Married at First Sight: Divorced Contestant Now Dating One of the Show’s Doctors/Experts!

Married at First Sight has such an outrageous premise that fans and detractors alike feel compelled to watch.

Viewers saw Jon Francetic marry Molly Duff, but their marriage fell apart long before their one-year anniversary. But going on the show wasn’t a total bust for Jon.

As he has now revealed on Instagram, he is dating one of the show’s relationship experts — Dr. Jessica Griffin!

Jon Francetic posted this photo on Instagram, captioning it: “Convinced someone to run a @spartan with me.”

You know that people are falling for each other when one is able to convince the other to do anything involving literal running. It is the actual worst.

Dr. Jessica Griffin isn’t exactly front-and-center for the camera, but she is still recognizable.

In more recent posts, without photographing each other, Jon and Dr. Jessica both made it clear that they are vacationing together for her birthday.

Molly didn’t find Jon attractive, but clearly Dr. Jessica did.

Just about anyone who works as a therapist is supposed to abide by a code of ethics, one of which being hey, don’t bang or kiss or date your clients.

Some Married at First Sight fans were so vocal about fearing that Dr. Jessica had preyed upon Jon at his most vulnerable moment that Jon spoke up to clear the air.

“I rarely reply to people I don’t know, but given your persistence let me put your mind at ease,” Jon writes. “I completely agree that those ethical codes exist for a reason.”

“And should you wish to try and have her license taken,” Jon continues. “I only ask that you show up to the board hearing.”

Jon says that the hearing is “where my contract (the contents of which you have never read, seen, or know anything about) will be shown as evidence.”

The long and short of it is that they did not have a real doctor-patient relationship because it was just a TV show. Reality TV is still TV.

“When you are educated on why a client/patient relationship cannot exist (hint: confidentiality means it’s not broadcast on national television),” Jon writes.

Jon continues: “then I’m sure you will have no choice but to admit defeat in this situation.”

“Also,” Jon adds. “If you believe that we did not research the ethical codes you previously sited before pursuing anything, then clearly you’re not giving our intelligence enough credit.”

Jon concludes: “But thank you for your concerns, happy Monday.”

Dr. Jessica chose a less direct way of addressing the controversy.

“Engaging with negativity just messes up your mojo and your hair, so don’t do it,” she wrote on Instagram. “Mistake my kindness for weakness — that’ll be fun. Kindness is not weakness.”

“Biting your tongue or having a softer style does not make you passive,” she affirms. “Being trusting and loving and hopeful does not make you naive.”

She uses some very evocative analogies: “Light casts out darkness and negativity- love casts out darkness and negativity.”

“It is easy to judge the silent,” she concludes. “To ridicule those who bite their tongue or those who take the higher road. Take the high road anyway.”

In general, we recommend against entering a relationship that requires research to prove that it’s not unethical.

It kind of brings you back to when you’re 15 and your classmate explains why it’s actually totally legal for her to bring her 20-year-old boyfriend to prom.

That said, this was a reality show. It’s not like Dr. Jessica used her guile to break up anyone’s relationship — there was no real relationship or hope for one for Jon and Molly.

So, you know, good for them.

Just remember that you should not entertain thoughts of dating your own therapist.


Ashley Jacobs: I’m Dating Some Guys NOW, But I NEVER Cheated on Thomas Ravenel!

Over the weekend, disgraced Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel took his Twitter public so that he could basically accuse Ashley Jacobs of cheating on him.

The two of them have broken up, and since then, Ashley has been spotted with multiple men.

But she very firmly insists that she never cheated on Thomas.

In an interview with PeopleAshley Jacobs makes clear that she was faithful to Thomas during their relationship.

“I never cheated on Thomas,” Ashley says.

“We had agreed to go our separate ways,” she explains. “And I told him I wanted to see other people.”

Unfortunately, it sounds like he jumped to conclusions: “When he saw that I was out with friends, he got angry and made assumptions that I was dating other guys.”

“And when he confronted me about it,” Ashley says. “I blocked him because it wasn’t worth my energy.”

Though Ashley was known for insane confrontations on camera and for putting up with Thomas’ unhealthy behavior, it sounds like she’s experienced some personal growth in recent months.

“It’s toxic and unhealthy,” Ashley says of Thomas’ need to confront her after they’ve both moved on.

However, since Thomas couldn’t talk to her about it, it seems like he felt the need to lash out.

“So,” Ashley explains. “He went on a tweet storm.”

“He’s very impulsive and he’s not thinking,” Ashley summarizes. That sounds about right.

“Thomas is very traditional,” Ashley explains. “He’s all about loyalty and honesty … and he just wanted a reaction.”

In addition to his demands of loyalty, we have heard from multiple people, from his former dates to his fellow reality stars, that Thomas has a nasty streak that comes out at times.

All things considered, the accusations on Twitter aren’t all that bad, but they’re definitely unkind and unbecoming.

Ashley says: “And my reaction was, ‘Typical, standard. Make an ass out of yourself. Keep doing it buddy.'”

Ashley continues explaining her response: “‘At this point, you’re only making it that much easier for me. I’m embarrassed for you that you have to go on Twitter at 56 years old.’”

“I feel betrayed,” Ashley laments. “I’m so disappointed.”

