Duggar Family Church: Outraged By Pants-Wearing Duggar Daughters!

Jinger Duggar wears pants. Jill Duggar wears pants. Rumor has it that Jessa Duggar wears pants.

These revelations were shocking to plenty of Duggar fans. 

It turns out that, to members of the fundamentalist church that the Duggars attend, these pants-wearing shenanigans are an outrage.

A lot of people’s parents make controlling decisions about how their children dress. (I still give my mom grief for making me overdress unnecessarily as a kid)

The Duggars take those family dress codes to new extremes. 

The Duggar girls, who are considered their father’s property until they’re married off to their husbands (who then, in Jim Bob’s eyes, effectively become their owners), are required to dress modestly. And that means not wearing pants. It also means always wearing sleeves on their shirts. It means no tight clothing.

And while gender plays an absurdly important role in the Duggar worldview, until recent years, the Duggar boys weren’t allowed to wear shorts.

Those restrictions would be unpleasant just about anywhere. In Arkansas, in the hot and humid southeast, that kind of dress code is tantamount to torture.

In recent years, the Duggar boys have apparently been allowed to wear shorts, baring their scandalous shin-flesh to the world (shins sounds like sins … coincidence?).

But, short of various sex and abuse scandals, has rocked the proverbial Duggar boat like the Duggar daughters who 

Duggar fans were shocked to see Jinger Duggar wearing pants, a display that they saw as a giant middle finger to Jim Bob Duggar and the way that she was raised.

Of course, it’s her husband Jeremy Vuolo who gave her permission to set aside skirts for pants. He’s famously said that he doesn’t believe that Jesus saves people to force them to wear skirts. That’s probably theologically sound.

Months later, Jill Duggar wore pants out in public for the first time, clearly with the permission of her husband. Furthermore, Jill Duggar shocked some fans with her facial piercing … something that no one really expected to see on a Duggar.

We may not know Jim Bob Duggar’s private thoughts (and, if we did, would we ever again be able to get a good night’s sleep?), but it’s assumed that he reluctantly accepts his adult daughters wearing the devil’s leggings because it’s the will of their husbands.

Others in their community, however, are apparently even less tolerant.

Inquisitr reports that the notoriously conservative fundamentalist church that the Duggars attend is less thrilled.

Apparently, an anonymous commenter who claims to be a member of the Duggar church says that the pants-wearing Duggar girls are allowing young women to come into contact with them to be “defrauded.” We can only assume that this means “deceived into thinking pants, which are for devil-sluts, are okay.”

This commenter also claims that the Duggar girls who wear pants force men who see them to lust after them. That’s not how lust works, but it’s basically the thinking behind a lot of school dress codes.

Finally, the commenter believes that pants-wearing is everything that God is against.

This comes on the heels of Jill Duggar wearing pants while addressing students about “leading Christ-centered relationships.”

(Please hold your threesome jokes)

We have to wonder if this, in particular, is what got the Duggars’ fellow church attendees gossiping about 

This isn’t the only incidence of other staunch conservatives within the Duggar social sphere who disagree about major issues.

Jeremy Vuolo may be pro-pants, but he believes that the Duggars don’t use their platform to be sufficiently anti-gay. Clearly, Derick Dillard believes in using his “fame” to bash a transgender teenage girl, and his in-laws did not publicly back him up.

And, like the rest of the planet, several stars of Duck Dynasty were horrified by what they learned about Josh Duggar and thought that it would be totally appropriate and non-heretical for Anna Duggar to leave him.

In the eyes of some of these anonymous and judgmental churchgoers, the Duggar girls may be inviting some sort of divine retribution upon themselves and their loved ones.

Again, we’re talking about married die-hard conservatives wearing pants with the permission of their husbands, but in the world of religious fundamentalism, they’re basically harlots.

And speaking of people who might be branded as harlots by these folks, many fans believe that Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy was pre-marital.

If it comes out that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth definitely broke their courtship rules, some of these gossip-mongers might believe that the Duggar family as a whole invited this “sin” (again, premarital sex is fine) by showing off the sinful curves of their (gasp!) legs.


Chelsea Houska Changes Daughter’s Name, Visitation Schedule with Adam Lind

One of the most adorable kids in the entire Teen Mom universe has got to be Aubree Lind, right?!

(Actually, we don’t feel comfortable ranking the adorableness of the kids, because they are all as precious as can be, but let’s just go with it.)

