Kim Kardashian: Slammed For Posing Nude With Daughter on Instagram

These days, tt’s not exactly news when Kim Kardashian poses nude on social media.

Of course, that’s got nothing to do with any sort of deterioration in Kim’s appearance.

In fact, as far as we can tell, the 38-year-old mother of three is aging like Benjamin Button.

But Kim’s been a household name for well over a decade now, and the internet has the attention span of a gnat who missed its morning Adderall dose.

So it should come as no surprise that Kim’s curves don’t possess as much clout as they used to.

Although as she proved today, Mrs. Kardashian-West can still break the internet and stir up some controversy when she wants to.

That’s a pic that appeared on Kim’s Instagram page this afternoon.

“My heavenly baby! Showing off the new pink shadows in the Flashing Lights Collection wearing Flashy and High Key available at KKWbeauty.com,” Kim captioned the photo.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before the most insidious form of species of troll — the North American mom-shamer — descended on the pic’s comments section.

“The baby’s shoulder is touching Kim’s breast!!” commented one follower, presumably while clutching her pearls.

“That’s so creepy..she looks like a pedo,” wrote another fan.

And since this is the internet in 2018, some folks were just flat-out cruel for no reason, with one follower writing, “ulgy [sic] baby like de father.”

Stay classy, Instagram commenters.

Interestingly, Kim was mom-shamed for two different pics today.

She also posted this photo of 5-year-old North wearing eyeliner from her cosmetics line.

Predictably, some idiots trashed Kim for putting makeup on a first grader, others for “using” her daughter to sell makeup.

“So now babies are selling eyeshadow too, I don’t know it’s just a lil much for me,” wrote one such dipsh-t.

“Not long before plastic surgery.”

Yes, because clearly, that child is miserable and over-worked.

You’ve flouted our nation’s labor laws for long enough, Kardashians!

This has been your daily reminder that social media is a curse from the very darkest depths of hell.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have tweeting to do.


Maci Bookout: Please Pray For My Sick Daughter!

Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, are considered one of the quieter couples of the Teen Mom world.

Sure, the McKinneys have endured their fair share of ups and downs over the years, but most of it has had to do with Ryan Edwards' addiction issues.

Left to themselves without any drama-prone exes interfering, the couple keeps things pretty low key.

And so, when Maci revealed that her daughter had been hospitalized, fans knew this was no cry for attention of the sort some of her castmates are prone to.

In fact, many have jumped to the conclusion that whatever left 3-year-old Jayde laid up must have been something serious.

Take a look:

1. Maci In the Hospital

Maci in the hospital
Maci Bookout revealed this week that her daughter Jayde has been hospitalized. Maci and her family have enjoyed an outpouring of support from Teen Mom 2 fans.

2. Jayde Recovers

Jayde recovers
“Everything went good, now just recovering. #MissJaydeCarter,” Taylor captioned a series of Instagram photos of his daughter.

3. Father and Daughter

Father and daughter
Jayde famously has her doting father wrapped around her finger. Maci seems to enjoy documenting their close relationship on social media.

4. Instagram Star

Instagram star
Jayde is a fan favorite on Instagram, where every adorable pic posted by Maci quickly racks up tens of thousands of likes.

5. Maci and Kids

Maci and kids
Jayde is Maci and Taylor’s only daughter. The couple also has a 2-year-old son named Maverick. Maci has a 9-year-old son named Bentley from her relationship with Ryan Edwards.

6. From Day One

Maci bookout baby jayde photo
Like the McKinney clan, Maci’s followers fell in love with Jayde on the day she was born, so the news that she was recently hospitalized has been greeted with a tremendous amount of shock and concern.

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Farrah Abraham: Daughter Shares SUPER Creepy Video, Gets So Much Hate!

OK, so pretty much no one likes Farrah Abraham, right?

Well, besides her dad, and maybe some misguided Teen Mom fans.

If you check out the comments on any of her Instagram posts, you’ll see what we mean.

There are people calling her a whore, making fun of her plastic surgery, pointing out how truly unhinged she always appears to be.

Every once in a while, you’ll see someone say something like “if you don’t like her, why do you look at her posts?”

But for the most part, it’s nothing but hate as far as the eye can see.

Farrah gets so much hate that it’s even spread to her daughter, Sophia.

It’s actually pretty sad.

Sophia is only nine years old, and she’s been criticized for her appearance, the way she talks, the way she behaves …

She’s a cute kid, and it’s not her fault that her delusional mother has pulled her out of school, you know?

That goes for many other things in her life, too: it’s not her fault Farrah has raised her the way she has.

And it’s important to remember that Sophia has been through a lot in her short life.

Her father passed away before she was born, and she’s never had anybody in her life to fill that role.

Ever since she was a baby, Farrah’s been feuding with her own mother, and sometimes it’s even gotten physical.

