Michael J. Fox Dead? Morbid Hoax Stuns Social Media

If you spent any time on Facebook or Twitter yesterday, then you might have encountered reports of the passing of actor Michael J. Fox.

The rumor was so pervasive that Fox’s name quickly became a worldwide trending topic.

Fortunately, fans can breathe easy, as Fox is not dead, but is instead the latest victim of an obnoxious celebrity death hoax.

Reps for Fox have confirmed that the 57-year-old actor is alive and well, and was just as confused about the apparent prank as anyone else.

Usually, the origin of such nonsense remains mysterious, but this time it looks as though the culprit has been identified.

According to the internet’s sharpest sleuths, news of Fox’s passing originated on a website that was designed to trick users into thinking they had visited Yahoo! News.

A report at the top of the site’s homepage reads as follows: 

“On August 2, Michael J. Fox arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was self-admitted with complications attributed to Parkinson’s Disease. According to Chief Coroner Jonathan Lucas M.D., Fox had developed pneumonia, a common problem occurring in Parkinson’s sufferers in the later stages of the disease.”

“Tragically, Fox died at 11:24 this morning. Doctors confirmed Fox passed away peacefully and was surrounded by friends and family.”

While it’s true that Fox has been battling Parkinson’s Disease for much of his life, the rest of the report is a complete fabrication.

It seems that the hoax spread further and faster than most due to the fact that Fox has been silent on social media in recent weeks.

The photo above, which Fox tweeted on June 1 in support of gun violence victims, constitutes his most recent social media activity.

“It’s made me stronger,” Fox once said of his diagnosis.

“A million times wiser. And more compassionate, I’ve realized I’m vulnerable, that no matter how many awards I’m given or how big my bank account is, I can be messed with like that.

“The end of the story is you die. We all die. So, accepting that, the issue becomes one of quality of life.”

Hopefully, Fox’s story won’t come to an end for many years.


L.B. Bonner Dead of Apparent Suicide; My 600-LB Life Star was 31

James “L.B.” Bonner, a reality star who appeared on the Lifetime series My 600-LB Life, was found dead on Thursday morning.

He was 31 years old.

According to Radar Online, police in Lexington, South Carolina responded to a call from Bonner’s home at 7:45am yesterday…

… but that’s all that has been reported to date regarding what happened with Bonner.

Two of the former reality star’s friends, however, Stephanie Garbinsky and Shaylee Gantt, have confirmed that L.B. is no longer with us.

“He passed away,” one of them told Radar, adding that many people close to Bonner are saying on Facebook that he “took his own life.”

We would like to stress, however, that we cannot confirm this at the moment.

Added another acquaintance:

“Haven’t heard exactly what happened, but I keep seeing people say something about depression is real.

And I know his dad has been sick recently also. My husband has known him since he was a little boy.

“This is so sad and so unexpected. I thought he was doing really well with his new job and girlfriend. Not to mention his weight loss and upcoming surgery.”


Bonner lost his leg in a car accident in 2013, eventually turning to to food and alcohol for comfort and at one point reaching 650 pounds.

But through diet and exercise and lap band surgery, he dropped down to close to 200 pounds of late and was also firmly on the wagon.

Loved ones have said Bonner was sober at the time he died.

L.B. was also known for starting each day by sharing an inspirational or motivational quote on Facebook.

This is what he wrote on July 31:

bonner fb

Contrast that message with the one he posted on this same account the morning of his death.

We’ve shared it below.

Does this confirm reports of suicide? No.

But it sheds some light on what Bonner may have been thinking or going through on Thursday:


UPDATE: Someone on Facebook has now posted the following:

Hi, I’m LB’s sister Angela. It is true, LB has taken his life.

We are all shocked at the moment and trying to figure this out. LB was adored by many people and I would like to thank all of you for supporting him through this journey.

Elsewhere today, LB’s friend and fellow My 600-Lb Life participant Doug Armstrong just changed his Facebook profile picture to one of the two men together earlier this year.

This could also be taken as a strong sign that Bonner is dead.

more bon

How sad and awful.

We send our condolences to Bonner’s friends, family members and loved ones.

May he rest in peace.

If you or someone you know is in an emotional distress or suicidal, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


Demi Lovato’s Assistant Screamed ‘She’s Dead!’ As Bodyguard May Have Saved Her Life

Demi Lovato was in such dire condition when she OD’d her assistant thought she was dead, and one of her bodyguards may have saved her life … TMZ has learned. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, the bodyguard somehow knew there was an emergency…


Brian Christopher, Former WWE Superstar, Dead of Suicide

Brian Christopher Lawler, the son of WWE legend Jerry Lawler and a former WWE Superstar himself, passed away on Sunday, hours after being placed on life support.

He was 46 years old.

According to TMZ and other outlets, Christopher was surrounded by friends, family members and loved ones at the time of his death, which took place after he tried to kill himself on Saturday night.

He did so via an attempted hanging in jail.

Prison guards discovered Lawler in his cell outside Memphis.

He was taken to a hospital shortly afterward, where he remained in critical condition until late Sunday morning.

Lawler, who wrestled in the WWE under the name Grandmaster Sexay, was arrested earlier this month for DUI after leading cops on a wild and dangerous chase.

Police reported that Brian smelled of alcohol and had an open 12-ounce can of beer in his center console; they arrested him on the spot.

Bail had been set at $ 40,000.

with jerry

As Grandmaster Sexay, Christopher teamed with Scotty 2 Hotty to form the tag team Too Cool and even won the tag team title at one point in his career.

Brian’s father, Jerry Lawler, is one of the most well-known wrestling personalities on the planet.

He is a WWE Hall of Famer and works for the company as an announcer.

Said the company in an announcement shortly after Brian died:

WWE is saddened to learn that Brian Christopher Lawler, who is best known in WWE as Too Cool’s Grandmaster Sexay, has passed away.

Lawler, who is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, competed during the height of the Attitude Era.

WWE extends its condolences to Lawler’s family, friends and fans.

Brian also wrestled for a number of different independent promotions, most notably the United States Wrestling Association in Memphis, Tennessee.

His father and his family are legends in that city.

The WWE released Lawler in 2001.

as sexay

However, he made occasional appearances on WWE television in subsequent years.

In the buildup to Jerry Lawler’s match against Michael Cole at WrestleMania XXVII in 2011, Bruan returned to confront his father at the announcers’ table.

Brian also reunited with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty for an old-school edition of Raw on Januart 6, 2014 and defeated 3MB. The photo above was taken after this match.

He then tagged with Scotty 2 Hotty in a losing effort against The Ascension at NXT Arrival on February 27, 2014.

Earlier on Sunday, WWE also confirmed that former star Nikolai Volkoff had also passed away. He was 70 years old.

bc tributes

Said former WWE announcer and legenary personality Jim Ross this evening:

“So saddened today re: the deaths of @WWE HOFER Nikolai Volkoff, #BrickhouseBrown, once targeted to replace #JYD, and #BrianChristopher, the talented son of the great, @JerryLawler#RIPGentlemen #CondolencesToAll.”

Added ex-wrestler Taz:

“Two men from different generations of wrestling industry both extremely successful careers have left us unfortunately.

“I knew Brian during my WWE years & shared lots of laughs with him. My deepest sympathies to the families & friends of #BrianChristopher & #NikolaiVolkoff – RIP.”

May they both rest in peace.