The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Another Friendship Bites the Dust

The ladies of Orange County have been battling it out like never before on The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

Monday’s episode of chronicled the fraught friendship between Tamra Judge and Gina Kirschenheiter. 

The pair were still at odds over Gina dishing the goodies to Shannon about what was being said about her. 

But Gina wanted to let bygones be bygones and wanted Tamra to attend her birthday bash, but Judge had an agenda of her own. 

Tamra made her way over to Vicki’s house and revealed all about the growing tension between her and Gina. 

“So I got a call from Shannon who said that Gina told her that I was talking all this stuff about her in Jamaica,” Tamra told Vicki. 

But Vicki was so over what happened in Jamaica, saying:

“Hello! Jamaica why are we still talking about Jamaica. We are done we are home now. I told Shannon if she has to get on anti-depressants than do it. But Shannon is not mentally ill.”

In a hilarious segment, the two women decided against attending Gina’s party, and while it seemed more about Shannon being there, it was still pretty rude. 

As for Gina, she was moving out of her family home and into her own bachelorette pad following her decision to divorce her husband.

“I am realizing that Mrs. Kirschenheiter is no more,” Gina said before claiming this would be her first birthday as a single woman. 

Gina then told her new BFF Kelly Dodd that she was keeping her divorce on the down low from her children. 

The ladies subsequently met up at Emily Simpson’s for a fortune reading party, and things quickly got out of hand. 

“I have texted Shannon to ask how her surgery went. She did not answer, but I just wanted her to know how it went,” Emily said. “Hopefully you are on the up and up,” Tamra said to Emily about Shannon.

“I feel bad, but I am honestly over Shannon at this point,” said Gina who was still in hot water with Tamra.

“I am trying to help, and you are trying to help her, and now this whole thing is about me and you and do I think you are a sh***y friend.”  

All seemed to go quiet on the Shannon front until the fortune reader told the ladies that a “woman with an S in her name needed help.”

Okay then, Bravo to the producers for this random twist. 

The episode’s final moments focused on Gina questioning where Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki were after everyone but them arrived at her birthday party. 

We cut away to a scene with Tamra, Vicki, and Shannon together having a party of their own. 

“So I told you both what happened. The one thing that kind of upset me was that Emily said, ‘Because I grew up with a mentally ill mom, I saw some similarities with Shannon,’” Tamra said. 

That’s when Shannon lost it. 

“This is a person that threatened to kill Kelly! How dare she? Mentally ill? F**k her,” Shannon yelled as the episode faded to black. 

Oh yes, it’s on!

What are your thoughts on the latest big twist?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Twin Tweaks

Vick Gunvalson and Shannon Beador went under the knife. 

Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County chronicled each of the two women’s cosmetic surgery procedures.

Vicki went with a lower face and neck life, which was scheduled to last five hours. Yes, that’s a long time to go under the knife. 

There was an especially scary moment at the top of the hour when Vicki was asked if she wanted to be resuscitated if her surgery went south. 

“‘I do want to be resuscitated. I’ve got a lot of things to do this week,” she said with a grin in response. 

You can always rely on the OG of the OC to throw in some comic relief to an otherwise serious scene. 

The nurse went on to admit that the drugs could pose some side effects, and Vicki was not done making fun of it. 

“It makes your hoo-ha buzz?” she quipped.

“Because I’ve had so many surgeries, I kinda sorta know what the hoo-ha buzz is.”

If you wanted to know what procedures Vicki had in the past, then she was all too happy to dish the goodies in a confessional. 

She had work done on her chin, nose, tummy, eyes, and her breasts. We’re inclined to believe she already knew all about the side effects. 

As for Shannon, she opted for an eye procedure because she wanted to look the best as she continued her return to the dating game. 

Vicki woke up shortly after her procedure and continued to have some of the wittiest responses ever. 

“Am I pretty? Do I look like Vicki?” she questioned.

“Yeah you look like Vicki wrapped up in a towel,” Steve told her. 

“And ten years younger,” yelled a nurse. 

Steve then took the love of his life to the Monarch Beach Resort because she wanted to recover in luxury, but she was cautious that anyone laid eyes on her. 

As for Shannon, she made her way home after the surgery and was visited by Kelly Dodd and Gina Kirshenheiter when she got home. 