And then there were the times that she left Sophia with her parents so she could move to Florida on her own or film a reality show overseas.

Basically what we’re saying is that Sophia has experienced a lot of craziness and very little stability over the years, so maybe a little compassion would be nice.

And again, the girl is nine years old.

Still, all of that never stops the grown ass people who feel comfortable bashing her.

And when Sophia shared this new video in celebration of Halloween, those people went wild:

Is the video creepy?

Uh, yeah. Very much so.

That’s kind of the point.

But let’s check out what her followers had to say about it.

“WOW YOUR TRUE FORM!!!” one person wrote.

Someone else called this video “never before seen footage of Sophia relaxing at home.”

There were actually several comments like this — like this is how the girl truly is, and everything we’ve seen on Teen Mom OG has been a lie.

And yeah, it’s a joke, but … come on.

One person said that this video “is beyond disturbing,” and even went so far as to add “@cps.”

Because that’s how contacting child protective services works.

It’s just sad because Sophia is obviously having fun here, and even if you don’t personally like it or think it’s acceptable for a kid her age to be acting like this, there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Kids do act in horror movies all the time, and lots of them like horror, too.

With something this mild, it’s not like she’s going to get scarred for life over it or anything.

So maybe let’s just congratulate her on succeeding in being absolutely horrifying and move on, all right?


Jinger Duggar Continues to Outrage Fans With Pics of Her Daughter

In general, photos of infants are up there with videos of cats doing funny things on the short list of internet posts that won’t piss anybody off.

But if you’re a member of the Duggar family everything you do is subject to intense scrutiny and harsh criticism — and Jinger Duggar’s latest baby photo is no exception.

That’s little Felicity Duggar enjoying what we assume is her first plane ride.

Jinger captioned the pic, “Little travel buddy.”

Seems inoffensive enough, right?

After all who could have a problem with an infant on an airplane (aside from, ya know, every other passenger on that plane).

Well, believe it or not, Jinger has been accused of trolling her critics with this pic.

If that sounds absurd, that’s because it absolutely is.

But you’re currently on the internet, so you’re well aware that we’re living in absurd times.

Anyway, the outrage has to do with Felicity’s headgear.

Yes, believe it or not Jinger has been accused of cultural appropriation for tying a scarf to her child’s head.

We suppose it’s possible that Jinger came across an old photo of Tupac and decided that would be a good look for her daughter.

But the much more likely explanation is that the scarf is simply an easy way to keep the baby’s head warm.

Not surprisingly, the constant negative attention has begun to take a toll on Jinger.

“She feels like she’s constantly getting mom shamed since she had Felicity. She had no idea it was going to be this bad,” an insider close to Jinger tells Hollywood Life.

“Jinger is doing her best to ignore the negativity and focus on the positive, but it’s hard.”

Scarf-gate began with the above photo of Jinger and Jeremy attending a Chicago Cubs game last month, and remarkably, it shows no signs of letting up.

Fortunately, Jinger isn’t letting the haters win.

She’s continued to post pics of Felicity, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping any time soon.

We say give the girl a break. It’s bad enough she was raised in the freakin’ Duggar family.


Joe Giudice Deportation: Daughter Milania Shares Heartbroken Plea

Last week, we learned the heartbreaking news that Joe Giudice will be deported to Italy after his release from prison.

Eldest daughter Gia Giudice is rallying support for her father in the hope that he can win his appeal.

And now, so is his younger daughter, 12-year-old Milania. You can read her impassioned plea below.

Milania Giudice took to Instagram and shared a pair of throwback photos that she took with her father before his incarceration.

“My dad,” Milania begins her captions.

She describes Joe Giudice as someone “who is the best dad in the world.”

That more or less how you’d expect a man’s 12-year-old daughter to describe him.

Milania then writes that he “needs to come home.”

Milania’s captions continue as she vows that their family isn’t going to let the court’s deportation order go unchallenged,

“We aren’t done fighting, dad,” Milania promises.

Joe has 30 days (fewer than that, now) to appeal the court’s ruling.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she admits.

As someone who is not even a teenager, Milania was totally unprepared for the horrors that our world has in store for so many families.

Joe has already been away from his family for long enough — serving his time for fraud.

Until last week, Teresa and her daughters had been looking forward to his release in 2019. 

It was like the light at the end of the tunnel, when their family would be reunited.

Milania admits that she can’t wrap her head around him being away from his family for even longer — this time separated by an ocean instead of bars.

“I can’t imagine another day without you,” she writes.

Milania vows that the whole family is working to see him returned home when he finishes his stint.

“We are gonna do everything we can to fight this daddy!!” she promises.

She gushes: “I love you with all my heart buddy.”

A few years in prison might seem like a short time for adults, but it’s a huge chunk of Milania’s life that she’s now enduring without her father.

