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Ex-NFLer Tony Beckham Breaks Man’s Face For Allegedly Masturbating Near Daughter’s Window

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Former NFL DB Tony Beckham — a Titans 4th-round pick in 2002 — beat the hell out of a man after he allegedly caught the guy masturbating outside his 15-year-old daughter’s window.

Cops in Palm Beach County, Florida say Tony saw a man with his hands down his pants in the bushes next to his daughter’s window Monday morning … and went after him when he saw the guy making masturbating motions.

Police say Tony chased the guy down about 50 feet from his house … and proceeded to smash the guy up bad — breaking his face in a couple different places.

Cops arrested the man — a 48-year-old named Geoffrey Cassidy (who claimed he was a transient) — and booked him for Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition in the Presence of a Child.

If convicted on that count, Cassidy faces up to 15 years in prison.

Cassidy is still being held in Palm Beach County Jail on $ 1,500 bond.

Beckham played 5 seasons in the NFL from 2002 to 2007 … logging 6 total starts and 1 career interception.

R. Kelly Thinks Daughter’s Brainwashed … Blames Ex for Turning Her


R. Kelly is rationalizing his daughter’s powerful condemnation of his behavior — he believes his ex-wife cooked it all up, despite the fact he’s been estranged from their child for years.

Sources close to R. Kelly say … the R&B singer isn’t upset with Joann Lee Kelly for breaking her silence and calling him a “monster,” because he thinks his daughter was only parroting her mother, Drea Kelly’s views. We’re told he feels Drea’s brainwashed all 3 of their kids into hating him.

Although our sources say Kelly loves and misses his kids, he seems to be ignoring the reality — that he has no relationship with them — and hasn’t for some time now.

Kelly did have a musical collab in 2015 with Joann, who is a talented singer — but we’re told he thinks Drea drove a wedge between them after that, because she was furious Joann had been in the studio with him.

We’re told Drea brought their kids to an R. Kelly concert in Atlanta a couple years ago, but since then he’s had little contact with them, and he has no clue why things switched up. 

However, anyone who’s seen “Surviving R. Kelly” knows exactly how Drea feels about her ex … and it ain’t good. Worth nothing, Drea told us earlier this month she’s open to Kelly reaching out to the kids because they’re all adults now and free to make their own choices. 

Joann seems to have made her feelings extremely clear, but we’re told her father wants to repair the relationship. 

Tekashi 6ix9ine Bad Santa … Skipped Out on Daughter’s Xmas Gifts


If Tekashi 6ix9ine made a Christmas list this year, he must have forgotten to check it twice … because his daughter got jack squat from her dad.

Sources close to the rapper’s family tell TMZ … his baby mama, Sara, and their 3-year-old girl, Saraiyah, have not heard a peep from him since he’s been locked up on federal racketeering charges, and that includes Christmas Day.

We’re told while 69 managed to gift his girlfriend Jade a brand new G-Wagon while he’s behind bars — which she proudly flaunted on Instagram — but he didn’t deliver anything to Saraiyah for the holidays.

Our sources say 6ix9ine hasn’t exactly been a present father to Saraiyah, despite the image he’s tried to project online … so the absence of gifts isn’t a big surprise.

It’s interesting … 69 was present for his girl’s 3rd birthday party in October — just hours after he dodged jail time in his child sex case — and looked happy to be hanging with his family.

There’s a bright side, though — we’re told despite Saraiyah being forgotten by her father, she got a lot of nice Xmas presents from the rest of her family … and has plenty of love and support.

Our sources say Sara’s trying to get her daughter into child modeling too … no word if Tekashi’s on board to help.