above.)

In any case, with Jill out of the picture, there’s been another changing of the guard this summer, making for an uncertain future.

Jessa Duggar, who was also courting when 19 Kids first became Counting On, has begun to fade into the background as well.

The million-dollar question remains:

Is there enough interest in the new-new generation (call it Duggar 2.5) to sustain an entire show for another several years?

Perhaps they can continue to strike a precarious balance to keep the network, its advertisers, and themselves happy for now.

After all, they do need to make money … something they don’t exactly have the necessary skills or experience to help with.

We discussed earlier today how Jim Bob has robbed his daughters of careers at the same time he built this TV juggernaut.

How’s that for irony?

In any case, you can be sure that the Duggars are aware of this and won’t take the decision to pull the plug on the show lightly.

A source tells Radar that for now, the kids “will continue to film the show as long as they can because it is their biggest source of income.”

At the same time, though, they “need to time to focus on their families,” which may put them in direct conflict with their TLC gig.

That assumes TLC even wants to keep airing it, which is a different story, especially in light of some truly damaging scandals.

One more Derick Dillard comment about Jazz Jennings, or pretty much anything else, could put an end to that very, very fast.


Cardi B: I’m Literally Counting Down the Days ‘Til I Can Bang Offset Again!

Last month, Cardi B gave birth to her first child with Offset, just weeks after admitted that she had secretly married him.

Though Cardi is recovering from childbirth, she is being very vocal on social media about her eagerness to have sex with her husband again.

Folks, this is what we call being horny on main.

Cardi took to Twitter to highlight an image of her husband and baby daddy Offset.

Accompanying a photo of him wearing a cowboy hat, Cardi writes: “Hey cowboy, I want to take a ride on your horse.”

Fun fact: she is speaking almost entirely in flirty euphemism, a fact not lost on her followers.

One wrote back, suggesting that she should wait before sex: “You probably still gotta finish healing first.”

That commenter was right! Childbirth is wonderful but the reality of it is pretty horrifying and takes its toll on the body.

Cardi knows that and acknowledges that her follower was right … but her reply didn’t end there.

Cardi B knows that she needs to wait until her body heals before she bangs Offset again.

Not only that, she knows exactly how long.

Cardi’s reply: “3 weeks and 4 days!”

“Yes b–ch,” Cardi writes. “I’m counting ,wassup!”

Good for her for knowing what she wants and for owning her sexuality.

Cardi B tweets about thirst, baby #2

This was only part of Cardi’s interactions with fans.

One fan replied: “This pic made Cardi say YEEEHAWWW!”

Cardi quotes that tweet with a series of tearful laughing emojis.

Another commented: “Baby #2?”

Cardi adamantly replied: “Ummmmm NO.”

One new baby in the house is enough.

Another fan had a similar thought, writing: “Cardi about to make baby #2”

“Can ya stop saying that?!” Cardi asked. “If I get pregnant again imma curse ya out !!!”

That’s fair.

“Don’t you want a brother or a sister for Kulture?” one nosy fan asked.

“She got 3 already!” Cardi reminds fans. “Later on in life I’ll have more babies “

Cardi wrote about the baby she already has.

“My baby shleep,” Cardi shared with fans. “Should i go to my basement and do a verse for TASTE?”

She also commented on little changes she’d made now that she is a mother.

“Ok so if you noticed i changed my nail shape from pointy to square so i won’t hurt my baby,” Cardi tweeted.

That is very thoughtful!

“I’m thinking about only changing my pinky nail shape back to pointy,” Cardi wrote. “So i can take my babies little boogers out.”

A little graphic. Also, they make tools for that.

Cardi makes some interesting tweets. One of her most recent was:

“I don’t know if b–ches wanna fight me or eat my p–sy?” Cardi writes. “Both?!”

She continued: “I’m with it when it comes to both.”

Honestly, Cardi is such a delight. She’s a little wild — no, a lot wild — but she’s clearly devoted to her new role as a mother and is even changing her lifestyle to suit her baby’s needs.

Of course, since Offset was arrested on gun charges while violating his parole, some fear that Cardi may recover from childbirth … only to lose Offset to prison.

But that’s what conjugal visits are for.


Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson Relive Their Whirlwind Courtship on Counting On!

A new season of Counting On debuted on TLC Monday night, and we think it's safe to say the premiere delivered everything that fans have come to expect from the Duggar clan.

The episode centered around the wedding of Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

Not only did fans get their first look at the couple's massively-attended ceremony, we also got to circle back and relive Lauren and Josiah's courtship.

As we've known for months, Lauren and Josiah are not your typical Duggar couple.

And last night's two-hour-plus mega-episode was not your typical season premiere.

Check out some highlights from Josiah and Lauren's big day in the gallery below:

1. The Happy Couple

Josiah duggar and lauren swanson wedding pic
Josiah and Lauren have been head-over-heels for one another from the moment their courtship began. On this week’s episode of Counting On they relived their whirlwind romance.

2. Starting at the End

Josiah duggar and lauren swanson pic
The episode kicked off at the conclusion of Josiah and Lauren’s courtship, as the excited couple put the finishing touches on their wedding preparations. It then circled back to fill fans in on their brief bur passionate romance.

3. They DO Have a Sense of Humor!

Lauren swanson josiah duggar pic
“I can’t wait to meet you at the altar and marry you,” Josiah tells Lauren early in the episode. The comment prompts a Counting On producer to joking suggest that the couple “get a room.”

