The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 Recap: The Key

Negan is not ready to give up without getting some more blood on his hands. 

That much became clearer than ever on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 when the villain decided it was time to frighten everyone at the Hilltop. 

Negan and Simon plotted to cause some tension amongst the team, but Dwight was eager to travel on his own. 

The reason?

Because he was a full-blown Hilltopper at this stage. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out, but he wanted to be with the others when it all came out. 

At the Hilltop, Rick met up with Daryl in the aftermath of recent events. Daryl was apologetic because he felt that he was partly to blame for driving the truck to the Sanctuary. 

Maggie watched the meeting from afar and wondered whether Rick was too far gone now that Carl has been taken from him. 

Things took a strange turn when crates showed up in the distance, and a mysterious note asked for them to be filled with food. 

Maggie, Rosita, Michonne, and Enid shockingly decided to help the unnamed person out. 

Meanwhile, Rick noticed Negan making his way towards the Hilltop, so he rammed his car into Negan’s one. 

Rick chased the villain, and they engaged in a fight to the death, but Negan fell over a ledge and Rick threatened that it was time for him to die. 

Negan then offered Rick a deal: Join an alliance, and Negan would only take 25 percent of their belongings, and they could all live in unity. 

That’s when Rick admitted that it would never happen … not after what Simon did to the Scavengers. 

As always, Negan escaped, and Rick was left to fend off a group of walkers. 

At the rendezvous point, Maggie, Enid, and Michonne met up with a woman named Georgie. When guns were drawn, Georgie essentially admired the Hilltop community. 

Maggie realized something was amiss and ordered the women to be taken to the Hilltop. A war of words ensued, but ultimately, the women were set free. 

Simon and Dwight returned to the Saviors and admitted that they only found blood and they do not know if Negan is dead or alive. 

This created a whole lot of unrest amongst the team, but Simon reiterated that they were all Negan and that was not going to be changing. 

In another part of town, Negan woke up to find Jadis waving a gun at him, and she’s ready to get revenge on the villains. 

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