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Joel Kramer Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Two More Women; Jamie Lee Curtis Speaks Out

Over the weekend, actress Eliza Dushku bravely revealed that she had been molested while filming True Lies at age 12. It’s one of the saddest #MeToo stories, and one that she almost didn’t share with the public.

What caused her to break her silence was learning that the man she named, Joel Kramer, still works in the industry. That he apparently still works with young girls.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in True Lies, is speaking out in response to Dushku’s statement. And, meanwhile, two more accusations have been leveled at Joel Kramer.

Eliza Dushku is known for her roles on shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse and in films like Bring It On. And Tru Calling.

Whether you’re as big a fan as I am or not, reading her account of being gradually groomed and then assaulted as a preteen by the film’s stunt coordinator was heartbreaking.

Hearing that she was “accidentally” injured on set after an adult friend of hers confronted Joel Kramer, who was also responsible for her safety, is a grim reminder that the stakes of reporting sexual assault can be very, very high.

Joel Kramer, the man she accuses of these sickening acts, is still working in the industry. Several years back, he worked regularly on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And he even worked on the pilot episode of Star Trek Discovery.

It was only when Eliza Dushku realized that he was still responsible for people’s safety — for children’s safety — that she decided to speak out.

At the time of the alleged sexual assault, Eliza Dushku did tell people, including the woman who acted as her legal guardian on the set. That woman says that she reported it to someone “in authority,” but to no avail.

Penning a lengthy essay in The Huffington Post, Jamie Lee Curtis shares that Eliza Dushku told her about this, only many years after the events.

“[Dushku] had shared that story with me privately a few years ago. I was shocked and saddened then and still am today.”

She talks about the particular creepiness that comes when an alleged sexual predator is also in charge of people’s physical safety.

“What compounds the difficulty here is that the stunt coordinator in question was literally in charge of our lives, our safety. Stunts always require an enormous amount of trust and on that movie in particular we all were often suspended by wires and harnesses, very high in the air.”

Eliza Dushku mentions in her own post that her adult friend confronting Joel Kramer was soon followed by Eliza being hospitalized with broken ribs. She does not consider that a coincidence.

Jamie Lee Curtis acknowledges the power given to stunt coordinators.

“In my case, I was suspended under a helicopter by a wire, holding onto the hand of the man who is now being accused of abuse.”

If you’ll recall, Eliza says that he gained her trust and that of her parents, taking her to a hotel with a totally plausible-sounding explanation.

But she says that he put on a movie, emerged naked from the bathroom, and climbed on top of her where she lay on the bed. She was 12, he was 36.

For his part, Joel Kramer has denied the accusations, speaking to Deadline and claiming:

“These are outlandish, manipulated lies. I never sexually molested her. I’m sick to my stomach. It’s not true. I think she’s making this up in her imagination.”

His statement continues:

“This is all lies. Lies, lies, lies. This is just crazy. I treated her like a daughter. We all looked out for her.”

We’re not sure how long those denials are going to hold up, because Eliza Dushku was the first to speak out … but not the only one.

Deadline reports that two more women accuse Joel Kramer of sexual assault.

A stuntwoman who worked for Kramer apparently invited her younger sister and her sister’s friend, both 10th graders in 1997, to the set where she was working. This is when Kramer allegedly lured the girls out to go swimming. 

Laura Albert says that Kramer then “pulled his dick out and said, ‘You cannot handle this.'” And then allegedly swam towards the girls.

Albert continues, alleging: “My sister ended up leaving and she left her friend there with Joel. Joel had sex with the 16-year-old girl. She was 16. He was 39. His room number was 424.”

Joel claims that he didn’t know the girl’s age, that he was haunted by the knowledge … while pointing out that she was legally old enough to consent in that state.

Another stuntwoman has come forward but remained anonymous, accusing Joel Kramer of having assaulted her in the late ’70s or early ’80s.

She says that a group of stunt performers were getting together for drinks, and she ended up riding in Joel’s vehicle, where the alleged assault took place.

