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Rap Legend YoYo R. Kelly Betrayed Me … His Crew Slipped My Daughter His Digits


YoYo is still reeling from something that happened with R. Kelly sometime ago when she went to his recording studio with her daughter and the singer’s people slipped her daughter his phone number.

The rap legend was in Atlanta Saturday night for the Trumpet Awards at The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center when she revealed the story her daughter told her.

YoYo says her daughter was over 21 at the time, but R. Kelly didn’t know that. She clearly felt betrayed by him and said at that point she knew something was up but didn’t know the scope of the problem.

The time frame is unclear, but it seems this happened fairly recently because she says it went down at an L.A. recording studio where she and her daughter were listening to R. Kelly’s new album.

Devon Still’s Daughter Leah’s New Health Scare … NOT CANCER!

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Great news for Devon Still and his family — the ex-NFL player’s daughter, Leah, is IN THE CLEAR after doctors feared her recent medical scans showed signs of cancer. 


You know her story … Leah has bravely battled and “beat up cancer” ever since she was diagnosed with stage-4 neuroblastoma in June of 2014. She’s been cancer-free for 4 years. 

But recently, doctors found something suspicious during one of her checkups — and ran several tests to see if her cancer had returned. 

Devon had asked for prayers for Leah and the family — and this week, they got the good news … IT’S NOT CANCER!! 

Still documented the whole process on his YouTube channel. It’s a raw experience, especially when he asks Leah if she’s willing to fight cancer again, to which she responds:

“Yeah, I will. It’s just that I don’t want to lose my life.”

Leah was a champ throughout the entire MIBG scan procedure — which, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is “used for localization of known or suspected neuroectodermally derived tumors.”

The Stills got the best news this week … and Devon let Leah adorably share the awesome update.

“Guess what, guys? We got good news. Uh huh! The scans were clear. Mhm! Thank you, everybody, for praying for me.”

Leah stays undefeated!!

R. Kelly Slammed by Estranged Daughter … He’s a ‘Monster’

R. Kelly‘s estranged daughter has broken her silence with a powerful statement condemning the singer … and strongly implies she and her family have also been abused by him. 

Buku Abi shared a long, thoughtful message on Instagram Thursday, apologizing for taking so long to say something, explaining she’s been searching for the right words for days.

Abi expresses sympathy and devastation for all of the women who’ve been allegedly victimized by her father, and makes it clear that she, her mother and siblings don’t condone any of his negative behavior — past or present.

She also suggests for that reason, she and her family have not had any relationship with Kelly for years, saying … “Going through all I have gone through in my life, I would never want anyone to feel the pain I have felt.”

Buku adds … “The same monster you all confronting me about is my father. I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house.”

Kelly’s daughter says she’s chosen to stay out of the spotlight because it’s better for her healing process, and the constant reminders of “how terrible my father is” aren’t good for her … so she has to do what’s best for herself.

We spoke with Buku back in April about allegations against her dad — and she didn’t say much — her attitude has clearly changed.

As you know, Kelly’s surrounded by controversy and allegations of sexual abuse and predatory behavior in the wake of Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.” 

But, according to his daughter … it goes even deeper than that.

Lonzo Ball Baby Daughter Sits Courtside … Daddy Balls Out!!

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Lonzo Ball was a human highlight reel Wednesday night … and he had his biggest little fan in the front row cheering him on the whole time!!

Zo’s baby mama, Denise Garcia, brought 5-month-old Zoey — decked out in her own little Ball jersey — to the Lakers vs. Pistons game at Staples Center … and they picked a great one to go to.

Ball had a handful of incredible plays in his 11-assist game that had everyone — including Baby Baller — going crazy. The Lake Show ultimately beat Detroit in a 113-100 butt-kicking. 

We broke the story … Zo and Denise welcomed Zoey into the world back in July.

Unclear if this was Zoey’s first time watching her daddy at work … but it’s great to see the fam together after the whole “deadbeat” drama.

Other celebs at the Laker game include Charlize Theron, model Kaia Gerber and Andy Garcia.

But, if Lonzo plays like this every time his daughter’s in attendance … expect to see her a LOT more from now on. 

Brandon Mebane Baby Daughter Passes Away After Battling Heart Defect

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L.A. Chargers defensive lineman Brandon Mebane rejoined his team Wednesday after taking time off to be with his hospital-stricken infant daughter, who passed away last week. 

While still in the womb back in July, Mebane’s daughter, Makenna, was diagnosed with a heart defect as a result of a chromosomal condition called trisomy 13. 

The family moved to Omaha, Nebraska where Mebane’s wife, Amena, and unborn child could be treated by doctors who specialized in the condition. 

