Blake Griffin Strikes Child Support Deal with Brynn Cameron in Custody Battle

Blake Griffin has reached a truce with baby mama Brynn Cameron in their nasty custody fight — striking a deal on child support payment and custody right before they were set to go to trial.  Blake and Brynn had 2 children together during their…


Nathan Griffith Files For Full Custody of Kaiser, Demands David Eason Stay Away From His Son!

The fallout from Jenelle Evans' insane road rage incident has officially begun.

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle's second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, has filed for sole custody of his son, Kaiser.

In court documents, Nathan argues that Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, have created an unsafe environment for their children due to their drug use and anger issues.

In addition to petitioning for a change in his custody arrangement, Nathan wants the court to prohibit David from having any contact with David.

Needless to say, this situation has the potential to get very ugly.

Here's what we know about the battle so far …

1. Father and Son

Nathan and kaiser being tough
Nathan currently has partial custody of Kaiser. Teen Mom 2 fans have long suspected that he would eventually file to alter that arrangement.

2. Making Moves

Nathan griffith and kaiser smiles
According to The Ashley, Nathan filed paperwork last Tuesday in hopes of being granted sole physical custody of Kaiser.

3. What Prompted the Move?

Jenelle raging on the road
Many fans have assumed that the Nathan’s legal action is the result of new information about an incident in which Jenelle chased another driver to his home, where she brandished a weapon. But that might not be the case …

4. Two Bad Parents

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
It seems Nathan simply feels that the environment in Jenelle’s home is unfit for children, due in large part to David Eason and his famously explosive temper.

5. Concerns For Kaiser

Jenelle nathan and kaiser
In his filing, Griffith claims that a “substantial change has occurred” in Kaiser, and he believes that Eason is primarily to blame.

6. Nathan vs. David

Nathan griffith david eason split
Griffith argues that Eason is a “violent person who is a danger to [Kaiser].” He adds that Eason will have “a detrimental effect on the minor child unless the custody order is modified.”

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Jenelle Evans: Is Nathan Griffith Getting Custody of Kaiser After Road Rage Incident?!

So, uh, how about that Teen Mom 2 episode this week, huh?

Pretty wild stuff.

We saw Chelsea Houska dealing with the pain of having Adam Lind as her child’s father, and Kailyn Lowry going through some co-parenting issues of her own.

Leah Messer got the bad news that her disabled daughter had lost her aide at school, and Briana DeJesus was visited by a very dramatic Javi Marroquin while healing from her plastic surgery.

But even with all that going on, all anyone has been able to talk about is what went down with Jenelle Evans.

Because it was absolutely terrifying.

In her first scene of the episode, she was seen driving Jace home after his therapy session when she started developing a bit of road rage.

A man in a big white truck was driving too closely behind her, she felt, so she retaliated by going slow and not allowing him to pass her.

But he managed to go around her anyway, and when he did, he pulled in front of her and slammed on his breaks.

And that’s when she really flipped out.

She immediately called the police, but then she decided to take matters into her own hands by following the guy to his house.

As she pulled up there, she took out a gun she had hidden and placed it beside her, just in case she had a chance to act like even more of a jackass.

The man blocked her in so she couldn’t leave, and he hit the side of her car a bit, which made her even more upset.

She tried pulling around him and ended up accidentally hitting his mailbox.

MTV made the decision to edit this bit out, but they did show a black screen with text explaining that she pulled out her gun then.

She did manage to get away from the guy’s house unscathed, but as she was driving along, she was pulled over by a police officer who wanted to talk to her about the incident.

She started crying and embellishing the story to make herself sound like the victim — you know how Jenelle does.

And we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to see the aftermath.

The whole thing was pretty insane to watch, especially because the whole time, poor Jace was right next to her, clearly being traumatized.

But according to a new interview from Nathan Griffith, there may be one good thing to come out of this mess.

Yep, sounds like the custody battle is back on!

Nathan told TMZ that he feels like Jenelle’s footage “helps me in my situation of getting custody of Kaiser because it shows an unstable environment and a very hectic situation instead of being calm … escalating where it could be potentially more hazardous.”

“It shows that that the child might be in danger of being in a hostile situation like that and not making sound judgment to keep the children safe.”

… Yeah, that’s pretty much Jenelle’s signature move.

Nathan also said that he wants to “investigate further into the raw footage,” which would be neat.

Seriously, how great would it be if she actually faced consequences for this kind of reckless behavior?

“I am afraid that if she carries a loaded weapon inside a vehicle and she keeps it that accessible without a lock on it, it’s very dangerous to be around children,” he continued.

“Especially if they don’t know to always treat your gun like it’s always loaded.”

