Khloe Kardashian Shows Off the CUTEST Photo of Baby True!

The new Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer shows Khloe first reacting to Tristan’s cheating scandal … and it also shows her go into labor.

The fruit of that labor is her precious baby, True Thompson.

In the new photo that you’re about to see, Khloe cannot help but gush about True — and when you see it, you’ll feel the same way.

“I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day. Talking About My Girl,” Khloe writes int he captions of the photo that you’re about to see.

On either side of her words, Khloe has used music note emojis to add a little clarity and animation.

Those are, of course, lyrics from “My Girl” by The Temptations.

You can understand why Khloe is so overwhelmed with maternal love, and it’s more than just a surge of oxytocin when she looks at this cheeky little baby.

True looks adorable and she is sporting some bright, cheerful colors.

True! Looks! So! Cute!

We love everything about this, from the wrap on her head to the way that she is sitting and staring off into the warm autumn sky.

(You may nave recognized her color scheme, but we’re pretty sure that Khloe putting True in the colors of the pansexual pride flag was a coincidence)

True is just two weeks shy of six months, and she is already growing up and looking like a little lady.

It’s no wonder that Khloe feels like singing when she looks at her.

To be fair, True is absolutely adorable in every photo.

Khloe recently opened up about motherhood and confessed that, in some strange ways, she misses being pregnant.

“I miss being pregnant for a few reasons,” Khloe shared. “But I really miss being pregnant because I used to have an excuse.”

She would use her pregnancy as a free pass “to be antisocial and go to bed early and not feel any type of way.”

One, that’s not “antisocial.” But two, Khloe, aside from your responsibilities as a mom, you can just … do that.

Millionaire adults can set their own bedtimes.

Earlier this month, Kim shared a photo of Chicago, True, and Stormi, referring to the cute cousins as “triplets.”

Since racists will happily ruin everything, from America to valid criticisms of the Star Wars Sequels, we suppose that it’s no surprise that trolls targeted True.

True, for her darker skin, was targeted as “ugly” or even “too dark” by truly vile racist (and colorist) comments.

In retaliation, Khloe turned off Instagram comments for a while.

No one wants to hear racist morons attack a baby, but Khloe was understandably even less willing to look at that kind of verbal abuse.

We should note that she turned comments back on for this newest pic of True.

True is incredibly cute. One day, she will be old enough to see that kind of vitriol for herself.

We only hope that in the 12-and-a-half years between now and when she’s old enough to be allowed to use social media on her own, the world has become a kinder, better place.

That might be a little optimistic of us to even dream, but it would be amazing to see these youngest Gen Z kids — kids like True — exist in a world where people don’t treat vulnerable strangers as emotional punching bags.

Also, less racism would be awesome.

Cute babies and photos of them, however, are always welcome. No matter what we may think of their fathers.


Jinger Duggar Celebrates Daughter’s 1-Month Birthday With World’s Cutest Pic

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full month since Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child, but lo and behold, little Felicity has been on this planet for 31 whole days.

And you know Jinger had to hit fans with an adorable b-day pic to give them a powerful case of cuteness overload.

That’s Felicity at one month old.

As you can see, she’s an almost impossibly adorable tyke, and fans have reacted to Jinger’s birthday post with a torrent of giddy glee.

“Oh, my word! She is just precious!!! Perfect combination of mommy and daddy 🙂 congrats y’all! God bless!” wrote one of Jinger’s followers.

“She is absolutely beautiful. I believe I cried when she was born… I was so excited for you and @jeremy_vuolo … enjoy each and every day, they grow up in the blink of an eye,” remarked another.

“Beautiful princess…Daddy’s eyes…the world’s heart!” commented a third.

Like we said, the Duggar public is absolutely head-over-heels for young Felicity.

And they’re pretty fond of her parents, too.

Last week, Jinger posted pics of her post-baby body, and fans expressed utter shock with impressive physical fitness.

As for Jeremy, he’s the rare Duggar husband that actually seems more concerned with loving and supporting his wife and daughter than with securing a chunk of Jim Bob’s fortune.

In other words, Jeremy is — as many fans have pointed out during the past month — the very definition of #DadGoals.

For many younger or less-conservative Duggar fans, Jingger and Jeremy are a breath of fresh air.

Yes, they’re extremely old-fashioned by most standards (Jeremy still decides what sort of clothing Jinger is allowed to wear, for crying out loud.), but in Duggar World, they’re a pair of rule-breaking progressives.

