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Dana White Amanda Nunes Is She-G.O.A.T. … Better Than Jon Jones?


Dana White says it’s obvious to him … Amanda Nunes is the greatest female fighter EVER. 

But, when you add men to the mix — is she better than Jon Jones

White broke it down for us … saying Nunes has not only beaten the best of the best, but destroyed Cris Cyborg — “the most feared fighter out there” — and made it look easy. 

Don’t forget, she also dominated Ronda Rousey, Valentina Shevchenko (twice) and Miesha Tate

Dana says Jon’s got a pretty solid case too … beating the hell out of stars like Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson, Alexander Gustafsson (twice), Vitor Belfort, Lyoto Machida and Ryan Bader

Oh, and Dana says he’s SUPER impressed by the fact JJ beat Daniel Cormier on two separate occasions because DC is an “unbelievable” fighter too! 

So, who really is the G.O.A.T.? 

The best part of the conversation is the fact that BOTH fighters are still active and in their prime — so, it’s a long way until we’ll find out. 

Tom Brady He’s ‘Shoving It Up the Haters’ Asses’ … Says Dana White



Dana White isn’t just a Patriots superfan — he’s friends with Tom Brady — and tells TMZ Sports he loves that TB12 is “shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time.”

A bunch of football experts predicted Brady’s demise this season — saying his skills are falling off and his reign of dominance was finally over. 

But, after slaughtering the L.A. Chargers in the playoffs last week, Brady and the Pats are playing in the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs on Sunday … and White says he LOVES IT! 

“Everybody was talking sh*t this year,” White said.

“Everybody was talking, ‘Oh, he should retire. Oh, the Patriots suck, they can’t win a game.’ We’re heading into another AFC Championship and if we win I think that’s 8 straight AFC Championships. And, it’s a record and he’s going to another Super Bowl.”

“So, shut up!! He’s shoving it up all the haters’ asses one more time and I love it.”

Fun fact, Tom Brady became one of the celebrity minority co-owners of the UFC when WME/IMG bought the MMA organization back in 2016 … so, he and Dana are technically colleagues!

As for if Dana will be at Arrowhead Stadium for the game on Sunday — White says there’s no way in hell. It’s too damn cold! 

Dana White Responds to Ariel Helwani ‘I Don’t Give a Sh*t What He Thinks’


Dana White isn’t taking kindly to being called “tone-deaf” over his decision to book Greg Hardy and Rachael Ostovich on the same UFC fight card … saying, “I could give a sh*t.”

… and it didn’t stop there. 

First, some backstory … 

Both Hardy and Ostovich are fighting at the big UFC on ESPN event on Saturday night — which drew heavy criticism from ESPN’s main MMA reporter, Ariel Helwani, who sounded off Wednesday. 

“I found this decision to be incredibly tone-deaf, to put it mildly,” Helwani said on ESPN.

FYI, Hardy was found guilty of domestic violence by a judge in 2014 — but the conviction was thrown out in 2015 when he appealed to have the case go in front of a jury … and his accuser stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

Ostovich suffered serious injuries in an alleged domestic violence incident back in November. She claims her husband (who’s also an MMA fighter) snapped and beat her ruthlessly.

Helwani and others have expressed concern over having them fight on the same card — so, when we saw White in NYC on Thursday morning, we asked for his thoughts. 

“I don’t give a sh*t what Ariel Helwani thinks,” White said … “Who the f*ck is Ariel Helwani to question anything that we do.”

“I think we’ve done a pretty good job in 20 years. I could give a sh*t what he thinks, or anybody else for that matter.”

So, why are they on the same card? White says they’re both on the UFC roster and it was bound to happen at some point.

White has previously said he spoke with Ostovich about booking Hardy on the card and claimed she was cool with it. 

Dana White Conor And Khabib … Rematch Should Happen In 2019


The Conor McGregorKhabib rematch WILL go down in 2019 — so says Dana White … who tells TMZ Sports it’ll happen as long as everything goes according to plan.

The UFC honcho popped by the TMZ offices last week … and told us there are still some hurdles to clear — but he thinks Khabib-Conor II will get set sometime in the next 12 months.