4. Meet Josiah

Josiah duggar throwback
At one point, the episode throws it waaaay back to Josiah’s childhood, as his siblings lovingly recount their memories of the family’s resident prankster.

5. Meet Lauren

Josiah duggar lauren swanson picture
From there, Lauren was introduced to viewers, and the Duggars spoke just as lovingly about their new sister-in-law. “Lauren is already one of the sisters,” Jessa Duggar remarked.

6. A Courtship Begins

Lauren swanson rocks short skirt
Both Lauren and Josiah can barely contain their joy while discussing the early days of their relationship and the manner in which he proposed.

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Counting On Sneak Peek: 3 Babies and a Wedding!

Well, it's that time again.

Another season of Counting On is upon us, and once again, it finds the Duggar family expanding at an exponential rate.

In a preview released today, TLC promises viewers will witness the arrivals of not one, not two, but three babies!

Yes, it can be hard to keep track of the baby news coming from TV's most fertile family, so here's a rundown of what you can expect this season:

Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child back in February and it looks as though the delivery was documented by Counting On cameras.

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell welcomed their first child just last month, and the special occasion was recently the subject of a Counting On special.

And Jinger Duggar is currently pregnant with her first — and we imagine when the baby arrives, TLC cameras will be present.

So we guess when TLC promised three babies, they really meant one.

Whatevs, we're sure there will still be more diapers than you can shake a stick at.

In other Duggar news, Josiah married Lauren Swanson last month, and it seems we'll get to see the big moment when he popped the question on an upcoming episode.

Now, this might be a more intriguing prospect than all those occupied wombs.

On previous occasions that Lauren got in front of a camera, she came off as awkward and nervous.

Often, she appeared to be reading from cue cards or reciting lines that had clearly been rehearsed.

The situation has led fans to the conclusion that she's not totally comfortable with the whole reality stardom thing.

Of course, the real test will come when Lauren makes her big Counting On debut.

Was it simply a case of early jitters, or is she really not on board with participating in the family business?

We'll find out when the new season debuts on TLC July 30.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in the meantime.

Even if you're a diehard fan who's never missed an episode, you could probably use a refresher course.

At this point, even the Duggars are probably having trouble keeping track of all those pregnancies and weddings.

Counting on sneak peek 3 babies and a wedding

Jinger Duggar: Leaving Counting On to Star In Her Own Show?!

Big things are happening in Jinger Duggar’s life these days.

In fact, some believe that all the exciting new developments in Jinger’s world should take center-stage in the Duggar family’s first spin-off series.

Okay, technically, Counting On is a spinoff of 19 Kids and Counting, but really, it functioned more as a replacement series after the original was irreparably sullied by the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015.

Anyway, if fans have their way, Jinger might soon become the first Duggar to serve as solo star of her own series.

In recent weeks, Duggar obsessives have been calling for a Jinger spinoff (or Jin-off, as we like to call it) on her Instagram page and in Duggar-focused subreddits.

The reasons why they think this is such a good idea are myriad:

For starters, the 24-year-old’s life is wildly eventful these days.

Jinger is pregnant with her first child, and along with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, she’s carving out a life that’s very much at odds with her ultra-conservative upbringing.

Shortly after her wedding, Jinger became the first Duggar woman of her generation to permanently move away from Arkansas.

She and Jeremy have been residents of Laredo, Texas for nearly two years now, and it looks like they’re gearing up for yet another move.

Last week, rumors that Jinger is moving to Los Angeles began to make their way around social media.

And unlike so many reports about the Duggar clan, this one is based on credible evidence.

Jeremy was recently accepted to study at a divinity school in LA, and apparently, he would be permitted to carry on his ministry there while he gets his degree.

In other words, a spinoff might soon be the only path forward for Jinger’s career that makes sense from a logistical perspective.

Continuing to find ways to incorporate Jinger’s storylines into her siblings’ lives will become that much more difficult after she heads for the coast.

The smartest move for TLC might be to simply offer Jinger her own series.

The move would make sense not only because of the geographical issues but also because it’s fitting that the woman known as “the rebel Duggar” should have her own show.

Jinger was the first Duggar woman of her generation to wear pants and the first to leave Arkansas.

Now, she might be the first to land her own series.

Just another accomplishment from the undisputed fan favorite.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Counting On Preview: Joy-Anna Duggar’s Pregnancy Fears Revealed

It's been less than one month since the latest Counting On season finale left fans clamoring for more of the TV's favorite fundamentalists.

Fortunately, the Duggar faithful won't have to wait very long for another round of pregnancies, courtships, and bizarrely specific dress codes

So what's in store for Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and the rest of the J-squad this time around?

Well, while most reality shows begin to show signs of age when they've been on as long as the Duggars have, there's certainly no shortage of drama in Tontitown.

The exact release date has yet to be announced, but TLC has confirmed that Counting On will be back sometime this summer.

And a new preview for the upcoming slate of episodes reminds us that as more of Jim Bob and Michelle's children enter adulthood, change is now the only constant in the Duggar family. 

The upcoming season will address such matters as the pregnancy of Joseph Duggar's wife and the courtship between Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

But it's the scenes focusing on Joy-Anna Duggar that have really captured the interest of fans.

As you've likely heard, Joy-Anna welcomed her first child back in February, but because of production lag times, the final months of her pregnancy will be featured on the upcoming season.

And it looks as though there were some frightening complications that are just now being revealed to the public.

Check out the preview below to see what's in store and watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the summer premiere


Counting on preview joy anna duggars pregnancy fears revealed