Farrah Abraham: I’d Totally Mess with My Daughter’s Face, But It’s Illegal!

How is Farrah Abraham so awful?

Serious question.

Does she try? She has to try, right?

Maybe she keeps a little diary in which she jots down any ideas she has about terrible things she can do that will get her some attention, that’s a possibility.

Or perhaps she’s smarter than we think she is, and she pretends to be completely incapable of using words as yet another way to get people to talk about her.

Let’s hope that one of those is the case, because if not, if she really is just that bad … well, there’s only so much faith we can lose in humanity, you know?

There are countless examples of Farrah’s revolting ways, but this week alone, she’s really outdone herself.

To start, she was officially charged with battery after that incident last month in which she got violent with a security guard at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

She was also charged with resisting arrest, because apparently you can’t tell police officers to go f-ck themselves without facing some consequences.

After that, she uploaded a video on Facebook in which she was heard trying to convince her poor daughter, Sophia, that it would be a funny prank to tell someone that her dog had died.

And then, just a day later, her dog actually died.

While that’s very sad, of course Farrah had to make it weird by filming a video of herself crying with Sophia over the dog’s body and uploading it to Instagram.

She made it even weirder by taking the dog’s remains to a taxidermist, and calling paparazzi so cameras would be around to catch that bizarre moment.

Like we said, she’s outdone herself this week.

And now, thanks to a new interview, she’s managed to make things even worse.

During the interview, Farrah brought up the topic of altering Sophia’s appearance — Sophia is nine years old, in case you’d forgotten.

“The only thing that Sophia has mentioned that she wanted was cosmetic dentistry, like I have,” she said.

Yep, Sophia, who likely still has some baby teeth, wants veneers, just like her mama!

She was asked about how old Sophia would have to be before she considered getting the veneers, and it really sounds like it it were up to Farrah, she’d already have them.

“It’s not really my eyes,” she explained, “it’s like health codes and what’s legal.”

“The law for that in Texas, where we move back and forth through, is I believe 16 for her to have her cosmetic dentistry done to her teeth.”

It’s interesting, because she could have very easily given an answer along the lines of “she can get them herself as soon as she turns 18.”

You know, a normal answer.

Instead, she admitted that she’s looked up the laws about getting cosmetic procedures done on a child.

And that’s … well, that’s something else.

Sophia was actually there during the interview, and she was asked if she wanted to be just like her mom when she grows up.

“Sophia’s gonna be better than her mom!” Farrah answered.

“Better than my mom,” Sophia echoed.

Thank goodness for that.

It’s just so alarming that Farrah actually seems to have thought about getting her daughter veneers — and possibly other procedures, considering that she said veneers were “the only thing” Sophia’s expressed interest in so far.

Then again, it really shouldn’t be. After all, this is the girl who tried waxing her daughter’s eyebrows when she was three years old

Later in the interview, Farrah was asked about the current state of her relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen.

“You know what, we have the best relationship,” she answered. “I keep it comfortable with us for our safety and positivity.”

“My mom’s in her own space, and I am in mine, and it’s great.”

She also had one thing to say about her departure from Teen Mom OG — “Thank God.”

However, it sounds like she’s on the lookout for another reality show to take her own.

“I think reality TV loves me,” she said, “I always willl love reality TV.”

Bless her immodest little heart, she added “I’m so well-known and so great in that, but I also know after 10 years of doing something, it’s just natural progression to keep growing — producing, directing, screenwriting, filming.”

“I just want progression.”

If she wants progression in her career, why wouldn’t she want the same in her parenting skills?

Something to think about.


Jim Bob Duggar Accused of Manipulating Daughters’ Love Lives

Even the most ardent defender of Jim Bob Duggar (if such a thing exists) would likely concede that the best word to describe his involvement in his daughters’ love lives is “creepy.”

JB exercises far too much control over his son’s lives, sure (well, except in Josh’s case, but that’s a conversation for another time), when it comes to his daughters, however, “you can’t date a Duggar daughter without dating her dad.”

That’s the frighteningly accurate fashion in which columnist Mary Grace Garis describes the situation in a piece published by In Touch Weekly today.

Whether you’re a fan of the family’s reality show or you tune in each week with a pair of Clockwork Orange eye clamps affixed firmly to your lids out of morbid curiosity, you’re no doubt familiar with the Duggar’s courtship rules.