If Kaiser gets scolded for simply asking to go to the bathroom, for some reason we have a hard time believing that Jenelle and David would take the time to teach him gun safety.

We also saw Jenelle step out of her car to speak to the police officer with no concerns about leaving a loaded gun right next to Jace, so …

We really don’t blame Nathan one bit for being concerned.

Another issue he had with the footage, he said, was that “Depending on the situation, that guy could have had a gun too, and it could have been an all-out brawl.”

“Children could have been hurt. She could have been hurt … It could have been a nasty situation and bloodbath.”

It’s actually kind of a miracle that she wasn’t hurt.

We know that the man she chased down did have a gun of his own, and that when he saw her following him home, he alerted his neighbors, who also had guns.

He’s even said that the only reason he didn’t pull his gun out was that he saw Jace in the car.

(Real quick — how sad is it that this complete stranger showed more concern for Jace than Jenelle did?)

Nathan feels so strongly about all of this that he was even willing to go on record saying that he agreed with David — which, if you know their history, is pretty remarkable.

Remember in the episode, Jenelle called David to tell him what had happened, and he immediately told her that she shouldn’t have followed a grown man back to his house?

“I don’t agree with David a lot,” Nathan acknowledged, “but he made a strong statement. She shouldn’t be following, not just a grown man home, she probably shouldn’t have followed somebody home period, especially with her aggressive personality.”

It really does sound like he’s planning on taking this issue to court, and if you throw the footage in with with that whole thing earlier this month where there was a CPS investigation after Nathan found suspicious bruises on Kaiser

Maybe Jenelle will lose custody of her second child, too.


Farrah Abraham: Mother Seeking Custody of Sophia After Assault Charges!

There’s a lot going on with Farrah Abraham at the moment, huh?

And not one single bit of it is good.

This week, her dog died — a Pomeranian named Blue that she and Sophia had gotten five years ago.

As if that wasn’t sad enough, Farrah made the situation sad in a different way by filming a video of Sophia crying over the dog’s lifeless body and throwing it up on Instagram.

On top of losing poor, poor Blue, it was just decided that she’d face charges for assaulting that hotel employee last month in Beverly Hills.

You remember what happened: she started arguing with other guests at the hotel, and she got so annoying that a security guard came to kick her out.

She allegedly became violent with the guard, hitting him in the face with her arm and then grabbing and pushing his face with her hand, and police were called.

When officers arrived, she told them to “f-ck off” and “go f-ck yourselves” multiple times, and when they took her to jail, she stayed there until the next afternoon.

She’s been charged with battery and with resisting arrest — both misdemeanors.

And on top of that, Farrah has been pretty messy lately, more than usual, even.

Her frozen yogurt shop got shut down, she’s been feuding with other reality stars, she’s been messing with her face again

It’s a tough time to be an Abraham.

Since Farrah has been having such a tough time right now, her mother, Debra Danielsen, has been talking to anyone who will listen about how maybe she should have custody of Sophia instead.

And since Farrah could be facing up to 18 months in jail with her new charges, she just might have a point.

In a new interview with Radar Online, Debra discusses what’s going on with her estranged daughter.

“It’s sad to say,” she tells the website, “but you can’t disrespect other people and get away with it. It’s important for Farrah to learn she needs to respect other people.”

She also says that she agrees with the charges, so it sounds like she’s totally cool with her golden child spending some time behind bars.

Us too, Deb.

Thanks to all of this new criminal nonsense, and also because of who Farrah is as a person, Debra says she has “no doubt” that Sophia would have a better life with her.

“I would have Sophia in a great school,” she explains. “She can socialize and be a kid, just like Farrah. She needs to be a regular kid.”

“Go to school and achieve academically. She loves science.”

Doesn’t that break your heart, that Sophia loves science? Because realistically, how much science is she able to study while being homeschooled by Farrah?

Debra also believes that Sophia is too young to be traveling so much and going to the kind of events that Farrah attends.

“There are too many pedophiles out there who take advantage of minors,” she argues. “It’s a scary world out there.”

“Sophia is so precious. She is a blessing. I would not put my child on display.”

But even though she feels so strongly about this, she says that she won’t fight Farrah for custody — not because she doesn’t want it, but because as a grandparent, she simply doesn’t have the right.

“There are laws in this country that prohibit grandparents from protecting grandchildren,” she claims.

“Sometimes it’s in the best interest of the minor a grandparent could step in. Why? To give the parent a time out to take care of themselves. There is no harm in that.”

She says that even if she had a team of lawyers, she legally wouldn’t be able to get Sophia, which honestly seems a bit off to us.

There are so many grandparents who have taken custody of their grandchildren in situations like these.