She uprooted her entire life after five dates to come live with Thomas in Charleston. Clearly, that has not worked out.

“To put stories there that [I’ve been unfaithful],” she syas. “Especially with what’s going on right now, that there’s allegations he hasn’t been cleared from, he should know better.”

She is of course referring to Thomas Ravenel being accused of rape by multiple women. 

Ashley doesn’t necessarily sound like she’s supporting those women, just pointing out that he is in no position to be doing callouts.

“I’m going to defend my character,” Ashley affirms. “I’m going to defend my reputation.”

Her reputation has come under attack from more than just Thomas Ravenel.

All About The Tea reports that Ashley’s been dating multiple men since her split with the embattled Southern Charm star.

She was spotted having dinner with a married man on Friday night (though, of course, we don’t know the state of his marriage or the nature of the dinner).

Ashley also appeared on Instagram partying alongside Charleston resident Ryan Trout on his boat over the weekend.

She has reportedly been hooking up with Charleston bad boy Conner Flowers, who is said to see her more as a booty call.

But even if she’s truly dating all three of those men … so what? She’s not dating Thomas anymore.

We still remember her vicious behavior on Southern Charm, though given her recent apology to Ashley Jacobs, it does seem like she has a lot of regrets.

Whether or not you feel sorry for her or feel that she made this bed with her impulsive move and now she has to lie in it, we don’t really see a basis for accusing her of cheating.

Maybe Thomas is referring to something that fans haven’t seen? But dating again after a split is part of life.


Javi Marroquin: I Slept With Kailyn Lowry While I Was Dating Briana DeJesus!

If you're a Teen Mom 2 fan, we probably don't need to tell you that Javi Marroquin gets around.

Or perhaps we should say he used to get around.

These days, Javi is engaged to Lauren Comeau and the couple has a baby on the way.

But in his wilder days (read: about six months ago) Javi was hooking up with anything and everything.

We've known for a while that Javi hooked up with Kailyn long after their marriage came to an end, but now Marroquin is finally spilling details about the affair.

And the timing of the whole thing is raising some serious questions and re-igniting old feuds …

1. Javi Spills the Tea

Javi spills the tea
On a preview for the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Javi opens up to hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa about his brief reconciliation with Kail.

2. Party of Three

Party of three
We already knew that Kail and Javi hooked up. What’s most interesting about the latest revelations is the timeline.

3. The Interview

Kailyn lowry on podcast
Javi says he and Kail hooked up while he was at her house to do an interview for her podcast.

4. The Disagreement

Kail on teen mom 2
Kail disagrees with Javi about the exact timing of the affair (she insists it did NOT take place after their interview) but she doesn’t deny he was involved with someone else at the time.

5. Briana Drama

Briana dejesus and lollipop
Javi had to think hard to remember who he was dating at the time, but eventually, the truth came out.

6. Laying It On the Line

Laying it on the line
Yes, Javi hooked up with Kail while he was still dating Briana, and we have the intensely awkward video of Marroquin confessing to his infidelity …

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Jennifer Garner: PISSED Ben Affleck Is Dating a Playboy Model!

Earlier this week, the world learned that Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus have broken up after just over a year of dating.

Given the fact that the couple went to great pains to keep their relationship as private as possible, perhaps it should come as no surprise that there was no official statement confirming the split.

Ben and Shookus

What is surprising, however, is the fact that Ben moved on within days of the breakup.

Yes, these days, Affleck is dating Playboy model Shauna Sexton.

Aside from drunkenly posting all-caps rage comments on an article suggesting that it’s time for Tom Brady to retire, dumping a successful career woman who’s at least close to his age in favor of a 22-year-old centerfold is the most Ben Affleck thing Ben Affleck has ever done.

Those who know him best probably aren’t shocked by the decision — but that doesn’t mean they like it.

According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Garner has been quite vocal about her distaste for Ben’s new relationship.

A source close to the situation tells the tabloid that it’s not a matter of jealousy — rather it’s the fact that Jen desperately wants her three children to have a relationship with their father, but she feels she can’t trust Affleck when he’s spending his time with hard-partying college-aged women.

“Jen realized a long time ago that she cannot fix Ben and that his problems are not hers to solve,” says the insider.

“She’s not his babysitter. She just wants to protect the kids. But she does wish Ben would keep his life more private.”

The source goes on to claim that while Ben’s reckless rebound behavior was not unexpected, Jen had hoped for a shred of maturity from her ex.

“Of course she’s not pleased he’s dating a 22-year-old Playboy model,” the insider adds.

“But she’s also not surprised. Jen has come to expect this from Ben. She’s not going to get involved. She can’t make decisions for him.”

And this isn’t a case of Jen being skeptical of Shauna simply because of her age or profession.

You see, Affleck is still newly sober, and Shauna is, well … not.

Her Playboy bio she reveals that she loves whiskey, and Ben was recently spotted carrying a case of the hard stuff into his home.

Sources close to the actor swear the booze was for Shauna, but members of his inner circle are still concerned.

Even if Ben is still off the sauce, taking up with a hard-drinking girlfriend half his age doesn’t exactly improve his chances of staying sober.

Here’s hoping Ben will slow things down a bit before he spirals out of control once again.