Amy Roloff & Chris Marek: Are Fans Finally Accepting This Couple?

Little People, Big World fans seem to love giving Amy Roloff a hard time, whether it’s accusing her of “exploiting” her son Jacob or asking if she banned her ex Matt Roloff from family gatherings.

But every hater’s favorite topic seems to be her boyfriend, Chris Marek. They either thing that she’s betraying Matt by dating again or that she’s some love-blind fool under Chris’ sway.

But Amy Roloff shared this sweet selfie, and it looks like some minds are finally changing about Amy’s “second act.”

Amy Roloff provided a little context behind this sweet selfie with her caption:

“Changing it up. Chris took the selfie.” [smiling emoji]

We’d say that he did a pretty good job with that selfie. Amy continues:

“Date night. Thai food and seeing a local play in downtown Hillsboro. Love it! #amyssecondactcontinues #datenightsaregreat #lovelocal”

That sounds like such a nice evening!

Amy Roloff received some really positive comments from fans.

“Great couple thanks for sharing with us.”

That one’s pretty run-of-the-mill, and Amy does get positive comments like it a lot.

“I love Thai food! Sounds like a great evening, have fun!”

Thai food is great. (In fact, Amy’s post reminded me to ask some friends if our dinner tonight should be Thai)

Another fan defended Amy from the hate that she so often receives.

“Great picture. You deserve to be happy in spite if all the rubbish haters post.”

Most significantly, it seems that Amy’s happiness has won over one of her relationship’s detractors:

“Amy, I always wanted you to get back together with Matt, but now that I see you with Chris, you look incredibly HAPPY. That is what is important!!!”

Sadly, not everyone who follows Amy Roloff has seen the light about her relationship.

“At least the kids seem to recognize wedding vows, even if their mother gave up. My own opinion. Not hating Amy, we have to live our own lives, but too bad the parents couldn’t hold it together.”

Weird to read a message by someone who thinks that divorce is a genuine wrongdoing instead of an unpleasant fact of life for, you know, half of all marriages.

“Goodness, I was really praying God would restore your marriage. I hate this.”

They hate what? Amy’s happiness?

“Look at his face….I’m sorry I don’t trust his face and we as women should watch out for each other and boost each other up. She’s too good for him! What’s so wrong w that????”

And, finally:

“Chris is a creep.”

We have to talk about the fans who say that they’re “just looking out” for Amy, like she’s a college freshman dating her married professor and not a grown-ass adult and grandmother who knows what she’s doing.

For a long time, we’ve had the sick feeling that some of Amy’s haters who can’t stand her relationship with Chris Marek are actually concerned about a little person dating someone who isn’t disabled.

Maybe, even if it’s deep down on a subconscious level, these haters don’t believe that a man of Chris’ height could find a little person attractive. That’s … a horrifying way to view the world.

One of the comments under the adorable selfie seems to confirm that tragic worldview:

“You saying ‘she’s happy’ is an assumption and judgement all in one. I remain leery of men taking advantage of kind ppl like Amy.”

And there you have it, folks.

At least some of the people who love to give Amy a hard time are concern-trolling her because they infantalize her because she’s “kind” (so, probably because she’s a little person).

While we were delighted to see that a fan had come to understand that Amy’s making choices for her own happiness, it’s clear that some others haven’t yet come to understand.

And that probably won’t change until they stop seeing the Roloff family matriarch as a helpless child without any judgment and see her as a real woman with real feelings.

None of us really know Chris Marek. But Amy Roloff does.


Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon: Married at First Sight Couple Split Amidst Cheating Accusations

It’s all over for Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon.

The Married at First Sight couple has confirmed via social media that they are getting a divorce.

But they aren’t doing so in amicable fashion.

Having gotten married (at first sight, no less) on Season 5 of this controversial reality show, clear trouble for Downs and Duhon was afoot a few weeks ago when the former Tweeted:

“Just got a call from the woman who’s been sleeping with my husband…the same woman who he called on the honeymoon.”

She later Tweeted a follower:

“He admitted it.”

YIKES, huh?

We’d file for divorce under that circumstance if we were Sheila, too.

downs tweets

However, Duhon disputes this account.

On Sunday, he denied that his wandering penis played any role in the break-up, while also denying said penis wandered into any other woman’s vagina.

