Chelsea Houska Breastfeeds Daughter, Is Deemed “Perfect” By Husband

Life is pretty good for Chelsea Houska anc Cole DeBoer these days.

Actually, to be more specific, life is pretty much perfect for Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer right now.

So wrote the brand new father himself as a caption to a recent Instagram photo, which features the Teen Mom 2 star chilling on the couch with her three kids — and breastfeeding the latest addition.

“Sunday relaxation. My perfect sweeties,” Cole penned along with the precious photo above.

As you can see, it depicts Chelsea on the family sofa with son Watson, infant daughter Aubrey and newborn daughter Layne.

The latter is only three weeks old, having been born to Chelsea and Cole back on August 29.

Considering this date is also Chelsea’s birthday, the veteran MTV personality broke the news to social media followers by simply sharing a photo of Layne along with the following simple and sweet caption:

Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne.

Check out photos of the tiny human being on the day she entered the world below:

Ever since becoming a three-time mother, Houska has actually been struggling with mastitis.

This is a condition in which inflammation of breast tissue can cause infection or, even if it does not, often causes extreme pain when breastfeeding.

It makes the original photo above even all the more endearing and impressive, as Chelsea is willing to suck up her own pain in exchange for providing her little one with sustenance.

“Mastitis is no joke,” Houska Tweeted last Friday, agreeing with a fan that she’d rather go through labor and give birth again rather than having to deal with the condition.

“I never knew it was this awful!” Chelsea added at the time.

Thankfully, Chelsea made it through the other side, updating followers a few days later as follows:

“This is the first day that I don’t feel like I’m dying since Thursday… I never knew how horrible mastitis was. Aaaand I never want to go through it again.”

And she’s regained her humor, too, if this Tweet is any indication:


All across the globe, millions of new parents are nodding along (or slapping their foreheads) in agreement right about now.

But not all these payments are as fortunate as Chelsea is to have a supportive and helpful husband around.

The Teen Mom star previously shared an adorable photo of Cole and Layne and deemed her mate to be just as “perfect” as he believes her to be.

“This man is so perfect for me,” she wrote on Instagram. “The most amazing husband and daddy in the entire world. I love how much he loves us.”

Man, Chelsea and Cole. You guys are way too happy and content.

Can you please get into some sort of blowup in the near future? Don’t you know that drama is what draws the most clicks?!?


Eminem to Machine Gun Kelly: Shut the F–k Up About My Daughter!

Last week, Eminem dropped his 10th studio album without any sort of pre-release promotion.

Of course, Kamikaze has been described as a “surprise” for reasons that go beyond its unanticipated release.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the album has been regarded by many fans as a return to form for the 44-year-old rapper.

In the early days of his career, Em was as well known for his merciless lyric assaults on his rivals as for the razor-sharp wordplay that first caught the attention of the rap mainstream.

Over the past decade, however, Eminem sobered up, settled down, and stopped devoting so much of his attention to feuds.

Unfortunately, Slim Shady’s newfound maturity made him an easy target for a bumper crop of young rappers attempting to build up their reputations by attacking his.

One such emcee is Machine Gun Kelly, who attacked Eminem with the above diss track in response to shade thrown by Slim on Kamikaze.

The beef began years ago, when a 23-year-old MGK called Em’s daughter Hailie (just 16 at the time) “hot as f–k” in a bizarre tweet.

On his latest release Shady basically warned MGK to keep all such thoughts to himself.

Unfortunately, MGK is thirsting to become a household name, and he saw Em’s diss as an opportunity for a come-up.

Normally, Em would be quick with a blistering response, but as he explains in the interview above, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

As the superior technical emcee, he could put MGK in a body bag with ease.

However, he’s well aware that by doing so, he would be giving the 28-year-old rapper a much-needed career boost.

Em’s frustration with the situation is abundantly clear in his conversation with Sway:

“Shut the f–k up,” Shady says in reference to his latest rival.

“Now, I’m in this f–king weird thing where I’m like, ‘I gotta answer this motherf–ker.’ And every time i do that — as irrelevant as people say I am in hip-hop — it makes that person bigger.”

Sounds like a frustrating scenario.

Of course, there are worse problems to have than being such a legend that your challengers are dying for you to acknowledge their existence.


Briana DeJesus: My OTHER Daughter Also Needs Surgery

Think whatever you want about Briana DeJesus as a Teen Mom 2 cast member.

Take the side of Javi Marroquin or Kailyn Lowry and think she is nothing but trouble, if you desire.