Obviously, there’s the fact that Jinger wears pants in defiance of her family’s dress code, but that’s not her only act of rebellion.

Even the fact that Jinger and Jeremy waited a year after their wedding before trying to have a baby is an indication that the couple has no intention of being reined in by Jim Bob’s strict rules of conduct.

Perhaps that’s why fans are so excited about Felicity.

She’s the first of the new-generation Duggars whose parents could actually be described as cool.


Bear Jumps for Joy with Boy in Cutest Video You’ll See Today

Who says bears are big and scary animals who you should avoid at all costs if you see out in the wild?

Okay, fair enough:

A significant majority of bears are big and scary animals who you should avoid at all costs if you see out in the wild?

Heck, the bear featured in the following piece of amazing footage should probably even be avoided at all costs if you were to encounter him outside the safe confines of a zoo.

Fair warning uttered, however, allow us to now state something else…

… this bear is so gosh darn cute and precious and hilarious!

In a video first shared to Facebook by a man named Patrick Parker, the user's five-year old son Ian is at the Nashville Zoo.

Specifically, he's standing in front of the very thick glass that separates human patrons from four-legged display animals.

And when Ian starts jumping up and down in excitement?

The bear does the very same thing!

According to Ian's dad, the two enjoyed a "10-minute jump session."

We're not talking about some pure coincidence here, where the bear just happened to leap up at the same time as his short new friend.

We're talking about a coordinated jumping game, one that took all onlookers by total and complete surprise.

The footage has thus far been Liked millions of times on Facebook…

… and it's easy to see why!

Click PLAY to find out for yourself:

Bear jumps for joy with tiny zoo patron in cutest video youll se

Kylie Jenner Shares the CUTEST New Pics of Stormi

Despite what some may think, Kylie’s sleek stomach didn’t come from a laboratory. She might not be the fitness buff that a couple of her sisters have become, but she exercises.

She and Travis took precious baby Stormi on a walk

Stormi, of course, spent the walk in her stroller — she’s only two months old, folks! — but in the photos that Kylie shared, she looks unspeakably adorable.

Do you remember how, a number of years ago, people kept complaining about their former classmates posting baby photos on social media? They even came up with apps and browser add-ons to block baby pics.

Those people were fools.

Why? Because babies are absolutely, unspeakably adorable. Stormi Webster is no exception.

Stormi, as we mentioned, is barely two months old. She’s growing more and more every day.

And her sweet baby cheeks will make you want to weep.

Take a look:

“Walk [with] mommy and daddy,” Kylie writes, announcing that Travis Scott was with her on this outing.

It’s so cute that they’re doing things as a family.

Though, to be clear, they’re not yet married.

And Kylie recently destroyed the claim that Travis Scott is now being managed by Stormi’s grandmomager, Kris Jenner.

But just because their brands aren’t fully entwined doesn’t mean that Kylie and Travis can’t go on normal outings with their baby like other parents.

Stormi, it seems, was lulled to sleep by the adventure.

“Sleepy Stormi,” Kylie writes.

Remember, babies spend a lot of time sleeping — with good reason.

They’re growing up. In fact, they’ll never grow faster than they do when they’re this young. They can double in size within the space of their first couple of months of life.

Some people, to our horror, body-shame babies and think that babies with chubby cheeks and fat legs need to be put on diets. That can be potentially fatal for a baby.

Again, they need to store that energy in order to grow up to their adult selves. Stormi’s big ol’ cheeks are a sign that she’s a healthy baby who’s getting the proper nutrition.

They also help to make her just as cute as a button.

People reports the details on Stormi’s stroller. As you can imagine, she didn’t just buy any old stroller.

“Stormi’s $ 400 PIPA lite lx car seat by Nuna is one of her parents’ go-to baby accessories, including a tricked-out pink stroller from CYBEX by Jeremy Scott.”

Kylie’s pink version reportedly has “cherubs, dollar signs, gold wheels, and gold wings.”

Honestly, that is all so extra

But you know what? Good for Kylie and for Travis for not settling for anything less for the most important person in their lives.

This is the first that Kylie’s shared of Stormi since Stormi experienced her very first Easter.

One can only imagine how little since a baby can make of holiday decorations and traditions. April 1 was not only Easter, but exactly two months after Stormi’s day of birth.

Honestly? The vast majority of babies have zero conscious memory-retention from that age.

But that’s okay! Every single day, Stormi’s brain is developing and she’s learning new things about the world and growing more familiar with how it works.