Things took an awkward turn when Gina started talking about the Jamaica trip, admitting that there was “a lot of talk about your mental health.”

Gina continued to talk about it, even going as far as throwing Tamra under the bus for talking smack about her supposed friend. 

Shannon seemed happy to know what was being said but admitted in a confessional that her recovery was no the time or the place to open up about it. 

In true Real Housewives fashion, it didn’t take long for Tamra to get wind of what was being said. 

“I would like to hear your side before I lose my s***,” said Tamra to Gina as she sharpened her blade. 

We are obviously kidding about the blade part, but Tamra was pissed. 

“I said your best friends are concerned for you,” Gina countered, before saying that she wanted to make Shannon aware that she was being spoken about. 

“I didn’t expect this from Gina at all, she is New York Gina with her loyalty, and you are going to throw me under the bus? Oh no,” said Tamra.

But Gina was adamant she was not trying to cause drama, and swiftly realized that the issue here was Shannon. 

Shannon apparently took what Gina said and made it into something it wasn’t. 

While Tamra was furious with her friends, she got a little bit of good news in her home life. 

Eddie was still struggling with his heart defect but found out he was going to be treated for it. 

He was tired of not being able to do what he wanted but vowed to be back to doing normal things as soon as possible. 

“Like b**ing your wife?” laughed Tamra.

Okay, that’s all for another week.

What did you think of all the drama?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Shannon Beador Flips Out

Shannon Beador has been battling to stay in control of her emotions throughout the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

With a messy divorce dragging her down, she’s been taking it out on her friends, and things went nuclear on Monday’s episode of the Bravo hit thanks to claims that her attitude, well, stinks. 

When the episode got underway, the ladies were still in Jamaica, and Gina Kirschenheiter was still going on about how Beador did not give their friendship a chance. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Shannon has been distant from the new additions to the cast, and despite their best efforts to make friends with her, she’s shut them down at every turn. 

Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd, and Emily Simpson started to chat about Shannon’s wellbeing in her company, and things quickly got heated. 

“Are you serious? So we’re going to do a goddamn f—— straight-jacket intervention right now? Are you kidding me?” Beador yelled in her defense after being accused of turning to alcohol to cope with everything that’s going on. 

“I feel blindsided,” a clearly irate Beador complained as she tried to get away from the situation, and she did not want to be filmed.

“I just need a minute. Stop, I mean it. Stop following me, I swear to God, I will take the mic off. You guys need to stop. … I need a minute, and I deserve it,” she continued to yell. 

As we’ve reported on several times, Judge felt like Shannon was neglecting her friendships as she has become absorbed by all the things going in her personal life. 

“I love Shannon, but the constant negativity and dwelling on things that really don’t matter is tiresome to me,” Judge explained in a confessional, adding:

“We all have a hard time when we’re getting divorced. We all have outbursts, I did. But it’s been six months. She can’t keep treating people badly because she’s getting divorced.”

“This has been months of buildup. She wants to bitch and complain all the time and not fix anything,” Judge continued.

“In her head, she’s the busiest person in the world, and she doesn’t get it. She’s never worked. David took care of everything. … She cries every single night. … I’m legit 100 percent worried about her.”

Always one to throw in her two cents, Vicki was there to stick the knife into her pal. 

“That was a big red flag for me … it just masks the pain,” Gunvalson stated when the others claimed she was using alcohol to mask her pain.

“I think she needs us. … She should get on something because sometimes you can’t handle your feelings,” she continued.

“When Don and I were going through our separation and divorce, I did go on an anti-depressant because I couldn’t function, I was crying so much. It got me through the bumps.”

“It’s depression, she’s depressed,” added Dodd.

“David must have been kind of a saint to stay up with that. She’s a good girl, and I think the world of her. But to have to deal with that day in and day out? It’s got to be draining,” she continued.

“I only have to deal with Shannon on a friendship level. I couldn’t imagine being married to that and having to live with that every single day. It affects everybody.”

When Tamra and Shannon actually got to chat about how they felt, Shannon was not willing to accept what happened. 

“I am so beyond hurt, Tamra,” Beador admitted after hearing that Gina and her friend were talking smack about her.

“I drop everything to answer the phone. … I’m a kind friend, and I always want to help,” Shannon said in defense of her actions.

“You have no idea what I go through on a daily basis; I don’t even share half the s— with you. Half.”