As a parent, however, Briana DeJesus has had it very rough of late. This cannot really be debated.

Below, we document how the MTV personality had to recently watch one daughter undergo surgery… and how she'll soon need to watch the other one go under the knife as well.

We wish her and her kids the best…

1. Poor Stella

Sick stella
In mid-August, DeJesus shared this photo with followers and said little Stella had just undergone a procedure.

2. Did She Come Out of It Okay?

With a therapy dog
Yes, although any sort of surgery is scary for an infant of course. “Stressful stressful day but Stella is resting and that’s all that matters,” wrote Briana as an update.

3. What Was the Matter?

Briana dejesus and lollipop
“She [had] septic arthritis,” DeJesus told Radar Online of Stella’s joint infection. “It’s common in kids.” (According to Wikipedia, septic arthritis is the invasion of a joint by an infectious agent resulting in joint inflammation.)

4. How is Stella Doing Now?

Briana dejesus child
Pretty well, it seems. No complications. No follow-ups needed in the last few weeks.

5. But What About Nova?

Briana dejesus nova and stella
The almost-seven-year old was born to Briana in 2011. Her father is Devoin Austin, who is occasionally in the picture — and DeJesus has now revealed that Nova needs surgery of her own.

6. This is What Briana Tweeted on the Subject

Nova surgery
“Nova has surgery on Friday and her bday is on Sunday and I just feel sooo bad.” Darn. We feel bad, too.

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Audrina Patridge Accused by Ex of Exploiting Daughter for The Hills!

The Hills are alive — or they’re going to be, because The Hills: New Beginnings is a real thing that is happening.

Audrina Patridge has confirmed that she will be part of the revival of the groundbreaking reality series. But her ex Corey Bohan is making demands.

He has now taken to social media to insist that their daughter have no part in the show.

Audrina and Corey split up just about one year ago, and there were upsetting reports that Corey Bohan was emotionally and even physically abusive with her, prompting her filing a restraining order.

Corey was also accused of being unable to control his behavior, including outbursts and obscenities, in the presence of their very young daughter.

But now that The Hills is making its comeback, Corey has decided that the real menace to his family is … reality television.

Corey’s Instagram is now set to private, but the good folks over at The Ashley got their hands on a message that he shared with his followers.

In his Instagram post, Corey blasts reality television as exploitative, and seems to think that merely being on camera would harm his daughter.

corey bohan instagram post slamming the hills

In white letters on a black background, Corey says that if he gets his way, his daughter will never be part of The Hills: New Beginnings.

“I refuse to think it’s ok for our 2yr old daughter Kirra Bohan to be shown & exploited on reality TV,” Corey writes.

For the record, the show has not yet begun filming, and it’s unclear whose children, if any, will appear on screen.

“Not just my child,” Corey continues. “But anyone’s for that matter.” 

Most assume that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag’s baby will get some airtime. It looks like he’s eager to throw shade in multiple directions.

Corey’s post continues.

“I stand up for what I believe in,” Corey insists.

Though he appears to be questioning the parenting judgment of a whole lot of people, he claims that he’s not taking a shot at anyone.

Corey writes: “This post isn’t an attack or negative rant.”

“This,” Corey proclaims. “Is about our daughter Kirra Bohan.”

Contrary to what the BMX rider might fear, Audrina isn’t strutting Kirra out in front of anybody’s cameras just yet.

“They haven’t even started filming the show yet,” a source tells People.

Additionally, the insider shares that “Audrina hasn’t made any final decisions about whether Kirra will appear.”

As far as things with her ex go, Audrina “just wants things to be okay.”

That is a very understandable feeling. But we’re not sure if she’s going to get her wish.

We don’t mean to sound like we’re accusing Corey Bohan of planning ahead, but it sounds like he may be laying the groundwork for his next custody battle.

See, because of Corey’s alleged behavior towards her and around their daughter, some of which was in public, Audrina has sole custody.

Corey clearly does not like that, and he may plan to use “reality television harms children” or “she’s using our baby for cash” as an argument in court.

That is just a guess, however. We of course cannot speak with certainty of Corey’s motivations or intentions.

It may be that he just wanted to lash out online.


Audrey Roloff Breaks Huge News About Her Daughter

Audrey Roloff is back with another update about her daughter.

As the former Little People, Big World star has done at around the same time each month, Audrey has shared new cute photos of Ember Jean and also provided fans with a helpful update on her status and her progress.

What can she do now? What is she trying to do? What milestone has she reached?

