Meghan Markle Due Date: Mostly Revealed!

We have an update on Meghan Markle’s pregnancy.

And it may just center on the exact piece of news for which you’ve been clamoring!

Earlier today, the world was stopped in its tracks when Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry confirmed that they are expecting their first child.


Social media users had been wondering for weeks whether Markle was pregnant, with most of them convinced this was the case just a day prior to the official announcement, considering the outfit Markle wore to a wedding on Saturday.

They can now take pride in being correct for a change, following a Kensington Place statement that reads:

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019.

The spring of 2019 is pretty vague, of course.

The Palace did not reveal whether Markle is due in March… or April… or May… or June.

However, an insider now tells Us Weekly that the former Suits actress is about 15 weeks along.

Even more specifically, according to this source…

“She is due on or around May 2nd.”

This would be especially cool because Princess Charlotte, the adorable daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William, was born on May 2, 2015.

They could be birthday buddies!!!!!

This may be just one reason why the Palace says Kate and William are “delighted” that Meghan is expecting.

Harry and Meghan, who recently kicked off their their first international tour together in Australia, will be staying at Nottingham Cottage when they become a family of three.

The cottage was recently renovated.

It now includes two nurseries, sources close to the Royal Family have said.

This could mean that Markle is pregnant with twins, but it more likely means that she and Harry won’t be finished procreating after their first bundle of joy arrives.

If the child-to-be is born on May 2, this would make him or her a Taurus.

It would also mean she’d share a birthday not just with Charlotte… but with Dwayne Johnson and David Beckham as well!

How amazing would that be?!?

Elsewhere, while we wait to see what hateful things Samantha Markle has to say about this blessed development, we can quote Prime Minister Theresa May, who has said the following:

“My warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the happy news they are expecting a baby in the Spring. Wishing them all the best.”

We feel the very same way!


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith Has a Date!

Meredith Grey’s love life has been silent ever since her lover, Derek Shepherd lost his life in 2015. 

Despite hints of a relationship forming with a new man Nathan Riggs, the love of his life returned after being presumed dead for several years. 

On Thursday, Meredith returned to the world of dating with some dude named John (Josh Radnor), but did it all work out? 

The moment the Chief of Surgery showed up, there was an awkward moment. That’s to be expected when you’re on a blind date. 

Meredith got new make-up and some new, fashionable clothes for the occasion and she was positively glowing. 

John wasted no time in commenting on her appearance before they got talking about their professional lives. 

The charming man Radnor played was someone who took privacy very seriously. As such, he developed a software that allowed consumers to choose which of their data is shared. 

Meredith was adamant to her friends and family earlier in the installment that the date would last minutes, so she had to rearrange her afternoon appointments when they pair actually hit it off. 

Another awkward moment ensued when the pair realized they were with the wrong date, and the people they were supposed to be with had also hit it off. 

It was great to see Mer out and about and confident as ever, but the little feelings she had for John combusted when he said that single moms were needy and desperate to speed up relationships. 

That’s when Meredith politely ended the date, admitting she had kids and headed back to the hospital. Could John return again to prove he made a mistake? 

In all honesty, he was an ass, and our favorite TV surgeon can do so much better than him. 

Elsewhere, Maggie continued to feel the weight of the secret Teddy asked her to keep, and it spilled over into her case of the week. 

A young mother was rushed into the emergency room, and after some investigating, she learned the woman had taken a heart attack possibly a week before. 

As such, she stood a slim chance of pulling through. Maggie informed the woman’s husband, who was against telling the son about his mother’s grim prognosis. 

It got worse when it was actually time to switch off the machine and say goodbye. The man refused to allow his son into the room. 

DeLuca took the kid to the helipad while the father said goodbye, but the kid bolted out of the hospital. 

All of this proved too much for Maggie, and she blurted out the truth to Meredith about Teddy having a bun in the oven, and how it could ruin Owen and Amelia’s relationship. 

In doing so, she broke Doctor-Patient confidentiality. Will Meredith keep quiet? 

