Tori Roloff Posts Picture of Son Covered in Poop

Tori Roloff may be thinking twice about having a second child right about now.

We kid, of course.

Children are a blessing and Tori and Zach Roloff seem like outstanding parents whose influence on a new generation can only help the world become a better place.

But still.

Tori just shared as personal and as hilarious a photo as one can share of his or her offspring, and it sheds light on the occasional downside of parenting.

Or the occasional smelly side, we guess we should say.

Tori, who recently made us cry with her anniversary tribute to husband Zach, just made us spit out our coffee with laughter over an image of one-year old son Jackson covered in human feces.

They’re his own feces, at least.

But they are feces, nonetheless.

“I share this with the risk of getting mom shamed (again- and for real I don’t care I don’t get humans sometimes),” Roloff wrote to open the caption that accompanies the following picture, prior to adding:

“This is for all those mamas out there that sometime feel like they are sinking. That’s been me this week.”

Tori then proceeded to explain how she came across her only child in the rather dirty state you can see him in above.

“Here’s hoping this brings you a good laugh and hopefully you’re Day was better than mine:

“Started out with my husband waking up sick- his headache can’t move I’m dying sick. Now we did get to enjoy a lovely day with friends by the pool but that’s where the fun ended.”

Okay, go on…

“I came home to Zach still being sick so I tried to play hard ball and get him up and moving- bad idea. He threw up on our front porch because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t inside).”

Yikes. Sorry to hear all this, Zach.

And sorry if the details below will be enough to make our readers sick…

Roloff said she had to hose off her husband’s vomit from the front porch. From there?

“I then come back inside to relax but heard Jackson awake in his crib. He often wakes up and just hangs quietly. I needed the extra time so I left him a couple minutes.

“After about 20 min I went in his room… this is where it gets bad. I noticed something on his face (of course I think it’s blood or something and start freaking out).”

And what was that something,Tori?

“As I moved closer the smell overcame me. I noticed brown spread all over his sheets and crib- and oh ya- that’s poop… IN HIS HAIR!!!!

“To make matters worse… we don’t currently have hot water in our house so I had to drive to another house to bathe him.”

Wow, huh?

Also: EWWW!

Also: LOL!

And also this: Nearly every parent on the planet has been there, Tori.

This is most definitely NOT something to feel shame over.

Taking as positive an approach as she can, the Little People, Big World star concluded:

“So ya. That’s my day. If you were having a rough day I hope this helps. I can laugh now that Jackson is asleep in a throughly scrubbed crib.

“ALSO: first time parents: never. Ever. Under any circumstances. Put your child to bed in just a diaper. Just don’t do it. We all have those days. Today involved both vomit and poop. I mean can tomorrow get any worse?

“Don’t answer that. #momlife #babyjroloff.”

We so appreciate the honesty. Thank you, Tori.

This TLC star recently hinted that she and Zach were strongly considering a second child, making us excited for even more stories such as this down the line.

After all, you know what they say, right?

Sometimes you need to laugh in order not to cry your eyes out.

For photos of Jackson Roloff NOT coverered in poop, check out the gallery below:


Rose McGowan: Harvey Weinstein RAPED Me! And Amazon Covered It Up!

Now that Rose McGowan has her viral voice back, the actress is using it to make a couple scathing accusations.

McGowan was actually kicked off Twitter earlier this week after she shared numerous messages calling out Hollywood for its inaction against Harvey Weinstein after the movie producer was outed for being the person she always claimed him to be:

A sexual predator.

Multiple detailed reports have alleged that Weinstein sexually harassed an endless number of women and even raped a few actresses back in the 1980s and 1990s.

McGowan, meanwhile, has gone on the offense in the wake of these allegations, referring to Ben Affleck as a liar, for example, after he pleaded ignorance over Weinstein’s notorious behavior.

After McGowan’s Twitter account was unlocked on Thursday (the company says she was given the temporary boot for sharing a private phone number), the actress celebrated by sending a series of message at people she believes covered for Weinstein …

… and by accusing the movie mogul of rape.

Addressing all of her Tweets to Jeff Bezos – the founder and CEO of Internet behemoth Amazon – McGowan wrote:

“I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was proof.”

As part of a New York Times article published last week, it was revealed McGowan was one of eight women who reached a settlement with Weinstein.

In her case, it was for $ 100,000 and it was over a 1997 encounter in a hotel room with the executive producer during the Sundance Film Festival.

The money that changed hands was “not to be construed as an admission” by Weinstein, but intended to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” according to a legal document reportedly reviewed by the aforementioned newspaper.

