Stevie J: Headed to Jail for Being a Deadbeat Dad?!?

Love, Hip Hop and… jail time?

Maybe so for Stevie J.

The VH1 reality star is in rather serious trouble with the law, according to TMZ, and may very well face prison time in the near future for failure to pay child support.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York tells this celebrity gossip website that Stevie must turn himself in to authorities by April 10 because has fallen way behind with these payments.

By how much, exactly?

The occasional rapper reportedly owes $ 1.3 million in back child support!

This is typically a state issue, but it’s atypical for someone to owe this much money.

Considering the amount and considering the length of time Stevie has been in arrears (along with the fact that Stevie and the baby mamas involved live in different states), this case has been moved to the federal level.

That does not bode well for Mr. J.

Stevie rose to fame as a critical cast member in the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

He was even given his own spinoff, Leave It to Stevie, but it only lasted a single season.

Back in February of last year, Stevie pleaded guilty to failure to pay child support, accepting responsibility at the time and being ordered to make good on $ 1,304,835.86.

Yet he has failed to make a dent in this giant number in the 12 months since.

As a result, federal prosecutors plan to toss Stevie in the clink after he turns himself in, something that we heard was a possibility as far back as January of 2017.

Stevie has SIX children overall, by multiple women.

He most recently welcomed a daughter named Bonnie Bella with on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again girlfriend Joseline Hernandez.

The two have engaged in a number of epic fights and traded a multitude of crazy insults over the years, but they appeared to reach a detente last May, as Joseline shared a number of cute baby photos online.

We can’t say for certain whether Joseline is the woman to whom Stevie owes child support, but odds are very strong that he owes these legally-obligated payments to more than one individual.

After all, we’re talking about $ 1.3 million here.

That’s a mammoth chunk of change!

As a matter of record in this scandal, here’s a rundown of Stevie’s kids and baby mamas:

– Son Dorian Jordan was born in 1995. His mother is someone named Rhonda Henderson.

– Daughter Sadie Jordan was also born in 1995 (LOL) and her mother is someone named Felicia Stover.

– Son Steve Jordan was born in 1997 and daughter Savannah Jordan was born in 1998. They were each birthed by Carol Antoinette Bennett.

– Daughter Eva Giselle Jorda was born in 2009. Her mother is VH1 star Mimi Faust.

– And then Bonnie Bella Jordan was born to Joseline and Stevie in December of 2016.

The real question here is whether or not Stevie can actually name all of his children.

We somehow doubt it.


Travis Scott: See! I’m No Deadbeat Dad!

As previously reported, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child on February 1.

The reality star finally came out on Sunday and made this exciting announcement.

But there’s one not-so-small aspect of this announcement that has been largely ignored by the mainstream public.

And that is this:

Kylie gave birth on February 1 to Travis Scott’s baby.

The rapper played a rather important role in the creation of Jenner’s daughter, not that we can blame many celebrity gossip followers for being unaware of this fact.

Neither Kylie nor Travis said very much in public about the child; nor did they even appear very much in public together or on Instagram over the course of the past nine months.

Heck, there have been ongoing questions over whether Scott and Jenner are even still together.

These questions were answered, however, upon the surprising release of a lengthy video by Jenner over the weekend.

It coincided with the confirmation that she’s now a mother and it featured various images and footage of her and many family members over the past year or so.

This includes Scott.

Heck, there’s footage up above of Scott at the hospital for Kylie’s birth.

Not only was he on hand for the blessed event, he canceled concerts in Minnesota and Las Vegas last week to be there.

“It was really stressful for her that he was away so much, but at the same time, she knows that his tour was booked way before they got together, and that the pregnancy was pretty bad timing, all-in-all,” an insider tells Hollywood Life, adding:

“But, Travis said he was going to be there at the birth…no matter what.”

And, hey, he was true to his word!

Now that the baby is finally here, all restrictions are off for Kylie and company.

Some of her friends have released baby bump photos online, revealing what Jenner looked like as the first trimester turned into the second and the second turned into the third.

Jenner, meanwhile, actually came out with a statement that explained why she had been so quiet about the entire pregnancy since news first broke.

“My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world,” she said simply, expounding as follows:

“I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how.

“There was no gotcha moment, no big paid reveal I had planned.

“I knew my baby would feel every stress sand every emotion so I chose to do it this way for my little life and our happiness.”

