Chelsea Houska: This is My Baby Bump! This is My Due Date!

Chelsea Houska is here to prove that she really is pregnant.

The Teen Mom 2 star surprised fans on Thursday night by announcing that she and husband Cole DeBoer are expecting a child together.

It will be their second as a couple and Chelsea’s third overall, considering she created an eight-year old daughter named Aubree with ex-lover Adam Lind.

“…GUESS WHAT!” Chelsea wrote on Instagram as confirmation of her expecting state, adding the following words to go along with her sonogram photo:

“A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited.”

And we’re so very excited for them!

But just in case you somehow doubted the legitimacy of Chelsea’s announcement, the MTV personality has gone ahead and provided Twitter followers with undeniable evidence…

… in the form of her baby bump!

“Here’s the wittle bump since everyone’s been asking lol this pregnancy has been a breeze so far and I feel pretty damn good!” Houska penned a caption to the image below:

chels bump

How precious, right?!?

Houska and DeBoer got married in October of 2016 welcomed son Waston Cole in January of 2017.

You can go back and watch Teen Mom 2 online episodes from last year to see how Chelsea made it pretty clear that she was prepared for yet another child in the near future.

Speaking to MTV about her major announcement, Houska said the following about her adorable little girl:

“Aubree did such a great job keeping this a secret and she said at school on Monday she’s gonna walk in and start yelling it down the hallways!”

AWWW! That’s adorable.

As for Cole?

He is “very excited” and “talks to my belly every night,” the reality star said.

DeBoer himself also spoke to the cable network, expressing his excitement over becoming a father again:

“I’m ecstatic to have another princess under our roof,” he said. “The men in this household are standing their ground even though we are now outnumbered.

After she shared the baby bump snapshot above, Houska answered a few fan questions about her pregnancy, revealing, for example, that her due date is in September.

“But I’m thinking she’ll come in August because I tend to have my babies a couple weeks early! We’ll see!” she Tweeted.

cd response

Finally, Houska was asked about her pregnancy fashion.

Does she have any advice?

What does she lean toward when growing a human being inside her fetus?

“So far it consists of leggings and hoodies cause it’s freezing here,” wrote the 26-year old, concluding:

“We’ll see how I keep myself together in the summer though! I remember summer was miserable when I was pregnant with Aubree!”

Still, it’s always worth it in the end, right?

Congrats, Chelsea and Cole!!!!!


Little People, Big World Return Date Announced by TLC!!!

It's happening!

The long-anticipated new season of Little People, Big World has been announced — complete with a premiere date.

Watch the trailer below for a preview of all of the wonderful glimpses at the Roloff family that we're about to get.

Matt roloff kisses caryn chandler

New episodes of Little People, Big World premiere on TLC on April 3rd. That's in just a few weeks, folks.

Some fans might think that everything's been covered by social media, since we can even track baby Ember Jean's milestones online.

But the cameras will allow fans of the Roloffs to glimpse parts of their lives that they certainly never advertised on Instagram.

Season 13 looks like it's going to focus a lot on how things are changing for the Roloff family as it grows — with baby Jackson and baby Ember — and as various members of the family worry that they're growing apart.

Also, there is a lot of kissing at the beginning of the trailer.

Sadly, certain fans are likely to jeer at Amy Roloff's relationship while cheering for Matt's. Double-standards are unkind.

Amy roloff kisses chris marek

Amy Roloff confesses to the cameras during the trailer.

"My life has changed. The family is going separate ways and in different connections."

In the mean time, Matt Roloff hopes that the grandbabies Jackson and Ember Jean will help to keep the family connected.

The Roloff family patriarch does admit, however, that this may just be "wishful thinking."

Still, he sounds optimistic as he says that "We'll see what happens."

It's hard to be anything but optimistic when you're looking at a face this cute.

Jackson roloff in the season 13 trailer

Viewers will also get to see more of Auj and Jer (Audrey and Jeremy Roloff) and their pregnancy story.

Remember, Audrey wanted to give birth without painkillers, which results in a very painful childbirth. Obviously.

"Labor has begun," Jeremy tells the camera.

TLC's cameras were in the hospital, and it appears that viewers will even get to hear Ember Jean's first cries.

Certainly, both parents will talk about how much joy they felt welcoming their daughter into the world.

