Abby Lee Miller Receives Visits, Comfort From Dance Mom Alums

Abby Lee Miller continues to battle cancer as she recovers from her latest emergency surgery. Life in the hospital is … not fun.

So who better to stop by to cheer her up than some Dance Moms alums?

There were, of course, pictures. Take a look!

Maesi Caes took to Instagram to share a photo from her visit with Abby Lee Miller.

She doesn’t specify why she needed to wear a face mask, but we suspect that it may have been a precaution to keep her from infecting Miller, who is probably immunocompromised.

“HERO,” Maesi writes, defining the word as: “‘An ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles'”

From a certain point of view, Maesi suggests, this definition could apply to her former dance teacher.

“…Miss Abby,” Maesi continues. “Thank you for being my hero.”

Maesi wasn’t the only one who showed up to lend some moral support.

“A very glum afternoon quickly turned BRIGHT,” Elliana Walmsley wrote on Instagram.

“Seeing the BEAUTIFUL @therealabbylee!” her caption continued.

Elliana gushed: “Loved chatting with her about old times, new times, and future times!!!!”

“A visit wouldn’t be complete without getting a private lesson! Feet!” she jokes. “Let’s show Miss Abby SOME LOVE by commenting her fav emojis.”

Abby Lee Miller herself shared an image of her with both girls, who were each wearing face masks.

“I guess it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing,” Miller writes in the caption.

“The kids,” she says. “Always migrate right toward me!”

She then makes a joke.

Miller suggests: “I guess I’m more fun than their moms!”

Back in May, Abby Lee Miller sported a wig while receiving a visit from another Dance Moms alum, JoJo Siwa.

These days, JoJo is busy feuding with Danielle Bregoli. But in May, she made time for a visit.

Keeping to her usual, uber-positive brand, JoJo wrote: “Got to see my favorite today!”

“Abby you have changed my life for forever,” JoJo gushed. “I am so thankful for everything you have done for me.

JoJo wrote that Miller taught her “Table manners, how to survive in a plastic bubble, and more!”

“Thank you for letting us come by and visit you today!” JoJo wrote. “I love you. FOREVER.”

Millerhas also been visited by her godchild, Maddie Pietrusinski.

All of these visits are wonderful.

Is there a risk that Miller could be exposed to some sort of outside germs or infection? Unfortunately, yes.

But it seems that her doctors feel that the brightening of her mood brought on by these visits is worth it.

Abby Lee Miller underwent emergency spinal surgery when she was suddenly experiencing paralysis.

Sadly, it was worse than an infection. Miller was diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, Burkitt lymphoma.

Though reports claimt hat Miller is preparting for the worst, the good news is that the recovery rate for this cancer is high, and that it responds quickly to treatment.

Fans hold out hope that Miller will make a full recovery, and soon.

It looks like she’s expected to make it just fine — because Dance Moms is holding auditions for its next season, and Miller herself is set to star.


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Parents Teach Kids to Pole Dance, Defy Critics (And Decency)

You know what they say, right?

The family that pole dances together stays together.

This is what Jake Night and Lindsey Teall, residents of of St. Louis, believe, at least.

The couple has made headlines for the rather unusual workout routine it is teaching its kids.

What possible reason would a mother and a father have for raising a family full of stripping pole dancers?

It all goes back to how they met and it goes from there…

1. Their Past Served as Their Prologue

Jake and Lindsey met when both were working as exotic dancers. They have a love and a passion for this near-naked activity.

2. A Family of Five

The couple has decided to pass along this pastime to its kids: Aiden, 11, Lindsey’s son from her first marriage; and their two daughters, Alaura, 5, and 3-year-old Rosalyn.

3. Their Pole Position?

The parents have installment a stripper pole in their living room. We’d love to see how guests react to that, right?!?

4. Let’s Play, Kids!

Jake considers pole dancing a sport and told The Daily Mail: “We have dealt with a lot of negative comments, I can’t even count, thousands upon thousands upon thousands. We’ve heard some pretty horrific things, they were going to hunt us down and kill us and take our children. The naysayers, the haters and everybody like that just makes us, as parents, more protective of them.”

5. But Aren’t the Kids Just Strippers Now?

No, insists Lindsey: “”This is a legitimate sport. A lot of people, you just can’t change their opinion. We’re living our most authentic life, sometimes people don’t like that; they want you to be like everybody else… Pole dance is taking a new route, it’s evolving into a sport, into an art.”

6. A Sport?!?

There is such a thing out there as this: THE INTERNATIONAL POLE CONVENTION, also commonly known as PoleCon. Per its official website, this competition “celebrates the diversity of the pole dance/pole fitness community. Come to learn, share and grow with men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels then stay for the community. #poleconisforeveryone.”

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Abby Lee Miller: Holding Dance Moms Auditions While Undergoing Chemo

Just a couple of weeks ago, Abby Lee Miller teased the return of Dance Moms.

Now, sources are confirming that the series is coming back for an 8th season, starring Miller, who is already looking for fresh-faced new stars.

Not bad for a woman undergoing chemotherapy for cancer just months after getting out of prison, wouldn’t you say?

Yes, if Miller’s own tease (or threat!) that she was coming back to star on more Dance Moms wasn’t enough for you, worry no longer.

A source confirms to Entertainment Tonight that Dance Moms is returning. This will be the show’s 8th season.

And, though Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke temporarily took the reigns last year, Miller will be back.

If you were hoping for further proof, the Dance Moms casting page is looking for new cast members, ages 7 to 12.

And Miller is in charge.

The page says: “Abby Lee Miller is currently holding auditions for her new ALDC elite competition team.”

Miller is known to have complained about unbearable working situations on Dance Moms in the past, but she has made it clear that this was not the fault of the children.

“I don’t have a problem working with any kid,” Abby wrote. “I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful!”

Some have accused of her of being overbearing in dealing with children or of being unpleasant and harsh.

But Miller says that her issue with Dance Moms had less to do with the children and everything to do with male producers.



Miller is battling more than producers at the moment, however, which is why this Dance Moms news comes as something of a shock to so many people.

She has Burkitt lymphoma, a type of fast-spreading cancer that threatened to paralyze her just months ago. It was during her first emergency spinal surgery that doctors were able to identify that the “infection” was cancer.

The good news is that Burkitt generally has a 90% recovery rate.

The bad news is that it’s usually found in children, and the recovery rate in adults is said to be lower.

The other good news is that, because Burkitt lymphoma is a fast-spreading cancer, doctors say that it also responds quickly to treatment.

Last month, Abby Lee Miller underwent a second emergency surgery as part of her ongoing cancer battle.

The Dance Moms star even shared a graphic post-op photo, showing how the incision along her spine was healing.

Hopefully, she will not need to undergo any further drastic procedures.

For her sake, and for the sake of her return to the reality series that launched her to fame.

But while we don’t foresee Miller spendng a lot of time flashing her back scars on camera, there’s likely to be one difficult-to-ignore sign of her cancer battle when she starts filming the series in earnest.

In Miller’s most recent photos, she has been covering her head — with hats or towels.

In others, she simply keeps her hair out of the camera’s view.

Recently, she posted “Hair today, gone tomorrow” to her Instagram captions, warning followes that she anticipated hair loss as she undergoes chemotherapy treatments.

Many fans expect that she will wear wigs while on Dance Moms.

But it is indisputably better to lose your hair for a little while than to lose your life.

It also remains unclear how much of Miller’s cancer battle will be addressed on the series. It may be that she is soon cancer-free.

At the moment, she is focused on casting. Would you want your child to star on Dance Moms?