“As long as everything goes right, this fight should happen.”

Of course, Khabib and Conor are still facing suspensions for their roles in the brawl that broke out at UFC 229 … and guys like Tony Ferguson and even Max Holloway could get shots at Khabib before Conor does.

But, Dana says if everything lines up the way he thinks it will … the rematch will happen.

Khabib dominated Conor at UFC 229 on Oct 6 — forcing the Irishman to tap out in the 4th round. 

After the fight, Conor gave a round-by-round breakdown explaining why he lost the fight — but gave credit to Khabib and vowed to return “with my confidence high.”

“If it is not the rematch right away, no problem,” Conor said back in October … “I will face the next in line. It’s all me always, anyway. See you soon, my fighting fans, I love you all.”

Dana White Moving UFC 232 To L.A. Cost $6 Million!

Breaking News

Dana White says the decision to move UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles cost roughly $ 6 million. 

White says he did NOT want to cancel the fight and worked to find a venue where it could happen when problems arose in Nevada. 

White says once they found out The Forum in L.A. was available, they booked it and the rest is history. 

Alexander Gustafsson just went off on Jon Jones to his face — saying the guy is a “terrible” cheater who’s spewing “bullsh*t” about his positive PED test. 

The two exchanged shots at the UFC 232 press conference — Gustafsson says he’s convinced Jones is a cheater, but didn’t want to back out of the Dec. 29 fight because he wants to beat the guy’s ass. 

“I’m here to fight,” Gustafsson said … “He will eat it Saturday night.”

UFC 232 was supposed to go down in Las Vegas — but was moved to L.A. after Jones tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Jones has insisted he only had trace amounts of the PED in his system — remnants of the last time he tested positive. He’s adamant the Turinabol in his system is not new.

The UFC — along with the California State Athletic Commission and other officials — believe Jones, which is why the fight was greenlit in CA.

During the event, Jones doubled down on his claim that he’s not a cheater and will eventually be vindicated by tested organizations. 

Jones says it’s “hilarious” that people think PEDs are the reason for his success. 

Logan Paul Hey, Dana White ‘Get Your Head Out Your Ass and Sign Me!!!’


Logan Paul says Dana White needs to “get his head out of his ass” and sign him to a UFC fight already — because it’s easy money for everyone involved. 

Remember, Paul fought YouTube star KSI in a boxing match earlier this year — and got real praise from real UFC stars including Tyron Woodley and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan

Paul had said he wants a UFC fight next, but White shot him down saying he’d get hurt if he got in the Octagon with a real MMA fighter. 

But, Paul says that’s a bunch of crap — telling TMZ Sports he’s already proven he can hold his own in a fight … and would dedicate himself to training if the two sides worked out a deal. 

“If I get the chance to fight in the UFC, that’s my life,” Paul says. 

“Dana, what’s good? The people want it man!”

Of course, Paul’s opponent would be a huge factor — Logan says he understands he’s not ready for a shot with a killer like Khabib … but he WOULD be down to fight Conor McGregor

“I would be honored for Conor to rip my head off.”

Stay tuned … 

Chuck Liddell Calls for Peace In Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White War


MMA legend Chuck Liddell — the man in the middle of the Dana White vs. Oscar De La Hoya feud — tells TMZ Sports he does NOT want the two to settle their beef with their fists. 

Didn’t expect that, did ya?!

As we previously reported, White BLASTED De La Hoya for putting Liddell back in the cage last month to fight Tito Ortiz … claiming it was irresponsible and Oscar had no regard for Chuck’s health or well-being. 

Oscar fired back with some trash talk of his own — and ultimately challenged Dana to a fist fight. It’s getting real nasty.

So, when we saw Chuck out at Craig’s in West Hollywood on Saturday night … we asked how he felt about the situation … since he’s tight with both Oscar and Dana. 

“I don’t think they should fight,” Chuck told us … “What are you gonna expect? Oscar keeps attacking Dana. Dana’s gonna defend himself.”

As for Dana and Oscar … guessing they won’t actually come to blows — but they ain’t catching a beer together any time soon either.