Jeremy roloff gets a hug from ember jean

Jeremy and his brother Zach both talk about the difficulties of becoming a parent.

Zach talks about how being a parent is terrifying, and acknowledges that "sleep deprivation is a thing."

It sure is.

Jeremy, of course, speaks about the difficult weeks following Ember's birth.

Audrey's spoken of breastfeeding struggles due to mastitis, and viewers are going to learn a lot more about Ember's struggle to gain weight.

Doctors even recommended surgery to correct Ember's jaw, as Ember was having trouble latching on to breastfeed.

Amy roloff in season 13

And yes, on top of kissing, there are relationship issues. Amy and Chris laugh off breakup rumors online, but it looks like Amy is clashing with Caryn Chandler. 

With the family possibly growing apart in some ways as people move to different stages of their lives, it looks like Matt is proposing to Amy that they amend their divorce agreement.

Specifically, it looks like he wants to boot her from Roloff farms.

Amy, however, does not intend to go anywhere.

Season 13 is sure to be a dramatic one.

Take a look!

Little people big world return date announced by tlc

Farrah Abraham Posts Date Night Photo with Aden Stay

As fans and followers already know, Farrah Abraham is dating stuntman Aden Stay.

He’s about 14 years older than she is, but they both work in the entertainment industry and they’re both parents of daughters.

Now, Farrah is sharing a date night pic so that fans can get a little insight into her blossoming romance.

It’s not every day that a 40-year-old stuntman lands a date with a 26-year-old woman with the general disposition of someone who might spend their nights terrorizing Gotham City.

But Aden Stay just lucked out, we guess.

Aden is a stunt performer who is listed as currently working on projects like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and The Gifted.

So whether you’re watching a compelling story about mutants fleeing and fighting oppression or whether you’re watching Chris Pratt run around with dinosaurs in a movie that probably didn’t need to be made, Aden Stay is a part of making that.

Farrah decided to share a snap from their date:

In the photo (actually regrammed from Aden … even though she clearly took the photograph) Farrah captioned:

“#datenight best date ever this one knows how to order”

Honestly, it’s always kind of weird when someone compliments their date by saying that they “really know how to order.”

Like … one should certainly hope so, right?

Sometimes the line refers to taste in wine, but other times it refers to men who order for their dates which is the creepiest and most controlling thing.

(Until you’re in an established, familiar relationship and order for each other just to save time — there’s a difference between knowing someone’s tastes and deciding what dining experience they’ll have)

Though fans already knew that Farrah was seeing him, this was the first time that she’d offered up a glimpse of their budding romance.

That said, Farrah had gushed to Us Weekly about Aden.

“Aden is amazing.”

She’s going to use that description of him again.

“I’m a lucky woman and feel blessed. We have just started our relationship and I feel like I met someone who is amazing.”

She then lists the things that she loves about him.

“I love that he’s Hawaiian, an amazing father, business entrepreneur and we have many similarities.”

He has two daughters.

“I can’t say enough great things about him. I’m a lucky woman.”

Farrah’s last relationship was with Simon Saran, and ended just under a year ago.

The couple had been together for years, and fans had watched the ins and outs of their relationship on Teen Mom OG.

While Farrah is happy to share her relationship with Aden Stay on social media, that might be the only place where fans can keep track of their romance.

Needless to say, Farrah is no longer being followed around by Teen Mom cameras.

Recently, Farrah sent her final message to the Teen Mom cast — almost wishing them well but really just wishing that they’d all leave the show.

You know, before the show’s “hate crimes” get them, too.

Presumably, Aden is probably not immersed in Farrah’s problematic history that’s gotten her accused of racism and being generally obnoxious in the past.

And, in a vacuum, it’s great that he doesn’t have any objections to dating a sex worker. That’s a stigma that needs to end, and of all of the reasons to dislike Farrah Abraham, her camgirl sex shows are not one of them.

We do have to wonder how a father with his own daughters reacts to Farrah taking nude photos of her own daughter and storing them.

Sophia is a sweet girl but a lot of people are creeped out that Farrah would keep such photos, especially when they could be hacked by the worst scum that the internet has to offer.

Anyway, fans can probably continue to keep up with Farrah’s romantic mishaps by following her on social media or just reading about her here.

Perhaps this new relationship will be at least as entertaining as her ridiculous dating profile.