Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky: It’s Over!

So, remember how Jennifer Lawrence started dating Darren Aronofsky last year after they worked together on Mother

It was an odd romance. Aronofsky, despite being a director, was something of a mystery man. Also he is 21 years her senior.

But all good things — and also this relationship — must come to an end.

Okay, so Mother was critically acclaimed (well, it received generally positive reviews). We’re always here for anything with Michelle Pfeiffer in it, honestly.

Jennifer Lawrence stated that she had a crush on Darren Aronofsky even before they did the film, even back during the casting phase.

At the time, J Law was 26 and Aronofsky was 47.

(Serious question time: have any of you ever had a crush on someone two decades your senior? At the risk of sounding ageist, I sure haven’t)

They kept things friendly during the production of the film, but Jennifer Lawrence says that she essentially claimed him as her boyfriend when they finished filming.

Remember, folks — we don’t need to understand a relationship or the basis for attraction to be happy for others.

However, their relationship — like literally all romantic relationships — wasn’t going to last forever.

Entertainment Tonight reports that, after about a year of dating, Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have called it quits. They report this based upon information from multiple sources.

Honestly, some people’s responses to this was that they’d forgotten that the two of them were dating at all.

Compared to past romantic entanglements like X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult and Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, Aronofsky proved to be a relatively low key romantic interest.

There’s no telling if the two just had busy schedules or decided to just leave it as a fling or if they had a full-blown falling out or realized that their personalities were too different.

Not too long ago, however, they were both singing each other’s praises in interviews.

Aronofsky referred to J Law as a “once in a generation talent,” which is some pretty serious praise.

And Lawrence, in turn, called the director “brilliant” as well as “incredibly instinctual.”

Obviously, those were both conversations about the other in their professional lives.

Jennifer Lawrence has really identified herself as the instigator of their relationship, but given the way that Aronofsky gushed about her, we’d say that the interest wasn’t completely one-sided.

“Well, I don’t know what makes her great — maybe it was her parents, maybe it was the Kentucky water,” he joked about her.

Okay, that’s a bit awkward. (Honestly, “Kentucky Water” just makes me think of getting a cup of water at Kentucky Fried Chicken — no offense to the citizens of Kentucky)

He continued at the time:

“I have no idea, but she’s, like, a once-in-a-generation talent, and just a whirlwind and a hurricane and an earthquake and a thunderstorm of talent.”

Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-winning talent and obviously a great actress, but most of us aren’t describing her like some sort of destructive goddess made flesh.

But maybe that’s the secret to hooking up with Jennifer Lawrence? We wouldn’t know.

Without knowing more about the breakup, we can’t say with any degree of certainty whether she’ll want to cool her jets for a while … or immediately jump into a new relationship.

Like, did they break up because of cheating? Depending on who cheated, we could be looking at a very lengthy dry spell or a very short one.

If they just weren’t having fun anymore or the age difference got weird or if competing schedules were a problem, though, maybe J Law will be seeing another special someone before too long.

But whomever she starts dating next, it probably won’t be Chris Pratt.



Darren Daulton Dies; Former MLB Star Was 55 Years Old

Darren Daulton, a standout catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies who helped lead the team to the 1993 World Series, died on Sunday after a battle with cancer.

He was 55 years old.

d squared

The beloved ball player was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2013.

At the time, Daulton was found to have two brain tumors.

After surgery to remove them, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a highly malignant form of brain cancer, the following month.

Daulton underwent radiation, speech therapy and other treatment before announcing he was cancer-free in February 2015.

The slugger was a vital player and leader on the 1993 Phillies team that surprised baseball followers by winning the National League pennant and then losing to the Toronto Blue Jays in six games in a classic World Series.

He once said of that memorable squad:

“We played hard and did everything hard. It was fun, and that was what made us special.”

They lost the World Series on Joe Carter’s iconic walk-off home run.

daulton first pitch

“Darren was a true leader of men,” Phillies chairman emeritus Bill Giles said in a statement.

He added:

“The Phillies would not have gone to the 1993 World Series without his leadership. In addition to being an outstanding clubhouse leader, he was also a fighter.

“He battled through five knee operations to become an All-Star. I really enjoyed watching him for 14 years in uniform. Darren was a super human being.

“His teammates loved him. I loved him like he was one of my own. In fact, he called me ‘Uncle Bill.'”

Daulton was a three-time All-Star who won the Silver Slugger Award in 1992.

He led the National League with 109 RBIs that same season.

The standout back-stop then followed the impressive performance with 105 RBIs in 1993, becoming one of only nine catchers in league history to drive in 100 or more runs in back-to-back seasons.

rip daulton

Said Phillies chairman David Montgomery in a statement of his own:

“All of us at the Phillies are saddened to hear of Darren’s passing.

“From the day that we drafted him until today, he constantly earned our respect and admiration as both a player and person.

“Darren was the face of our franchise in the early 1990s. Jim Fregosi asked so much of him as catcher, clean-up hitter and team leader. He responded to all three challenges.

“One of my toughest decisions as team president was to approve his trade to the Marlins in July of 1997. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Amanda, his parents, his brother and his four children.

“Dutch was truly ‘one of a kind,’ and we will dearly miss him.”

Daulton eventually won a World Series with the Florida Marlins in 1997.

He is survived by his parents, Carol and Dave; one brother, Dave Jr.; his wife, Amanda; and his four children, Zachary (27), Summer (17), Savannah (16) and Darren Jr. (15).

May Darren Daulton rest in peace.


Darren Criss: NAKED! See The Picture!

Darren Criss is growing up and conquering the world.

With that in mind, he’s also showing off his body all over Instagram and fans appear to be lapping it up. 

In a revealing picture, the actor was fully naked, while holding orange speedos to cover up his genitals. 

“So what’s more red? My sunburn, my speedo, or YOUR FACE??? #ACSVersace,” Criss captioned the NSFW selfie. 

Criss is currently filming for The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, which will serve as the follow-up to the critically acclaimed American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson. 

Criss is playing Andrew Cunanan, who was the man who murdered Gianni Versace all those years ago. 

Penelope Cruz is also slated to appear as Donatella Versace. There is currently no airdate for the new season. 

One Instagram user replied to the picture, “Blaine is gone a little wild.” As you probably know, the Glee was the series that propelled Criss to stardom. 

One user even asked her friends if her dreams had come true, saying: “Have all our childhood dreams come true???? IM DYING!!!!!!!”

There are a select few celebrities who take selfies like this. Kim Kardashian and Kim Zolciak spring to mind, so we’re surprised Darren decided to take this route. 

Hey, maybe he’s doing it to promote the upcoming season of the hit FX series. 

Either way, we’ll be tuning into the series.

The cast alone is enough to make anyone want to watch.

Ryan Murphy has a knack for bringing some of the biggest stars together to make a first-class series. 

He’s the man who brought American Horror Story and Scream Queens to us, so there’s that. 

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the revealing picture.