The parts of the process that get the most attention have to do with the lengths to which Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will go in order to ensure their children don’t engage in anything that remotely resembling premarital sex.

Unmarried Duggar couples are not allowed kiss, hold hands for more than a few seconds, “front hug,” (lest their clothed genitals should come in close proximity), or even be alone together.

Frightening stuff, to be sure, but the way Jim Bob puts these young people through the emotional wringer is arguably just as damaging.

The Duggars have boasted in the past about how potential suitors have to get through dad before they’re permitted to spend any time with his daughters.

“The girls have always said they would send any guy who was interested in them to Dad,” Michelle has said in the past.

“That’s a good thing – that is such good protection for them.”

And this isn’t just a case of JB sitting the guy down and asking about his intentions.

No, Jim Bob makes men who are interested in one his daughters fill out 50-page questionnaire before he’ll consider the possibility of a courtship. 

The first guy to endure this treatment was Derick Dillard, but he turned out to be an all-time douche, so he didn’t receive much sympathy from Counting On viewers.

Disturbingly, Jim Bob’s behavior has only gotten worse over the years, as evidenced by his contentious relationship with Jeremy Vuolo, husband of Jinger Duggar.

Fans were baffled, as Jeremy seemed to be the least problematic of all the men who had married Jim Bob’s daughters up to that point.

But it all began to make sense when Jinger Duggar rebelled against her father by leaving her home state or Arkansas and — gasp!  — wearing pants!

Jim Bob must have picked up on the fact that Jeremy believed in such far-left ideas as allowing women free will/

And in the end, the situation was a reminder that suppressing the rights of women is the main driver behind so many of Jim Bob’s actions.

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Farrah Abraham Posts Risqué Pics on Daughter’s Instagram; Fans Freak Out

Farrah Abraham has spent her adult life coming up with new and interesting ways to piss off the world, and at this point, it's almost impressive how far she's willing to go just to remain relevant.

Abraham's latest mini-scandal serves as a prime example of just how inventive the former Teen Mom OG star has become in her efforts to continue making tabloid headlines.

Farrah shared some disturbing photos on her daughter's Instagram recently, and fans were absolutely floored by what they saw.

It's impossible to say what Farrah was thinking when she posted the pics, but we think it's safe to say she knew exactly what sort of reaction she would get.

And unfortunately, 9-year-old Sophia has once again been dragged into the middle of a very adult conflict thanks to her mother's highly questionable behavior.

1. A Disturbing History

Farrah and sophia abraham photo
Farrah has a long history of treating her young daughter like a grown-up friend. And unfortunately, the evidence of their inappropriate relationship often makes its way to social media.

2. Snapchat Mishap

Farrah and sophia abraham image
Last year, Farrah signed Sophia up for Snapchat, despite the fact that she fell short of the app’s age minimum by several years. The account was terminated after Sophia logged on late at night and began conversing with strangers.

3. Twitter Trauma

Farrah abraham and soph
Sadly, Sophia is still active on other social media platforms. Back in December, Farrah logged on to Sophia’s Twitter account in order to promote an adult film she had appeared in.

4. Crossing the Line

Farrah abraham selfie game
Needless to say, fans were highly upset, and sadly, that wasn’t the first time that Farrah involved her daughter in her porn career.

5. A New Low

Farrah and sophia abraham
In a 2017 interview, Farrah predicted that Sophia would one day follow in her footsteps by starring in a “sex tape.”

6. She Keeps Getting Worse

Farrah abraham with sophia at sephora
And earlier this year, Farrah revealed that she and Sophia have nude photos of one another on their phones. With all that history, some fans were sadly not surprised by Farrah’s latest scandal …

View Slideshow

Farrah Abraham Shares Disturbing Photos on Daughter’s Instagram

Sometimes you look at Farrah Abraham, at all the things she says and does, and you just think “What is wrong with this woman?”

And unfortunately, you never, ever get any answers.

Farrah and Sophia

Farrah’s been … well, we’ll say “off” ever since we first saw her on 16 and Pregnant.

She was oddly confrontational even back then, and she was super dramatic and lacked the ability to communicate in any kind of intelligent way.

Over the years, things have only gotten worse, especially when it comes to her parenting skills.

