Henry Levy: Demi Lovato Is Dating a Fellow Addict and Fans Are Concerned

As we reported earlier today, Demi Lovato is out of rehab, and she’s not allowing her sobriety to interfere with her social life.

It looks as though Demi already has a new boyfriend, and while it’s nice to see her smile after such a difficult year, there may be cause for concern.

Typically, those who are new to recovery are discouraged from embarking on new romantic relationships.

But Demi’s new companion reportedly checks two boxes, as he’s both a source of emotional support and an expert on sobriety.

His name is Henry Levy, and he’s a clothing designer who’s been to rehab several times, having first sought treatment when he was 15 years old.

Now, that may sound like a recipe for disaster at first, as Demi’s latest relapse is so recent that she probably shouldn’t involve herself with another addict at the moment.

But those who know Henry best say he’s been sober for over a year and may actually be a good influence on Demi

His latest stint in rehab–where he reportedly re-connected with Demi–was apparently just a tune-up.

Although it can’t be that long since Levy’s last relapse, as here he is pouring himself a glass of whiskey in 2016. 

Henry Levy Photo

Sources close to the situation say Henry and Demi have been friends for years, but their romance is a recent development.

Though not exactly a household name, Levy is no slouch in the fashion world, and his clothing has been worn by Sophie Turner, Kanye West, Sophia Richie and, of course, Demi.

So Henry’s successful in his own right … but that doesn’t mean he’s stable.

As head of Enfants Riches Deprimes (which translates to “rich depressed children”) Henry has stirred up a good deal of controversy over the years.

“If I wasn’t Jewish I would kill myself. Because I wouldn’t be rich,” Levy wrote on Facebook last year, much to the chagrin of customers and employees.

In the Complex magazine interview that accompanied the whiskey photo, Levy said that one of his primary artistic motivations is the rage he feels toward his parents for sending him to rehab.

Asked by the interviewer at that time if he was sober, Levy answered simply, “No.”

Now, close friendships and romantic relationships are common among rehab patients, but experts generally caution against them for a number of reasons.

Every addict and every recovery is different, but fans are already troubled by the fact that Demi left rehab months ahead of schedule.

The fact that the new man in her life is relatively newly sober himself is likely to be greeted with even greater concern.

After all, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Demi’s overdose in July nearly claimed her life.

With the help of family, friends, fans, and an army of specialists, Demi recently celebrated 90 days of sobriety.

But just like every other addict, she’s always just one bad decision from throwing it all away.

Here’s hoping Henry is equipped to help her remain on the right path.


John Miller: Who is This Dude Dating Jennifer Garner?!?

Jennifer Garner stars in the new HBO series Camping.

According to most television critics, it is awful.

But here’s a piece of good news for the actress…

… she is reportedly in a very happy and healthy relationship!

According to Us Weekly sources, the beloved star is dating a 40-year old businessman named John Miller.

What his lacks in originality, his personality more than makes up for with how much he apparently cares about Garner.

“They’ve been together six months – and it’s getting pretty serious,” one insider tells the aforementioned tabloid, while another chimes in as follows:

“Jen brings out the best in John, and he is the happiest he has probably ever been. It’s a loving, healthy relationship.”

Garner, of course, has been romantically linked to Ben Affleck and Ben Affleck only for over a decade.

The stars were married and they share three kids together and, finally, after many years of going back and forth, the famous couple’s divorce was just finalized this fall.

Affleck, as you likely know, moved on a long time ago, having semi-recently dated both Lindsay Shookus and Shauna Sexton.

But Miller is the first lucky gentleman to be associated with Garner since she became single.

Just who is John Miller, you are likely wondering?

He is the CEO of CaliGroup, a company that owns Miso Robotics and a chain of about 50 CaliBurger restaurants.

Like Garner, he was previously married. And he’s very well off.

Garner and Affleck got married in 2005 and went on to welcome three kids: Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6.

They announced their separation one day before their 10th wedding anniversary, and both filed for divorce in April of 2017. The case was finalized on October 4.

At last.

Affleck has publicly struggled with an addiction to alcohol.

He checked into to rehab for the third time just a few weeks ago, with Garner earning universal praise and acclaim for sticking by his side throughout this difficult time.

