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David Arquette Pooh-Poohs Wrestling Tampon Stunt … ‘I Didn’t Like It’


David Arquette is open-minded when it comes to pushing the envelope in pro wrestling — but says the female wrestler who pulled a fake bloody tampon from her pants last month during a match went too far. 

The video of the stunt has gone viral … wrestler Priscilla Kelly was taking on another wrestler named Tuna at the Suburban Fight event in L.A. on Dec. 30 when she reached down below and whipped out the feminine hygiene product and shoved it in Tuna’s mouth. 

The crowd started chanting, “You sick f**k.”

“I didn’t like it,” Arquette told us in L.A. … “That’s not my style.”

Arquette appreciated the fact that Kelly’s stunt has raised her profile in the wrestling community — but says there are other ways to make a splash without having to pull anything out of your genitals. 

As for Priscilla, she said she had no intentions of going viral … noting, “I just thought it was funny.”

But, she’s suggested that the blowback from fans is based in sexism. 

“Penis is funny and awesome,” she tweeted … “A vagina is disgusting and trashy. #Equality?”

David Arquette I Kicked My Opponents Ass … Then I Scalped Him


David Arquette made a triumphant return to the ring Saturday night, defeating behemoth wrestler Jocephus and then getting his just reward with a pair of clippers.

David teamed up with former NWA champ, Tim Storm for the 2-on-1 “hair match” at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center in Clarksville, Tennessee.  

There was lots of back-and-forth … at times, David took a beating and a few slams, but he and Tim eventually prevailed. Before the 3 counts, Jocephus’ spiritual advisor tried to hypnotize David, but he blocks her with a dip and a kiss.

NWA President and former Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan entered the ring so David could do the honors and he proceeded to scalp Jocephus.

Things went a lot better for David than the deathmatch in November, where he was brutally beaten and bloodied after his opponent smashed a tube light on his head. 

David Arquette Back in the Ring … Loser Loses Hair

David Arquette is a glutton for punishment … returning to the wrestling ring after a deathmatch that almost killed him. 

Arquette took the mic at a news conference Friday night to hype his upcoming match with veteran pro wrestler Jocephus in a “hair match” for the National Wrestling Alliance. The stakes … loser shaves his head. 

NWA President and former Smashing Pumpkins frontman, Billy Corgan, kept the 2 men apart during the faceoff at the Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Jocephus stormed the stage with a VHS copy of Arquette’s 2000 pro wrestling movie “Ready to Rumble” … mocking him as an actor and had no business trying to measure up in the ring.

As we previously showed you, poor David was a bloody, mangled mess last November after getting smashed in the head with a light tube.  

The Arquette/Jocephus hair match goes down tonight. At least this time around, the consequences for the 47-year-old Arquette will not be as grave, unless of course the clippers haven’t been sharpened. 

Bon Jovi’s David Bryan It’s My Life Too … Sings Lead at Nightclub


If Jon Bon Jovi‘s voice ever craps out, we found the perfect stand-in … a guy who already knows all the lyrics, and is usually just a few feet away onstage — his keyboardist, David Bryan!

David walked into the Casa Nightclub in St. Bart’s Wednesday around closing time — 5 AM (island time, mon) — with some friends. The DJs — Shortkutz and Chris Magic — recognized the Bon Jovi rocker and started blasting the Hall of Fame band’s hits.

DB must’ve been feeling real good because he jumped up and grabbed the mic to belt out “It’s My Life” and “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Folks at Casa tell us the club’s owner, Julien Roussel, decided to stay open a little later so the patrons could enjoy the free concert and keep singing along.

David sang 5 of the band’s hits when it was all said and done before waltzing out of the joint.

BTW … Bon Jovi goes on tour in May, but we’re pretty sure Bryan will be back on keys and backup vocals. For now.

David Spade on Haddish & C.K. Don’t Sweat It, Guys … Comedy’s an Instrument, Tune It


David Spade has some words of encouragement for Tiffany Haddish AND Louis C.K. and David makes it clear … they’re not in the same boat.

We got the longtime comedian leaving Nobu Tuesday night in WeHo where, at first, he weighed in on what had happened to Tiffany on New Year’s Eve in Miami — namely, miserably bombing onstage and cracking open some Ciroc to numb the pain.

He says NYE gigs are tough as it is ’cause everyone’s already faded, and a night of partying for the comic themselves probably ain’t the best idea if ya mix the two. Remember, Tiff had said earlier in the day that she’d been out all night raging before her set.

Then, Dave pivots to Louis … saying comics always try new material with smaller crowds that aren’t necessarily meant to be heard worldwide.

David sidesteps Louis’ jokes — like the Parkland massacre survivors — he realized it’s a hot potato.

It’s worth noting … Tiffany’s tough night and Louis’ tough night are dissimilar.

Parkland Leader David Hogg Ivy League-Bound … Going to Harvard!!!


David Hogg is leaving the Sunshine State and shipping off to Boston — the Marjory Stoneman Douglas student’s been accepted to Harvard. 

David’s mom shared the incredible news this week after her son finally allowed her to spread the word. As you can imagine, she’s super proud and said she’s excited for David’s bright future! 

The Stoneman Douglas grad — who emerged as one of his school’s leaders after the mass shooting in Parkland, FL — says he plans to major in political science. It seems right up his alley … you’ll recall, David helped organize the March For Our Lives rally that attracted nearly 800,000 people pushing for sensible gun reform.

David should feel right at home on campus … he’s already spoken twice this year at Harvard, and some of his mother’s relatives attended the prestigious institution.

He also got into a bunch of other schools — but there’s nothing like the Ivy League. 

David Charvet’s Lawyer Jermaine Jones Is Dangerous … And Charvet’s Scared


Jermaine Jones is DANGEROUS … and David Charvet is scared the soccer superstar is going to physically hurt him — the actor’s attorney tells TMZ Sports.

We broke the story last month … Charvet claims the former Team USA soccer star sent him threatening messages featuring photos of his assault rifle … all because J.J. believed Charvet banged his wife and ruined his marriage.

Charvet adamantly denied he slept with Jones’ wife — and begged the court for a restraining order against the athlete. 

Charvet’s lawyer, Jason Glucksman, was in an L.A. court on Tuesday in an effort to get a permanent restraining order against Jones and on his way out of the courthouse, he made it clear they believe Jones is a serious threat. 

“[David’s] very concerned about the potential of Jermaine doing harm to him, causing harm. Doing physical injury to him.”

The case was continued to February. Charvet currently has a temporary restraining order in place. 

We also saw Jermaine as he left court with his lawyer … but they weren’t in the talking mood.  

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