In the video above, and in the photos that have been posted online since, it’s evident that Scott was present throughout Jenner’s pregnancy; he was at doctor’s appointments, family events and much more.

Consider us impressed.

A father is supposed to be at these things, of course, and the real challenge will be whether Scott remains present for at least the next 18 years or so.

Fatherhood is not a one time thing.

His parental road is only just beginning.

But Travis appears to be off to a solid start and he deserves our praise for that, not our cynicism. Well done, man.


Travis Scott: Furious at Wendy Williams for Calling Him a Deadbeat!

Recently, and to no one’s surprise, Wendy Williams suggested that Travis Scott either dumped Kylie or plans to dump Kylie, and the he plans to throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak.

Wendy suggested a theory that Kylie’s been so secretive about her pregnancy because Travis left her. And she suggested that Travis left because, well, he got his girlfriend pregnant after one month of dating and doesn’t need that in his life.

Apparently, Travis Scott heard about her broadcast and is taking offense in a major way.

A source tells HollywoodLife that Travis Scott is fuming at Wendy Williams over her unkind statements.

(A lot of folks have been in that boat a time or two; most have learned to let it go and maybe rewatch that video of Wendy Williams collapsing on live TV)

Travis is so pissed at Wendy, he’s taking this very personally.”

If he’s really going to be a part of Kylie’s life in a long-term way, then he’s going to need to get used to people speculating all sorts of things about him.

“She’s making horrible assumptions about him when she knows nothing, she’s never even met him.”

To be fair, based on everything that we’ve ever seen of Wendy Williams, that is essentially her job.

According to this same source, Travis doesn’t match Wendy’s description in the slightest.

Travis has no intention of abandoning his child or responsibilities as a dad.”

To be clear, we’re not sure if Wendy actually believed that child abandonment was his plan. At the very least, she must know how abandoning one of the most famous moms-to-be in the world might hurt his brand.

“He’s excited about becoming a dad.”

Not many people are excited when they find out that they’ve knocked up their girlfriend of one month. But sometimes they get excited.

Especially when their baby momma is loaded.

“If Wendy really knew him she’d know that family is everything to him.”

It’s true that his family, based in Houston, is very important to him.

“He’s so close to his parents and his brother and sister. His whole family is hyped for this baby.”

In fact, Travis so so close with his folks that, reportedly, Kylie and Travis were fighting over how to spend the holidays.

“He’s not some deadbeat that doesn’t know the meaning of family.”

That line really jabs at what — even coming from Wendy Williams — almost feels like a racially charged element to Wendy’s theory. Yes, sometimes people within minority groups can perpetuate stereotypes about each other.

Wendy‘s comments aren’t just offensive to him, they’ve upset his whole family, especially his mom.”

That’s all nice to hear, because we want good things for Kylie and her baby.

HollywoodLife points out, however, that Wendy isn’t the only one who’s reportedly had concerns about Travis.

“Kris is unclear about Kylie’s future with Travis but for now, Kris is extremely disappointed in how Travis is handling the pregnancy.”

We know that Travis turned to Kanye for advice on dealing with the very hormonal Kylie. We also know that he’s been touring through most of Kylie’s pregnancy.

“Kris has made it clear to Travis that Kylie deserves more out of him. Kris also let Travis know that she is the boss in the family, she is watching him closely and that he better not hurt her youngest daughter.”

I cannot imagine what it would be like to be threatened by Kris Jenner.

“Kris finished warning Travis by telling him that despite the status of his relationship with Kylie, he best step up and be a more present father when the baby arrives.”

Even those of us who aren’t talk show hosts need to be careful when we let speculation become rumors or assumptions.

As we’ve said from the get-go, it’s highly unlikely that Travis Scott planned to become a father. He was just the rebound guy enjoying one of the Jenner sisters. He’d been with Kendall before.

Presumably, something went wrong, because we can’t imagine that Kylie planned for this, either. But it looks like Kylie and Travis are making the best of her pregnancy.

if he hasn’t cut and run while Kylie’s at her most hormonal, then it’s hard to imagine him running off when there’s an actual baby before his very eyes.

Remember, Kylie’s due date is February 4th. That is in nine days. No matter how people want to characterize him, he’s probably nervous and excited. Like any parent.


Kailyn Lowry Throws Shade at Chris Lopez: Stop Being a Deadbeat Dad!