She has never bad-mouthed Ben to the press and has never threatened to take his children away or anything of that nature.

She is clearly a great person.

Heck, just this past Father’s Day, while Affleck was off sleeping with some other woman, Garner wrote the following online:

Our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love them, @benaffleck. #happyfathersday #threeluckykids #haveagreatday.

She’s the best.

Treat her well, John Miller.


Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet: Dating!

While Johnny Depp continues his slow collapse into a morass of self-parody, man jewelry, and strategically ripped denim, his daughter is still attempting to build a life and career for herself far removed from her father’s increasingly long shadow.

And she’s well on her way with her first A-list romance:

Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp

According to E! News, Lily-Rose Depp confirmed that she’s dating actor Timothee Chalamet this week by laying on the PDA during a date night in NYC.

Okay, so Chalamet might not be a household name just yet, but the young actor has already built up one hell of a resume.

With an Oscar-nominated performance in Call Me By Your Name and a memorable turn in Lady Bird to his credit, it’s only a matter of time before someone casts him as a Jedi or a superhero.

Tim and Lily

This kid is so talented we’re willing to overlook the obnoxious spelling of his first name, which is the highest praise we can think of.

Neither party has spoken publicly about the relationship so far, but onlookers say their interactions Monday night left little doubt that they’re an item.

“They were very sweet together,” an eyewitness shared with E! News.

“They wrapped their arms around each other in line and linked arms the entire time,” the source added.

“They seemed very happy to be together.”

An insider tells E! that the couple dined on peasant fare, enjoying “fried chicken at a fine dining restaurant.” 

“When they left, they stopped on a street corner and shared another passionate kiss,” the onlooker added. 

“They huddled together in the rain but loved being outside and were laughing and smiling the entire time. They seemed very into each other.”

The enthusiasm about this stylish new couple is reflected in the comments Gen Z-ers are posting on social media:

“THEYRE SO CUTEEEE,” one fan commented on Instagram.

“Omg omg omg omg yassss,” wrote another user.

We hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but Timothee is in for a hard slog if these two get serious.

That’s not a knock on Lily, but rather a hard fact about her increasingly unhinged dad.

Lily is obviously set for life, but Timothee is just starting out as an actor, and being forced to apologize for every dumb thing Johnny Depp says is a burden no one should have to bear.

But that’s a concern for way down the line.

We’re just throwing out there because we’re old and crotchety and we need to pass the time until the prune juice kicks in.


Jana Duggar: ACTUALLY Dating Jeremy Vuolo’s Brother?!

If you’re a Duggar fan, we certainly don’t need to tell you that Jana Duggar is single.

And if you follow the family closely on social media, then we may not need to tell you about the growing legend of Chuck Vuolo, Jeremy’s hipster brother.

In case you’re unaware, every time Jinger and Jeremy visit his family in Texas, fans absolutely lose their minds over older brother Chuck.

This week, Jeremy posted the above photo in honor of Chuck’s birthday:

“Happy Birthday, big brother! I admire you in so many ways and am grateful to God for you,” Jeremy captioned the pic.

“You’ve already been an amazing uncle to my daughter; I look forward to sharing “’stories of Uncle Chuck’ with her when she’s a bit older. I love you more than I can say. Enjoy the day, bro.”

So we guess Chuck is a bit of a wild card?

Of course, with how squeaky clean Jeremy and his family seem to be “stories of Uncle Chuck” probably include such rebellious behavior as the time he put his lunch money in the collection plate.

Anyway, you may be asking yourself, what does this loose cannon Uncle Chuck have to do with Jana?

Well, you see, Duggar fans are oddly obsessed with the idea of Chuck entering a romantic relationship with Jana Duggar.

It all began when Jeremy posted some pics from a mini family reunion last month.

“Set him up with Jana?” one fan asked.

“I was thinking the same thing too,” echoed another.

“I hope so she’s so sweet!” wrote a third commenter, adding:

“How cute would they be?!” 

Jana courtship rumors surface at the rate of about one per month, and it seems like October will be entirely devoted to Chuck.

Some fans are now convinced that Jana and Chuck are actually courting — and as far as we can tell this is based on nothing other than the fact that they have yet to publicly state that they’re not.