Our apologies if these images or this post have made anyone’s biological clock start ticking in their ears.

Cute babies can have that effect on people.


Kylie Jenner Shares Stormi Webster’s Cutest Photo Yet

If there’s anything that new parents enjoy more than sleeping, it’s taking and sharing photos of their new babies.

Fortunately for fans, that means that Kylie Jenner has been turning out photo after photo of her precious daughter Stormi Webster.

But this new photo that she uploaded might be the cutest one yet!

At first, the makeup mogul was reluctant to share too much of Stormi.

Stormi was born on February 1st, but Kylie waited until the 4th to announce that she’d welcomed her baby girl with Travis Scott.

That was also the first time that she had openly acknowledged that she was pregnant, though the world had known for months.

She then waited until 6th to reveal her daughter’s name, Stormi

Initially, we only got little glimpses at the sides of Stormi’s (already obviously cute) little face.

Now, take a look at the sweetest photo yet:

Look at her sleeping so peacefully!

Look at Stormi’s adorable little cheeks!

Babies are, of course, supposed to be plump for their health, but it has the added effect of making their sweet little faces irresistibly cute.

It looks like she’s snoozing on a comfy couch.

Those blotches don’t look like stains on the furniture, but lens flare.

(Who let J.J. Abrams direct Kylie’s photography?)

Every picture of Stormi Webster is a gift.

This one just happened to be shared on Snapchat, showing that Kylie’s willing to use the app even after she made them lose $ 1.3 billion in 24 hours by expressing that the app no longer really appeals to her.

Recently, Kylie answered pregnancy questions that fans had wanted to have answered since … last year.

Just as relatable as Kylie’s growing dissatisfaction with Snapchat is her confession of what she really, really missed during her pregnancy:


Sushi is generally safer than eating cooked fish (because sushi is frozen beforehand, and freezing kills more parasites than cooking, according to the FDA’s guidelines for the food industry).

Even so, if you’re pregnant, sushi joins the lengthy list of foods that you are strongly advised to ignore.

If you want to see that full list — which Kylie probably mostly followed — look at Kim Kardashian’s dietary requirements that she made her gestational carrier follow while she was playing surrogate for baby Chicago West.

To hear Kylie tell it, what she spent her pregnancy eating the most was In-N-Out Burger. Apparently, Stormi really liked those fries.

Kylie and fans aren’t the only ones thrilled at Stormi’s birth.

Recently, Kendall Jenner spoke to Vogue and, in addition to discussing rumors about her sexuality, she opened up about her little sister’s pregnancy.

“It’s not that it’s more exciting than any other births in the family — it’s different exciting, because she’s my baby sister who I grew up with.”

She then lists her many siblings and what a Star Wars fan might refer to as the Kardashian-Jenner Rule of Two.

“We all grew up in twos: Kour​tney and K​im grew up together; Ro​b and K​hloe; Brandon and Brody; Burton and Casey, and then Kylie and I.”

Her close bond with Kylie made things very special.

“So to see my best friend growing up have a baby? It’s already made us even closer.”

Of course, considering that Kendall had slept with Travis Scott before Kylie ever did, perhaps there was some awkwardness there.

Stormi is already one of the most famous babies in the world.

For another baby to compare, they basically have to be part of a monarchy. Or to have come out of Beyonce. Or to belong to one of Kylie’s siblings … on the Kardashian side of the family.

Stormi is so cute and she’s inheriting a lot of relatives … and also a brand.

For now, all that this little heiress has to worry about it looking cute and bonding with her mommy.

We can’t wait for the next photo!


Princess Charlotte Starts Preschool, Poses for Cutest Photos EVER

The world may be anxiously awaiting the birth of Kate Middleton’s third child, but we’d like to take a moment and pay tribute to her second child.

Not because there’s anything wrong with Princess Charlotte, of course.

But because there’s so much right with the two-year old.

Namely, she is REALLY cute!

On Monday morning, the toddler started her run at Willcocks Nursery School, which is situated next door to London’s Royal Albert Hall and which is very close to her family’s Kensington Palace home.

In recognition of the life milestone, the Royal Family unveiled two new portraits of Charlotte, who turns three years old on May 2.

And, in a fun little twist, both were snapped by Middleton herself!

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share two photographs of Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace this morning,” said a Palace spokesman along with the snapshots, adding:

“The images were taken by The Duchess shortly before Princess Charlotte left for her first day of nursery at the Willcocks Nursery School.”