As for Owen and Amelia, they had their work cut out for them with Betty. She returned home under the influence of drugs and called Amelia a “hag” for like two minutes. 

The teenager denied taking any drugs, or even alcohol, prompting Amelia to drag her to the hospital for a drugs test. 

Betty flipped out when she heard about it, but Owen managed to get her to own up to smoking marijuana. 

After some assistance from Owen’s mother, Amelia doled out a month-long punishment for Betty. 

Then there was Alex. He was still struggling to find his bearings as the Interim Chief. He and Dahlia treated a college kid who had a pulmonary bleb that could burst after his breathing was getting worse. 

The kid didn’t have the insurance to cover the operation and was willing to live with it. His mother was already working three jobs, and he didn’t want to worry her. 

Karev didn’t take no for an answer, so he slashed the kid’s leg, so he had to go into emergency surgery. The kid’s insurance covered emergency medical care. 

Dahlia ratted Karev out to Webber, and Alex was put on blast for his actions. But Alex told Webber about a time his sister was sick, and he hot-wired a car to take her to the hospital. 

The reason?

The cost to call an ambulance would have destroyed their family. 

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC.


Catelynn Lowell Reveals Due Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catelynn Lowell has another bombshell to drop.

It can't match the announcement made by this Teen Mom just a few days ago (SHE'S PREGNANT!), but it's a pretty important tidbit to share nonetheless.

In an interview with Radar Online, Catelynn shared the exact date on which her third child is due, while also getting candid about the reaction of her family to this enormous piece of news.

What did they say? And what is her due date?

Scroll down to find out!

1. How Did She React to the Pregnancy?

Cradling that bump
Lowell has already admitted it wasn’t planned, and she expounded on that in this interview, telling Radar: “Whenever you find out you’re pregnant, at first t’e like an initial shock and anxiety. It’s like oh my gosh, you just get a little anxious.”

2. Fair Enough. How Far Along is She?

Catelynn lowell maternity photo
14 weeks, Catelynn says, which doesn’t mean she is totally out of the miscarriage woods. But once a woman is past 12 weeks, the odds of a miscarriage grow considerably lower.

3. Thank Goodness, Right?

Catelynn lowell pregnant pic
Catelynn and husband Tyler already went through a miscarriage a few months ago; the former was so traumatized that she entered rehab for a few mental health problems.

4. So… When is She Due?!?

Catelynn lowell instagram selfie
Mark it down, folks: March 6, 2019. This means she’s a Pisces, for those wondering.

5. When Did Catelynn and Tyler Learn the News?

Catelynn lowell tyler baltierra on instagram
“At first, it was scary and emotional and it just takes you by surprise. I found out at five weeks… once it sunk in, we started getting more and more excited.”

6. Which Teen Moms Knew Before the Public Announcement?

Catelynn lowell with nova
Only a couple. “Maci and Amber,” Catelynn said of Bookout and Portwood, adding of her co-stars: “When I told them, they were both super excited for us.”

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Derick Dillard Makes Jill Duggar Sit Through Law School Class, Calls It a Date

Most people have been on a horrendous date or two in their lives.

Maybe the guy conveniently left his wallet at home, or you made reservations at a steakhouse before finding out your date’s a vegetarian.

But no matter how many boring or awkward nights you’ve been forced to endure, you can probably say that no one ever forced you to find a babysitter just so you can sit next to them during a class or tort reform or some similarly boring BS.

The photo above was posted on Derick Dillard’s Instagram page on Wednesday.

He captioned the pic:

“Glad my favorite study buddy @jillmdillard was able to come to class yesterday! You’ve gotta find alone time (no kids) whenever you can! Thanks @jessaseewald for babysitting!”

Jill and Derick Dillard with Family


Yes, Derick Dillard is in law school these days, and since men of the Duggar clan don’t do anything without the help of their women, he apparently brings Jill to class with him.

Because every harried stay-at-home mom who homeschools her kids dreams of getting a night off so that she can sit there and take notes for her husband.

Commenters on the pic were understandably curious as to why in the hell Derick would drag Jill along on such an incredibly lame “date.”