Maybe those fans are onto something.

After all, with this many members of the Duggar family involved, it seems like someone would clear the air and issue some sort of statement.

Of course, it’s much more possible that Jana is still single and everyone involved is just enjoying a little free publicity.


Paul Bernon: Dating Bethenny Frankel!

It was only days ago that Bethenny Frankel confessed to accidentally texting her late boyfriend. Sometimes, letting go of a lost loved one is impossible.

Fortunately, it looks like Bethenny is finally managing to move on — with a new man in her life.

But who is her new man, Paul Bernon?

TMZ reports that Bethenny Frankel was recently spotted holding hands with what was initially a mystery man.

Bethenny was spending time in Boston, and she was spotted holding hands with and then kissing a taller gentleman by the name of Paul Bernon.

TMZ noted that their PDA included a makeout session near Boston College, which sounds like as good a place as any.

(If you’re determined to kiss while in public, that is)

It is, of course, wonderful to see Bethenny moving on with her life after this summer’s heartbreak.

But … who is this dude?

Paul Bernon is a businessman and film guru.

He has two degrees.

Paul obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies at the very same Boston University where he (almot) was for his PDA with Bethenny.

He earned his Masters degree in Real Estate at New York University.

Needless to say, those are two very different fields of study.

Paul is a cofounder and partner in a Los Angeles.-based film finance and production company, Burn Later.

His films include Drinking Buddies, whch starred Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick.

Another film, Best Kept Secret, earned him a Peabody Award.

Many people know of Paul as a filmmaker and aren’t even aware of his other ventures.

But when we say that he’s a businessman, we’re not kidding.

It is reported that Paul obtained his first shopping center by the age of 24.

He is currently a managing partner for Rubicon Real Estate, LLC.

Rubicon Real Estate owns and manages various investment properties in New England, Texas, and Utah.

Speaking of New England, he resides within the greater Boston area.

It seems likely that Bethenny may have been in town especially to see him.

Paul is active politically, and is a member of the National Finance Committee of the Democratic National Committee.

What’s more exciting is that he is a board member as well as a co-founder of the Creative Council at EMILY’s List.

(EMILY’s List is a wonderful political organization and it’s especially encouraging that he lends his efforts to a pro-women group)

Us Weekly reports that Paul shares two children with his ex-wife.

Paul and Ashley Bernon divorced in September of 2017.

It looks like Bethenny isn’t the only one in the relationship who might be said to be “moving on.”

It is wonderful to hear that Bethenny is taking this careful next step in her life, two months after such a tragic loss.

Perhaps she has found closure in the death of her late on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

Even though his death was officially ruled inconclusive, his loved ones seem to have accepted that this was a tragic drug-related death, whether an overdose or interaction.

Now, they are all healing in their own ways.

That Bethenny is dating again is not a sign that she loved him any less.

Finding new joy is what any good person would want for their loved ones.


Kourtney Kardashian’s Younes Look-Alike Friend Revealed, They’re Not Dating

No, Kourtney Kardashian’s not hooking up with a guy who looks almost exactly like her ex … but now we know the ID of the doppelganger. Sources close to Kourtney tell TMZ … the Younes Bendjima look-alike she was spotted grabbing a beverage with…


Joe Alwyn FINALLY Opens Up About Dating Taylor Swift

There was a time when the idea of Taylor Swift stepping away from the spotlight in favor of a more pedestrian existence would have seemed absurd.

Following the release of her 1989 album, Swift was one of the most visible people on the planet, and the adoration from her legion of fans seemed to be mutual.

In those days, it seemed impossible to imagine Swift living a more low-profile existence.

Even if she had wanted to, the idea that the singer would be able to evade the prying eyes of the social media hordes seemed unfathomable.

But somehow, Taylor Swift has managed to execute the world’s most unlikely disappearing act in recent months.

In fact, Taylor’s love life — once a subject of rampant tabloid scrutiny — has been something of an enigma as of late.

We know that Taylor is dating Joe Alwyn, but prior to this week, neither party had spoken publicly about the relationship.

The London-based actor recently gave an interview with British Vogue in which he finally acknowledged that he’s dating Swift.