“Instead of driving me to the other place, he drove us up into the hills on the south side of Ventura Boulevard into a quiet residential area. He pulled his vehicle over, unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis.”

She clarifies that she was not looking to date him. They were only supposed to drive to meet up with their friends. She describes the alleged assault:

“He grabbed me by the back of my head and forced my face down onto his penis and came in my mouth. He then released my head and cleaned himself up.”

If her memory of the incident seems fuzzy, we should note that trauma can make certain details painfully clear in your memory, but make other memories seem vague. (Some argue that impaired memory of trauma is a survival instinct)

“I must have [cleaned up] as well. I really don’t remember if he gave me tissues. I cannot remember if words were exchanged of any type, but he did drive me to the other place, where the group had gone.”

Reporting sexual assault is bad now, but it was worse in the ’70s and ’80s.

“I did not tell anyone, because I was frightened, scared and ashamed. I also knew that if I were to report this to the stunt group, the police or SAG, I would have no chance in a career as a stunt woman.”

Joel Kramer calls this accusation a “fabrication.”

Kramer has been in the business for decades. We can’t help but wonder how many more women will come forward with horror stories.


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Alfie Curtis, Dr. Evazan in ‘Star Wars,’ Dead at 87, One Year After Carrie Fisher Death

Alfie Curtis, the man who played the disfigured thug that tried picking a fight with Luke Skywalker in the first ‘Star Wars,’ has died … a year after Carrie Fisher’s death. Curtis, who played the uncredited Dr. Evazan, in George Lucas’ ‘A New…


Nicole Curtis: Rehab Addict Host Mom-Shamed for Breastfeeding Her Toddler!

Usually, you don’t want the words “rehab” or “addict” anywhere near a story about parenting, but things are a little different when you’re talking about Nicole Curtis, star of Rehab Addict.

But Nicole has stirred up controversy over breastfeeding.

Unlike many such stories, it’s not over feeding her baby in public (gasp!) … but over the fact that, well, her kid’s not really a baby anymore.

Rehab Addict is a long-running reality series about fixing up and restoring old homes, particularly when it comes to classic architecture.

Essentially, saving houses whenever possible. It’s a neat concept.

Right now, that show’s star, Nicole Curtis, is being mom-shamed.

Now, mom-shamers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Like that daddy blogger who leashed his kid, which we don’t understand but which some people blew way out of proportion.

Or like when fans flipped out and accused Chelsea Houska of “poisoning” her baby when, in reality, she had him get his vaccinations, as responsible parents do.

But breastfeeding seems to really get people’s garters in a twist.

(Probably because of our society’s bizarre love-hate fixation with women and with women’s breasts — which we call “bizarre” because … they’re just breasts. What’s not to love?)

Moms using their breasts to feed their babies seems to freak people out when it’s in public. It’s ludicrous, but it happens.

But sometimes, people do weird stuff.

Like using breastmilk to make brownies for a bake sale, weirding approximately everyone the eff out.

Or breastfeeding their baby while having sex, which is a kind of multitasking that makes people really, really uncomfortable.

Nicole Curtis’ alleged breastfeeding weirdness is a little different, however.

Her issue isn’t that she’s feeding her child in an art gallery (gasp!) or on a bench in a public park (no!), but that … he’s 30 months old.

For those of you who don’t enjoy math, that’s two-and-a-half years. 

Speaking to People, Nicole Curtis defends breastfeeding him despite his age.

“I keep saying, it’s not like he’s 7 or 8 — he’s still a baby.”

As critics are quick to point out … he’s literally not, though. Harper (for that’s his name) is a toddler.

Nicole advocates letting children decide on their own when to stop breastfeeding.

“It doesn’t force children to eat — it allows them to discover it and gradually wean at their pace.”

That is a great idea … up to a point. The question is, of course, where that line is and whether or not Nicole and Harper have crossed it.

Apparently, plenty of critics have decided that they have.

“Every single day I have to weather criticism about how my child is too old to breastfeed.”

Nicole wants Harper to make this choice for himself.