That’s why Jenelle Evans’ mother has custody of her son.

Debra may be unsuccessful, but if she’s that worried about Farrah’s ability to parent, there’s absolutely no reason why she can’t at least try to get custody of Sophia.

But there could be a chance Deb is making that excuse because she doesn’t want Farrah to cut her out of her life completely, which she could very well do if a custody battle were to begin.

“I do believe it can be fixed,” she said of her relationship with Farrah.

“Farrah, I love her very much. She is my daughter. I have sacrificed and given my life to her. I wish her nothing but well.”

Who would do a better job at raising Sophia?

Honestly, it’s hard to say.

We believe Debra when she says that she’d get her into a nice school, which would be so much better for her than being dragged around the world with Farrah.

But on the other hand … Debra raised Farrah.

She’s also filmed abusing her on Teen Mom more than once.

We’re not exactly confident in her ability to raise a child, either.

Best of luck, Sophia. You’re going to need it.


Farrah Abraham: Losing Custody of Sophia to Her Own Mother?!

Farrah Abraham is not a good mother.

It’s not even really a matter of opinion at this point.

Odds are that you’re extrememly familar with many of her questionable parenting choices, but if not — and even if you are, really, because don’t act like you’re too good to check out this train wreck — let’s review some real quick.

Remember earlier this year when she revealed that she and her nine-year-old daughter Sophia take nude photos of each other and save them on their phones?

Or how about the time, also earlier this year, when she got butt injections and had Sophia film the whole thing on her phone?

Or hey, how about that time that she thought it was a good idea to advertise her porn on the kid’s Twitter account?

Farrah’s spoiled her child with hundreds of dollars, cash, from the tooth fairy, she tried waxing her brows when she was a toddler, she’s left her for months at a time to do reality shows or perform in strip clubs or even to just do whatever.

After all, this is the girl who, when discussing how she wasn’t seeing her kid that much, actually said the words “It’s healthy that we have a braek. She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.”

Sophia was four years old at the time.

On top of all of that, it’s become increasingly obvious that Farrah just has no idea to how raise a child, and she’s also never had any interest in learning.

That became clear when she made the decision to homeschool Sophia so that she could work on her child modeling career and galavant around the world with Mommy Dearest.

There have also been some disturbing moments that Farrah just never dealt with, like when Sophia started telling her that she wanted to die so she could see her late father, Derek Underwood, in heaven.

Or on last season of Teen Mom OG, when they were at a restaurant with Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, and Sophia started growling and punching herself.

There’s just an overwhelming amount of evidence that Farrah is the worst mother.

But you know who probably wouldn’t be any better?

Good ol’ Debra herself.

Still, in a new interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Deb actually tries to make the case that Sophia would be better off in her care.

“I would go after Sophia in a heartbeat to save her and make her happy, she says. “Sophia loves me no matter what brainwashing other people do to her.”

“That harms her and you shouldn’t use a child as a battleground.”

She’s referring to the falling out that she and Farrah had over her new husband, Dr. David — the whole family went on vacation together last year, and it sincerely did not go well.

Since then, Farrah has said that as long as David is in the picture, she won’t have a relationship with her mother, and Sophia has said the same.

And regardless of whether or not Farrah is coaching Sophia to hate David or if she really doesn’t like the guy, it seems like they kept their promise.

In the interview, Debra says that “I think that if people are harming children by separating them from the people they love, the people who have been there for them, then we ought to allow our courts to get in there and save that child.”

“In the United States of America, we do not protect children or children’s rights.”

She explains that “When you separate a child from the main caregiver, the sole caregiver, that’s their security, that’s their mental stability and suddenly you plunge them into a different environment and say bad things about these people, that’s not helping.”

“That’s not good for anybody,” she adds. “I don’t condone that. I don’t care if it’s a divorce. I don’t care if it’s grandparents. I don’t care if it’s anybody. That’s not good for the child.”

Was Debra Sophia’s main caregiver before all of this? It’s definitely possible.

Farrah’s always done a lot of traveling, but Sophia has just recently begun going everywhere with her, so it makes sense that she’d have stayed with her grandmother in years past.

Debra seems to confirm that when she says “I just think that Sophia is doing a lot of traveling and through different time zones.”

“She needs some stability and children need a place to call home and some stabilization and I think Sophia would really benefit from that.”

But as intensely as she feels about all of this, it sounds like she’ll only try to go for custody as a last resort — what she wants most of all is for Farrah to just get it together.

“I just love Farrah,” she says, “and I support her and I hope that she comes around and i want her and Sophia in my life.”

So … that’s a lot to take in, huh?

It’s hard, because Debra does make some good points, and not many people would disagree that Sophia probably isn’t in the best situation right now.