“Prior to any statements made about me, we were no longer living together and I already filed for divorce,” he wrote, adding:

“This was known to both parties, my lawyer, and the lawyer for the show.

“The reason that led me to file for divorce from Ms. Downs was thoroughly understood by all parties as well.”

duhon note

Simply put, he claims:

Infidelity was not a reason, nor did I ever admit such a thing. Thank you to those of you who have shown support throughout this tough time.

On the fifth season finale of this Lifetime series, Duhon expressed his doubts about the romance, while the newlyweds got into an explosive fight.

As you can see, not much has changed between them over time.

Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon kiss

Following Duhon’s denial, Downs tried to get the last word late on Sunday.

“I see that instead of finally operating in integrity, [Nate] chose to continue to lie,” she wrote on Instagram.

But this wasn’t all.

Buckle in for a lengthy post in her own defense…

My husband & I had problems. Yes. He was dishonest and there were women throughout our ENTIRE marriage.

Admittedly, I didn’t know how to handle that; and as you saw on the show, I handled it poorly at times.

I’m not proud of that, but I am extremely proud of the woman who acknowledges that and has made a conscious effort to change the things I didn’t like. When I got married, I meant FOREVER.

I unfortunately was the only one. If you watch the show back, my meltdown on the balcony was because Nathan said that he wanted a divorce.

That was the first of probably 40+ times.

And then came the women and the nights he would ignore my calls, block my number, engage in illicit activities, or not come home at all. On the cruise, we were intimate.

We admittedly had problems, but I was fighting for my marriage only to have a woman who had reached out to me before call me AGAIN with receipts..

Now had my husband already begun living a single life?? Absolutely!

On Twitter, meanwhile, Downs had even more to say about the situation:

It’s really pathetic how far Nate is going to try to save face.

I’m many things, but I am NOT a liar.

I stayed in my marriage BC of my COVENANT WITH GOD. Nate cried & told me he wasn’t ready & I deserved better almost a year ago.

I should’ve let him go then..& for real the worst thing you can say is that we had 4 counselors??

That is correct we went to 1 ONCE who just wasn’t a fit, 1 was a hardcore fan of the show (kinda a problem), one was nice as can be but a space cadet, & then we found the one!


We aren’t taking sides here.

And cheating is always wrong.

But we are curious how God feels about His covenant with you when it gets finalized on a reality TV show after you literally just met the man you’re marrying.

We. Are. Just. Sayin.


‘Friday the 13th’ Star Kane Hodder: ‘If I’m Lucky I’ll Kill A Couple Motherf*****s’

The guy who played Jason Voorhees in the ‘Friday the 13th’ movies is out for blood — due to some pent up rage after a 3-hour makeup session.  Kane Hodder tells us he’s reprising his role from the seventh ‘Friday the 13th’ — when he actually…


Kirlyam and Alan Cox: 90 Day Fiance Couple Gives Birth!

Not every couple on 90 Day Fiance ends up as bitter and full of mutual loathing as, say, Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali. But that doesn’t mean that every couple gets their happily ever after, either.

Kirlyam and Alan Cox, however, are one of those beautiful exceptions. They lived the dream and made it and are a happy couple. And this summer, we told you that Kirlyam was pregnant.

They were due in September, but sometimes the best things take a little extra time to prepare. (And yes, of course there are baby pictures)

There are schemers and cheaters and toxic relationships left and right on 90 Day Fiance.

But we can’t forget about the good relationships, too.

Alan Cox was doing his work as a Mormon missionary in Brazil when he met Kirlyam.

The two of them hit it off. And though there were issues — Kirlyam may have looked a bit like a mail-order bride to some of Alan’s peers, while marrying Kirlyam meant leaving her family behind in Brazil for Kirlyam — they went through with their engagement and got married.

Honestly, we’ve loved watching the two of them be adorable nerds together on Instagram, whether they were going out to see Wonder Woman or geeking out about Harry Potter.

The most dramatic part of their relationship, in our estimation, is that Kirlyam’s family couldn’t afford the trip and had to watch a livestream of Kirlyam and Alan getting hitched.

In fact, the only downside to these two is that their high-on-love, low-on-drama relationship doesn’t make them as juicy fodder for the 90 Day Fiance cameras (or their spin-offs).

But check out their latest adorable development!

Baby Liam was born on the 6th of October, 2017.