“I hurt. I’m sensitive,” she said. “But I’m excited about my life, and I’ve let you guys know that, so don’t sit there and say I’m goddamn crying every night, ’cause I’m not.”

Dodd chimed in, telling her friend to go on medication to help her, but that caused even more problems. 

“I’m not going on medication! I’m not doing it,” she shouted.

“I am entitled to feel what I’ve been feeling. I’m entitled to feel my pain. … I am who I am, and I’m going through a lot of pain.” 

“And I get it; everybody’s going through a lot of pain. …[But] stop acting like I’m some goddamn mental case.”

But Judge was not prepared to listen anymore. There’s only so many times you can try help someone who does not want to accept there’s something wrong. 

“Then cry every night, I don’t care anymore because nobody can help you,” Judge shrieked.

“You don’t want to take any help. I’m trying to help you. Just listen. Stop screaming for one f—— time in your life and listen. Listen! You won’t listen!”

“I can’t do this anymore,” Judge yelled at Beador.

“You want to be sad your whole life, be sad your whole life. You don’t want any help, don’t get any help. I don’t give a s— anymore. … Nobody can help you. Nobody can give you any criticism. I’m trying to help you.”

That was enough for Beador to realize the trip was a bust and she was done trying with the ladies, so she disappeared. 

“There’s nothing worse than to feel abandoned and hurt by your friends,” said a deeply concerned Vicki. “I want Shannon to know that I love her and that I’m there for her and she’s going to get through this.”

Who knew Vicki was so friendly?

But Gina did not seem to care about Shannon at all. 

“Why do we feel sad for Shannon?” she asked. “She’s got a lot of money. She’s got business deals. She’s got best friends. Okay, you’re 10 lbs. Overweight. Get over it; you’re not bed-ridden!”

What are your thoughts on the big blow up?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Shannon Beador vs. The World

Shannon Beador is not a fan of Gina Kirschenheiter or Emily Simpson.

Ever since the two new housewives debuted on this Bravo hit, they’ve tried to get through the wall Shannon has up. 

On Monday’s episode, the heat was turned up when the women made their way to Jamaica. 

The ladies were given two penthouses, meaning they would have to split up. 

“Shannon’s [rooming] with those two,” Kelly Dodd said with a grin, looking at Gina and Emily. 

“No. The tres amigas,” Shannon countered, referring to Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson. 

Who would have thought these three would ever be this close?

In any case, Gina wanted to try and stop all of the drama, but it fell on deaf ears. 

“Are you sure? It’s not too late!” she said to Shannon about rooming with her. 

“Sorry,” Shannon said with the least apologetic look on her face.

“We’ll be in the sorority house. You guys will be in the old folks home,” Emily said, chiming in with a huge grin.

Gina added, “The retirement villa!”

It was like Shannon just wanted the two women to disappear because she fails to acknowledge their existence at the best of times. 

This trip is going to be fun!

“Shannon’s so rude! It’s ballsy, you know? I commend her rude balls,” Gina said in a confessional. 

“Of all the people on this trip, I know Gina and Emily the least, and I wanna enjoy myself,” Shannon countered in a confessional of her own, adding:

“Who I do know quite well are the tres amigas!”

But Shannon was not done yet. When they were in their separate penthouses, she continued to make horrid comments about the two newcomers. 

Tamra Judge, Shannon’s BFF, picked up on the way she was acting and told her to “pull out” whatever was in her butt. 

The tension continued to mount at dinner when Tamra noticed the way Shannon checked out of all conversations that related to Gina or Emily. 

“Everybody listens when Shannon is venting, but when other people are, it’s like she’s checked out,” Tamra said to viewers. 

After another awkward night, Emily and Gina thought it was time to get some intel on Shannon because they felt like they made every effort to be friends. 

“She’ll warm up, it just takes her a little time,” Tamra said the next morning to the women.

“The funny thing is, though, I understand it takes time,” Gina said. “But it’s like, she will tell us everything about her, but it takes her time to give a shit about us.”

“Eddie tells me I’m an enabler when it comes to her,” Tamra said in response, and it’s easy to get on board with that. 

But what followed was an epic rant about her supposed BFF. 

“I feel sorry for her! I feel bad for her! Every day, she wakes up with a negative comment,” Tamra complained.

