Stormy Daniels: I Know ALL About Donald Trump’s Penis!

When it comes to mediocre sex with Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels claims to have all the receipts.

As previously reported in TMI-laden detail, the porn star reportedly carried on a lengthy affair with Donald Trump back in 2006.

Investigative reporting by The Wall Street Journal and other outlets have uncovered a $ 130,000 payment that was made to Daniels just prior to the 2016 Presidential election.

Daniels allegedly accepted this payout in exchange for keeping quiet about her pervasive banging of the current President, which took place just after Melania Trump gave birth to the couple’s son, Barron.

However, In Touch Weekly actually spoke to Daniels in 2011 and has now released the entire transcript of its chat with the adult entertainer.

Earlier excerpts revealed that Trump isn’t anything special in bed.

“[The sex] was textbook generic,” Daniels told the tabloid.

(And this is a woman who has been around the bedpost, if you know what we mean. No judgment.)

Now, as mentioned above, In Touch has made public its full chat with Daniels… and it sure is a doozy!

Among the tidbits relayed to the magazine by Daniels:

  • The pair met at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.
  • Daniels gave Trump her phone number, but only ever communication with him through a bodyguard named Keith.
  • She met Trump in his hotel room several weeks after their introduction and had dinner with him there.
  • She wasn’t so much attracted to Trump as she was “fascinated,” saying: Would you be? “I was definitely stimulated. We had a really good banter. Good conversation for a couple hours. I could tell he was nice, intelligent in conversation.”
  • Trump never really mentioned Melania and never really told Daniels to keep their sex a secret.
  • As for the intercourse…

“The sex was nothing crazy. He wasn’t like, chain me to the bed or anything. It was one position,” she said in 2011, adding:

I can definitely describe his junk perfectly, if I ever have to. He definitely seemed smitten after that. He was like, “I wanna see you again, when can I see you again?”

Daniels went on to say that Trump held the possibility of her appearing on The Apprentice over her head for about a year.

He insisted her could get her a role on the reality show, which she says is why she kept sleeping with him for so long.

She also said the stars did NOT use protection, continuing of the intercourse:

“It was one position, what you would expect someone his age to do. It wasn’t bad. Don’t get me wrong.”

Through his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, Trump has “vehemently” denied accusations that he slept with Daniels and that he paid her to keep quiet about it.

We suggest you pick up the latest copy of In Touch Weekly and decide for yourself whether you believe all Daniels has to say.

Either that, or you can just believe Donald Trump… because he’s been nothing but a sincere teller of truths throughout his public life, right?

No? He hasn’t been?

Like we said, you can make up your own mind about this story.

For now, though, we need to go throw up a lot due to all the references here to Trump’s penis.


Stormy Daniels Details “Generic” Sex with Donald Trump

For several months, Donald Trump has claimed there was no collusion between his campaign and the country of Russia during the 2016 Presidential election.

But porn star Stormy Daniels has now gone on record and claimed there was serious collusion between herself and the real estate mogul about a decade ago.

Serious NAKED collusion, that is!

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Trump paid $ 130,000 to Daniels just prior to the aforementioned election, shelling out the six-figure settlement in exchange for her silence.

Daniels was allegedly prepared to go public with an affair she carried on with Trump back in 2006.

It was a relationship that took place while Trump was married to his current wife, Melania.

Shortly after this report was published, the President’s personal lawyer said his famous client “vehemently denies” ever having slipped his reportedly small penis inside of Daniels.

But Stormy now says otherwise.

In the new issue of In Touch Weekly, the tabloid has shared quotes that Daniels gave it back in 2011, prior to the signing of any non-disclosure agreement.

And the adult entertainer holds very little back in this interview.

“[The sex] was textbook generic,” Daniels says very simply, confirming at the time that she slept with Trump about four months after Melania gave birth to son Barron.

“I actually don’t even know why I did it, but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, ‘Please, don’t try to pay me,'” she adds.

Daniels explains that she met Trump at a golf tournament in 2006.

After sharing a golf cart ride with Trump, she alleges that he tracked her down at a gift lounge sponsored by her adult movie company, Wicked Pictures.

He asked for her number; she provided it; and the two then posed for a picture together.

“Then he asked me if I wanted to have dinner that night. And I was like, ‘Yeah, of course!’” she told In Touch.

Daniels says she arrived at a hotel room for the date and found the small-handed future President wearing pajama pants.

“We ended up having dinner in the room,” she revealed, prior to detailing how she went to the bathroom and then…

“When I came out, he was sitting on the bed and he was like, ‘Come here.’ And I was like, ‘Ugh, here we go.’ And we started kissing.”

After the mediocre intercourse, Stormy said:

“We hung out for a little while and he just kept saying, ‘I’m gonna call you, I’m gonna call you. I have to see you again. You’re amazing.

“We have to get you on The Apprentice.’”

Did he see her again?

Yes, alleges Slate Editor-in-Chief Jacob Weisberg.

He writes that Daniels and Trump carried on their affair for almost a year.

“Daniels told me she’d gone to Trump’s hotel room after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada in 2006,” Weisberg says now of conversations he had with Daniels prior to the election.

He adds:

“There they’d begun a sexual relationship, which continued for nearly a year. They’d met in New York and more than once in Los Angeles.

“In early 2007, Trump had invited her to a party to promote Trump Vodka, where she was photographed. He’d also invited her to his Miss USA pageant that year.”

In other words: Trump did very little to even hide his mistress.

It’s almost as if this is a man without any concept of shame.

Weisberg says he was in constant contact with Daniels until about a week before the 2016 election, at which time she stopped responding to his text messages and phone calls.

This is when she allegedly accepted the $ 130,000 to remain silent.

Trump himself has said nothing about the supposed affair.

But he has said some other very racist stuff.