Courtney Stodden Releases a Haunting New Music Video: WATCH!

Courtney Stodden is launching her music career. If you think that that's funny, then you've clearly never heard her sing.

Some of her past projects were a little over-the-top (though we'll always have a place in our hearts for "Asphalt"), but her new music is serious.

Now she has a music video out. This one is haunting, beautiful, and deeply bizarre. And you can watch it below.

Courtney stodden as ember

Under her new persona, Ember, Courtney Stodden has graced us with three new singles.

"Pink Flamingo" and "Me Too' are pop.

The former has some clear EDM influences and some entrancing qualities.

"Me Too" has a topical title, but before you accuse her of titling it in poor taste, remember that Courtney Stodden has shared two stories of sexual assault.

This is very much her heartbreaking story to tell.

You can find both of those songs here on iTunes, where you can also find the song "For You."

And "For You" has its very own music video.

Courtney stodden for you music video still

The music video's opening isn't the strongest. She speaks in a British accent, giving the intro an almost fairytale quality.

At times, her singing reminds us a bit of Blondie.

Part of that may be this particular song's musical elements. She doesn't somehow resemble the entire band.

At other times, between the filters employed and the wig and the singing itself, we get some very genuine Lana Del Rey vibes.

In these moments, the similarity is primarily visual.

There's this powerful retro quality with some intense witchy vibes, and we're here for it.

Courtney stodden purple

Bits of Japanese kanji appear on the screen from time to time.

Courtney — or Ember — lounges in a robe in the grass, or lays out in a skimpy white outfit to soak up a little sun.

(Yes, Courtney is famous for her body, so she's not exactly wearing a nun's habit for the video)

Later, things take a turn for the psychedelic.

We see her in purple with red eyes, but the vision is distorted. it's an interesting effect.

Courtney stodden casket

Eventually (and yes, this is a spoiler, so spoiler alert), we see that she has been singing to herself all along.

Well, singing to her open casket.

(Or is this Ember singing to Courtney? I've never watched Hannah Montana, but the alter ego thing seems complicated)

The launch of her (serious) music career could be seen as Courtney's rebirth as Ember.

Ember, of course, is evocative of fire imagery. Phoenixes are reborn in flames, and there is nothing more symbolic of rebirth than a phoenix.

We don't know how much of that is intentional and how much the serindipidous symbolism just fell together (sometimes it's like that), but we expect more along these lines as Ember releases more music videos.

Don't be too disturbed by the "Courtney is dead" imagery. What the public has seen of Courtney was a persona, just like Ember.

Courtney stodden as ember pink flamingo

Courtney-slash-Ember isn't stopping at these three singles, by the way.

Her album, "Off The Record," drops on July 8. That's in less than a month!

While some of Courtney's older songs like "Asphalt" and "Mistletoe Bikini" were a bit more sensational, we're excited to see more of her artistic side.

And we'll be eager to see more music videos, of course.

The "For You" music video was a wild ride but we keep getting back in line.

Courtney stodden releases a haunting new music video watch

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Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison: We’re Both Completely Broke!

Back when Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchison, it seemed the odd couple was destined for stardom in the age of reality televsion.

After all, for the first few months, the world seemed unable to look away from the washed up actor and his aspiring pop star child bride.

Unfortunately, as Doug and Courtney soon learned the hard way, the fascination of the public doesn’t always equate to big bucks.

To their credit, they did their damnedest to try to cash in with a reality show and other business ventures but nothing seemed to pan out.

These days, Stodden and Hutchison are getting divorced, and the legal proceedings have shed some light on the former couple’s financial situation.

According to domuments obtained by The Blast, Courtney has filed for spousal support, claiming that she earns just $ 2,500 a month.

That’s a problem, as her monthly expenses amout to a whopping $ 4,700 (including $ 1,000/month on clothes).

Courtney says she has just $ 2,700 in the bank at the moment, but claims to be in possession of $ 10,000 worth of furniture and appliances.

Yes, her finances have reached the “I wonder how much the couch would go for on Craiglist” point. 

Courtney tells the court that her situation hasn’t always been this dire.

According to her filing, things “changed drastically” over the last 12 months due to “no major production deals.”

Of course, this begs the question – at what point was Courtney Stodden landing major production deals?

But as sad as Courtney’s situation is, she’s still doing better than Doug.

Yes, it seems those Green Mile residuals have dried up and left the out-of-work thespian in a rather sorry state.

Hutchison filed for bankruptcy last year, likely in anticipation of Courtney’s request for spousal support.

According to documents, his monthly income at the time was $ 2,494 but his expenses came out to $ 5,281.

Hutchison has reportedly fled Hollywood for financial reasons and is currently living in Michigan.

Needless to say, it’s gonna be tough for Courtney to squeeze much blood from that stone.

Maybe instead of trying to get spousal support from one another, these two can just head down to the welfare office together.

Or better yet, maybe they can sell a reality show that focuses on their divorce!

Might as well get something out of this marriage before it’s over, right?


Courtney Stodden Shares Two Stories of Sexual Abuse

She wishes it were not the case, but Courtney Stodden is having a moment.

A #MeToo moment, that is.

Actually, Courtney Stodden is unfortunately having a pair of #MeToo moments and she’s finally opening up about them to a national audience.

The reality star – known for appearances on Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother, as well as for marrying a much older man – opened up last night on something called The Tomorrow Show.

Asked if she could relate to the women who have shared their stories of sexual abuse and harassment of late, Stodden replied in the affirmative.

She didn’t provide many details, but she did explain that she’s been victimized on two occasions.

“When the first incident happened, I, didn’t tell [then-husband Doug Hutchison]. It was actually during the first time we separated,” she said, continuing:

“It actually happened to me two times when we were separated.

“At that age, ya know, I was only 19… I didn’t really think it was wrong, which is the crazy part.”

Stodden filed for divorce from Hutchison just a week ago.

When the two got married, she was 16 years old and he was 51 years old.

This unusual (and inappropriate? And illegal? And ridiculous?) age difference is what sky-rocketed Stodden to Z-List stardom.

The relationship, however, suffered through many ups and downs, including various separations and temporary break-ups.

It was during one of these brief splits, Stodden says, that she was abused sexually.

The thing is, she didn’t exactly know it at the time because she had only slept with Hutchison prior to this awful experience.

We’ll let Courtney explain further:

“I only had sex with one man before that… So gentle, not to get explicit. But I was like, ‘OK, maybe that’s just a rough way of going on a date.’

“I really didn’t realize it was sexual abuse until I started hearing these women talking.

“It wasn’t until #MeToo started that I was like, ‘Wow, maybe that wasn’t OK.’ So yeah, it’s really a sad thing, but it happens all the time.”

The #MeToo movement started several months ago in response to numerous stories of women in Hollywood being harassed (or much worse) by men in power.

It has given females across the world a chance to speak out and to be heard; or just to feel as though they aren’t alone in having endured some terrible acts by some pretty terrible men.

Stodden, who has been through a lot over the years, doesn’t want to get into specifics over what she went through in these two instances.

But she says both centered around “power and sex” and concluded:

“It’s just like all the other women’s stories. It’s nothing different. Each woman should be heard.

“I’ll definitely be a part of the movement, for sure.”