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kailyn Lowry speaks her mind.

Following her on social media means generally having a good sense of what sort of day Kail is having.

Her fans know when she’s excited about a new project, when she’s enjoying time with her three sons, and most importantly, when she’s pissed off.

In recent months, it seems there have been two primary targets of Kail’s ire:

First, there’s Javi Marroquin.

Javi began dating Briana DeJesus back in October, and Kail reacted to the news that her ex-husband was hooking up with her rival about as well as anyone would.

Actually, she handled better than most, as evidenced by the fact that Javi still has the full use of both of his legs.

Needless to say, it was something of a minor victory for Kailyn when Javi and Briana broke up earlier this month.

Now she has more time to focus on the other ex that’s a frequent thorn in her side.

We’re talking, of course, about Chris Lopez, the father of Kailyn’s youngest son, Lux.

Kail didn’t mention Chris by name in her latest Twitter tirade, but it’s pretty clear who she’s referring to:

“One thing I can’t f-cking stand is a man who tries to make it seem like he’s trying to be in his kid’s life when in fact he barely does the bare minimum.”

Lopez’s involvement in his son’s life–or lack thereof–has been an issue since the day little Lux entered the world.

Chris has apparently flip-flopped on the issue considerably, first indicating that he would not seek a relationship with his son, then changing his mind when Lux was born.

Now, it appears he’s had another change of heart.

Kail followed her original tweet up with two others that also seem to be critical of Lopez:

“You are not trying my dude,” she wrote, before adding:

“All talk, no action … In other news.”

It seems that Kail would love nothing more than to permanently leave Lopez in the past.

As a mom who puts her kids’ needs above her own, however, she seems to recognize that that’s simply not possible. 

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Kail’s intensely devoted brand of motherhood.


90 Day Fiance: David’s Daughter Exposes Him as a Selfish Deadbeat!

So, a while back, we were able to reveal how much 90 Day Fiance stars are paid after some people who were not under contract but appeared on the series decided to reveal what they’d experienced.

Those were friends of David and David’s fiancee, Annie.

Well, after appearing on 90 Day Fiance herself, David’s adult daughter is not mincing words when she describes what sort of man her father is. And … she’s not exactly singing his praises, folks.

So, David Toborowsky’s from the US. Annie Suwan’s half his age, and from Thailand.

Annie hales from an impoverished community (not all of Thailand, folks, just her hometown) and is looking for a guy who can and will take care of her.

David’s daughter, Ashley, who’s 28 (remember, he’s twice Annie’s age) appeared on 90 Day Fiance, and she did not exactly gush about her father.

In fact, she straight-up told Annie that the guy’d been a cheater and deadbeat dad.

And now Ashley Toborowsky gave an interview to Auntie’s Advice, and she explained exactly where she’s coming from in terms of her father.

“He might say he wants to be back with his kids but that’s not the truth.”

Meaning that her appearance on 90 Day Fiance was more of a stunt to make him seem less selfish.

“He’s been a very selfish person his whole life.”

Some people are like that.

“Yes, he loves his children, but does he want to be responsible for people?”

Love is good, but being a parent is a lot of responsibility. If you just want to love kids with zero responsibility, be an aunt or uncle and visit them from time to time.

“No, he doesn’t want to be responsible for people.”

Interesting, since Annie is counting on him to be her provider.

“He wants to do what David wants to do.”

Now, plenty of people feel that way. And that’s fine.

What’s not fine is feeling that way, having kids anyway, and continuing to care only about your own desires and to generally put your wishes first.

Ashley did have some very positive things to say about her dad’s best friend, Chris.

Now, as you may recall, Chris and his wife, Nikki, have been very generous to David and even appeared on 90 Day Fiance, without getting paid, in order to support their friend.

It was after a shocking episode aired that Chris and Nikki took to social media to reveal what they’d experienced.

See, during the episode, Chris had asked Annie for a massage to repay him for allowing her and David to stay with them.

That’s super gross. Like, even before all of the stuff that we’ve heard about Weinstein and so many others, we all recognized that this was not an appropriate request.

(Asian women in particular have been fetishized, often portrayed as sex workers — particularly in the context of massage parlors. Which made the request extra gross)

Well, Chris and Nikki — who were not under contract to keep quiet — revealed that the producers had asked Chris to say that, in order to stir up drama with viewers.


