Donald Trump Complains About “Covfefe,” Twitter Explodes

Donald Trump has done it again.

Insult a world leader? Fail to hold his wife's hand? Make absolutely no sense when trying to discuss a pressing piece of administration policy?

Probably. He probably did all of these things just in the last few minutes.

But the President also Tweeted the following message on Tuesday night "despite the constant negative press covfefe."

That was it. That was all he wrote… and he didn't even delete the unfinished typo for six hours.

Following yet another Twitter debacle, users jumped on to their own social media pages and went to town on the Commander-in-Chief-and-Really-Terrible-Tweeter.

Here's a look at some of the best, most BIGLY responses to Trump's complaints over poor "covfefe."

1. This Tweet Was Sent at 9:06 EST

This tweet was sent at 9 06 est
Trump was clearly trying to type the word “coverage,” but that isn’t even close. Plus, he didn’t finish the sentence anyway. And then he left it up for over six hours!

2. Was He Trying to Spell "Coverage?"

Was he trying to spell coverage
James Corden isn’t so sure.

3. Thank You, The Donald!

Thank you the donald
We’ve been wondering about this for years.

4. Wait, Is This True?

Wait is this true
Can we pop our champagne?!?

5. Jared Fails to Compute

Jared fails to compute
The Kush needs more information before acting against the interests of his country.

6. Whey They Go Low, We Go…

Whey they go low we go
… high? Nope. Who are we, Michelle Obama?!?

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