Jimmy Kimmel: Roseanne Barr Isn’t Racist! She’s Just Crazy!

On Tuesday, Roseanne Barr's racism got her sitcom canceled. Or, more accurately, the backlast to her racism got it canceled.

No one really expected to see Jimmy Kimmel rush to Roseanne's defense, but he did.

His words of support, however, have stirred up a controversy of their own.

Jimmy Kimmel's tweet, either making a very bad joke or a controversial appeal for sympathy.

"What @TheRealRoseanne said is indefensible."

That is true — so he's off to a good start.

"But angrily attacking a woman who is obviously not well does no good for anyone."

Is Roseanne obviously not well? She might be feeling a little queasy after she realized that her bigotry cost a couple hundred people their jobs.

"Please take a breath and remember that mental health issues are real."

Oh, dear. Yeah, we see where the controversy lies.

"The Roseanne I know could probably use some compassion and help right now."

As of Thursday afternoon, he has yet to delete the tweet.

The controversy of this tweet is not that she's defending Roseanne. Not exactly.

When people say or do vile, inexcusable things, from mass shootings to lashing out with racism, there are always people who can't bring themselves to blame that person.

Instead, they blame "mental illness.'

The problem goes well beyond the attempt to excuse the indefensible.

The problem is that mental illness and those with it are heavily stigmatized because of these statements.

Remember how Roseanne blamed her racism on Ambien? This is just as absurd and insulting.

Racism is many things, but it is not a mental illness.

On his own show, in the video that we've attached, Jimmy Kimmel plays it a little safer.

Much safer, in fact — he airs on NBC.

"Hear me out, just because Roseanne is gone, it doesn't mean the whole show has to go. The show must go on! That's what we say in show business."

He sets up his gag video.

"And with that said, I have an idea that I think makes this work for everyone"

He does roast ABC a little, but he doens't pust the envelope.

"We don't have much on this network. We're hoping the NBA finals goes 11 games this year."

Obviously, ABC is also the home of shows like the Bachelor franchise and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"We're still airing America's Funniest Home Videos. Roseanne was very 'bigly' hit for ABC, and we needed it."

So he suggests a series featuring the cast without Roseanne Barr.

The new series would simply be called "Dan," after John Goodman's character.

A lot of people have suggested that such a spinoff could work. Not as a joke, but in all seriousness.

Some worry that the network may not consider the added controversy worth it.

After all, at least part of the Roseanne reboot's appeal was to Trump voters who wanted to see themselves reflected on television.

It's a shame that people are seeing Roseanne's firing as a political move.

No one, no matter their politics, should be okay with bold-faced bigotry.

Roseanne is free to make political statements or to make vulgar jokes as much as she likes. We all are.

But when it comes to racist statements that are bound to send viewers and sponsors fleeing for the hills, it only makes sense for a network to send Roseanne packing.

Though, like Jimmy Kimmel, we would love to see her costars and the entire crew continue being employed.

Jimmy kimmel roseanne barr isnt racist shes just crazy

Liam Hemsworth Shares Photo of Crazy Hot Father, Internet Catches Fire

This Apparently Just In:

Liam Hemsworth comes from good genes.

Such a statement may be the least surprising sentence we’ll ever write, but it still seemingly comes as a shock to many on the Internet.

Earlier this week, The Hunger Games star and the fiance of Miley Cyrus shared a photograph of himself, his dogs, his mother and his father.

With a gorgeous backdrop behind them, the family is smiling proudly, having clearly just hiked up some steep and challenging terrain.

This beautiful outing and setting prompted Hemsworth to write the following as a caption:

Climbed a mountain with the oldies this morning and came across a rattlesnake after telling my brother there were no rattlesnakes in this area! Ha!

Check out the image below… and prepare to drool, ladies:

Not over Liam, no. But over his father!

Perhaps because the actor is wearing a shirt and his father is not, followers have focused their reactions far more on Craig Hemsworth here than his son.

And they like what they see!

“Ur dad is jacked!” writes @tronn7.

“Apple’s don’t fall from the tree. How’s them apples,” agreed @lynn67manning.

“Maybe oldies… but definitely goodies! Like father, like sons… great job Mom and Dad!” responded @foster1204.

Indeed, Mrs. Hemsworth also received some love in the Comments section of Liam’s page.

Ahead of attending The Dressmaker premiere in 2015, Liam posted the following picture of his parents, marking one of the first times we saw their attractiveness on full display.