But if you were hoping for a slew of details about the ups and downs of life with Taylor, you may be sorely disappointed.

Alas, it seems Alwyn is just as keen as Swift on the idea of keeping their romance on the DL:

“I’m aware people want to know about that side of things,” Joe said when asked about Taylor.

“I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people … but I really prefer to talk about work.”

Joe’s cryptic comments seem to confirm a longstanding rumor about the couple — namely, that he doesn’t want his private life to distract from his career.

Though he’s certainly not as a big a name as Taylor, Joe has been receiving a lot of attention for his film work in recent months.

While dating Taylor doesn’t seem to have harmed any of her ex’s careers, it makes sense that Joe would prefer to focus attention on his work and not his love life.

As for Taylor, she has ample reason to keep this relationship as private as possible.

After all, the opposite approach has backfired on her on numerous occasions.

So for now, Taylor and Joe are both attempting to keep this thing as quiet as possible.

That said, if they break up, you can be sure Taylor will be quick to deliver a few dozen scathing breakup ballads.


Married at First Sight: Divorced Contestant Now Dating One of the Show’s Doctors/Experts!

Married at First Sight has such an outrageous premise that fans and detractors alike feel compelled to watch.

Viewers saw Jon Francetic marry Molly Duff, but their marriage fell apart long before their one-year anniversary. But going on the show wasn’t a total bust for Jon.

As he has now revealed on Instagram, he is dating one of the show’s relationship experts — Dr. Jessica Griffin!

Jon Francetic posted this photo on Instagram, captioning it: “Convinced someone to run a @spartan with me.”

You know that people are falling for each other when one is able to convince the other to do anything involving literal running. It is the actual worst.

Dr. Jessica Griffin isn’t exactly front-and-center for the camera, but she is still recognizable.

In more recent posts, without photographing each other, Jon and Dr. Jessica both made it clear that they are vacationing together for her birthday.

Molly didn’t find Jon attractive, but clearly Dr. Jessica did.

Just about anyone who works as a therapist is supposed to abide by a code of ethics, one of which being hey, don’t bang or kiss or date your clients.

Some Married at First Sight fans were so vocal about fearing that Dr. Jessica had preyed upon Jon at his most vulnerable moment that Jon spoke up to clear the air.

“I rarely reply to people I don’t know, but given your persistence let me put your mind at ease,” Jon writes. “I completely agree that those ethical codes exist for a reason.”

“And should you wish to try and have her license taken,” Jon continues. “I only ask that you show up to the board hearing.”

Jon says that the hearing is “where my contract (the contents of which you have never read, seen, or know anything about) will be shown as evidence.”

The long and short of it is that they did not have a real doctor-patient relationship because it was just a TV show. Reality TV is still TV.

“When you are educated on why a client/patient relationship cannot exist (hint: confidentiality means it’s not broadcast on national television),” Jon writes.

Jon continues: “then I’m sure you will have no choice but to admit defeat in this situation.”

“Also,” Jon adds. “If you believe that we did not research the ethical codes you previously sited before pursuing anything, then clearly you’re not giving our intelligence enough credit.”

Jon concludes: “But thank you for your concerns, happy Monday.”

Dr. Jessica chose a less direct way of addressing the controversy.

“Engaging with negativity just messes up your mojo and your hair, so don’t do it,” she wrote on Instagram. “Mistake my kindness for weakness — that’ll be fun. Kindness is not weakness.”

“Biting your tongue or having a softer style does not make you passive,” she affirms. “Being trusting and loving and hopeful does not make you naive.”

She uses some very evocative analogies: “Light casts out darkness and negativity- love casts out darkness and negativity.”

“It is easy to judge the silent,” she concludes. “To ridicule those who bite their tongue or those who take the higher road. Take the high road anyway.”

In general, we recommend against entering a relationship that requires research to prove that it’s not unethical.

It kind of brings you back to when you’re 15 and your classmate explains why it’s actually totally legal for her to bring her 20-year-old boyfriend to prom.

That said, this was a reality show. It’s not like Dr. Jessica used her guile to break up anyone’s relationship — there was no real relationship or hope for one for Jon and Molly.

So, you know, good for them.

Just remember that you should not entertain thoughts of dating your own therapist.