Seriously, Kate, it’s not enough for you to be beautiful, fashionable, and, by all accounts, charitable and kind?

You must be an ace photographer as well?!?

Charlotte posed for the very cute photos on the steps outside her Kensington Palace residence, holding on to a railing in the picture immediately above.

The tiny Royal donned a $ 150 burgundy Razorbil wool coat by Amaia and paired  itwith stone-colored tights, red shoes and a matching red bow.

She carried a pink backpack by Cath Kidston.

Saying of Charlotte’s famous parents, an insider told People Magazine:

“They chose [this school] because they thought it would be an ideal first step for Charlotte’s education and they were impressed by the team who work there.”

Makes sense. That’s basically why any parents would choose any school.

Charlotte’s older brother, Prince George, started nursery school at the same age as Charlotte, back in in January of 2016.

(He’s now four years old. How crazy is that?!?)

George attended a Montessori school just a short drive from the family’s country house, Anmer Hall.

He began his educational life on a part-time basis, however, while Charlotte will be attending full time. She’s clearly serious about school already.

This is all very exciting, of course. And we wish Charlotte the best.

But the real exciting news for her parents is that they are about to become parents again!

She’s due in April and may be having twins, which, if true, would more or less cause the Internet to explode.

And right after Kate gives birth, Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle.

Indeed, it’s a very busy time for members of the Royal Family.

Be sure to bookmark The Hollywood Gossip in order to be kept apprised of all their movements, marriages, births and more!


Teen Mom: See All the Cast Members’ Cutest Holiday Photos!

The holidays are just about to wrap up now — and not a moment too soon, right?

Sure, it's fun to spend time with family and sing songs and give gifts, but all that can also be exhausting.

But you know what will never be exhausting? Creeping on the Teen Mom crew and appreciating all their precious families!

Let's get to it!

1. Maci’s Kids!

Macis kids
This insanely cute photo is from last weekend — Maci and Taylor took the kids to Asheville, North Carolina, and they cozied up in a cabin in the mountains.

2. A Visit with Santa!

A visit with santa
Well, they didn’t stay cozied up the whole time — they did head out to see Santa!

3. Christmas at Ryan’s

Christmas at ryans
Though little Bentley obviously had some fun with his mom, he also spent some holiday time with his father, Ryan, and his stepmom, Mackenzie. Who, by the way, is just like 11 years older than him. Weird!

4. Sending Love from Indiana

Sending love from indiana
Amber recently opened up about how her depression kept her from seeing her daughter, Leah, for months, but it looks like they were able to spend some quality time together for Christmas!

5. Meanwhile in Michigan …

Meanwhile in michigan
Catelynn is still in rehab, but Tyler was able to make their daughter’s Christmas special anyway! Although he said that “This is the first Christmas without Cate since I was 14” and that “it’s a little disheartening,” the bright side is that he gets to see “this little cutie open some presents & it instantly puts the spirit right back in me! Merry Christmas everyone!”

6. More Santa!

More santa
Even in the middle of what really appears to be some sort of breakdown, Farrah managed to take Sophia to visit Santa!

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Audrey Roloff Shares Cutest Photo of Ember EVER!

Little Person, Big World?

More like… This Little Person is Getting Bigger Everyday and the World Can Hardly Believe It!

On Monday morning, Audrey Roloff didn’t just take to Instagram in order celebrate yet another milestone for her daughter…

… she also signed on to her social media account in order to share what we think may be the most precious picture of Ember Jean Roloff that we’ve ever seen.

That’s what happened when you put a three-month old in Christmas pajamas and a reindeer hat.

Opening her caption with a pun, Audrey wrote the following of her first child on the occasion of her three-month birthday:

Oh deer… 3 months already?! This time last year you were growing inside of me and I didn’t even know it! Now your growing on the outside, getting chunkier and more kissable every minute.

You may not remember your first Christmas, but we always will. #emberjean

Pretty darn sweet, right?

And pretty darn adorable, right?

This update on Ember comes a few days after Audrey last told us about her relative newborn and a couple of first accomplishments:

Ember’s first beach visit and Ember’s first Christmas tree shopping experience.

Both appear to have gone very well and, of course, very adorably.

The update also comes on the heels of a pair of controversies surrounding Audrey and her parenting/social media usage.

On December 6, Roloff shared a post about love, going off on a profound speech about what this word means and whether we take it for granted.

