Young Dolph Shot in Hollywood; Rapper in Critical Condition

Young Dolph, a rapper from Tennessee who was the victim of a shooting in North Carolina just six months ago, was involved in a scuffle outside the Loews Hollywood Hotel last night.

According to The Los Angeles Times, one of the men beefing with Young Dolph took out a gun and shot the artist multiple times.

The incident took place along Hollywood Boulevard and prompted police officers and paramedics to swarm this busy tourist area.

Los Angeles Police Officer Mike Lopez tells the aforementioned newspaper that Young Dolph was actually shot several times while he lay on the ground.

He had fallen during the argument and that was one the shooter took action.

Despite being wounded, the rapper managed to stand up and run into Shoe Palace, near the famous TCL Chinese Theatre, while two of the men also involved in the fracas ran away.

The third individual jumped into a gold Cadillac Escalade and drove it to a gas station next door.

He then hopped out and ran, leaving this vehicle behind.

Police have searched the SUV and come away empty-handed: no weapons were discovered inside and it remains unclear just who owns it.

Detectives are apparently investigating whether the shooting was related to a rivalry with another artist.

Back in February, Young Dolph – whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr. – was in an SUV in Charlotte, North Carolina when the car came under gunfire.

Three people were arrested in May in connection with this shooting.

The rapper survived that incident, of course, and authorities say he was placed in critical condition following the latest shooting… but is expected to survive this one as well.


One man was detained for questioning on Tuesday morning, but it’s unknown at this time whether he was one of the three involved in the fight.

Younh Dolph released an album in April titled, “Bulletproof,” which was a reference to the shooting in Charlotte.

It ranked number-36 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

He was scheduled to perform at the Marke in South Los Angeles on Thursday before traveling to Georgia to open for hip-hop star 2 Chainz next week. 

We have to assume at this point that he will not be making either of those appearances.


Ric Flair in Critical Condition, Facing “Multiple Organ Problems”

We have an update on the status of wrestling legend Ric Flair.

We just wish it were a more positive update.

As previously reported, Flair was admitted to a hospital near Atlanta last week and then placed in a medically-induced coma as his condition worsened.

He underwent significant surgery, which sources initially connected to past heart problems the former WCW and WWE champion had admitted were a result of heavy drinking over the years.

But Melinda Morris Zanoni, the CEO of Legacy Talent LLC and a close friend of Flair’s, later went on record as saying the issue was NOT heart related.

Either way, Flair came out of the procedure on Monday and has been resting under doctor’s supervision ever since.

This doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods, however.

Wendy Barlow released a statement on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon addressing her fiancee’s ongoing condition and rumors that have circulated online since news of his health surfaced.

“Just want to give an update to my friends and family as I have been unable to talk on the phone without crying and just feel shocked over events,” Barlow wrote, adding;’

“I took Ric to the hospital Friday night with severe abdominal pain. From that moment on it all seems like a nightmare … multiple organ problems.”

Barlow did not specify just what caused these organ problems.

“I want everyone to know he still needs prayers as he is still in critical condition,” she added.

“No, he did not have colon surgery… I don’t know how the media comes up with their stories.

“I have been by his side since Friday and will continue to make sure he is getting the best care possible. Thanks for all of the support and love.”

wendy statement

It’s unclear at the moment whether or not Flair is still in a coma.

He’s one of the most respected wrestlers of all time, having worked in every major organization over a career than spanned over five decades.

In total, the “Nature Boy” has held 31 championship belts.

A two-time WWE Hall-of-Famer, Flair had been in the news prior to this health scare because ESPN will air a documentary about him in November.

He spoke to reporters about the project just days before he was admitted to the hospital.

We will continue to send our thoughts to Flair’s family and hope he makes a full recovery from whatever ails him.


Alligator in Critical Condition After Getting Hit By Motorcycle in Florida (PHOTOS)

This poor alligator never saw it coming — a motorcyclist mowed over the nearly 11-foot gator on a Florida highway and it’s now listed in critical condition. The incident went down just after midnight Friday in Wimauma, FLA when a 27-year-old man…


Alligator in Critical Condition After Getting Hit By Motorcycle in Florida (PHOTOS)

This poor alligator never saw it coming — a motorcyclist mowed over the nearly 11-foot gator on a Florida highway and it’s now listed in critical condition. The incident went down just after midnight Friday in Wimauma, FLA when a 27-year-old man…


Carrie Fisher: Condition Still Critical Following Massive Heart Attack?!

In case you missed the horrible, awful, very bad news, Carrie Fisher, beloved actress and human, had a heart attack yesterday.

It happened while she was flying from London to L.A., and it was a seriously bad one — so bad that after the flight landed, it took paramedics 15 minutes to even find a pulse.

She reportedly stopped breathing while the plane was still in the air, and in the minutes it took the plane to land, an EMT who was luckily on the flight kept her alive with CPR.

As she was transported to the hospital, she had to wear an oxygen mask, and we also heard that she was on a ventilator in the ICU.

Her condition was listed as critical, but now we’ve got an update.

And thankfully, it’s good news! Kind of!

Carrie’s brother was kind enough to speak with several media outlets last night, and he said that her condition is now stable.

But while that sounds like a big improvement from all the awful things we heard immediately after the news of the heart attack broke, his details aren’t quite as uplifting.

For example, while the AP reported that he said Carrie was stable, he told Variety that any stories you might see that refer to her as “stable” were simply “writing between the lines.”

“There’s nothing new from the doctors,” he explained. “There’s nothing new at all. There’s no good news or bad news.”

“She’s in the ICU and everybody’s praying for her.”

He told another outlet a similar story, that “She is in the intensive care unit, she is being well looked after. If everyone could just pray for her that would be good.”

“The doctors are doing their thing and we don’t want to bug them. We are waiting by patiently.”

“We don’t know,” he added. “We hope for the best. We certainly do not know her condition, that’s why she is in ICU.”

“I’m sure everyone wants to speculate, but now is not the time for that.”

So yes, that’s all very confusing.

It sounds like perhaps he was a little premature in referring to Carrie as “stable,” or that maybe he was misunderstood.

It would make sense — his sister just had a serious heart attack a couple of hours before, at most. No one would blame him for not being exactly press-ready.

It was in the other interviews that he actually gave a few details, and those details are that Carrie is still in the ICU, her condition is still serious, and they don’t know much else.

Again, best wishes to Carrie and her family at this time.

We’ve lost enough beloved people this year, the world doesn’t need to take her, too.