“Every single day. Every day, I’ll get a text, and it’s like, ‘Last night was horrible!’ As soon as she gets here, ‘I’m gonna get Zika!’ That’s just her personality, and I think I’ve just adapted to her personality.”

Emily wondered whether Shannon’s much-publicized divorce to David was to blame for the way she was acting. 

“She’s been sad since I’ve known her,” said Tamra in response to that. 

Okay then. 

Could this be the end of the line for Shannon and Tamra, or could they patch things up?

It’s not looking good. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: The Shade Queen

Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was light on the nice, and heavy on the mean. 

It picked up in the immediate aftermath of Shannon Beador’s QVC debut, and she was on a high. 

She invited all of the ladies over to her house for a celebratory dinner. 

Gina Kirschenheiter was in attendance, and as you know if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, she has butted heads with some of the ladies over her looming divorce. 

The 34-year-old admitted that she was scared at the thought of “being a grown-up” when the divorce gets finalized. 

“I’ve never been alone…I’m scared,” cried Gina as she continued to speak to the ladies about it. 

Gina immediately took issue with the fact that Shannon did not ask her how things were. 

“Just ask me how my f***ing day was,” Gina yelled as she cried.

“‘I’m glad I’m out of this one,” complained Shannon as Gina continued to sob.

“I am noticing a pattern in Shannon’s behavior, of her really not caring about me at all…Shannon does have this way of just looking through you,” said Gina.

“It shouldn’t take this much time for her to acknowledge my existence, it shouldn’t take this much time for her to not be an a**hole,” she continued.

But Shannon was quick to tell Kelly Dodd the real reason why she did not care for Gina. 

“She’s 20 years younger than me… and she stirred the pot a few times with me,” Shannon said to her friend. 

It makes sense that Shannon would want to keep the new additions away from her because she wants to maintain some sort of storyline to have her contract picked up for another year. 

If these new women have a more significant presence, she runs the risk of being demoted to the dreaded “friend” status. 

What’s more, the new housewives come at a lower price tag because they haven’t been part of the show for as long. 

Elsewhere, Emily questioned whether it would be a wise decision to attempt to have another baby with one of the embryos she had left from her fertility treatments. 

Emily was open about her almost dying after suffering six miscarriages on a recent episode of the Bravo hit, so it’s fully understandable that her husband would be apprehensive about trying to conceive again. 

“I don’t think it’s right that you keep pushing me in that direction,” Shane said, but Emily wasn’t ready to back down.

“But I’ve always wanted more than one girl,” she said.

Emily was told that carrying another child could kill her following what happened the last time, so it’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in. 

It remains to be seen whether Shane will change his stance on the matter, but we’re inclined to believe he won’t. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest action?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Italian Fight Night

Gina Kirschenheiter may be one of the newest housewives on the block, but she has quickly solidified herself as one of the best. 

The reason?

She speaks her mind without caring what the others think of her. That’s a good trait to have being part of a reality TV show. 

On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, her character was called into question thanks to her pending divorce to Matt Kirschenheiter. 

While on a dinner date with Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Kelly Dodd, she was asked about whether there was hope for them to reconcile. 

“We truly are best friends, but we aren’t in love,” Gina said, revealing that her divorce would be amicable. “What’s wrong with just saying, ‘Our marriage didn’t fail, it’s just ending?’”

Given that Gina has three children to Matt, it’s great for the kids that they are ending their union without drama. 

“I’m not in pain,” Gina revealed to the others.

“I don’t think I’m going to experience the pain because even though Matt and I aren’t right for each other, I know who I married and I know who he is. … I will be fine. … [Matt] actually really is a good man.”

Shannon went on to bring up money being a factor, but Gina immediately shut her down. 

“We are not about money,” Gina said, adding:

“I would give up my alimony to save my family dynamic. Matt would pay me double to save my family dynamic.

“That’s who we are and who we will always be,” she continued.

“This will never be an issue of money. I don’t have assets. I have one humble home. And I get that, and I respect [what’s going on with you], but I’m not in that situation.”  

That’s when Vicki stepped in with her thoughts about the situation. 

“You’re so nonchalant about getting divorced. It bothers me. … You’re like flippant about it,” Gunvalson said. “You’re not experiencing the pain yet. It’s not pretty.”

“You took up matrimony. You went in front of God and said, ‘I will marry you ’til death do us part,’” Vicki preached. 

