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Kevin Spacey Pulled Over for Speeding … On Way Home from Court


Kevin Spacey couldn’t make it home from his alleged sexual assault hearing Monday without catching more heat from the law — he got pulled over in Washington, D.C.

Spacey was behind the wheel after leaving Reagan National Airport when cops lit him up for speeding. In the video, you see officers talking to him — the whole license and registration routine. BTW, the guy riding shotgun with him is his attorney. 

The photog asks officers if they gave Spacey a ticket, but the police were mum. Instead, they chastise the guy for pulling over on the road to record the moment on camera.

Law enforcement sources tell us Spacey got off without a ticket. The officer let him go with a verbal warning.

Considering his bigger legal woes at the moment, we’re guessing he was grateful to be let off easy. We’re guessing Spacey had just landed at the airport after flying in from Massachusetts, where he appeared in court this morning.

Kevin Spacey Present, Your Honor … In Court for Sexual Assault Case

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Kevin Spacey‘s facing the judge in his sexual assault case — despite trying to duck the court appearance — and we’re live streaming inside the Massachusetts courthouse.

The disgraced actor’s arriving Monday morning and he’s already said he’ll plead not guilty to the sexual assault charge for a 2016 Nantucket bar encounter with a then 18-year-old. As we reported … Spacey allegedly groped the man’s genitals.

His legal team requested he be allowed to skip the hearing, arguing it would “amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with the case.” The judge shot him down, though, and ordered Spacey to get his ass to court to enter his plea in person.

The proceeding’s expected to begin around 8 AM PT. 

As for the charge … Spacey’s lawyers tried sinking it last month with a strange train of logic, claiming that no sexual assault victim would allow themselves to be groped for 3 minutes

Meanwhile, Spacey seemingly addressed all the allegations against him in a bizarre video in which he was in character as Frank Underwood from “House of Cards.”

Kendra Wilkinson Can’t Get Divorce Stuff Right!!! Court Rejects Docs Again


Kendra Wilkinson‘s having a hard time getting officially divorced … and it’s kinda her fault.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … Kendra and her estranged husband, Hank Baskett, are STILL officially married after the divorce judgment docs she submitted were rejected by the court for yet another error.

In the docs addressed to Kendra, the court clerk writes it must reject the judgment for the following reason — which was bolded, underlined and enlarged — “Please make sure the forms you submit have the correct case number, the full case number should be on all forms in the appropriate place, please check each form prior to submission to court.”

As we first reported … the same thing happened back in November when the court rejected the docs after the wrong jurisdiction date was entered and Kendra forgot to check a required box.

Worth noting … Kendra — who filed for divorce last April — filed the faulty papers each time, but Hank bares responsibility too, since he also signed the docs.

Breaking up is hard to do … but especially hard for these 2.

Michael Jordan Parties On $80 Million Yacht … with Basketball Court!

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He shoots, he scores … ON WATER!!!

Michael Jordan‘s 2019 is off to a GREAT start — he’s hanging out on an $ 80 MILLION super yacht off the coast of St. Barths … and the ship has a basketball court onboard!!!

Seriously … this thing’s amazing. 

Unclear if MJ is ponying up the $ 840,000 per week it costs to charter the 230-foot floating mansion — but he’s reportedly worth around $ 1 BILLION, so it’s not like he can’t afford it. 

Either way, this ship is paradise on water — with 8 cabins, a bar, dining room, full gym, deck Jacuzzi … and, oh yeah, the basketball court!! 

The yacht also boasts a state-of-the-art audiovisual system, satellite TV and fast WIFI … so you can still check your Instagram from the middle of the ocean. 

So yeah, it’s still good to be Michael Jordan. 

Tekashi69 I Can’t Be In Court ‘Cause I’m in Jail So What’s the Deal with Arrest Warrant???


Tekashi69 just can’t catch a break … a judge just issued a bench warrant for his arrest because he failed to show up to a hearing even though 6ix9ine’s currently locked up.

We’re told Tekashi had a hearing Thursday morning in Houston for his mall attack case. The judge was fully aware why Tekashi couldn’t make it — he’s in federal custody in NYC for more serious crimes  — but the judge followed protocol and issued a bench warrant because he no-showed.

As we first reported … Tekashi was accused of putting his hands around a 16-year-old kid’s neck in a scuffle at a local mall earlier this year. The rapper and the kid, Santiago Albarran, ultimately made peace after the kid showed up for one of Tekashi’s hearing and made it clear he did NOT want Tekashi to be prosecuted.

Tekashi’s attorney, Carl Moore, tells TMZ … they rejected a plea deal because they believe the case should be dismissed now that Albarran no longer wants Tekashi prosecuted. What’s more … copping a plea would result in a conviction which could hurt Tekashi’s federal case.

As you know … Tekashi’s entangled in a much more serious case that has him facing life in prison.

TMZ broke the story … on top of the racketeering charges, the feds are also now looking into the Chief Keef shooting case ’cause cops think 6ix9ine implicated himself on tape.