With Ember having just turned 11 months, the popular mother of one has some especially exciting to pass along.

So we won't waste any more time building this announcement up. Go ahead and take it away, Audrey!


Ember at 11 months
These were the first two words Audrey used to open her latest update, writing them in ALL CAPS as we did and adding: “11 months old and Ember is determined to figure out the whole walking thing…”

2. Thanks, Cousin!

Ember in red
“She is especially inspired by her cousin Jackson!” continued Audrey of her daughter and also Zach and Tori Roloff’s son. “She took her first steps after watching him walk all over the place!! Girlsie is just tryin to keep up with her bud”

3. Amazing! What Else, Audrey?

Ember turns 11 months
“She’s got 8 teeth now with 2 more currently comin in hot,” Audrey writes, which means Ember is probably eating solid food all around now. Almost anything she wants!

4. What is Ember Into These Days?

Audrey and ember audrey and ember
“She loves blowing kisses, dogs, pointing, chicken, and doing “the face” as we call it (you’re MISSING OUT if you haven’t seen “the face” yet.) Audrey says to keep an eye on her Instagram Stories to see this magical face.

5. What Can Ember Say?

Walking with ember
“She also says; bye bye, hiiiiiiiii, Dada, book, and this morning said, “Mommm-uhh” for the first time!!!!” Audrey wrote, her excitement coming right through the screen while informing fans of this news.

6. She’s Nearly a Year Old!

Pure joy
“I can’t believe I’ll only be taking this photo one more time!!”Audrey concluded. “Next month you are ONE baby girl . WE LOVE YOU.” Incredible, right?

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Alec Baldwin Shades Daughter Ireland’s Latest Instagram Thirst Trap

No matter how old your parents get, they’ll never grow tired of embarrassing you. That includes celebrity parents on social media.

Ireland Baldwin is the 22-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. She is a beautiful model who sometimes goes topless on Instagram.

But when she posted a recent thirst trap on Instagram, her dad couldn’t resist calling her out on it.

Instagram’s comments system is a disorganized mess, where people can lose track of their own comments under a slew of new messages.

But that does not actually mean that your comments are invisible. They’re still there, and people can see them.

And if you’re a celebrity, there’s a more than decent chance that people are tracking and screencapping your comments across all social media.

If you leave a random thirsty comment on somebody’s Instagram pic, people will notice.

The same is true if you try to shame your daughter for posting a thirst trap.

Alec Baldwin Comments on Ireland Baldwin IG pic

Ireland posed in a racy pic on Instagram, which she does all of the time — it’s part of her job and part of her brand as a 22-year-old model.

In the photo, she is posed ona  motorcycle while the photo, taken from a low angle, showcases her bare leg and the curve of her derriere.

Alec commented on his daughter’s photo, writing: “No. Just … no.”

Clearly, unlike the man whom he so often portrays on Saturday Night Live in recent years, Alec has no interest in seeing his daughter in various states of undress.

We know that it’s awkward but, if that’s the case, maybe he should just unfollow her on Instagram?

Ireland Baldwin has shut down body-shamers before because she is an absolute treasure who knows that we have to confront awful comments at every turn.

But how do you respond when the body-shamer is your own father?

(Plenty of women have had to ask this same question, including adults like Ireland, and the answer is different for different people)

Whatever Ireland may have said or done behind the scenes appears to have made Alec realize that he had embarrassed her or embarrassed himself.

Because he has now posted an indirect apology.

Over the weekend, Alec posted a series of photos indicating that he is spending time with his young grandchildren.

At around noon on Monday, it appears that he realized that he should make a conciliatory gesture towards Ireland.

Posting an innocuous photo of her on Instagram, Alec captioned: “Actually, this is number one out of five…”

The implication, of course, is that she is his favorite child.

Many immediately assumed that he was trying to apologize or at least compensate for his comment under her modeling photo.

Overall, we’d say that this is a far cry from that one time that Alec Baldwin called 11-year-old Ireland a “rude, thoughtless little pig” in a voicemail.

No one should speak to anyone like that, but that is even more important for parents speaking to their children.

Ireland chose to continue to speak to her father as an adult, however, and says that the two of them have a much better relationship.

While Alec’s comment wasn’t nice, we should at least remember that he’s said a lot worse to her in the past. So … that’s something.


Farrah Abraham Brings Cleavage and Daughter to Court, Remains Ridiculous

Back in July, Farrah Abraham was arrested after she (allegedly) attacked a male employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The reality-star-turned-cam-girl spent the night in jail and was released the next morning, but her legal headaches are far from over.