In the past few months, Farrah has gotten a whole lot of criticism for statements she’s made about her daughter, Sophia, and for things we’ve seen on social media.

Who could forget the time that she admitted that she and Sophia have nude photos of each other on their phones?

(And if you did manage to forget it, please share your secrets, because that twisted little tidbit just will not stop haunting us.)

On another occasion, Farrah hopped onto Sophia’s Twitter account to share an adult video she starred in, which is so messed up it’s almost hard to believe.

More recently, we saw the former Teen Mom OG star getting butt injections with her daughter behind her, filming the whole thing.

It’s just been a whole bunch of weirdness, and it’s been uncomfortable and scary and bad.

It’s even worse when you remember that Farrah pulled Sophia out of school so she could educate her herself.

As part of this education — or just for fun, let’s not pretend that Farrah has any kind of actual plan for homeschooling Sophia — this dynamic mother-daughter duo has been traveling the world recently.

They were just in Fiji, then they moved on to France, where Farrah is terrorizing Cannes.

She took a break from flashing her crotch on red carpets to go to the beach, and Sophia shared a series of pictures from their fun day.

Most of them were cute, but one … well, take a look for yourself:

Farrah booty

Yep, that photo was posted on Sophia’s Instagram, and in the caption, she wrote “I love my mamas booty!”


Her bio says the account is managed by Farrah, but she’s definitely made her own social media posts before, so it’s hard to tell who actually wrote this.

The odds are that Farrah did it, obviously — we doubt Sophia would ever say something like that herself — but either way, it’s pretty bizarre, right?

And Sophia’s followers had lots of words to say about it.

“Well that’s not absolutely disturbing at all,” one person commented. “Jesus Christ there is so much wrong with this…..”

“Always showing your ass…literally and figuratively,” another wrote. “Pathetic!!!”

Someone told her that it was “real classy showing your giant fake butt on your ‘child’s’ insta page…smh. Anything for attention…”

One person suggested that “Dr. Drew needs to have this chick commited,” and several people asked about Sophia’s schooling.

“Lol what in the child protective services is going on here,” another follower asked, pretty much summing this entire situation up perfectly.

It’s just … why do things like this happen?

Is Farrah really so desperate for any attention at all that she feels comfortable posting this kind of stuff?

And what unbearably awkward and/or completely inappropriate moment are we going to see next?


Jeremy Roloff Details Daughter’s Scary Doctor Visit, Gives Thanks

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff just recently returned from a trip to Hawaii.

As you might imagine, the vacation was filled with beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, quality time with their daughter and even a bit of midriff revealed by Audrey.

By multiple social media accounts, it sounds like the Little People, Big World stars had a great time.

With the exception of what sort of scary evening, that is.

Late Friday, Jeremy took to Instagram and shared the image above.

It’s a gorgeous snapshot that features himself, his wife and their precious baby, who is about eight months old.

But Jeremy frightened followers by detailing one incident during the vacation in which Ember Jean had to be rushed to the doctor’s office.

“Our trip is almost over, and what a trip it’s been!” Jeremy wrote to open his caption to this photo.

He then turned a little more serious:

“Last night however, Ember came down with a random fever. It escalated high enough to take her in and get checked out – Audrey and I both took note that it was the nicest clinic.

“They said she appears to be fine, and must be fighting some virus and to keep her hydrated. So we did, and she appears to be on the up and up.”


Thank goodness this was no big deal in the end.

All parents of little kids can relate to the horrible, helpless feeling of a young one not feeling well and not comprehending what is going on.

Just as his wife so often does, Jeremy went on to cite his faith and compare his situation in this case with that of Jesus Christ back in the day.

How so? Well…

“Man, now I know what it feels like when your child comes down with something – out of love you want to trade places with them,” Jeremy added, concluding as follows:

“It makes me thank Jesus, because that’s exactly what he did. Trades places with us – only death is far more eternal than a fever.”

Yes it is; far more eternal.

Jeremy and Audrey starred in last week’s new episode of Little People, Big World, which chronicled the latter’s labor and delivery.

The stars have been extremely candid about parenthood, detailing the ups, the downs and everything in between over the past several months.

We very much appreciate their honesty throughout this major life change.

And we’re so very relieved that Ember is doing okay. She really is SUCH a cutie, don’t you think?

Give her a big hug from us at The Hollywood Gossip, okay, guys? Thanks!