Alan Cox took to Instagram to share the wonderful news:

“Welcome to the world Liam Jordan da Costa Cox. Born 10/06/17 at 7:57 pm. 6 lbs 15 oz 20 inches long. Baby and momma are doing great. I’m so proud of you @kirlyam_. You are a true warrior. I love you so much!”

He also translated it, like most of his updates about Kirlyam, into Portuguese for Kirlyam’s relatives. Awww!

She pushed for twenty hours, which is enough to impress us but the thought of that makes us want to curl up and die.

Sharing an up-close photo of precious baby Liam, Alan shared the experience of every new parent.

“Loving life right now! Well except the no sleep part.. hahahahaha but then I look at Liam and suddenly I’m not so tired.”

He’s so cute!

Alan Cox elaborated about Kirlyam’s labor experience.

“I do not have the words to describe what I feel for this wonderful woman. I am so proud of her. She was an absolute warrior in the delivery room. After 20 hours of active labor she still had the energy and drive to sacrifice her body for Liam.”

We can only imagine how tough it was for Kirlyam, especially given the difference in stature between herself and her husband.

(Not every big baby becomes a tall adult, but there’s something to be said for the effort of pushing a very tall man’s baby out of a very small woman’s uterus)

Alan Cox continued:

“I will forever be grateful and love this woman for all time and eternity. @kirlyam_ thank you”

These two are so sweet with each other. That tribute is even more precious than Alan’s glowing face as he shopped for baby clothes during the summer.

And to think that mere days before, the two had been throwing up their hands and wondering when Liam, due in September, would ever enter the world!

Kirlyam made her own, much more succinct post. Again, her baby was born less than a week ago, and if we’d just pushed for 20 hours, you wouldn’t catch us so much as tapping “like” on Instagram.

“Welcome to the world Liam. We love you so very much!!!!”

She included some blue hearts and, of course, a Portuguese translation.

The next time that 90 Day Fiance makes you feel cynical about relationships, about marriage, and about the show itself, maybe think of this growing family.


Couple Gets Caught by Cop Having Sex in Car, Keeps Having Sex

A Wisconsin man and his girlfriend were recently busted by a police officer, going at it like a pair of sex kitten inside their car.

This isn’t totally unusual.

Other people have been caught by cops having sex in a car.

arrest dude

But here’s the thing about Bailey Puttkemery and Emily Scott that has caused their story to go viral:

When approached by the aforementioned La Crosse police officer and told to get dressed and stop banging… they refused!

“No, bro, I’m trying to f-ck,” Puttkemery told the officer, according to a police incident report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

This may be our favorite quote of the year.

The report goes on to say that the cop opened the rear passenger door and reiterated his demand that the couple cease fornicating.

Shortly thereafter (as in, not immediately, LOL), Puttkemery exited the car and made it clear that the officer was totally getting in the way of his game.

“You’re a man, you should understand,” Puttkemery told the cop. “It’s Oktoberfest weekend.” 

Okay, we take it back. This is now our favorite quote of the year.

arrest gal

At another point, this legendary police report goes on to state, an unclothed Puttkemery told the officer:

“It’s just a dick. Nothing to be afraid of.”

The suspect continued to argue as he put his clothes on, trying to make the point that everyone should just chill and, hey, if he was going to jail anyway… he might as well finish, right?

No, really. This was Bailey’s actual reasoning.

When the cop asked Scott why the pair hadn’t simply stopped having sex, she allegedly replied: “He wanted to finish.”

report, police

Puttkemery was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and disorderly conduct, while Scott was busted for lewd and lascivious behavior and bail jumping.

However, prosecutors decided NOT to pursue the charges related to the incident, according to the La Crosse Tribune.

So Puttkemery and Scott will not see the inside of a jail cell, after all.

And Puttkemery is therefore free to once again see the inside of Scott with his penis … if you know what we mean!


Aleksandra and Josh: An Update on the 90 Day Fiance Couple!

90 Day Fiance is masterful at getting viewers hooked on certain couples. You feel for the journey that they’re making together, and, in most cases, you root for them to succeed.

One of the show’s many spin-offs is checking in on couples that the cameras haven’t shown for a while. Sometimes, they have great news. other times, you find that love has faded and they’re no longer together.

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: What Now?, viewers caught up with Aleksandra and Josh. And … a lot has changed since their wedding day.

Last March, we heard that announcement that 90 Day Fiance was launching yet another spinoff.