Technically, that’s better than if Chris had come up with the creepy suggestion himself, but it’s pretty disheartening.

We bring up Chris because, well, Ashley herself does.

She had a lot to say about her dad, but she seemed to have just as much to say about her dad’s best friend and his wife.

“They’re nice people. I know that Chris has definitely helped my dad a lot.”

Like, a whole lot.

“Chris has definitely opened up his heart and his arms to Dad. Like I said they’ve been best friends.”

Chris and Nikki have gone above and beyond for David, it sounds like. But they go way back.

“He watched my Dad go through the divorce with my Mom. Nikki, I don’t really know much about her. I’ve only seen her on the show and that was it.”

Ashley was close to her father when she was younger, but they grew apart as, she says, she saw him for who he really was.

Ashley spoke about her father’s fiancee, Annie:

“She’s nice. You know she doesn’t speak to us really. She’s dad’s wife, girlfriend, fiancee. Whatever you want to call her.”

That sounds like an accidental slip-up — it was reported a while back that David and Annie ultimately did end up getting married.

Ashley does not mince words when she describes her father — she says that what you see of David on 90 Day Fiance is what you get.

“An a–hole? Yeah. Authentically? Yeah. He can’t fake that one. Everyone can see exactly what that is. That wasn’t scripted. That’s dad.”

That’s sad.

“I may come off as harsh on the show to my dad. Some people might see me as disrespectful and that’s okay. I’ve had a very crazy relationship with my dad.”

It sure sounds like it.

Best of luck to Annie with her new life, we guess.


Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez is a Cheater and a Deadbeat Dad!

Kailyn Lowry has a whole, whole lot of drama going on her life on a regular basis.

She's famous for starring on a reality show about teen pregnancy — it's to be expected.

During this season of Teen Mom 2, many of her issues revolved around her relationship with her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, and the question of whether or not he'd even have a relationship with their child.

In the season finale, we saw her welcome little baby Lux, and though we didn't see Chris, we did hear about how he managed to be there for his birth.

He also brought Kailyn and Lux home from the hospital, so it seemed like things may have been looking up for the new little family.

But last night the reunion special aired … and Kailyn gave a pretty upsetting update on the situation.

1. Deadbeat Dad

Kailyn at teen mom 2 reunion
Kailyn got right to the point during her interview at the reunion, telling Dr. Drew that “Chris and I haven’t seen each other in a month so he hasn’t seen the baby, either.” She added that it was “kind of a hard pill to swallow.”

2. So Sad

Kailyn and baby lo
The reunion was filmed on October 21st, and Lux was born on August 5th, so he would have been right around two and a half months old when Kailyn said that. So she’s saying that Chris was involved in Lux’s life for just about six weeks before splitting.

3. Scandal After Scandal

Chris lopez son
Kailyn also told Dr. Drew that Chris “cheated on my my whole pregnancy,” and while that’s very sad, it’s not exactly new information.

4. "Other Hoes"

Kailyn lowry via instagram
In multiple episodes during this season, she’s alluded to the fact that she wasn’t the only woman in Chris’ life. Once she referred to the “other hoes” he’d been talking to, and on a different occasion, when asked about his whereabouts, she stated that he was “with his other girlfriend.”

5. The Other Woman?

Kailyn lowry in a jean jacket
In fact, rumor has it that perhaps Chris didn’t cheat on Kailyn — perhaps she’s the woman he cheated with. According to some reports, he began hooking up with her after breaking up with his girlfriend, and that he went back to that girlfriend soon after.

6. Were They Even Dating?!

Chris lopez burns kailyns book
Some reports also claim that Chris couldn’t have cheated on Kailyn because they were never officially together — they were just friends who had a fling that happened to result in a baby.

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Briana DeJesus: My Baby Dady is Such a F–king Deadbeat!!!

Briana DeJesus … well, she makes some questionable choices, we'll just say that.

Of course, she is on Teen Mom, so making questionable choices is essentially a requirement for every cast member.

But still, some of the things she does are just painfully dumb.

Take, for instance, the situation surrounding her pregnancy with her second child, little baby Stella.

On this current season of Teen Mom 2, we see Briana get knocked up by some guy named Luis — who, by the way, isn't only "some guy" to us, but to her as well.

Considering she only knew him for about two seconds before he impregnated her and all.