“But when he weans, it’s going to be his decision. I truly believe it’s the child’s choice.”

Plenty of children are allowed to decide when to be weaned. Plenty of them quit the breast earlier rather than later, as babies and toddlers like exploring and learning and experiencing the world.

Self-weaning might see a baby leaving boobs behind before they’re a year old. But Harper is clearly on the other extreme end of the spectrum.

Nicole didn’t bring this up with the world because she wants them all to know what an extra special snowflake she is, or whatever people imagine motivates minor celebrities from talking about their lives.

It’s actually a legal issue for her. A custody issue for her.

A judge has literally ruled about this. (There have been a couple of rulings, actually)

Speaking of her young son, Nicole laments a sudden change in his dietary routine:

“He had never had a bottle before, and then all of a sudden that was his only option while he was with his dad.”

That’s a rough transition for a kid to make.

“I had no idea that a judge could say, ‘You’re court-ordered to not feed your exclusively breastfed child.'”

She also had trouble producing enough milk through a pump. Until then, she’d never needed to.

“It’s important that children have both of their parents. But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right.”

Nicole says that she’s sharing this story because it’s important for people to know that it can happen. And because she wants to effect change.

“I’ve always been a fighter. If something’s not right, I’m the first person to stand up.”

She hates that her divorce is impacting Harper in this way.

“And I don’t believe that my child should have to wean because of our situation.”

A judge later ruled, giving her once-a-day visits with Harper during Harper’s time with his father. (They exchange him on alternating weeks)

Honestly, in Western countries, it’s normal to wean between ages 1 and 2, right? Sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later.

Worldwide, though, it’s not uncommon to see children who don’t wean until between ages 2 and 6.

That may sound bizarre — most children in the West don’t grow up with conscious memories of breastfeeding. The idea of breastfeeding when you’re old enough to read is, to many, shocking.

But Harper isn’t there yet. We’d say that, right now, he’s right on the threshold.

If he’s still breastfeeding when it’s time for preschool, then yeah, it might be time for Nicole to make that choice for him, before it hinders his social development.

Right now, though? All of that mom-shaming seems wasted when there are plenty of bad moms out there.

Also, we should note that Nicole seems to almost welcome the criticism. She told a recent critic that she’s also against infant circumcision (a view shared by many human rights advocates) in case people are looking for other things to hold against her.

Like she said, she’s a real fighter.


Nicole Curtis Has THIS Important Message for Haters

Nicole Curtis is known on HGTV as the Rehab Addict.

But she also is known as a magnet controversy, especially when it comes to her children.

The home renovation expert has two kids, a son named Ethan from her relationship Steve Lane and another son (named Harper) from relationship with Shane Maguire.

In April of this year, Maguire filed his sixth motion against Curtis, alleging she’s been preventing him from seeing Harper.

This charge came just a few months removed from allegations that Curtis actually broke into Maguire’s home last summer and tried to steal Harper away.

Fast forward about a year from that ugly incident and Curtis acknowledges that things have been rough of late.

“I can’t say that my life is where I thought it would be,” she wrote on Instagram last week.

But she included those words as part of caption to a photograph that features her and her grandfather, adding immediately afterward:

“[I’m] so blessed and quite content…who wouldn’t be -2 beautiful children, 2 dogs, 92 yr old Gramps and love all around.”

A few days later, Curtis went into far more detail about her struggles.

She wrote that life as a woman in the real estate and construction business is no big deal; it’s a “piece of cake.”

But life as a woman in general? As a single mother especially? Well…

“Did my great-grandmother ever think we’d be in a position having to fight for our rights as mothers ? Our world is turning backwards,” she wrote on Instagram.

Curtis proceeded to elaborate on her specific obstacles, particularly what she has gone through while battling for custody of her two-year old.