90 Day Fiance: What Now? has a vague title (we get it; titles are hard), but it’s all about catching up with couples who have appeared on 90 Day Fiance.

Not every couple is ridiculous … ahem, we mean “entertaining” … enough to warrant being on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? with cameras following them around even after they get married.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t warrant an episode or two.

You check in on them and see how they’re doing.

A lot of fans and viewers become attached to couples and want to follow up and see how they’re doing.

You want to see how they’re doing as a married couple. You want to see if they have any kids!

And you want to see how the person who isn’t from the US is adapting to life in America.

Catching up with Aleksandra and Josh is extra important because, after an alarming and shameful incident over the summer, Aleksandra decided to step back from social media.

Possibly forever.

Why did Aleksandra Iarovikova quit social media? Because a bunch of trolls saw her child’s olive skin tone and decided that the child that she had with Josh, her husband, must really belong to someone else.

She mentions that their baby has her mother’s exact face, while she herself resembles one of her grandparents.

This isn’t uncommon — recessive traits and RNA often mean that traits can skip generations. Traits like the shape of your nostrils or traits like your entire face and skin tone.

There are also a number of European ethnicities in which people naturally have olive skin tones. Look at Nina Dobrev, who is Bulgarian, for just one example.

Anyway, Aleksandra didn’t want to put up with the hate and accusations, so she and Josh have resolved to give their daughter her privacy by not showing her face over social meda.

Or, even, on camera for 90 Day Fiance: What Now?

So, as for Aleksandra and Josh and how they’re doing now:

If you’ll recall, Aleksandra was a Russian party girl.

Josh was a Mormon missionary on a mission trip.

They met and fell in love.

Josh had to wait until he was no longer working for the Church of LDS before he could actually asked her out.

But he did, an entire year later.

They dated, fell in love, got engaged, and got married.

Which, yes, means that the Russian party girl and club dancer (Josh was scandalized by the sorts of things that had been around her in her life — remember that Mormons arne’t allowed to drink alcohol … or caffeine, even) converted to Mormonism so that they could get married.

Whether you’re a person of faith or hold any other sincerely held beliefs, you know what a huge deal converting for someone else is.

But a new faith and new church wasn’t the only change in Aleksandra’s life.

She went from living the club life in cities to living in Omaha .. and then living in a small town, waiting for Josh to be accepted to medical school.

And Josh has reportedly still not started medical school, meaning that they are still living in the same small town.

It can’t be easy to give up your whole life and put your social life on hold while your husband pursues his dream.

(To be fair, though, Aleksandra is also taking classes … but that’s not a social life)

The main focus for both of them is their beautiful daughter, of course.

From what the 90 Day Fiance: What Now? cameras showed, the two of them are happy but there seems to be some underlying tension.

Josh wants to get into medical school but, so far, he’s been waitlisted.

Aleksandra is impatient for his acceptance so that they can move to a place that isn’t a dead quiet small town.

At the moment, their lives are in limbo. Tension is to be expected.

But you know what? They’re doing way, way better than a lot of 90 Day Fiance couples.


Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Make Their Debut As a Married Couple! WATCH!

It's been just over a week since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married, but the couple has kept a surprisingly low profile in the days since they exchanged vows.

We don't know where Joe and Kendra honeymooned, or how they're enjoying married life thus far.

But thanks to a video the couple uploaded over the weekend, we know exactly how they feel about the newest addition to the Duggar clan.

As you may have heard, Josh and Anna Duggar welcomed their fifth child earlier this month.

The news received a mixed response from fans, as folks generally aren't thrilled when known child abusers have more kids, but within the Duggar clan, Josh and Anna received nothing but praise and well-wishes.

And because video greetings uploaded to to public forums are the preferred method of communication for this family, Joseph and Kendra offered kind words on YouTube.

The delivery on these clips is usually awkward and strained, as though there's a gunman with cue cards just off camera, but the sentiment is nice, we guess.

It seems Kendra is still getting accustomed to addressing the Duggar faithful, and she seems more than a little uncomfortable.

But hey, she'll get used to it, right?

She better, as unless she's involved in some sort of a massive scandal on par with what Josh did, she'll be living her life in front of a camera from here on out.

Watch Joseph and Kendra's video message to Josh and Anna below:

Joseph duggar and kendra caldwell make their debut as married co