“I don’t believe in God,” Gina fired back, and the whole room went silent. 

“I believe in a higher power,” she clarified.

“I believe in a god, I don’t know who he is. I’ve never met him. I believe in a god, I don’t believe in anyone’s particular god.”

“You don’t believe in God? Are you serious?” Vicki said as though she had just heard botox was being abolished.

“That might be missing,” Vicki preached to the choir.

“That’s why you’re in the place you’re in. … You don’t have a moral compass inside your soul.”

“I’ve never heard someone be so flippant about God,” Gunvalson complained in a confessional.

“She better hope she’s right that there’s no God because if she’s wrong, she’s going to pay for it for eternity. That’s a long time.”

Gina was taken aback by the whole thing but was persistent about the way she was feeling. 

“I’m not in a bad place, I’m in a good place,” she said, adding:

“That’s a ridiculous thing to say. You’re so stupid, you sound like an idiot right now. … My morals are in check and I don’t have morals because I believe in a certain god or I’m following a certain set of rules. I just have morals because I’m trying to be a good person.”

Vicki continued to drag Gina, bringing up her future without her husband. 

“Wait until you try to date someone, and you have three kids, and they don’t like your kids,” she said. “Then what? Then what are you going to do?”

While Vicki failed to recognize she had gone too far, Gina departed because she was being put on blast for something that was her decision. 

“I will literally battle this for the day I die for my children. So back off,” Gina said in a confessional.  

“Because of what they’ve gone through in their past, they think that they know more than me,” she told continued.

“Every married couple is different, every divorced couple is different, everybody going through a divorce is different. So shut up.”

In her time of need, Gina called Matt to fill him on the comments. 

“I’m so upset. I need you to talk to me right now. This is too much, and they’re so mean. I just can’t. I just get upset because we’re not right for each other and that’s just not good enough for anybody.”

But it wasn’t Matt who was able to calm her down. It was fellow new housewive, Emily Simpson. 

“Every single person at that table has been through what you’ve been through, and it conjures up a lot of emotions,” said Simpson.

“You can listen to their story and their advice, and you can say, ‘Thank you for sharing.’“

When Gina returned to the table, Gunvalson accepted her apology. 

“It’s really none of our business but we kind of feel that we want to mother you a little bit because we care for you,” Gunvalson said.

Something tells us a new feud was born Monday night, and it’s going to cause a lot of drama. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Flips Out

Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd’s friendship might never be the same again. 

Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County picked up in the aftermath of the fight that found new housewife, Emily Simpson, threatening to kill Kelly. 

But Vicki wanted to know how her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, wound up being put on blast. If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Kelly was livid to learn that Steve was friends with her ex-husband. 

For Kelly, it was like a betrayal, and it was made worse that her then-BFF Vicki failed to see the issue with all of it. 

Gunvalson unpacked what went down with Tamra Judge and Emily. 

“Kelly thinks Steve’s mad at her, and I don’t know what’s going on,” Gunvalson solemnly said to her friends. “And now, Steve doesn’t want anything to do with her.”

“Shane neither,” said Simpson as though anybody cared whether her pot stirrer husband would be friends with the newest cougar in Orange County, adding “he doesn’t have time for it.”

In all honesty, Shane was the one who butted in when Dodd was trying to get the answers from Steve, so if anything, he should be apologizing to Kelly for trying to sink her storyline to get one of his own. 

Emily then went on to say that she was wrong about the way she reacted to Kelly. 

“I probably shouldn’t have said, ‘I’m going to kill you, but obviously it’s a figure of speech,” she said, trying to defend her actions. 

“[Kelly] said the entire time, ‘I just wanna go talk to Steve and fix it,'” added Tamra of the whole scenario. 

“She doesn’t give a rat’s a— about Steve, and I guarantee you she wants to see our relationship fold because she doesn’t want anyone happy,” Gunvalson balked, adding:

“Miserable people like miserable people. I was there.”

That’s when Tamra opted to light the fuse on the dynamite and secure her contract with the show for another season. 

“She said that Steve is only with you for your money,” she said while acting like it was not going to cause another war between the housewives. 

“I thought it appropriate to tell Vicki about what’s being said because the worst thing in this group is a rumor going to another person, another person, another person and not the person who’s directly involved,” Tamra said in defense of her actions. 