Makenna was born more than 1 month premature in November and later developed an intestinal infection known as Necrotizing Enterocolitis (also known as NEC) — a fast-striking, devastating condition that can be fatal if not caught and treated immediately. 

Doctors treated Makenna for weeks — and Mebane used the team owner’s private jet to travel to the last 2 regular season games when Makenna’s health seemed to be stabilizing. 

But unfortunately, her health took a turn for the worse earlier this month and she passed away on January 3. 

Obviously, Mebane is devastated — but says he plans to play in the Chargers’ playoff game against the New England Patriots this weekend.


Tyrese Judge Allows Daughter to Play Soccer … After Parents Squabble


Tyrese‘s daughter is now allowed to bend it like Beckham, after a judge ordered that she can.

Tyrese and ex-wife Norma Gibson were in a fight over whether 11-year-old Shayla can enroll in her school’s soccer program.

Tyrese had refused, saying her grades weren’t up to snuff and she should focus on academics. Norma countered Shayla is “emotionally devastated” she’s not allowed to play, adding her grades are good enough. Norma says it got to the point where Shayla “cries, feels humiliated and does not want to go to school.”

The judge ruled Norma can enroll Shayla in the soccer program. When Shayla is in Tyrese’s custody, however, the judge says he does not have to let her play.

The judge wants to hear more on the subject next month.

This isn’t the first argument of its kind. Back in October, Norma wanted Shayla to play basketball but Tyrese refused. He eventually relented. Norma claims Tyrese also refused to let Shayla participate in a school play, saying it costs too much money. He agreed to let her do it when Norma agreed to pay half.

And, there’s more. According to Norma’s docs, there was a school field trip to a downtown eatery and Shayla was on the bus when Tyrese had her taken off the bus. 

Dick Cheney Daughter Liz Slams Christian Bale … Satan Inspired His DV Arrest

Everyone at the Golden Globes might’ve gotten a laugh from Christian Bale comparing Dick Cheney to Satan — but the ex-Veep’s daughter just took a big shot of her own … invoking his 2008 domestic violence arrest.

Liz Cheney was reacting to Bale’s acceptance speech Sunday night — during which he thanked Satan for his inspiration to play Dick, saying, “Satan probably inspired him to do this, too.”

Liz fired back with a UK article about Christian being arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister.

For the record … British prosecutors declined to file charges against him, citing insufficient evidence. Bale denied the allegations. 

In case you missed it, Bale’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Film for his portrayal of Cheney in “Vice” was … interesting, to say the least. He literally thanked the devil for giving him inspiration … and went on to refer to his infamous ‘Terminator’ outburst

As far as his subject goes … there’s clearly no love lost between Bale and the Cheneys. Dick himself has yet to comment on Bale’s remarks, BTW.

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Doc Shows Mother Tracking Down Daughter


R. Kelly allegedly kept a mother from seeing her daughter for years — and the mother went on a hunt to track her down — and it all happens on video for Friday’s episode of Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly.”

In the clip you see Michelle Kramer getting emotional as she tries to locate her daughter, Dominique Gardner … tracking her down at a hotel and trying to bring her home. 

The mother blames Kelly for keeping her family apart, saying any man who keeps a child from its parents doesn’t have a heart. Dominique was with Kelly for 9 years, lived with him for more than 4, and eventually went missing from her family.

Kelly’s legal team has adamantly denied the reports and information within the doc … firing off a cease and desist letter to Lifetime, threatening a lawsuit if the documentary aired. However, Lifetime remained defiant … airing it anyways.  

In the clip … Michelle finally tracks down Dominique at a hotel in Los Angeles … and the Lifetime cameras were rolling when the family reunited. 

The next installments of the 6-part doc will air tonight, starting at 9 PM ET/PT. 

Christie Brinkley White Sand Christmas … With My Beautiful Daughter!!!

Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley Cook traded in snow and scarves for beaches and bikinis this Christmas, and we’re glad they did … because the swimsuit models’ vacation pics are the gift that keeps giving!

Christie still slays in a sexy blue swimsuit even at 64, and Sailor definitely got it from her momma … click through the gallery for Sailor’s picture-perfect beach poses in barely-there bikinis. Yeah, we’re glad the photo-friendly pair spent this Christmas in a tropical location!

Christie and Sailor proved they’re more than just pretty people … hopping on paddle boards, jumping in kayaks and cruising around on the open water. Beauty and brawn! 

Oh, and wait until you see what Christie wore when they were opening presents … safe to say Santa would love to have her as one of his little helpers.