Hemsworth referred to his mother and father as “legends” in the caption to this image, which is pretty darn awesome and accurate.

Liams, at 28 years old, is the youngest of his three siblings; Chrisis 34 and the often-underrated Luke is 37.

The trio is very handsome and also very close, spending a ton of time together in their native Australia.

The next time they hang out there, though, they may need to prepare for their parents getting more cat calls than they receive.

“How ripped is your old man Jesus!!” wrote another impressed follower in response to Liam’s recent picture, adding:

“Mums a banger too! But go old boy.”

And go young boy!

Just in case Liam gets upset that is dad is garnering so many positive reviews at the moment, we figured we’d remind readers that Liam can work his sexiness, too.

See the photo immediately above as proof.

You’re a lucky young woman, Miley.


Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing, Passenger Tweets CRAZY Details


You may not want to read the rest of this post if you ever want to fly in an airplane ever again…

sw plane

On Tuesday afternoon, a Southwest Airlines flight en route from LaGuardia Airport in New York to Dallas made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after one of the engines blew and a passenger got nearly sucked out of a window as a result.

As confirmed by a map via FlightAware, Southwest Flight 1380 was headed west/southwest when it took a sharp turn east, back towards Philadelphia.

Accounts from passengers on board have confirmed that an engine on the left side of the plane exploded mid-flight, causing shrapnel to fly across the aisle.

Incredibly, only one person was injured from the blast and he/she was tended to by medical personnel aboard the aircraft.

“We are aware that Southwest flight #1380 from New York La Guardia (LGA) to Dallas Love Field (DAL) has diverted to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL),” said Southwest in a statement, adding:

“We are in the process of transporting Customers and Crew into the terminal. The aircraft, a Boeing 737-700, has 143 Customers and five Crewmembers onboard.

“We are in the process of gathering more information.

“Safety is always our top priority at Southwest Airlines, and we are working diligently to support our Customers and Crews at this time.”

sw statement

As news continues to break regarding exactly what happened, passengers have started to share photos from the plane on social media.

For example, Kristopher Johnson snapped the picture below and shared it to Twitter, thanking the Southwest crew “for a great job getting us to the ground safely after losing in engine.”

Marty Martinez, meanwhile, shared a Facebook live video that depicts him with an oxygen mask on.

“Something is wrong with our plane! It appears we are going down! Emergency landing!!” he says in the footage.

blown engine

Martinez later talked to CBS News after the plane had landed in Philadelphia, explaining something went wrong about a half hour into the trip.

“All of a sudden, we heard an explosion and I come to find out that the engine exploded on the left side of the plane,” he said.

“That explosion caused one of the windows to explode in row 17 of the plane, which was just two aisles over from me.”

Added Martinez:

“I thought I was cataloging the last moments of my existence. It was absolutely terrifying.”

scary flight

Then there was Todd Baur, the father of one passenger onboard, who told NBC Philadelphia that a woman was nearly sucked out of the broken window.

She “was partially … was drawn out towards the out of the plane” and “was pulled back in by other passengers,” Baur said, adding that she was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Philadelphia Airport has Tweeted that passengers should expect delays following an order (since lifted) from the Federal Aviation Administration that had been preventing flights en route to Philadelphia from taking off.

Crazy, right?

While this near-catastrophe might scare some folks away some flying, it may actually encourage others to feel even safer in the sky.

After all… an engine actually blew up and the plane was still able to land safely, with no fatalities.

Pretty amazing, no?

down plane

UPDATE: The FAA has issued its statement on what happened to Southwest flight 1380.

It reads as follows:

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 landed at Philadelphia International Airport this morning after the crew reported damage to one of the aircraft’s engines, as well as the fuselage and at least one window.

The aircraft, which departed from New York LaGuardia Airport, diverted to Philadelphia, where it landed at 11:20 a.m. Eastern.

Passengers exited the aircraft using air stairs. Please contact local emergency response officials for information on the condition of the passengers.

The FAA is investigating the incident and the National Transportation Safety Board has been notified. The NTSB will be in charge of the investigation.


Ex-Disney Star Orlando Brown Arrested in His Underwear by Bounty Hunters in Crazy Video

Orlando Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant, but not by cops — by determined bounty hunters who busted into a man’s house and found the former “That’s So Raven” star hiding … in his underwear. We’re told the crazy video footage –…