“Of course Kelly says that!” Gunvalson screamed as she stopping chopping vegetables.

“Shame on her for talking about my relationship. It’s bulls— that everybody’s always after what I have! Leave me alone! And by the way, I don’t have that much money.”

For what it’s worth, we did get to see Kelly and Tamra have that conversation earlier in the episode. 

“Do you think that guy is hitting it and quitting it?” Kelly asked, of Steve to Tamra.

“My friend was dating the girl that Steve was dating. He told the girlfriend that he’s only using Vicki for money. Swear to God. Dinero! Money talks and bulls— walks.”

“In my book, Steve’s a bad guy,” she added. “He’s hiding something. And everyone should know what kind of a person he is.”

While Tamra was trying to imply she was being nice to Vicki by telling her about the earlier comments, there was also footage that suggested she, too, was not taken in by Steve. 

“She doesn’t love him,” Judge said during a group dinner sans Gunvalson. “I’m sorry, she does not love that man.”

Never one to come to a party without some proof, she reminded the ladies of Shannon’s matchmaker.

“When I was talking with the matchmaker with her, she was like ‘Maybe I should go to him too?’” Judge recalled.

While everyone seemed to be against Gunvalson’s relationship, it was all playing out swimmingly for the cameras. 

“You better not let me down,” she told Lodge as they celebrated her birthday.

“I feel great at 56. It’s been a bumpy couple last three years, but now that Steve’s in my life, I finally feel like I’m at peace.”

 “I don’t need a man for money, and he doesn’t need me for money,” she continued. “I don’t care about stuff. I care about the person.“

“I would date a trash collector if that’s who I fell in love with.”

Lodge seemed to agree. “I think in her mind she feels, ‘I’m successful I don’t need another man’s money, so I’m going to fall in love not because he has money,’ ” he said. “Unlike some other people we know.”

That last little bit of word salad was very likely a jab at Kelly. 

Oh yes, it’s on. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Monday on Bravo.


Gina Kirschenheiter: Quitting The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Gina Kirschenheiter has really made a splash on The Real Housewives of Orange County, from siding with Kelly Dodd against Vicki to speaking her mind without hesitation.

She’s made a real impression with fans, who would be happy to see her return for another season.

Will Gina stay or will she go?

RadarOnline spoke to a network insider who explained why Bravo wants Gina Kirschenheiter back for another season.

The Bravo insider says that Gina is “absolutely” welcome back next season.

“She has gained a tremendous fan base,” the source explains.

A huge factor in her immediate popularity, the insider explains, is “because people can relate to her.”

She’s a reality star with a reasonably glamorous lifestyle, so crossing that bridge to relatability can be tricky — but she managed it.

There are some pretty simple reasons for Gina’s rapid rise to popularity among viewers, and it’s not the ase of spelling her last name.

“She speaks what is on her mind,” the source explains. “And she doesn’t hold back anything.”

That’s a great quality in a reality star, but also a breath of fresh air to viewers who are tired of jaded reality veterans who pick their battles.

“She is refreshing,” the insider states.

“And,” the source continues, Gina “has gotten really close to several of the cast members already.”

As we had mentioned, Gina sided with Kelly against Vicki over Vicki’s double-dates with Kelly’s ex.

As we reported very early this summer, Gina Kirschenheiter divorced her husband shortly after the show wrapped filming.

It was said that Gina seeing parts of her life through the lens of a camera helped to put some things into perspective for her.

Though viewers have seen her acting almost as a single parent to her three young children this season, she and Matt Kirschenheiter don’t seem to have any hard feelings.

The insider dishes that Gina “has done an amazing job co-parenting and will continue to be friends with Matt.”

That can be a difficult line to tread — good for her! And good for him, too!

As much as fans and Bravo would like to see an encore performance from Gina, ultimately, that ball is in her court.

“It is up to her whether or not she decides to take the invite back on the show,” the source explains.

That makes sense. Some contracts last for several seasons, but few — networks or stars — are eager to start with a multi-year contract.

“But hopefully,” the insider says. “She will.”

Very practically, the source says: “The paycheck sure can’t hurt her.”

Even amicable divorce is expensive, even if you’re rich — in terms of sheer numbers, especially if you’re rich. 

But even if it weren’t for that … the hefty paycheck for a Housewife salary is difficult to turn down. You can never have too much money, folks.