Aubree is smart, sassy, funny, and so very, very cute. She’s a great big sister to Watson, and it’s clear from watching Teen Mom 2 that she’s a super sweet kid.

But there’s one thing that she’s not these days …

And that’s a Lind.

Yep, after years of talking about it, Chelsea Houska has finally made it happen: she’s gone to court to change Aubree’s name!

Last month, we discussed how Chelsea and Adam had a court date to go over the name change and a new visitation schedule, and that date was last week.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the judge agreed to the name change, and now Aubree’s last name has gone from Lind to Lind-DeBoer.

As for the visitation issue … well, that’s a little more complicated.

If you’ve been keeping up with Adam for the past year or so, ever since he officially quit filming for Teen Mom 2, you know that things haven’t been that great for him.

Back in the spring, he failed a court-ordered drug test after having been found with a “substantial” amount of meth in his system.

The drug test was done shortly before a scheduled weekend with his youngest daughter, Paislee — meaning that he very well could have been high around his kids.

In addition to the drugs, Adam’s been arrested multiple times on domestic violence charges in the past few months.

His ex-girlfriend has even said that he’s not only been violent towards others — he’s also threatened to kill himself more than once.

He’s obviously not doing well in any sense, right?

Still, according to his agreement with Chelsea, he got visits with Aubree every other weekend. The visits took place at his parents’ home, where they supervised.

Yeah, as of this latest court date, that’s not happening anymore.

Now, Adam will only be allowed to see Aubree at an actual visitation center. She’ll still go see his parents, but it’ll only be once a month.

Adam will not be permitted to be around for those visits.

A source claims that “Adam’s parents were not happy about the changes made,” and that “they are very upset.”

Which is weird, because you’d think they’d be upset about their son being a violent meth addict, not about the court doing something to protect their granddaughter from that.

It seems that even Adam himself wasn’t all that upset about the new changes. He reportedly agreed to everything without anyone even having to testify.

And if you’d be curious to see an Adam who’s actually easy to deal with, don’t worry — MTV cameras were there in the courtroom.

The source says that “This was the first time Chelsea and members of the production crew have seen Adam in a long time, and they were shocked by his appearance.”

“He has lost a lot of weight, and appeared pale with dark circles under his eyes. He did not look like he’s in a good place.”

Apparently Adam didn’t hang around after the hearing at all, but during the hearing, “He told the judge that he currently has no job and hasn’t worked anywhere in a year.”

“He also confirmed that he has no vehicle.”

While it’s upsetting to see Adam in such a terrible place, it’s wonderful that Chelsea has taken these steps to protect Aubree, and to make her happy.

Also, it looks like the next season of Teen Mom 2 is shaping up to be pretty darn juicy …


June Shannon to Daughters: This is My Boyfriend!

The disturbing rumors were turned into a frightening reality on the season 2 premiere of From Not to Hot:

June Shannon has a boyfriend.

As previously confirmed, his name is Geno Doak… he’s 42 years old… and he has unusual taste in women.

The television world was introduced to June’s lover on Friday night when she and her kids returned for the second go-around of their surprisingly popular series.

After growing suspicious of their mother and suspecting that her extreme weight loss had caused some dude to fall for her, children Lauren and Alana followed her to bingo one evening.

What they witnessed there was then burned into their eye sockets forever.

And ours as well.

“She’s kissing him!” Honey Boo Boo said as the couple exited a building and shared a smooch an hour after they had walked in.

“What kind of guy takes mama on a date to bingo?”

When June arrived home after her night out, she faced an interrogation session from her two daughters.

“Yes, I have found love y’all. I have a great wonderful guy, Geno, and I feel like a kid again,” explained Mama June, who dropped an incredible 300 pounds over the last year or so.

She is now a Size 4, which is a sentence we never thought we’d write.

“Geno knew me when I was heavy and I really think he’s here for the right reasons,” she continued, speaking to the camera and adding:

“I think he likes me for me, not for [fame] or me being skinny.”

That’s wonderful.

We’re not here to judge (too much) or anything.

It really is amazing how many pounds Shannon has shed.

Yes, she did it through a controversial medical procedure, but one must also diet and exercise properly to keep this weight off.

At one point on the premiere, June said sneaking around with Geno was “hot… like foreplay,” yet she also said her main goal wasn’t to be all secretive.

She’d prefer to be open with her kids.

“Geno’s the first guy that I’ve dated really serious since I’ve lost the weight, and I’m trying to keep this one to myself to see how it’s going to work out,” she said.