“Ask me about the struggle of having my breasts discussed in an open court room, my child’s name sold to tabloids, being court ordered to pump rather than feed my baby the only way he knows how …

“… only to be ridiculed when I cry that I can’t produce enough milk with a pump, the humiliation of sitting in front of a stranger while topless hooked up to a breatpump so they could document that yes, indeed my body doesn’t produce enough milk by pumping…

“… then the humiliation of having to put that document on public record and sit in a court room of strangers all privy to an open discussion about my body – and the worst part of all this ? I’m not the only one.”

The HGTV personality, who is currently filming Season 8 of Rehab Addict, says she never intended her personal story to go public.

She wanted to have all court records sealed, but “was laughed at.”

So now that everyone knows abouther issues?

“I’m berated for speaking out —#WomensEqualityDay we have a long way to go -sadly, I thought we were actually getting somewhere before I experienced this firsthand…

“We shouldn’t have to #normalizebreastfeeding defend #attachedparenting preach #infantmentalhealth.

“Nothing is more natural than an infant’s attachment to their mother —and before we all assume that all the parties involved stripping mothers of their right to breastfeed are men—think again.”

Pretty harsh words from Nicole Curtis, huh?

We aren’t about to pass judgment, not being fully privy to all she’s gone through.

So we’ll just leave this right here and let readers form their own opinions.


Nicole Curtis: Sued by Entire City of Minneapolis!

Nicole Curtis has come under fire.

And not just for the dumb name of her HGTV series this time.

Instead, the city of Minneapolis has sued Curtis’ company (Detroit Renovations), claiming the Rehab Addict host failed to renovate a dilapidated home her firm bought from the city in 2013 …

… for just $ 2.

According to legal documented obtained by Consumerist, the HGTV star and her company failed to adhere to the terms of a contract they entered into with Minneapolis.

This contract called for Curtis to fix-up a property in North Minneapolis, while also completing a list of basic improvements within 365 days.

The lawsuit was filed in January, but only just made public this week.

It states that Detroit Renovations “failed to substantially complete the Minimum Improvements on the Property.”

It also claims the company hasn’t paid property taxes or maintained insurance on the residence.

The city claims a breach of contract has been made and asks the court to take the property away from Curtis.

On Rehab Addict, Curtis and her team renovate historic houses around Michigan and Minnesota.

It debuted on HGTV in October of 2010.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Curtis’ attorneys responded in court filings that the small screen personality admits the residence in question has not been renovated.

However, that the company “was prevented and/or delayed from completing performance (of the contract’s terms) due to the acts of Plaintiff and the acts of third parties.”

As for how city officials even learned about the state of the property?

The Tribute states they received numerous complaints from neighbors about unsafe conditions.

Curtis isn’t keeping quiet about this controversy.

She responded to the lawsuit on social media, saying on Instagram that she’s told her employees to “to ignore the negativity.”

She added:

“The only way I’ve gotten this far is by staying on my path and remembering that those that have the time to disband such hate on others …well, let’s just say happy, successful people don’t do that.”

Curtis went on to slam her critics as “energy suckers,” while referring to herself as an “energy giver.”

Among other reactions she’s shared on social media…

Curtis Tweets

Curtis is a mother of two.

She embroiled in a child custody battle with the father of her 20-month-old son, Harper.

And she’s only the latest HGTV personality to get caught up in a headline-making scandal.

We all know about Christina and Tarek El Moussa at this point, right?

The hosts of Flip or Flop are getting a divorce, following a violent confrontation last spring, and are in the news these days more often for updates on their relationship status than for anything having to do with buying and fixing up homes.

Chip and Joanna Gaines, meanwhile, comprise the beloved couple at the center of Fixer Upper.

They reside in Texas and were dragged into a story late last year that centered around the pastor at a church they frequent, with a Buzzfeed reporter wondering about Chip and Joanna’s views on gay people in light of some of that pastor’s comments.

Chip called for general “respect” during this scandal, which appears to have at least blown over for the stars.

Unlike the El Moussas and Curtis (allegedly!), they didn’t actually take any kind of inappropriate actions to earn the scorn of long-time fans and viewers.

Will this lawsuit threaten the future of Rehab Addict on HGTV? Only time, folks, will tell.

Only time.