After some deliberating, prosecutors decided to press charges against Farrah for the alleged attack, and if she’s found guilty, she could face jail time.

Despite the potential for serious consequences, Farrah has decided to reject a plea deal from the DA’s department and has opted instead to have her day in court.

Farrah was arraigned on Friday, and because she has a strict policy of being ridiculous in everything she does, she arrived at court in a cleavage-baring dress, with her 9-year-old daughter in tow.

Observe the absurdity for yourself:

As you can imagine, the internet had a field day with Farrah’s baffling attire and even more baffling decision to bring a child to court.

“Are you not embarrassed?” tweeted one TMOG fan.

“You dressed like a hooker to court. Your poor daughter. She should have been enjoying child-focused activities, not at court with you! 

Another Twitter user took a slightly more lighthearted approach, joking:

“Haha gotta let your kids know how ratchet you are- Farrah Abraham Brings Daughter Sophia to Court on Arraignment Day.”

As for Farrah’s own thoughts on the situation, she’s been surprisingly quiet about the decision to dress for the club and drag poor Sophia along.

But in true Farrah fashion, she’s been quite outspoken about the details of her case.

“I’m not guilty,” she told E! News as she was exiting the courthouse.

“I’m not accepting the offer because I’m not guilty. I’ve gone to a lot of counseling and therapy through the years, I’m very stable,” she added.

“I’m not accepting the DA’s offer since I’m not guilty.”

And of course, Farrah thinks the whole thing is the result of how jealous the whole world is of how famous and awesome she is:

“This is just another form to me of, again, no celeb face and there would be no case,” she said.

“I’m not guilty. l don’t need any criminal records. I’m not like the other Teen Moms. … I don’t think it’s funny when people are harassed. I’m not a victim, I’m a victor.”

And of course, Farrah took the opportunity to plug her upcoming boxing match.

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Farrah is a boxer now.

She’ll soon be squaring off in the ring against Flavor of Love star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, and she took time out to promote the match, both as she was entering the courthouse, and as she was leaving.

She even went so far as to say she’s more focused on her upcoming match than on her trial.

It’s like she’s just daring a judge to lock her up and throw away the key.


Meghan Markle’s Dad Thinks His Daughter Has Joined a Cult

Thomas Markls is, SIGH, at it again.

The disgraceful father of Meghan Markle has given yet another interview in which he has said even more cruel and fairly ridiculous things not just about his daughter…

… but about the Royal Family in general.

Speaking to The Sun from his home in Mexico, Thomas went off on the large group of individuals that now surround Meghan on a daily basis, saying the Royals are “either like Scientologists or the Stepford family.”

The former reference is to a religion largely made famous by Tom Cruise, one whose beliefs and practices were launched in May of 1952 by author L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard.

In Scientology, people are viewed as spiritual beings that have minds and bodies and a person’s “spiritual essence” is called the Thetan.

Scientologists believe that a thetan is the person himself, not his body or his name or the physical universe, his mind or anything else.

The latter reference, meanwhile, is to a fictional set of wives who are so submissive and who follow the protocol set forth by their rich husbands in such strict manner that some believe they are robots.

“They are cult-like … because they are secretive,” Thomas explains in further detail to The Sun, adding:

“They close the door, pull the shades down and put their fingers in their ears so they don’t have to hear.”

Thomas, of course, has made a name for himself ever since Meghan married Prince Harry in May.

A pretty terrible name, that is.

He skipped the wedding due to some health concerns and also due to a scandal in which he accepted money from photographers in exchange for agreeing to have his pictures taken.

Since then, Thomas has accused his daughter of cutting off all contact and basically of being an ungrateful little you-know-what.

He’s also said she looks “terrified” and unhappy as a member of the Royal Family.

Why would he say such cruel things?

Because he’s angry Markle is not giving him a lot of money, certain sources say.

But this isn’t so, Thomas himself alleges.

“I worked hard to provide for my children. I’m their father. I don’t expect them to pay me back,” he tells The Sun in this interview, insisting he just wants a regular, peaceful relationship with The Duchess of Sussex.

Is Meghan open to such an arragement?

Perhaps… if her dad would just shut the eff up for a little while.

Shockingly, insiders say Markle is not about to address such a personal relationship through the press and that her father’s rants and raves in public are not gonna lead to a reconciliation between dad and daughter.

That makes perfect sense to us.

But will it make sense to Thomas?

Will he actually shut his trap and just listen for a change?