“I hope this one works out, but honestly, I’ve had some terrible luck with guys and I’ve got really burnt. So, it’s really hard for me to fully trust him right now.”

That’s an understatement.

Ex-husband Matt “Sugar Bear” Thompson has been accused of assaulting Shannon, while an ex-boyfriend was actually convicted of molesting her oldest daughter.

YIKES, right?

Following a pottery class they took together, Geno and June agreed that it was time for the former to actually meet Shannon’s family.

“This is Geno, we’ve been dating for a couple months,” Mama June said, as Alana shook his hand and asked:

“What’s your intentions with my mama?”

Later on, Alana admitted to her mother that she feared the new romance would mean far less time spent together for mother and child.

kissing june

“I mean, he’s a cool guy or whatever,” she said, before turning to her mom and inquiring:

Does that mean me and you ain’t going to hang out no more ’cause you have a boyfriend? You haven’t been around a lot.”

Replied Shannon:

“I mean, now that y’all are getting older, it’s time for me to find somebody that I can be happy with. I’ve been single for so long and been devoted to y’all.”

We’ll see if this relationship lasts, however.

The season 2 finale may need a cliffhanger. Will it be a break-up or a proposal?


Adam Lind: Released From Jail as Chelsea Houska Moves to Change Daughter’s Name

It’s been a rough year for Adam Lind, and sadly his destructive behavior has taken a severe toll on his loved ones.

His downward spiral began back in June when Lind tested positive for methamphetamines just prior to a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter.

Sadly, the incident did not serve as a wake-up call for Lind, and his life appears to have been on a steady decline ever since.

Last month, Lind was arrested on domestic assault charges after allegedly attacking an ex-girlfriend.

Earlier this week, Lind was arrested again for violating an order of protection against a different ex.

While he was behind bars, another restraining order against Lind was granted to former girlfriend Stasia Huber.

Earlier today, Lind was released from prison, but as you might’ve guessed, his legal issues are far from over.

“His bail was dropped because he agreed to show up at court for his next hearing,” a court officer told Radar Online.

Yes, if there’s an upside to having constant court dates, it’s that you can appease the legal system simply by promising to come back when you’re supposed to.

That’s the good news for Lind.

The bad news is that his first baby mama, Chelsea Houska, is reportedly taking steps to change her daughter’s name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer.

Now, it’s possible the move has nothing to do with Lind’s latest legal issues.

But we doubt it.

And hey, we suppose it’s possible that Lind will take the move in stride and handle the blow to his ego in a mature level-headed fashion.

But that also seems like a major long-shot.

And unfortunately, that’s probably just the beginning of Adam’s troubles with Chelsea.

The parents of 8-year-old Aubree are due back in court for a custody hearing on January 8.

At that time, it’s expected that Chelsea will request further restrictions on Lind’s visitation rights.

She’s already arranged it so that his vists with Aubree are supervised and he’s no longer permitted to frive with his daughter in the car.

It’s almost like smoking meth and assaulting women will make people question your parenting abiities.

Go figure.

If you need to be reminded of just what a horrendous dad Adam really is, follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic.

He’s almost certainly worse than you remember.


Kate Gosselin Dares to Share Pics of Daughters, Gets Dragged by Trolls. HARD.

Darn you, Internet.

You’ve really gone ahead and done it now.

You’ve made us feel bad for Kate Gosselin.

Over the past few weeks, hatred for the reality star and mother of eight has seemed to hit near-record numbers, as Gosselin cannot share anything online without hearing it from a bunch of trolls.

Just a few weeks ago, for example, Gosselin posted a few photos online of her kids in their Halloween costumes.

We’re pretty sure every single celebrity alive does this.

And yet followers called out Kate for the snapshots, mostly because they did not include son Collin, who has been enrolled in a program away from home for behavioral issues.

Details regarding his status remain scarce, which has prompted haters to bring up him every chance they get.

Gosselin even received backlash, as it relates to Collin, when she shared throwback photos of her twin girls on the occasion of their 17th birthday.

And now Kate has gone ahead and shared new throwback pictures, this time of daughter Alexis.

Along with the cute snapshot above, the Kate Plus 8 star wrote:

The girls and I were looking through old pics the other night together…reliving our MANY fun times over the years…

it’s cute when your teenagers screech about how cute they were and play argue over ‘who was the cutest.’

To me, they were and are all equally ‘edible’ and adorable and I told them so. They then tried to convince me to ‘eat them first’! It’s always a competition in a big family, I tell you!