This deportation order could make a bad situation even worse.

Milania concludes her message with a simple, sad tag.

“#heartbroken,” she writes.

We can imagine so.

While Milania is fortunate to have two parents who love her and to live a privileged existence, she still wants her father in her life.

And so do her sisters.

As we mentioned, Gia Giudice also sent out a call for support in preventing her father’s deportation.

Where Milania speaks from the heart, Gia’s passionate words come with a list of compelling arguments.

Significantly, she mentions that Joe was brought to the United States at the age of one by his parents.

Deporting him to Italy is deporting him from the only country and only home that he has ever known.

Italy is a beautiful country, but that doesn’t mean that a person being shipped there upon release from prison would be the same as sending them home.

But Milania makes a very important point — deporting him would fracture his family.


Josh & Anna Duggar Continue Comeback Tour With Tribute to Eldest Daughter

Well Duggar fans, whether you like it or not, Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest child is slowly worming his way back into your lives.

Many feared a day would come when Josh Duggar would once again be foisted upon an unsuspecting public, and a handful of perverse weirdos have been openly hoping for it.

But whether you’re currently celebrating or cringing yourself into oblivion, there’s no denying that the second coming of Josh is close at hand.

We won’t bother to brief you on Josh’s sex crimes or the various other ways he’s shown himself to be less than a model of Christian virtue.

Instead, we’ll skip right to the ongoing effort to rebuild his reputation:

It started with the announcement that Josh and Anna were celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the day that they got engaged.

Yes, the Duggars were in such a hurry to push this agenda that they couldn’t even wait until the actual wedding anniversary.

Shortly thereafter, Josh and Anna made a public appearance together, posing for pics at the wedding of family friends Josie Bates and Kelton Balka.

This may not sound like a big deal, but it’s the first time that the couple has appeared in public at a non-family event since 2015.

Let’s not forget that when Josh attended Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding last year, his family was still so keen to sweep him under the rug that he was edited out of footage shot by TLC.

Now, in keeping with the proud Duggar tradition, Josh and Anna are getting their kids in on the act.

Or at least one of their kids, anyway …

Mackynzie Duggar turned 9 this week, and Anna celebrated by posting the above pic along with a touching caption.

“Nine years ago today we transitioned from newlyweds to a family of three when our first daughter Mackynzie was born,” Anna wrote.

“Mackynzie, it has been a joy to watch you grow into such a kind, fun and caring young lady!” she added.

“You live up to the meaning of your name as you are a wise leader! I am thrilled to watch you love Jesus, love others and strive to do what is right!”

Now obviously, Mackynzie is totally innocent, and we hope her birthday was a joyous occasion.

But these days, it’s hard not to be skeptical of everything that Anna posts — particularly when said posts are coming out so much more frequently that any other point in the past three years.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when Josh is making regular appearances on Counting On next season!


Jinger Duggar’s Daughter Survives First Ridiculous “Scandal”

Last week, Jinger Duggar was accused of cultural appropriation for wrapping her daughter’s head in fabric in order to keep it warm while the family attended a Chicago Cubs game.

The situation was annoying for a number of reasons.

For starters, these are the Duggars we’re talking about.

If you want to complain about an ignorant habit or a questionable child-rearing practice, they give you so much good material to work with.

There’s really no need to go nit-picking.

On top of that, since when is there a specific culture that owns the exclusive rights to wrapping babies up in fabric to keep them warm?

By that logic, Jinger and her ilk can and should accuse Scientologists of cultural approporiation.

After all, far-right evangelicals were weirding people out with their extremist beliefs decades before L. Ron Hubbard was even born.

Anyway, when you slam the Duggars for perfectly normal behavior, you reinforce their belief that they’re simply being persecuted for their religious convictions.

Worse, you distract from the actual shady practices the family engages in on a regular basis.

And as you can see from the photo below, Jinger is not the slightest bit concerned about the uproar over her baby girl’s headgear.

That’s a pic Jinger posted on Monday.

The proud new mom captioned the image, “So smiley!”

Her head is wrapped in a fashion that’s identical to the Wrigley Field pic, and it looks as though neither Jinger or Felicity are losing any sleep over the uproar.

In fact, Jinger probably received a monetary bonus from Jim Bob this month.

Every time something like this happens, it strengthens the Duggars’ argument that the public will find fault with everything they do.

So now, when there’s another legitimate Duggar scandal — and we’re about due for a big one — Jim Bob can point to this situation and be all:

“[Self-righteous sigh] This is just like that time everyone freaked out on Jinger’s baby for wearing a scarf.”

The worst part is, this “scandal” is probably the result of 8-10 very vocal nitwits who get a weird high from being mad online.

This has been yet another installment of “Society: It Just Wasn’t Ready For the Internet.”