The most likely answer, of course, is that Jesus instructed him to bore the hell out of his wife.

As you may recall Derick has claimed that God wants him to go to law school.

Presumably, this is so that he can fight for school children to be taught that the Earth is 6,000 years old and Jesus invented the AR-15 while feeding his brontosaurus.

Anyway, Duggar men are taught from a young age that God wants them to be obscenely wealthy and if they’re faithful enough, he’ll set them on the path to fame and fortune.

(Kind of goes against the many passages in the Bible in which Jesus condemns those who amass large amounts of wealth, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

Conversely, Duggar women are told that their role in life is to be submissive and do as they’re told.

Their purpose on this planet, according to the Duggars’ brand of fundamentalism, is to help their husbands get rich.

And so, if Derick wants Jill to help him take notes in class, she would likely see that as her divinely-ordained duty.

So we guess that her date nights will look a lot like this for the next few years.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to hold onto that fake smile.


Ashley Jacobs Whines, Wonder: Who Will Date Me Now?!?

Ashley Jacobs is here to set the record straight.

She knows what Thomas Ravenel has been saying about her and she knows what the Internet has been writing about her.

Did she really cheat on the shady ex-Southern Charm lead?

Is she really dating other men already, mere days after tearfully breaking up with Ravenel?

The answer is no to the first question, Jacobs has already said, dismissing Ravenel’s accusations of infidelity as Thomas just being jealous that she was hanging out with friends and then going on a “toxic Tweet storm.”

But what about that dude spotted whose butt she was spotted grabbing?

Is Jacobs back on the market already, samping various handsome dishes and re-igniting her love life now that she’s single?

Not exactly, she explains to Us Weekly.

“I need to be strong enough to be alone right now and I guess I thought by talking to someone else, it was sort of a distraction to get over him,” Jacobs tells the tabloid, detailing why she has been seen with at least one other guy of late.

“Not necessarily to be with this other guy, but … I think every woman or person for their ego wants to know that they’re still desired, like I haven’t lost my groove.

“And just because I dated Thomas Ravenel, [my fear] was that no one in this town would still date me.”

That may be true.

But it wouldn’t be any reflection on Jacobs.

It would simply be because Ravenel has been accused of rape. We really can’t emphasize that enough.

Elaborating on why it looks like she’s moved on so quickly, Jacobs says:

“That was my fear because people will be like, ‘What were you doing?’

“So I think it felt good, like I was flattered, but I think I should have stayed clear and then I think no one would have been hurt in the process of it.”

Without naming his ex-girlfriend by name, Ravenel said on Twitter over the weekend that he now has “more than enough information” to prove Jacobs was disloyal.

But Ashley – who dated Ravenel for well over a year and who clashed with his multiple-time baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, for most of Southern Charm Season 5 – says Thomas was simply upset when he saw footage of her talking to other men.

She says the two were not “exclusive” during this period and that Ravenel also got angry after looking at her phone and seeing how frequently she texted with one of these men.

“I should have been more upfront that this guy texts me more than I led him on to believe, but it was all harmless and I told this other guy,” she says now to Us.

“I said, ‘Thomas and I, we’re in a very complicated relationship.’”

Has Jacobs learned anything from this experience?

Would she do anything differently?

How does she feel now that the romance is dead and over, for good finally?

“I wish I could do things over, but I can’t. Sometimes you show a tough exterior, but deep down you can’t help but be hard on yourself and tough on yourself and be disappointed in yourself,” Jacobs says, concluding:

“Or just say, ‘How did I get myself to this place? I’m better than this.’

“And I made so many mistakes, on camera, rookie mistakes, but I definitely learned a lot, but I appreciate people who lift my spirits because I don’t get a whole lot of that and I think that’s what keeps me tied to Tom – he’s the only one who really knows what I’m going through in terms of being on the show.”

He also may be a rapist, Ashley.

Ravenel has already said he will not return for Southern Charm Season 6.

It’s unclear right now whether Jacobs will be invited back when the show airs new episodes in 2019.

Would you want to see her as a cast member again?