Now, this girl was on 16 and Pregnant, she knows what can happen when you have unprotected sex, but still, even though she already has a five-year-old daughter she struggles to care for, she got pregnant again.

And, as we've been seeing, this isn't the happiest pregnancy that ever was.

She's been strongly considering placing the new baby for adoption, in part because Luis won't prove that he's ready to be a father.

That's another questionable choice, too, because you know that little girl can look back at these episodes and get emotionally scarred one day, but that's a topic for another time.

To break it down, Luis is already a deadbeat dad, and Briana isn't having it.

We see more of that dynamic in this new sneak peek for tonight's episode!

In the clip, Briana is leaving a doctor's appointment, and she calls up a friend so she can rant about it.

She tells the friend that Luis came to her appointment, and that he told her that he's looking for a place to live "on the east side," which is apparently very bad.

Mostly because the east side of her city is pretty far away from her home.

"That's not gonna work for me!" she complains. "Like, he said it from the beginning, 'I'm gonna move closer to you.'"

"OK, then at least in my head I'm thinking 'All right, if we're gonna co-parent at least he's gonna be close to help me out,' but if you're f-cking 30 minutes away …"

Her friend said that she bets he's going to he's going to use the distance as a way to get out of being there for Briana and their baby.

Which, as Briana points out, is the same thing that happened with the father of her first child, Devoin.

Finally, she says that she needs to sit Luis down and tell him that he needs to get "your own f-cking car seat, you need to get your own f-cking carriage, you need to get your own f-cking crib, you need to get your own f-cking everything."

Sounds like the start of a beautiful co-parenting relationship!

Watch Briana go off in the video below:

Briana dejesus my baby dady is such a f king deadbeat

Briana DeJesus Destroys Baby Daddies on Snapchat: You is a Deadbeat [Sic]!!

Teen Mom 2 newcomer Briana DeJesus has taken to Snapchat to put the men (term used loosely) who fathered her daughters on blast.

Never one to hold back with her emotions, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, Bri is really letting these two have it this time.

Those familiar with Briana from her 16 & Pregnant heyday know she gave birth to a daughter, Nova, with her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin.

Devoin, to put it mildly, has not proven himself to be an upstanding individual over the years … and it appears history is repeating itself.

Briana recently joined the Teen Mom 2 cast and her storyline thus far in 2017 has involved her breakup with Luis Miguel … while pregnant.

DeJesus considered adoption for her second child, because she was so disappointed about going through the same sad pattern again.

Ultimately, she did not; Stella (below, with big sister Nova) was born and Briana is over the moon about having two daughters at home.

But that doesn’t mean she’s cool with their dads. At all.

This week, Briana took to social media to call out fans who have been relaying DeJesus’ thoughts on the kids’ dads to the dads online.

The 23-year-old pointedly told her fan base that she’s in charge of the situation, saving her harshest words for the two fathers personally.

“Don’t take photos of MY kids and put them on social media or send them in group chats to your friends and like you a dad,” she said.

“You is a deadbeat my guy [sic],” she posted.

She then told her fans to cool it with this directive: “And stop screenshotting my tweets and rants and sending them to my baby daddies.”

“They [are] fully aware they [are] deadbeats and know how I feel,” said Briana, who has never been shy about calling it like she sees it.

Just last month, Briana put Luis on BLAST for claiming that he made money for appearing on Teen Mom 2 (as he did earlier this summer).

At the same time he was getting paid for this, DeJesus said, he was failing to pay child support for the little girl he has no interest in.

Before her much-publicized return to MTV, she spoke candidly that she didn’t know quite what to expect from her relationship with Luis.

It only went downhill from there, it appears.

Luis was apparently dating another woman while they were together, and as we saw from the show, his excuses for this didn’t cut it.

It’s all very sad, because (unlike Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez, for example) they were very close once, and even talked about marriage.

Early this season, she was still optimistic.

“We’ve just been trying to figure it out for the sake of this baby,” she told MTV producers (who are a part of the show, on and off camera).

“He’s a lot older than me, he’s 31. We wanna move in together, hopefully I would like to get married, all this grownup stuff.”

Yeah. So much for that pipe dream.

All we can say for certain is this:

1. Use protection, kids, honestly;

2. If you’re going to ditch out on your baby mama, guys, you may want to take a hard look at your life. Snapchat shade-throwing is the least of your problems.