“We must reclaim the definition of love,” she wrote last week, explaining:

“True love is so much more than desire for something or someone. It’s patient, kind, compassionate, selfless, fervent, unconditional, honest, encouraging, enduring, and full of grace and truth.

“Love is not a feeling; it’s a sacrifice, a commitment, daily choice – a verb.”

Seemingly in line with Audrey’s Christian beliefs, right?

Except she concluded her post by linking to her online store, where she sells “Love is a Verb” merchandise and attire.

The linking of religion to capitalism didn’t sit well with some fans.

“Sounded good until you started pushing your products,” one critic wrote, adding:

“Maybe your preaching posts don’t belong in the same post as the products you’re trying to sell.”

Another chimed in as follows:

“I’m not saying this to be mean or shame you. It just sounds like you’re preaching to sell the products.”

We sort of agree with these takes.

But we don’t agree with some other criticism Audrey has endured.

For example, she previously posted a harmless and cute picture of Ember…

…only to sign up and see a number of trolls actually gave her flak for her daughter’s outfit.

No hat for baby? Poor thing has no hair,” one shamer wrote.

Another added:

“I hope she wasn’t hatless for long. You have hair and a hat covering your head.

“She has nothing. You lose the most heat through your head, so she can be freezing way before you ever even get cold. Please cover her.”

Sheesh, people.

Can’t a mother put her child in an outfit without hearing from total strangers on what they think she did wrong?!?


Audrey Roloff Has Discovered the “Cutest Photo Ever”

Search no farther, dear readers.

Wonder no more.

Stop your exploration.

Audrey Roloff says she’s done it. The Little People, Big World star says she has come across the “cutest photo ever.”

You might expect this iconic image to be of Audrey’s own daughter, a brand new little girl who was born on September 10 and who is named Ember Jean.

But you’d be mistaken.

Roloff instead offered up this monumental praise for a picture of her niece, Jackson Kyle, who was born to Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff on May 12.

“My heart LITERALLY can not,” wrote Tori as a caption to the following snapshot of her son and husband.

She added the hashtag “#ZandTPartyofThree,” Audrey was among the many who praised the photograph in the Comments section, writing those lofty three words above.

Sort of hard to disagree with, isn’t it?

Tori and Zach have been sharing numerous pictures and updates of their only child ever since he was born.

For example, Jackson turned four months old last week and Tori celebrated the occasion by providing an update on her precious little man.

He wants to put everything in his mouth these days… he can sort of roll over… he weighs nearly 16 pounds… and he recently went to Disneyland.

Exciting stuff!

Jackson, of course, was born with the same dwarfism gene as his father, but both Tori and Zach have spoken openly and admiringly on this topic.

It doesn’t phase them one bit.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” Zach told People Magazine shortly after his son was born, adding this spring:

“But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

It’s clear Jackson is surrounded by love, both immediately at home and within his extended family as well.

Grandparents Amy and Matt have often posted pictures of the boy and even somewhat estranged uncle Jacob can’t help but gush over Jackson on social media.

And now he has a cousin!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff had the following to say after the birth of their daughter:

We are so thankful for this little life we’ve been blessed with and cannot wait to see all that she becomes.

Labor is such a wild and miraculous process and meeting our baby girl for the first time filled us with uncontainable joy.

Both these tiny humans are in the very best of hands. That much is clear.


Cutest Mom Ever Creates First Meme.. And It Goes Viral!

Perhaps you heard (approximately six million times), but there was a total eclipse this past Monday.

The Internet went even crazier for it than it went for the last Kim Kardashian nude pictorial, with infrequent users even getting in on the action.

Take the mother of a 21-year old named Sasha who uses the Twitter handle @Junglefushimi, for example.

As documented below, this woman created her first meme in honor of the historic occasion… and she was REALLY proud of it.

She told her daughter she hoped it would go viral, and the Internet was only too happy to oblige!

1. This is the Meme the Mother Made

This is the meme the mother made
We’ve seen far worse. As X-Men franchise fans, we strongly approve.

2. I Made That!

I made that
Think it can go “viral?” That’s what the kids call it, right?

3. Just Call Me… Memer Mom!

Just call me memer mom
Did I really go viral? Hooray!

4. Everyone Loves Memer Mom

Everyone loves memer mom
She’s cute AND helpful.

5. A Plus?

A plus
This is setting the bar a little low. We’d give it a B. Let Memer Mom work for that A.

6. X-Men?

X men
More like excellent mom!

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