Continued McGowan in her Twitter explanation last night:

“I had already sold a script I wrote to your studio, it was in development…

“When I heard a Weinstein bailout was in the works I forcefully begged studio head to do the right thing. I was ignored. Deal was done. Amazon won a dirty Oscar.

“I called my attorney & sad I wanted to get my script back, but before I could, #2 @amazonstudios called me to say my show was dead…

“@jeffbezos I am calling on you to stop funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers. I love @amazon but there is rot in Hollywood.

“@jeffbezos Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand with truth. #ROSEARMY #Amazon.”

mcgowan vs. amazon

This is not a new claim by McGowan.

Any awful cynic who thinks she’s somehow just trying to take advantage of the publicity surrounding Weinstein need only to CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Last October, McGowan also Tweeted about how a Hollywood executive had raped her – and how others within the industry had helped cover it up.

Using the hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport, McGowan wrote the following one year ago:

“A (female) criminal attorney said because I’d done a sex scene in a film I would never win against the studio head.

“Because it’s been an open secret in Hollywood/media & they shamed me while adulating my rapist.”

She concluded: “It is time for some goddamned honesty in this world.”

Sadly, it wasn’t then.

But maybe it can be now.

We’re most definitely proud members of the #ROSEARMY.


Jenelle Evans: Drug Use During Pregnancy Covered Up by Teen Mom 2 Crew?!

As we’ve been discussing for the past few days now, Jenelle Evans seems to be in some serious trouble right now.

Like, maybe the biggest trouble she’s ever been in.

Which, you know, is saying a lot for a former heroin addict who loves assaulting people and who’s been arrested more times than we can count.

At the beginning of the month, Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, went to court to file for emergency custody of her grandson — Jenelle’s second child, Kaiser.

In the documents that were filed, Doris made a number of horrific claims about Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason.

She said that Kaiser had told her that David had punched him in the head, and that when he came for visits at her home, he often had strange bruises and marks on his body.

On one occasion, she claimed that she pulled up to Jenelle’s home to see the toddler playing outside by himself, and that Jenelle didn’t even come out to greet her until several minutes later.

She also said that Jenelle smoked weed throughout her last pregnancy, and that when little Ensley was born, she tested positive for marijuana.

That particular incident caused an investigation to be opened, but it’s since closed.

And today, we have some new information about that investigation.

A source who spoke with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed that Jenelle was investigated by child protective services after Ensley’s positive drug test.

She spent the next several months under heavy scrutiny, and rightfully so, but the investigation was official closed in May.

And it was for just the dumbest reason.

“Basically,” the source explains, “Jenelle flew to Los Angeles to obtain a medical marijuana card.”

“She went to this shady doctor on Sunset Boulevard who has been in trouble in the past. I think he’s actually a plastic surgeon. It was a walk-in clinic type place.”

“She has a lot of friends in L.A. that can help her with this sort of thing,” the source adds.

But would it matter that she has a California card if she lives in North Carolina? And if she got the card after the fact?

We don’t know what all the laws are, but it seems like a judge was satisfied enough to drop the case “because Jenelle was able to prove she had ‘a medical need’ for the marijuana.”

“She managed to find the one loophole that could get her out of trouble.”

But hey, if she’d been dealing with all of this for months — all this seriously juicy drama — why haven’t we been seeing even a hint of it play out on Teen Mom 2?

As another source explains, “Jenelle worked really, really hard to keep this off the show.”

“But everyone knew: the cast and a lot of the crew all knew, and it was a hot piece of gossip for a while. But the producers kept it off the show because they knew Jenelle would go crazy.”

… For real?

It sounds like this whole scandal would have consumed so much of her time, how could they just completely ignore it? And why would they?

It’s not like MTV has ever tried to make her look good before … unless they have, and the things we’ve seen over the years are the better Jenelle moments.

Now there’s a scary thought.

The insider also says that some of the other moms on the show and several crew members “were so angry that Jenelle has once again skated through.”

“A lot of the people were hoping that this would make it onto the show somehow, to expose Jenelle.”

“She keeps trying to spin this ‘happy family’ picture,” the source continues, “and it’s just not the case. She has not changed.”

The other Teen Mom folks are looking down on Jenelle so hard that one cast member apparently told The Ashley that she and David “do not deserve the clean edit they have been receiving.”

We couldn’t possibly agree more.


Beyonce’s Pregnant Belly Covered in Henna Tattoos at Second Baby Shower (PHOTO GALLERY)

Beyonce is just about ready to pop — and it REALLY showed at her 2nd baby shower this weekend … mostly ‘cause of her belly tattoos. Bey hosted a “Carter Push Party” Saturday and invited her mom, Tina, and a few her famous gal pals — including…