Lil Peep Dead at 21

New York rapper Lil Peep, whose lyrics were laced with drug references, has died of a suspected overdose on his tour bus … according to multiple reports. Lil Peep’s body was reportedly found on the bus during a stop Wednesday in Arizona. He had…


Lil Peep Dead at 21

New York rapper Lil Peep, whose lyrics were laced with drug references, has died of a suspected overdose on his tour bus … according to multiple reports. Lil Peep’s body was reportedly found on the bus during a stop Wednesday in Arizona. He had…


The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: Who Became a Casualty of War?!

The war continued on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4, and we picked up right after the big shootout that left several kingdommers on the ground. 

Yes, the saviors were well and truly doling out some revenge for all of their people that got killed. Ezekiel emerged from a pile of dead bodies and was relatively unscathed. 

He was sad. Shiva was nowhere to be seen, and he felt like he screwed up by having them all out there in the open admitting that they won that leg of the war. 

One of Negan’s men took Ezekiel along with him because he wanted to be the one to hand Ezekiel over to Negan. He wanted that badge of honor from the violent killer. 

At the outpost, however, the savior could not get back inside. It was chained shut. In a surprising move, Jerry appeared out of the shadows and took the man out of the equation. 

Ezekiel was free, but that did not mean they were out of the woods yet. The savior previously made it clear that he was going to have Rick, Ezekiel, and Maggie for his boss at some point. 

Yeah, that’s all out the window now. 

Ezekiel kept trying to give up on life. He felt like he had let everyone down, but Jerry was there to give him some words of wisdom. 

While the Saviors were preparing to take the weapons to another outpost, Carol snuck in and took out a bunch of them. She was then stuck in the car park with a lot of them. 

In a surprising twist, she surrendered, but it was merely a ploy to have her allow a bunch of walkers into the compound to dispatch of the enemies. 

The saviors made their escape, but Daryll and Rick were right behind and started firing off rounds and rounds of bullets at them. 

Carol, Jerry, and Ezekiel tried to make it back to the Kingdom, but Ezekiel had lost the will to live. He kept telling them to leave him behind, but they were not having it. 

Instead, they kept him going strong every step of the way… until they were ambushed. That’s when the most shocking moment of the entire series took place. 

Shiva sacrificed herself to save everyone, and she was eaten by a swarm of zombies. This show knows how to hit you in the feels. 

Ezekiel seems like he’s going to ditch his duties and hand them over to someone else. 

Who should be King/Queen?

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: Who Died?!

The Walking Dead has killed off several big characters in the past, so it was no surprise when the show went there once again on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will know that Aaron essentially forced Elliot into joining the fight against Negan. Aaron was not the type of person to sit around, so he joined Rick and the others. 

Unfortunately, Elliot became a casualty in the war. We already knew he had been shot at the close of The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2, but there was no resolution. 

Aaron got him to safety by a tree and thanked the lord that there was an exit wound, but Elliot did not want Aaron to let the others down. He sent his boyfriend back to complete the fight. 

It was heartbreaking, but it proved that Elliot believed in Aaron. They may have had their differences, but deep down, they were on the same wavelength and that it made it all the more heartbreaking when Aaron returned after the outpost was taken. 

Elliot was nowhere to be found and was subsequently found as a zombie walking to join the large pack of walkers making their way into the woods. 

He broke down, and another team member showed up to reveal that Elliot was gone, and it was time to win the war, but Aaron was broken. 

Elsewhere, Rick continued to reason with Morales, but the man was not having it. He continued to call in reinforcements, but Daryl showed up and shot him before it was too late. 

But Rick and Daryl then had to go to war with all of the saviors who had just shown up to take Rick to Negan. Surprisingly, both men emerged unscathed, but they did not find the guns. 

All they had to show from the gunfight was baby Gracie, and Aaron decided to take her under his wing to help come to terms with what happened in the fight. 

Rick and Daryl were ambushed by a savior, but he eventually surrendered and let them know that the weapons had been moved and that he could help find them. 

Daryl took him out of the equation by way of bullets, and Rick could only look on in horror. 

Then there was Morgan who went to war with Jesus after some of the saviors escaped. It was a horrible scene that solidified the fact that there’s something seriously wrong with Morgan. 

Everyone just looked on as the two men fought it out, but Morgan ultimately decided to walk because he realized how silly he was being. 

When the prisoners arrived at Hilltop, Maggie was struggling to make a case to keep them, and Gregory felt the same way. Tara threw in her two cents, and it left Maggie with a big decision. 

Finally, Carol and Ezekiel’s crew emerged unscathed and got ready to check the outpost for the guns, but then a savior sniper started picking them off. 

Who else died? We’ll need to wait to find out!

What did you think of this episode?

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