Anyway, there are many, but these pics of Lex make me laugh every time I come across them! How can you not?

She’s always been the perfect dose of humor when I need it most… on this day, when she was 5, she entertained me while I showered!

Pretty basic and definitely harmless, right?

Nope, wrong apparently.

Yes, some followers showed Gosselin support and clearly appreciated this cute snapshot:

lex tweet

“She is so precious! Where did the time go?” asked another fan.

Others, however, definitely seemed to be focused on the wrong thing.

“Wait, you take your phone into the shower,” inquired a confused follower, while a second person chimed in with a similar take:

“You took your phone into the shower or bath? Um yeah ok kate.”

lex in shower

These, of course, are mostly mundane issues.

The true trolls, though, didn’t just inquire about Collin and his whereabouts.

They accused Kate of not liking her sons as much as her daughters!

For real:

where are boys?

Look, it takes a lot for us to be on Team Kate Gosselin.

We mostly see her as a greedy, self-serving and manipulative annoyance.

But come on now.

We’re not gonna pick on Kate just because she shares some precious pictures of her kids.

What’s the alternative? What else would she do on Instagram? Go all Kylie Jenner on us and pose nearly naked?

God forbid, right?

So you see: it could be a lot worse. Remember that.


Kim Zolciak: Slammed for Piercing Daughter’s Ears!

Piercings: they’re ways of accessorizing, they’re ways of getting back at your parents, they’re questionable solutions to boredom, and they’re a way of showing society exactly who you are.

They’re also major milestones in the lives of many people who get them. And debate rages over how young is too young.

So when Kim documented her very, very young daughter getting her ears pierced, she definitely knew that she was going to get some backlash. Kim Zolciak has haters, after all.

Okay, first, we need to talk about ear-piercing and children.

There are two extremes.

One, the over-protective side, doesn’t think that girls should get their ears pierced until they’re tweens.

(Sometimes it even goes beyond that, but that’s getting into Duggar territory with side-hugs and courting, that’s … so fringe that it’s not relevant here).

The reason that these parents usually have is either that earrings are valuable and a child needs to show responsibility before she can get her ears pierced …

… OR that pierced ears are “grown up” and would somehow be inappropriate on, say, a 9-year-old.

The responsibility thing, we totally get. The “they’re too grown-up” thing, not so much.

They’re jewelry, not sexy underwear or whatever. They shouldn’t have to wait until they’re teenagers.

The other extreme gets the ears of babies pierced.

And … that’s wrong. Sure, ear piercings are totally reversible, but unless it’s medically necessary, don’t poke holes in babies. That should not be a radical statement.

But Kim Zolciak makes it very clear that her 3-year-old daughter, Kaia, is not a baby anymore.

Kaia Biermann Ears Pierced 1

Kim Zolciak shared a video on Snapchat and provided narration.

“The time has come for Kaia to get her ears pierced.”

Don’t worry, folks — this is something that Kaia wants.

“She has begged me for two years.”

Waiting for those two years was the right choice, we think. 

“The time has come. Brielle and Ariana both had their ears pierced at like three weeks.”

Okay, that is wrong, absolutely. No three-week-old is begging to have pierced ears, or capable of understanding the concept.

(Again, don’t poke holes in babies unless it’s medically necessary)

We’re glad that Kim has wisened up for Kaia.

Kaia Biermann Ears Pierced 2

Kim Zolciak continues her narration … somehow making it all about her.

(But you know, it’s normal for people to talk about themselves when they’re narrating)

“I cried my eyes out, so pray for me.”

That’s no surprise — Kim Zolciak couldn’t handle Kash going to kindergarten.

Apparently, milestones get her very, very emotional.

As the ear-piercing concludes, Kim shares that her emotional distress had some physical symptoms.

“My stomach is so upset!”

It’s actually cute that she got so worked up.

And she heaped praise on Kaia for keeping cool throughout.

“Your mom’s crying and you’re not. You’re such a toughie!”

Kaia Biermann Ears Pierced 3

Kim Zolciak probably put this on Snapchat, instead of Instagram, because she didn’t want her Instagram page flooded with hateful comments. (That doesn’t stop trolls, but it can thin them out a little)

Kaia looks so cute!

And she clearly has the wherewithal to make a decision like that.

Maybe some folks would disagree, but pierced ears are totally reversible. And if Kaia’s been asking for this for two years … more power to her.

We, uh, hope she took her mom out for ice cream afterwards. Since Kim was so brave.