But at the same time, Debra is the one who raised Farrah. Why would anyone trust her with another child?

Ideally, there would be a sane adult in Sophia’s life who could step in and save her. Someone who isn’t so obsessed with fame and fortune, someone who actually has her best interest at heart.

Preferrably someone who hasn’t already ruined a child (sorry, Deb).

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone like that available.

Thoughts and prayers for Sophia, please.


Jenelle Evans-Nathan Griffith Custody Battle Takes Shocking Turn

Week after week, Jenelle Evans continues to shock Teen Mom 2 fans with her negligent, abusive parenting.

But believe it or not, a judge has determined that while Jenelle's parenting skills are highly questionable, there's not enough evidence against her to remove son Kaiser from her home and place the 4-year-old with his father, Nathan Griffith.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Nathan's mother, Doris Davidson, recently attempted to keep Kaiser at her home without Jenelle's permission.

And on Tuesday evening, Jenelle was finally able to take the boy back.

So that particular battle may be over — but you can be sure the war is just getting started.

Here's the latest:

1. Jenelle and Her Boys

Jenelle and sons
Jenelle has already lost custody of her eldest son, Jace, who’s been raised by his grandmother since birth. Now, she’s fighting tooth and nail to retain primary custody of Jace’s younger brother, Kaiser.

2. Birthday Boy

Jenelle and kaiser birthday pic
The last fans saw of Jenelle and Kaiser together was when the two of them celebrated his fourth birthday last week.

3. Unfair Criticism?

Jenelle evans and kaiser at daycare
At the time, Jenelle received a fair bit of flak from fans for taking Kaiser to daycare on his big day. Others pointed out that many young children enjoy celebrating with their friends at school, and it may have been his decision to attend.

4. The Standoff

Jenelle evans son kaiser with dog
After his birthday celebration, Kaiser was dropped off at Doris’ in order to spend the weekend with Nathan’s family. Davidson refused to return the boy to Jenelle after the weekend was through, claiming she had reason to believe he was being abused.

5. Proof of Abuse?

Jenelle and kaiser evans summer chillin
Doris claims she found bruises on Kaiser’s body. She says she’s long suspected that he’s being abused by his stepfather, David Eason.

6. The Carolina Hurricane

Jenelle evans takes a lot of drugs
When Doris refused to bring Kaiser to the custody drop on Sunday night, Jenelle did what she does best and lost her temper in a major way.

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Jenelle Evans: Losing Custody of Son Amidst New Abuse Allegations?!

Jenelle Evans has a little habit of finding herself involved in a little bit of drama from time to time.

You may have noticed it.

She fights with her mother, she fights with whatever guy she's dating at the time (as well as all the guys she's dated before that guy and those guys' new girlfriends), she fights with her employers at MTV.

She even fights with dogs. For real, we've seen it on Teen Mom 2.

It's bad.

But even with that long, long history of violence and anger, one of the worst situations she's ever found herself in has to do with her second child, Kaiser, and the custody battle over him.

If you somehow missed the original news of that custody battle, or if you're wondering why we're talking about it again when there hasn't been news for several months now, well, just stick with us.

And maybe grab some tissues, because this is genuinely a horrific story.

1. Awww, Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser birthday pic
This is sweet little Kaiser! He just turned four last week, and he’s Jenelle’s second child. She shares him with Nathan Griffith, although their coparenting relationship has really never been all that great.

2. Come On, Nathan

Nathan griffith mug shot
When Kaiser spends time with Nathan, it seems that he typically stays with Nathan’s mother, Doris, because Nathan is a bit of a mess himself.

3. Grandma Doris to the Rescue

Kaiser griffith bruise photo
So Doris is pretty involved in Kaiser’s life, that’s what we’re saying. And that’s why when she began to develop some big concerns last year over Kaiser’s safety, she tried to get emergency custody of him.

4. So Sad

Nathan griffith with kaiser
According to court documents filed by Doris, the toddler would often come for visits with several suspicious bruises. He even told her once that David Eason, Jenelle’s awful husband, had punched him in the head.

5. Solid Parenting

Jenelle evans son kaiser halloween
She also claimed that Jenelle and David lock all of the kids outside the house for hours at a time while they stay inside, and that once she’d arrived at the house to see the sight for herself. She said that Jace once got lost in the woods for the better part of a day, and that obviously the Easons’ parenting style just isn’t cutting it.

6. Poor, Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser evans summer chillin
There were all sorts of awful stuff in those documents — that’s when we learned that little Ensley had a failed drug test at birth and that there’d been a CPS investigation, and there were just tons and tons of stories about how Jenelle and David were allegedly neglecting the kids.

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