That said, for some people, they find that they’re happier when their lives aren’t out in the open on television and social media.

Still, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that Gina loves being on the show as much as viewers love seeing her.

She really brings a special element to the show’s dynamic.


The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 7 Recap: She Said/She Said

It was a tale of two best friends duking it out on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 7, and no, we’re not talking about Kelly Dodd and the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson. 

In a surprising turn of events, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge came to blows during a fun-filled day of golf that quickly concluded with them in a bitter war of words. 

It all started because Tamra wondered why her supposed BFF was not sharing her health and fitness journey with her. 

“I wish Shannon would talk to me,” Tamra said to her mother. 

“It actually makes me mad. She sees the healthy lifestyle that we live. Instead, I’m going with her to pick out gym equipment, and she’s hiring some trainer.”

“We have trainers – we have one who can come to your house if you want. I just wish that she would trust me.”

“I take a lot with Shannon,” she continued. 

“There’s a lot of dumping on me and telling me what’s going on and there’s a lot of negativity. I get off the phone, and I’m drained. She never asks, “How’s Eddie doing? What’s going on?” She never asks. She doesn’t care.”

Shannon has been so focused on her divorce settlement, and how to get back to being a happy person to move on with her life that it seems she’s neglecting her friend. 

We got to see her with her male trainer about how she wanted her stomach to “go in further than my boobs.” 

However, all of this was just a precursor to the main event, which took place on a golf course for Shannon’s birthday. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Emily Simpson’s husband, Shane went off on her co-star Gina Kirschenheiter and asked her to leave his house because she was too loud during a party. 

That reminded Beador of her time with David, and how her marriage fell apart, and she wasted no time in telling the ladies before the event how she felt. 

“When you were talking about that he was yelling or something, ‘get out of my house’ or whatever, I could see that happen in my marriage,” she previously told the ladies while Emily was not there. 

“I walked on eggshells around him because he would be upset if there was loud noise when the kids were trying to go to sleep,” she continued. 

In true reality TV fashion, the comments found their way to Emily, and she thought her co-stars were branding her husband “abusive.”

“It’s upsetting to me that Shannon has an opinion about my marriage,” Emily said during a confessional Wednesday night.

“First of all, don’t even compare the two. You’re divorced, and your relationship is tumultuous. My husband and I are together, and we have a great marriage. So when you make those comparisons, it pisses me off.”

Emily took Shannon to task during the birthday celebrations. 

“Gina and I had a conversation, and she said that you made a comment insinuating something about how you were concerned for my safety or there being abuse or something,” she said. 

“Don’t put words in my mouth, sweetie,” complained Shannon in a confessional after saying she “would never use that word.”

“The only thing you’ve ever told me about David is all these awful things,” Emily said.

“I said I walked on eggshells around him because he would be upset if there was loud noise when the kids were trying to go to sleep,” Shannon responded. 

It all seemed fine, and even Kelly helped them stop the bickering, but then the feud ignited when the ladies stopped for lunch. 

“Can I ask you all a question?” Shannon asked. “Who put the word ‘abuse’ with ‘Shannon Beador’? Because I never said it.”

Emily looked directly at Gina. 

“You said, ‘Well, I think Shannon made some insinuation that maybe she was worried about you because you were in an abusive relationship.'”

“I never said that,” Gina fired back.

“That night after you left, the situation got brought up again. I felt like, as your friend, I should tell you what was going on. What I told her was that you felt like it was something that David would have done to you, and you were concerned about it.”

Gina then said that Shannon was “projecting her own shit” onto Emily, and that’s when Vicki stepped in because she wanted to know whether Emily was lying. 

Emily was furious but adamant that she did not add words to it. Gina and Emily were smart and knew to leave the situation. 

Shannon put Tamra on blast, saying that she brought the whole thing up. 

“Oh, don’t even f–king blame it on me, Shannon Beador! You said what you said!” Tamra wailed. 

“Tamra, I am not accusing you of anything,” Shannon responded. 

“You just did,” Tamra fired back. “When someone attacks your husband, it’s hurtful!”

Before we knew it, the birthday girl had run off, and Tamra was annoyed. 

“This is so typical of Shannon, Tamra continued. “Shannon’s really good at making situations about her. Too bad.”

Yeah, looks like these two are well and truly not friends!

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